Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.30.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Obama to unveil historic plan to cut U.S. carbon pollution by up to 25% (via The Guardian)

How Obama’s power plant emission rules will work (via Washington Post)

EPA’s approach on carbon limits to spark court challenges (via Wall Street Journal)

GAO shuts down McConnell’s push to block EPA carbon regulations (via The Hill)

NRDC says Obama climate rule will save consumers $37 billion (via The Hill)

EPA may nod to nuclear in carbon rules as generators fear closures (via Reuters)


China expects to launch national carbon market in 2018 (via RTCC)

CO2 monitoring could be “space-based” in the future (via Climate Central)


Brazil expects 3GW new wind power in auctions this year (via Recharge)

UK solar capacity passes 3GW (via RTCC)

Japan wind lobby boosts wind capacity target by half (via Bloomberg)

Iceland moves closer to power Europe with geothermal power (via Bloomberg)

UK radar fix could open up 1GW of onshore wind potential (via BusinessGreen)

Rooftop solar’s emerging markets are in middle-class neighborhoods (via Climate Progress)

Connecting the dots: How fossil-fuel interests are funding state RPS battles (via Greentech Media)

Biodiesel producers push for higher mandate (via The Hill)

Ohio freezes standards for renewable energy in landmark vote (via Bloomberg)

Solazyme opens commercial algae oil factory in Brazil (via GigaOm)

California moves closer to streamlined solar permitting (via Greentech Media)


AEP foresees coal plant closures on Obama plan (via Bloomberg)

Testing shows slow movement of coal ash in Dan River (via Roanoke Times)

Coal ash spill upends North Carolina politics, but will substantive legislation result? (via E&E Daily)


Fishing industry is poised to lose billions due to climate change (via Climate Progress)

Markey meets Pope to make common cause on climate (via Boston Globe)


Russia’s energy minister says no gas payments from Ukraine (via Reuters)

Pro-fracking bill flies through North Carolina legislature (via Climate Progress)


Study: Species disappearing far faster than before (via AP)

Brazil drought fuels World Cup blackout fears (via RTCC)


TransCanada credibility dented by Keystone defects (via Forbes)


California, seven other states ready for 3.3 million EVs by 2025 (via Autoblog Green)


Advanced battery capacity for utility-scale storage will grow 71% per year through 2023 (via Navigant Research)


Missouri utility to make up for lost time on energy efficiency (via Midwest Energy News)


Republicans on climate science: Don’t ask us (via Politico)

The House Science Committee spent yesterday in a climate change denial echo chamber (via Motherboard)

Harry Reid’s attacks on Koch Brothers sends GOP donors into shadows (via Washington Post)

Big money, the Koch Brothers, and me (via Politico)


Obama is planning his biggest climate policy yet – and he doesn’t need Congress (via Vox)

Wonks collide as Obama climate plan prompts new ideas (via Forbes)

Evolving the conversation on climate change (via Washington Post)

Lies, damn lies, and global warming rules (via National Journal)

You down with LCOE? Maybe you, but not me (via RMI Outlet)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.14.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Crude oil shipments by rail increased 83 percent in 2013 (via New York Times)

BP regains ability to bid on leases for US land and water (via Washington Post)

Report: Fracking could raise earthquake risks in California (via Houston Chronicle)

Average pump price passes $3.50 for first time in 6 months (via Houston Chronicle)


Research: China’s “war on smog” won’t cut CO2 by much (via RTCC)

Social cost of carbon greatly underestimated, says report (via Climate Central)


Norway’s oil fund may inject $40 billion in renewables (via Renew Economy)

Mexico boosts appeal as emerging solar market (via Solar Industry Magazine)

The burden of permitting, inspection, and interconnection on residential solar PV deployment (via Energy Collective)

California’s grid sets two new solar energy records in two days (via CleanTechnica)

Xcel Energy awards $42 million for development of renewable energy projects (via Renew Grid)

US seeks comments on Virginia offshore wind (via Recharge)

It’s official: Efficiency, clean energy can help fill California’s nuclear generation gap (via Renewable Energy World)

Panasonic looks to California for solar-storage integration lessons (via Greentech Media)


Beyond the hype, Keystone would yield few permanent jobs (via Reuters)

Keystone debate rages in Senate over health, climate effects (via Houston Chronicle)

Kerry says he hasn’t prejudged Keystone XL (via The Hill)

Markey wants Keystone XL oil to stay in US (via The Hill)

Dems grapple with dilemma on Keystone XL (via Washington Post)


SEC’s role in climate change (via The Hill)

Technology needed to combat climate change, says Murkowski (via Bloomberg)

Here’s what the Chamber of Commerce thinks about global warming (via National Journal)


16% of natural gas consumed in Europe flows through Ukraine (via US EIA)

Experts see cheaper way to turn natural gas into fuels (via Reuters)

Stakes high in mystery over Ohio fracking, quakes (via Columbus Dispatch)


Emails link Duke Energy and North Carolina regulators (via New York Times)

North Carolina rejects Duke’s coal ash plan, amid leniency accusations (via News & Observer)

Utility quietly buying up homes near Wisconsin coal plant on groundwater pollution fears (via Journal-Sentinel)

18 Ohio coal power plans operating with expired pollution permits (via Columbus Dispatch)


Climate change showdown in Florida governor’s race (via InsideClimate News)

Hanger withdraws from Pennsylvania governor’s race (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Russia picks an odd time to put on climate halo (via Bloomberg)

Are US infrastructure needs truly urgent? (via New York Times)

How risky is investing in oil stocks? (via CleanTechnica)

Five things we learned from the Keystone XL Senate hearing (via Climate Progress)

Fourth time’s the charm on climate change for Chamber of Commerce (via National Journal)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.29.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EU environment ministers call for “ambitious” 2030 climate goals (via The Guardian)

North American West Coast governments sign climate change pact (via CleanTechnica)

Bipartisan Congressional duo launch attack on EPA climate rules (via The Hill)

A year after Sandy, living dangerously by the sea (via Time)


China’s largest city Shanghai to ban coal by 2017 (via Mongabay)

The county council election that could make or break big coal (via Mother Jones)

Top 5 coal producing states – TX, OH, PA, IN, IL – will decide coal’s future (via Facts of the Day)

Consol to sell 5 West Virginia mines as coal regulations increase (via Reuters)


20GW distributed solar by 2015 is new target for China (via CleanTechnica)

Germany hits 59% renewable peak, grid does not explode (via Greentech Media)

Startups compete to defeat the “soft costs” of solar power (via Business Green)

US homeowners want solar, find two new reports (via Renewable Energy World)

AAA applauds potential renewable fuel scale back (via National Journal)

Wind in Texas produces more electricity than natural gas does in 40 states (via Facts of the Day)

Energy innovation in the states: From energy storage to offshore wind (via Energy Collective)

NFL’s 49ers, Rams go solar (via Energy Manager Today)


Trains gain steam in race to transport crude oil in the US (via NPR)

Millions of Americans live within one mile of oil or gas wells (via InsideClimate News/Wall Street Journal)

State Department to determine how much oil would ship by rail in absence of Keystone XL (via National Journal)

California fracking study may take 18 months, Brown says (via Bloomberg)


China adapts its electric vehicle plans to challenging realities (via Plugin Cars)

Tesla Superchargers now allow San Diego-to-Vancouver EV trips (via Green Car Reports)

How EVs could drive changes in power grid management (via Forbes)

Coca-Cola reveals plans for electric and hybrid distribution fleet (via RTCC)


People who live downwind of Alberta’s tar sands operations are getting blood cancer (via Climate Progress)


China to monitor air pollution effects in cities (via Bloomberg)

Decarbonization target narrowly defeated in UK House of Lords vote (via Business Green)

Japan to set 3.8% emissions reduction by 2020 goal (via RTCC)

Voters in 2014 swing states favor EPA carbon rules (via The Hill)

New battle in “War on Coal” with bill to block power plant rules (via National Journal)


Fossil fuels divestment campaign is gathering momentum (via The Guardian)

Uncertainty and investment: The real danger to the coal industry (via Energy Collective)

States will need coordination, creativity to meet EV goals (via C2ES)

Weatherization helps millions of families save energy and money (via

Deadbeat states on electric car policy (via Plugin Cars)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 9.27.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


IPCC: Global warming “extremely likely” man-made (via AP)

Climate panel’s fifth report clarifies humanity’s choices (via New York Times)

Six things we’ve learned from the IPCC climate report (via The Guardian)

Why has geoengineering been legitimized by the IPCC? (via The Guardian)

IPCC climate change report by the numbers (via The Guardian)


Merkel looks left to rescue Germany’s energy revolution (via Reuters)

Multiple factors push Western Europe to use less natural gas and more coal (via US EIA)

US energy independence by 2020 won’t mean isolationism (via Houston Chronicle)

National Parks will close to public but stay open to drilling if government shuts down (via Think Progress)


Annual global solar installations to beat wind for first time (via Bloomberg)

South Africa “ideal” for wind turbine export hub (via Recharge)

UK renewable generation increases 56% since 2012 (via RTCC)

German researchers hit 44.7% solar cell efficiency record (via Climate Progress)

Largest US wind farm proposed for West Texas (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Making renewables connect to the military’s energy security framework (via Greentech Media)

Can solar be a differentiator in deregulated electricity markets? (via Greentech Media)

State renewable portfolio standards survive conservative attacks (via EarthTechling)

Analyst: SunShot goals unachievable even with new solar technology (via Renewable Energy World)

California renewables rise and the grid survives (via EarthTechling)

Report says California net metering costs all utility customers (via Reuters)

NREL releases roadmap to reducing solar PV “soft costs” by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)


Canadian PM on Keystone XL fight: It’s over when we’ve won (via The Hill)


China’s plan to clean up air pollution could be a climate disaster (via Washington Post)

White House, Kerry: UN report makes case for climate action (via The Hill)

First-ever bulk freighter to pass through Artic was carrying coal (via Climate Progress)


Interior gets ball rolling on new Arctic drilling auction (via The Hill)

After the floods in Colorado, a deluge of worry about leaking oil (via New York Times)

North Dakota regulators say oil production to double by 2017 (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


US backs market scheme for aviation emissions from 2020 (via Reuters)

Monthly EV sales shatter US records (via


Boom in unregulated natural gas pipelines poses new risk (via InsideClimate News)


World’s carbon budget to be spent in three decades (via WRI Insights)

China and UK forge ties on carbon capture (via BusinessGreen)

State Department: Obama climate plan hits emissions reduction target (via The Hill)


Is Europe emerging as a major demand response market? (via Renew Grid)

Scotland sets energy efficiency building standards (via BusinessGreen)


UN climate report to fuel political battles (via The Hill)

White House seeking replacement for faltering energy nominee Binz (via The Hill)


10 things to know about the IPCC climate panel (via AP)

The science of global warming has changed in 25 years – the basic conclusions haven’t (via Washington Post)

Poll: two-thirds want Keystone pipeline, carbon limits (via The Hill)

Climate scientists issue their report, now it’s our turn (via Time)

What happens if you add lots of wind and solar to the grid? (via Washington Post)