Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.18.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EU decides to ratify Kyoto Protocol extension (via RTCC)

EPA punts decision on methane regulations (via The Hill)

Gov. Inslee want to cap and tax emissions from Washington State’s major polluters (via Climate Progress)

Department of Energy announces 22 new emissions reductions, energy efficiency projects (via Breaking Energy)


McConnell wants to stop coal rules (via AP)

ERCOT report re-ignites war of words over coal plant shutdowns (via Austin American-Statesman)


Green bonds sell big in 2014 as finance bids to help climate (via Reuters)

UK low-carbon electricity generation up 24% in 3Q 2014 (via Bloomberg)

Faced with a surge in PV, Japan will allow utilities to restrict solar output on grid (via Greentech Media)

This new finance policy tweak boosts India solar energy (via CleanTechnica)

Seabirds “steer clear” of offshore wind farms (via BusinessGreen)

Big energy retailers intensify attack on Australia rooftop solar subsidies (via Renew Economy)

U.S. wind power capacity additions expected to increase in last quarter of 2014 (via U.S. EIA)

Wind power getting the PTC extension it didn’t want (via Breaking Energy)

Supporters decry short break extension for wind industry (via The Hill)

Nearly $1 billion available for PACE projects in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

CNEE releases energy legislation year in review (via Energy Manager Today)

Report sees bright future for renewable energy in Minnesota (via Midwest Energy News)

National Grid planning 16 megawatts of Massachusetts solar (via Bloomberg)

SunPower prepares for “disruptive shift in energy market” with Sunverge solar-plus-storage deal (via PV Tech)


Poland and Ukraine to look at expanding gas transport links (via Reuters)

Cuomo to ban fracking; health officials call it unsafe (via Bloomberg)

New York unlikely to face lawsuits over fracking ban, say experts (via Reuters)


Persistent warming driving big Arctic changes (via Climate Central)

UN’s Clean Development Market mechanism future in doubt, largely sidelined in Lima (via Bloomberg BNA)

Four signs the Arctic is getting baked by climate change (via Mother Jones)

Front yards turn to wetlands as climate change takes toll in Virginia (via Bloomberg)


World market shockwaves ripple far and wide from oil prices epicenter (via Reuters)

Oil plunge sets stage for energy defaults: Credit markets (via Bloomberg)

EU lawmakers fail to approve tar sands oil veto (via Reuters)

Enbridge shuts oil pipeline to U.S. after spill in Canada (via Houston Chronicle)

Chevron cancels Canadian Arctic drilling as oil prices slide (via Reuters)

Cheap oil jamming rails means higher U.S. power bills (via Bloomberg)

DOT Secretary to talk oil train safety in Canada (via The Hill)

Petrobas CEO says Rousseff refused offer to resign on scandal (via Reuters)


Smarter charging, load leveling can save $10,000 a month in EV electricity costs (via Autoblog Green)

Tesla to miss 2020 delivery target by 40%, forecasts analyst (via Greentech Media)

Siemens, Duke Energy, Ford team up to demonstrate lower-cost home charging (via Inside EVs)

How electric car advertising has changed over time (via Inside EVs)


The intersection of solar energy and energy storage (via Environmental Leader)


Revenue from zero-energy buildings is expected to hit $4.6 trillion through 2035 (via Navigant Research)


How cheaper oil is shaping the world (via New York Times)

Seven radical ideas for a 2015 climate change deal (via RTCC)

Trade tariffs old and new mean U.S. will face PV module supply crunch, says Jigar Shah (via PV Tech)

Fed’s Yellen: Oil price decline is good for U.S. economy (via Nasdaq)

Top cleantech buzzwords and phrases from 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Are solar microgrids a step on the ladder toward grid access? (via Energy Collective)

What the Senate’s tax extender bill means for wind energy (via Renewable Energy World)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.16.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Carbon markets link in $500 million clean energy investment (via CleanTechnica)

Tropical rainforests not absorbing as much carbon as expected (via The Guardian)

Emissions growth slows as economies clean up (via RTCC)

United Kingdom renewables displaced 38 million tonnes of CO2 in 2013 (via CleanTechnica)


China slashes coal export tariff as mining in crisis (via Reuters)

Coal-heavy rural electric cooperatives take hard line on EPA Clean Power Plan (via EnergyWire)


Year-end rush in China leads Asia-Pacific solar PV market to record Q4 level (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Five key stats reveal Latin American’s breakthrough year in solar (via Greentech Media)

New wind power record in Germany (via Renewables International)

Honduras in line for 81.7MW of SunEdison solar (via PV Tech)

IKEA to start selling solar panels in Switzerland (via Renewable Energy World)

Kyocera to build world’s largest floating PV project near Tokyo (via Recharge News)

Local market conditions and policies strongly influence solar PV pricing (via

Minnesota regulators authorize state’s largest solar power project (via Star-Tribune)

Austin, Texas plans to get hover half its power from renewables by 2025 (via ClimateProgress)

SEIA board facing call to resign over stance on US-China trade spat (via PV Tech)

SunPower backs Tendril, plans to use its energy software (via GigaOm)


White House to healthcare providers: Prepare for climate impacts (via The Hill)

U.S. and India to announce joint climate change action during Obama visit (via The Guardian)

Scientists are worried Greenland might melt even faster than expected (via Washington Post)


Plunging oil prices could boost geopolitical risks, says Bank of England (via Reuters)

Big Oil could chop $930 billion in projects as prices fall (via Houston Chronicle)

U.S. oil falls to new low of $55.91 per barrel (via The Hill)

In Canada’s oil sands, a boomtown starts feeling the chill (via Reuters)

Oil plunge seen as boon for U.S. banks as traders benefit (via Bloomberg)


Only five countries will sell over 10,000 EVs in 2014 (via Autoblog Green)

France could soon have EV charging stations every 25 miles (via Green Car Reports)

2015 U.S. household gasoline expenditures on track to be lowest in 11 years (via U.S. EIA)

Electric cars could be cheaper than gas guzzlers within a decade (via Quartz)

Sunswift solar electric car reaches crowdfunding goal to hit the streets (via CNET)


Europe’s “biggest battery” sparks into life (via BusinessGreen)

United Kingdom set for £2.5 billion capacity auction to keep lights on (via Bloomberg)

ABB, Hitachi set up power grid joint venture in Japan (via Reuters)


U.S. shale junk debt tumbles amid oil crunch (via Houston Chronicle)


Evaluating 15 years of IEA energy forecasts (via Energy Collective)

The energy system in 2014 – did the ice really crack? (via Bloomberg)

A $48 billion opportunity for U.S. electric customers (via Renewable Energy World)

The race is on for solar companies to woo utilities (via Forbes)

While seeking “bailout,” Ohio utilities keep cost data secret (via Midwest Energy News)


Elizabeth Warren, GOP rookies set up energy panel for pyrotechnics (via National Journal)


9 things scientists did this year to ensure a better climate future (via Climate Progress)

Why climate change is forcing some environmentalists to back nuclear power (via Washington Post)

Winners and losers at the UN climate talks (via RTCC0

Cleantech IPOs: Predictions revisited, 2014 winners, 2015 picks (via Greentech Media)

Will the 2,250-foot solar-wind tunnel ever be more than a pipe dream? (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.2.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Over 190 nations meet in Lima to talk climate (via The Hill)

At climate talks, UN calls fossil fuels “high risk” investment (via Reuters)

Lima climate talks: EU and U.S. at odds over legally binding emissions targets (via The Guardian)

Rich nations will make $100 billion climate goal, says U.S. (via Bloomberg)

China: Climate laggards must join in pre-2020 efforts (via RTCC)

As climate warms, more disease outbreaks for sea life (via Seattle Times)


China’s solar energy progress sputters (via Renewable Energy World)

European wind market to stabilize in 2014 (via CleanTechnica)

Poll: 89% of Australians object to renewable energy cuts (via PV Tech)

E.ON split to fortify German green energy transformation (via Bloomberg)

E.ON shakeup could create new solar giant (via Recharge)

France to launch new offshore wind tender next year (via Reuters)

Argentina province schedules auction to build first solar farm (via Bloomberg)

New world record for solar cell efficiency set at 46% (via Renew Economy)

Solar power’s stunning growth: U.S. generation up 100% this year (via Breaking Energy)

Strategic or VC investors? Where clean tech startups are finding funding (via Greentech Media)

AWEA sees billions of dollars in savings within SPP from wind energy (via Recharge)

SunPower’s solar panel manufacturing capacity to triple in five years (via CleanTechnica)

Fuel manufacturer threatens to sue EPA over 2015 renewable fuel mandate (via The Hill)


China’s carbon goal a tough sell in coal country (via Huffington Post/AP)

Australia power emissions continue to climb in absence of carbon price (via Renew Economy)

Bank of England to investigate carbon bubble risks (via Business Green)

Comment period for EPA’s climate rule closes after 1.6 million comments (via The Hill)


OPEC squeeze on oil spares renewables from energy turmoil (via Bloomberg)

Saudi-Venezuela OPEC split plays out behind closed doors (via Bloomberg)

Report: Falling prices could eliminate U.S. oil production growth (via Houston Chronicle)

What plunging oil prices mean for your pocketbook (via Washington Post)

Junk bonds funding shale boom face $8.5 billion of losses (via Bloomberg)


Merkel backs incentives in 1 million German EV push (via Bloomberg)

BMW unveiled three plug-in hybrids last week (via Green Car Reports)

Plug-in EV sales in November: Leaf grows, Volt wanes (via Green Car Reports)

Washington State to give EV cars tax breaks, carpool-lane access (via Green Car Reports)


New relay technology transforming the grid (via Navigant Research)


Property owners reduce financial risk, raise property value with energy upgrades (via Energy Manager Today)

Honolulu airport receives $150 million energy retrofit (via Energy Manager Today)


Commercial fisheries likely to collapse by 2048 (via EcoWatch)

How three inches of rain could cut GDP growth: Corporate Brazil (via Bloomberg)

2014 Atlantic Hurricane season ends with below-average activity (via Weather Underground)


Hillary Clinton wades into debate over fracking but avoids Keystone XL (via Climate Progress)


A blueprint for an effective international climate agreement (via WRI Insights)

Five ideas for EPA’s Clean Power Plan (via C2ES)

The fight over EPA’s climate rule is just getting started (via Climate Progress)

Can shale withstand a drop in oil prices? (via National Journal)

Why do black and Latino Americans support climate action so much more than whites? (via Washington Post)

The perfect storm: Why now is the time to seize the 30% credit on commercial and industrial solar (via Renewable Energy World)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.30.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Bangladesh leads 32 nations hit by extreme climate risk (via Bloomberg)

Two years on: Sandy inspires storm of climate research (via Climate Central)

Chuck Hagel: We should worry about climate change like we worry about ISIS (via Huffington Post)


Ukraine-Russia gas talks stalled in Brussels (via The Hill)

EIA says natural gas exports would boost economy, raise prices (via The Hill)

U.S. natural gas market players move from “cautiously optimistic” to “all in” (via Breaking Energy)


China rushes to harness wind while the government still pays (via Bloomberg)

Mexico’s clean energy certificate guidelines will support renewables development (via Breaking Energy)

Giant UK offshore wind farm hits power target earlier than expected (via BusinessGreen)

Solar presents solution to Brazil post-election economic woes (via PV Tech)

Scottish Power may cut size of English offshore wind farm (via Reuters)

Solar grid parity in all 50 U.S. states by 2016, predicts Deutsche Bank (via CleanTechnica)

Biogas, a low-tech fuel with a big payoff (via New York Times)

SunPower earnings: Solar is increasingly competitive (via San Jose Mercury News)

New York Green Bank in debut clean energy transactions (via PV Tech)

Getting off the grid in Hawaii becoming a family affair (via Bloomberg)

Ivanpah solar power plant energy production falling well short of expectations (via Breaking Energy)


Private banks invest record €66 billion in coal sector (via RTCC)


China’s trade dominance is bringing more pollution from an unexpected source (via Quartz)

German CO2 emissions to fall in 2014 as renewables deliver record 28% of country’s power (via BusinessGreen)

Breathing cleaner air to cost Americans on utility bills (via Bloomberg)

Hydropower may be huge source of methane emissions (via Climate Central)


OPEC sees little output change in 2015, says don’t panic on oil drop (via Reuters)


Average U.S. gas prices set to drop below $3 (via The Hill)

Tesla direct sales banned in Michigan (via Navigant Research)


Kerry wants Keystone pipeline decision “sooner rather than later” (via Reuters)

Landowners, tribes to intervene in Keystone’s South Dakota permit renewal (via The Hill)


Environmental groups sue feds over nuclear waste rules (via The Hill)


LEDs save energy and boosts profits, productivity in factories (via


George P. Bush and how the next generation of Republicans talk about climate change (via Climate Progress)

How cheap wind energy threatens to upend Kansas’ governor’s race and upset the Koch Brothers (via Climate Progress)

How Big Oil could be the big winner in Colorado’s elections (via Climate Progress)


Australia divestment war shows investment is now the main climate change battleground (via The Guardian)

What you need to know about the next big climate report (via Grist)

Why oil prices went down so far so fast (via Bloomberg)

While you were getting worked up over oil prices, this just happened to solar (via Bloomberg)

Experts: Reducing carbon emissions, increasing grid reliable are doable (via Forbes)

What New York City can learn from its relationship with the sea (via Huffington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.19.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Guandong Province adds 20 million permits to China’s biggest carbon market (via Reuters)


UK lobbying to keep open one of Europe’s dirtiest coal power plants (via The Guardian)

China’s coal consumption just fell for the first time in a century (via Energy Collective)

Oregon Department of State Lands denies coal export terminal permit (via The Oregonian)

Did this smart business deal just end the South’s overdependence on coal? (via Forbes)


Solar boom driving first global panel shortage since 2006 (via Bloomberg)

Abbott’s new attack on renewables may spark another solar boom (via Renew Economy)

Germany meets 75% of domestic electricity demand with renewables (via Renew Economy)

Biggest solar project falls as Australia reviews policy (via Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

Sunpower starts solar leasing program for Australian homes (via Bloomberg)

DOE report highlights strength of U.S. wind industry (via

Price of wind power at all-time low of 2.5 cents per kilowatt hour (via Greentech Media)

Landmark court ruling opens U.S. grid to renewable energy (via SustainableBusiness)

Old car batteries could make cheaper, more efficient solar panels (via Washington Post)

Power surge coming in Minnesota’s solar industry (via Star-Tribune)


China’s natural gas demand continues to grow (via Houston Chronicle)

Fracking could threaten air quality, workers’ health, says report (via Washington Post)

Pennsylvania Department of Health will note fracking complaints (via Pittsburgh Tribune)


The year in heat: World on track for third-hottest year ever (via Bloomberg)

Climate change to slash South Asian GDP, warns development bank (via Financial Times)

Water scarcity and climate change through 2095 (via

Australian climate scientist calls on colleagues to speak up on global warming (via Sydney Morning-Herald)


Apache makes 300 million barrel oil reserve discovery off Australia (via Reuters)

EIA to cast new data into oil export debate (via Houston Chronicle)

Fracking recycles during drought (via Forbes)


Tesla announces infinite mile warranty for Model S EV (via Autoblog Green)

GM’s 200-mile EV for 2017: What we know so far (via Green Car Reports)

Possibly the world’s first battery-powered train undergoing trials (via Sustainable Cities Collective)


Environmental groups demand State Department hand over Keystone XL docs (via The Hill)


Navigant says falling LED prices accelerate adoption in parking lots, outdoor systems (via Energy Manager Today)

Big data driving energy efficiency market, says report (via Energy Manager Today)

Opening the multi-trillion dollar energy management market (via Energy Collective)

After a slow start, PACE getting off the ground in Missouri (via Midwest Energy News)

9 of 10 New York City building plans fail basic energy code test (via Crain’s New York Business)


“Severe” drought covers nearly 99.8% of California (via Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles dramatically increases "water cops" staffing as drought worsens (via Los Angeles Times)


Behind closed doors, Obama crafts executive actions (via New York Times)


How to profit off global warming (via Vox)

The power of collective energy purchasing (via CleanTechnica)

Edelman PR firm scurries to fix climate change denial debate (via EcoWatch)

Warm seas keep world on track for a hot year (via Sydney Morning-Herald)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.4.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


U.S. presses India for greater carbon cuts (via BusinessGreen)

California and Mexico sign agreement to reduce emissions (via Green Car Congress)

A dozen states file suit against new EPA coal rules (via New York Times)

EPA hearings put Pittsburgh in crosshairs of climate war (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Shipping rates drop as China hydropower cuts coal demand (via Bloomberg)

New coal dust rules take effect (via The Hill)


U.S.-China solar fight lurches forward (via National Geographic)

Global biodiesel market to grow 8.1% annually from 2013-2018 (via Environmental Leader)

SunPower sees energy storage commercial market in Australia in 2015 (via Renew Economy)

Non-hydro renewables now routinely surpass U.S. hydropower generation (via US EIA)

Obama’s delay on renewable fuel puts producers in bind (via Bloomberg)

As small hydropower expands, so does caution on its impacts (via Yale e360)

SunPower plans new factory to gain share as demand surges (via Bloomberg)

NYSERDA opens data on thousands of solar projects (via Environmental leader)

New York utility proposes community solar, microgrids-as-a-service (via Greentech Media)

How much money will California solar customers save with net metering? (via Greentech Media)

Solar City achieves $201.5 million securitization (via CleanTechnica)

Ohio utilities take net metering fight to state Supreme Court (via Midwest Energy News)


Tepco set to miss target for Fukushima radioactive water cleanup (via Bloomberg)


Wildfires, “biomass burning” bigger climate threats than previously thought (via International Business Times)

As oysters die in Pacific Northwest, climate policy goes on the stump (via New York Times)

Idaho shifts policy behavior in response to climate change (via Idaho Statesman)

Sen. Murray tells Dems to push fiscal impacts of climate change (via The Hill)

World’s top PR companies rule out working with climate deniers (via The Guardian)

Will fiction influence how we react to climate change? (via New York Times)


Mexico lower house passes final oil bills, sends them to Senate (via Houston Chronicle)

Nigeria, Shell not cleaning oil pollution, report charges (via Houston Chronicle)

Big Oil companies pay just an 11.7% tax rate, finds report (via Climate Progress)

Comment period starts for oil-train rules (via The Hill)

Oil industry works on blowout preventers for deeper depths (via Houston Chronicle)


Tesla selling like gangbusters in China (via Autoblog Green)

Nissan Leaf hits 3,000 sales in July, Chevy Volt climbs over 2,000 (via Autoblog Green)

Tesla announces plan to boost production in 2015 (via Los Angeles Times)

Tesla breaks ground near Reno for battery Gigafactory (via Bloomberg)

Tesla, Panasonic reach Gigafactory investment deal (via Energy Manager Today)

Tesla says it plans to have Model X prototypes next week (via GigaOm)


Pennsylvania AG looking into claims state willfully ignores fracking-related health complaints (via Climate Progress)


Setting rivers free: As dams are torn down, nature quickly recovers (via Christian Science Monitor)

Bee-killing neonictinoids found in Midwest rivers (via Wired Science)

Gov. Brown declares state of emergency over California wildfires (via Los Angeles Times)

California drought watering restrictions may leave trees high and dry (via Sacramento Bee)

14 big wildfires scorching California (via Los Angeles Times)

Farming practices and climate change at root of Lake Erie water pollution (via The Guardian)


What do U.S. sanctions mean for Exxon’s close friendship with Russia in the Arctic? (via National Journal)

Six eye-catchers in 2030 picture of world energy (via Bloomberg)

EPA’s climate change plan fills void as Congress does nothing (via Washington Post)

Replant after wildfire or let nature take over? (via Bloomberg/AP)

The really scary thing about those Siberian craters (via Climate Progress)

Is Illinois becoming the third coast of clean tech? (via Midwest Energy News)

How yieldcos are changing renewables investment paradigm (via Renew Economy)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.30.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


World Bank: Tacking climate change will grow the economy (via Climate Central)

Leading insurer closing its climate change office, leaving industry “mute” (via ClimateWire)

Mexico eyes economic benefits of landmark climate law (via RTCC)

The high cost of climate change inaction in two new studies (via NRDC Switchboard)

Wheat breeders planning for climate change (via The Western Producer)


Scotland primed for shale gas exploration (via BusinessGreen)


IRENA says world needs $550 billion of renewables investment a year (via RTCC)

Last week, wind energy was the new baseload in Australia (via Renew Economy)

German lawmakers vote to reduce renewable energy subsidies (via Bloomberg)

SunEdison closes $190 million financing for Chile solar project (via Bloomberg)

Silver lining for China’s carbon-financed wind power boom (via Forbes)

Columbia River Basin provides more than 40% total U.S. hydroelectric generation (via U.S. EIA)

Michigan’s wind industry soaring (via Detroit Free-Press)

Growing number of solar panels a concern for Wisconsin utilities (via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Boston trying out solar-powered “smart benches” in parks (via Boston Globe)

GM adds three acres of solar arrays at Michigan facilities (via Green Car Congress)

SunPower to add storage to solar in new homes (via Greentech Media)

NextEra Energy prices yieldco IPO (via Recharge)


Australia carbon tax moves closer to repeal after vote in lower house (via Reuters)

Caribbean needs $30 billion investment to cut fossil-fuel use (via Bloomberg)

Shanghai firms meet carbon targets after last-day permit auction (via Reuters)

DOE-sponsored project captures one millionth metric ton of CO2 (via Breaking Energy)

NASA to launch CO2-tracking satellite (via The Guardian)

Los Angeles councilman to propose emissions reduction measure (via Los Angeles Times)


Drought has drillers running after shrinking California water supply (via NPR)

Map shows when summer heat will peak in your town (via Climate Central)


The other battle for Canada’s oil sands (via Houston Chronicle)

Following long ban, U.S. could dominate global light oil supply (via Reuters)

Feds, lawmakers warn of fire risk from oil trains (via The Hill)

Oil boom meets bust in Texas: Above sea of oil, poverty digs in (via New York Times)

BP seeks return of millions in oil spill damage payments (via Houston Chronicle)


China only sold 7,000 electric automobiles in 2013 (via Autoblog Green)

Lukewarm automaker interest in open Tesla EV patents (via Autoblog Green)

Nissan prices replacement Leaf battery at $5,500 (via Autoblog Green)


MSHA issues 147 citations during coal mine inspections (via Washington Post)


UK seeks to avoid “energy crunch” with 53GW capacity auction (via BusinessGreen)

NREL supercomputer tackles grid challenges (via Intelligent Utility)


Berg Insights predicts 36 million smart homes worldwide by 2017 (via GigaOm)

Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance starts financing network (via Clean Energy Finance Forum)


Australia risks G20 isolation by scrapping carbon tax (via Financial Times)

The American West’s water crisis (via New York Times)

How carbon pricing can boost the bottom line (via Environmental Leader)

Time to buy shares in a yieldco? (via Sustainable Business)

Will Governor Christie re-embrace cap-and-trade in wake of EPA rule? (via InsideClimate News)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.25.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Australian Senate leader to support carbon-price repeal (via Bloomberg)

EPA’s first carbon regs nearly unscathed after years of litigation (via Greenwire)

Congressional observers doubt GOP can blog funding for EPA carbon rules (via SNL Energy)


First Nations being courted to back tar sands refineries on their land (via InsideClimate News)

Republicans renew push for Keystone vote in Senate (via The Hill)


Over 7GW new solar PV capacity installed in Japan last fiscal year (via CleanTechnica)

U.K. solar industry set to hit 9GW in rush to meet subsidy deadline (via BusinessGreen)

Sustainable district heating from seawater? It’s happening in Holland (via CleanTechnica)

Concentrated solar power could compete with natural gas, says study (via Yale e360)

U.S. financial sector lags in clean energy investment (via Energy Manager Today)

Challenges to financing renewable energy projects on U.S. military sites (via Renewable Energy World)

NRG CEO says residential solar competitive with utility power in 25 states next year (via Green Car Reports)

Southern California Edison seems 290MW in small-scale renewables (via Solar Industry Magazine)

SunPower and SolarCity emerge as fierce solar roof rivals (via GigaOm)

Report: Michigan could expand solar without raising rates (via Midwest Energy News)

Two universities in D.C. make deal to buy solar power (via Washington Post/AP)


G20 summit: Obama expected to discuss “critical issue” of climate change (via The Guardian)

May was hottest on Earth since records began (via The Guardian)

Eastern U.S.: Coldest spot on Earth so far in 2014 (via Washington Post)

Former Treasury chiefs agree: Get the SEC into the climate mix (via National Journal)

On N.C.’s Outer Banks, climate change predictions prompt change of forecast (via Washington Post)


OPEC secretary general says no oil shortage exists (via Reuters)

U.S. ruling loosens four-decade ban on oil exports (via Wall Street Journal)

Canada’s safety board chief urges U.S. to phase out old rail cars (via Reuters)

1,250-pound tar mat discovered off Florida beach (via Climate Progress)


Japan bets big on making fuel cell cars a near-future reality (via Reuters)

California lawmakers urge change to vehicle carbon emissions plan (via Los Angeles Times)


In Wyoming, going deep to draw energy from coal (via NPR)


Fewer wind curtailments, negative power prices in Texas after CREZ grid expansion (via U.S. EIA)

Five key disruptors on the grid edge (via Greentech Media)


U.K. Green Investment Bank backs £2 small business energy efficiency fund (via BusinessGreen)


Best Global Green Brands revealed, Ford leads list (via Environmental Leader)

Minneapolis announced as U.S. leader in green commercial space (via Environmental Leader)


Merkel to push back against EU if Germany’s green energy subsidies questioned (via Reuters)

Report: Independent producers leading growth in U.S. oil and gas reserves (via Houston Chronicle)

Colorado suspends oil and gas wastewater disposal well after quake (via Reuters)


How to untangle yourself from clean energy finance jargon (via GreenBiz)

How the Gateway pipeline stokes simmering fury among British Columbia natives (via Globe and Mail)

Could Opower soon enter the community solar business? (via Greentech Media)

EPA’s clever legal trick could save its clean power plan (via Energy Collective)


White House says it has “no misgivings” about Steyer meeting (via The Hill)

Joe Manchin, Sheldon Whitehouse seek middle ground on climate change (via Politico)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.24.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


May 2014: Earth’s 2nd consecutive warmest month on record (via Weather Underground)

Bipartisan report tallies high toll on economy from global warming (via New York Times)

World Bank says tackling climate change would grow global economy (via The Guardian)

With rising heat and humidity, many U.S. areas will be “unsuited for outdoor activity” (via Reuters)


Australian PM Tony Abbott introduces carbon tax repeal bill (via Huffington Post)

U.S. Supreme Court nibbles at EPA’s greenhouse gas powers (via Politico)

University of Dayton ditches fossil fuels (via BusinessGreen)


UK Green Investment Bank plans $1.7 billion offshore wind fund (via Bloomberg)

German state will soon go 100% renewable electricity (via Renew Economy)

Three lessons learned from Latin America’s red-hot solar market (via CleanTechnica)

U.S. wind headed for dismal year as carbon emissions rise (via RTCC)

Market share for leasing residential solar to peak in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Renewables provided 88% of new U.S. electrical generating capacity in May 2014 (via Renewable Energy World)

Rooftop solar leases scaring buyers when homeowners sell (via Bloomberg)

Texas hits new peak wind output of 29% total electricity load (via U.S. EIA)

Setback rule will end new wind farms in Ohio (via Greentech Media/Midwest Energy News)

Ohio’s freeze on renewable mandates encourages clean energy foes (via Navigant Research)

SunPower offers batteries to hold solar power until night (via Bloomberg)

Solar installer to use drones for rooftop inspections (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Mosiac expands solar loan program for residential installers (via Solar Industry Magazine)


King Coal faces rising investment backlash in Australia (via Reuters)


U.S. Midwest receives two months of rainfall in one week (via Climate Progress)

California drought poised to drive up food prices as it worsens (via International Business Times)

Half of Colorado in some level of drought (via AP)

Greenpeace losses: Leaked documents reveal extent of financial disarray (via The Guardian)


UK nuclear cleanup bill rises by £2.2 billion (via Financial Times)


Consumer group: U.S. drivers buying more fuel-efficient cars (via The Hill)

California puts its EV-owner survey info online (via Green Car Reports)


Wind industry unites to support 3.5GW Clean Line transmission project (via Renew Grid)

ComEd to complete smart meter rollout three years early (via Renew Grid)


Thanks to tablets and better TV tech, more gadgets use less energy (via GigaOm)


White House planning another big climate push (via Huffington Post)

Gasoline fears drive congressional energy agenda (via Houston Chronicle)


The losing bet on climate change (via Bloomberg)

Could Obama’s climate rule come undone? (via National Journal)

Why a national carbon tax would be amazing – in four charts (via Climate Progress)

Storm clouds gathering over the U.S. solar industry (via Renewable Energy World)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.25.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Shale boom sends US crude oil supply to highest level since 1930 (via Bloomberg)

US regulators to propose enhanced oil tank car standards (via Reuters)

US pipeline and oil-by-rail regulator making 9% staff cut, confounding experts (via InsideClimate News)


FTC officials back Tesla’s direct-to-consumer car sales model (via Reuters)

Consumer Reports finds plug-in retail experience underwhelming (via Autoblog Green)

Is Tesla planning another electric vehicle factory in California? (via Los Angeles Times)

Improving the performance of hybrid powertrains (via Navigant Research)


UK onshore wind power will lose subsidies, say conservatives (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Central Asian hydroelectric water wars heat up (via Huffington Post)

Solar PV set to surge 50% in Africa and Middle East in 2014 (via Recharge)

GE renewable investments exceed $10 billion (via BusinessWire)

US solar energy capacity grew an astounding 418% from 2010-2014 (via CleanTechnica)

EPA releases list of top 100 US organizations using renewable energy (via Solar Industry)

Financing lessons residential solar can teach the commercial and industrial sector (via Renewable Energy World)

Google and Apple announce new renewable energy investments (via RTCC)

New York State pledges $1 billion for solar through 2023 (via Bloomberg)

SunPower lands another strong quarter, launches new solar holding company (via Greentech Media)

Fisherman’s Energy to file legal appeal for New Jersey offshore wind rejection (via Recharge)


GE said to be in talks to buy France’s Alstom (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Why electric utilities have an image problem (via Navigant Research)

Battle between fossil fuels & solar intensifies (via Sustainable Business)

50,000 Pennsylvania electric customers switch suppliers on price swings (via Philadelphia Inquirer)


Corals may withstand higher temperatures, says study (via RTCC)

Top 12 ways the world can eliminate agriculture’s climate footprint (via

UK supermarket: 95% of fresh produce already at risk from climate change (via The Guardian)

Study links polar vortex, California drought to climate change (via The Hill)

84,000 lives threatened by sea level rise in New England (via Climate Progress)

Lower Manhattan 20x more likely to flood than in 1844 (via ClimateWire)


Putin, Merkel call for gas talks over Ukraine (via Reuters)

Trade implication of US energy policy and LNG exports (via Center for American Progress)

Baker Hughes to reveal all hydraulic fracturing chemicals (via Houston Chronicle)


USGBC launches real-time green building tool (via Environmental Leader)

Following pipeline delay, KXL politics may derail energy efficiency bill (via Greenwire)

Think you’re better at saving energy? Three charts suggest a reality check. (via Outlier)


US support for Keystone hits 61% in new poll (via The Hill)

How Obama shocked Harper as Keystone Frustrator-in-Chief (via Bloomberg)

How Canada’s incoherence on climate is killing Keystone (via Rescuing the Frog)


Britain installs first grid-scale battery (via Reuters)

Smart grid companies raise $101 million to kick off 2014 (via Renew Grid)

“LEED-like” standard launched for electric grids (via Energy Manager Today)


China takes on pollution with biggest environmental law changes in 25 years (via Bloomberg)

Brazil’s coffee crop prayers for rain met with deluge threat (via Bloomberg)

Drought area expands in Plains and California (via Farm Futures)

For first time in 15 years, drought hits 100% of California (via Los Angeles Times)

Plastic bottle recycling increases 53% in 12 years (via Environmental Leader)


The new abolitionism (via The Nation)

Maddow: Will US energy companies disrupt Obama’s Russia policy? (via Washington Post)

The real story behind falling renewable energy investments (via World Resources Institute)

Solar power is booming but will never replace coal – here’s why (via Forbes)