Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.6.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Global carbon market to hit €70 billion this year (via BusinessGreen)

Climate change groups split on fossil fuel divestment (via Financial Times)


House to vote on Keystone XL bill Friday (via The Hill)

Democrats plan Keystone XL counterattack (via Houston Chronicle)


Egypt picks firms to develop 4.3GW of renewable energy projects (via Recharge)

Germany solar undershoots government target (via Recharge)

South Africa considers rooftop solar electricity credits (via Renewable Energy World)

UK and Germany smash wind power records (via Climate Progress)

India’s solar initiative could tip carbon scales favorably (via GreenBiz)

Scotland saw a “massive year” of renewable energy (via CleanTechnica)

Small and medium wind power installations expected to total over 3.2GW globally from 2014 through 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Reduced U.S.-China tariff rates weaken SolarWorld’s negotiating position, says Roth Capital (via PV Tech)

Chinese solar firms boosted by reduced 2012 U.S. trade tariffs (via PV Tech)

California Governor Jerry Brown calls for 50% renewables by 2030 (via Greentech Media)

New materials could boost solar panel efficiency (via Energy Manager Today)


Saudi Arabia seeks to calm internal oil price fears (via The Hill)

Oilfield write-downs loom as plummeting prices gut drilling values (via Bloomberg)

Oil prices at $50: Why a barrel of crude costs less than your shoes (via Christian Science Monitor)


Automakers challenged by low gas prices (via USA Today)

Nissan sold 30,200 Leafs in U.S. in 2014, up 33.6% from 2013 (via Green Car Congress)

California governor calls for 50% reduction in petroleum use in cars and trucks from today’s levels by 2030 (via Green Car Congress)


One for the record books: 2014 officially hottest year on record (via Climate Central)

Pope Francis plants a flag in the ground on climate change (via The Guardian)


Massive spike in Oklahoma earthquakes may be due to fracking (via Washington Post)

Against the grain: Minnesota’s long slog toward dealing with frack sand (via InsideClimate News)


Revenue from grid-scale energy storage expected total more than $68 billion from 2014-2024 (via Navigant Research)

Monitoring wind conditions can improve transmission performance (via Breaking Energy)


The most energy-efficient states in America (via Forbes)

DOE pushes for zero-energy building standards (via The Hill)

Sen. Shaheen doesn’t want energy efficiency bill tied to Keystone XL (via The Hill)


Why India’s cuts to rooftop solar subsidies could be a good thing (via PV Tech)

The big question: What do proposed EPA regulations mean for the energy industry? (via Renewable Energy World)

The seven most attractive nations for renewable investments: Part one – America (via CleanTechnica)

Why are these clean tech venture capital investors smiling? (via Greentech Media)

Beyond the cliché: Why energy efficiency needs success stories, not catchphrases (via Greentech Media)

Wind and solar – the perfect partnership (via Recharge)

Six renewable energy trends to watch in 2015 (via Renewable Energy World)

New York State Public Service Commission action will help tenants, low-income customers, others lacking rooftop access go solar (via Energy Collective)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.30.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


U.S. cities face “blackouts” from climate-linked extreme weather (via RTCC)


Fukushima radiation: U.S. West Coast will likely see peak by end of 2015 (via Christian Science Monitor)


Enel Green connects two new solar farms to Chile grid (via Bloomberg)

UK businesses urged to weigh in on government’s rooftop solar plans (via BusinessGreen)

Poll: Americans prioritize alternative energy to fossil fuels by a 2-to-1 margin (via Houston Chronicle)

Graphene may double solar cell power, harvest hydrogen from air (via Green Car Reports)

U.S. places 2.5GW wind capacity in service through November (via Recharge)

Renewable energy review: The island markets (via Renewable Energy World)

Utah’s solar sector showing strong gains (via Solar Industry Magazine)

India’s railways plan 1GW solar power capacity (via CleanTechnica)


Portman has hope for energy efficiency bill in next Congress (via The Hill)


Inhofe says fighting environmental regulations won’t be top priority (via The Hill)


Lamborghini plug-in hybrid SUV reportedly in the works (via Inside EVs)


10 renewable energy questions for 2015 (via Breaking Energy)

Remember these energy numbers from 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.5.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Australia says it won’t pay into UN Green Climate Fund (via Huffington Post)

Antarctic ice sheets threatened by warm water rising from below (via Bloomberg)

Africa rainfall may rise with greenhouse gas emissions (via Bloomberg)

White House announces initiative to improve climate education in the U.S. (via Climate Progress)


Energy efficiency bill rises from the dead (via The Hill)


Annual installed capacity of distributed generation is expected to double by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Indonesia’s new government announces a jump start for solar (via PV Tech)

Brazil starts-up more new wind as grid bottlenecks ease (via Recharge)

UK, Belgium research teams aim for offshore wind grid-boost (via Recharge)

Investors take pragmatic view as wind, solar deliver returns (via Recharge)

Solar stock selloff creates buying opportunity as sector caught in oil’s volatility (via MarketWatch)

$6 billion opportunity: Rural electric cooperatives could lead on clean energy (via CleanTechnica)

As coal crashes, U.S. governors push wind energy (via CleanTechnica)

Survey: California boasts almost 73,000 workers in solar industry (via PV Tech)

CaliforniaFIRST offers new rates and terms for PACE financing (via Solar Industry)

Missouri’s largest investor-owned utility scale solar energy center goes live (via Energy Manager Today)

Michigan legislature passes bill to include burning tires as renewable energy (via Michigan Live)


BLM has not performed an environmental review of coal leasing program since 1979 (via Desmog Blog)


China broadens pollution pledge in call for climate funding (via Bloomberg)

India says its carbon emissions will keep rising (via The Hill)

Obama’s clean power plan getting dirtied but it has key business support (via Forbes)


More than $150 billion of oil projects face the axe in 2015 (via Reuters)

Plunging oil prices spell trouble for Alaska – America’s own petro state (via Washington Post)

U.S. oil reserves continue rising, surpass 36 billion barrels for first time since 1975 (via U.S. EIA)


DOE’s EV Everywhere workplace charging program is working (via Autoblog Green)

Questions bubble up about Tesla Model S sales numbers (via Autoblog Green)

Ford’s aluminum body F-150 makes its debut (via Houston Chronicle)


Rising power demand means $65 billion a year task for China’s grid (via Bloomberg)

Obama’s climate critique of Australia draws utility rebuttal (via Bloomberg)

Forecast of Brazil rain will halt expensive power plants (via Bloomberg)

U.S. energy policy taking dramatic shift to the right (via Breaking Energy)

Bird’s fate shaping energy development in U.S. West (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


U.S. natural gas reserves hit all-time high (via The Hill)

Study: Fracking chemicals pose potential health threat to children and mothers (via Business Green)


White House official: Obama will use executive powers to meet climate goals (via Climate Progress)


Will low oil prices derail renewable energy growth? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Why Tesla’s batteries scale the hell out of electric companies (via Bloomberg)

Can solar thermal desalination make sustainable agriculture possible? (via CleanTechnica)

The funny thing about Google’s decision to stop renewable energy research (via Climate Progress)

Why is a three-week Production Tax Credit extension worthless? (via Renewable Energy World)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.16.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Mexico’s energy reform could take a bite out of U.S. shale-gas sellers, says EIA chief (via Houston Chronicle)

North Carolina fracking bill would clear way for exploratory drilling next spring (via News Observer)

FERC finds little environmental impact in Maryland natural gas export project (via The Hill)


Obama said to consider power plant emissions rule that tests law (via Bloomberg)


China targets 70GW of solar power to cut coal reliance (via Bloomberg)

Philippines cuts ribbon on first utility-scale solar farm (via BusinessGreen)

24/7 concentrating solar power plant gains environmental approval in Chile (via Triple Pundit)

The red-hot renewable that could incite a green power revolution (via Climate Progress)

On-site solar could spawn tax consequences (via Energy Manager Today)

What does the Colorado decision mean for challenges to state clean energy targets? (via Greentech Media)

Wind Production Tax Credit stalls in US Senate (via Recharge)

Austin’s energy mix just got much sunnier with 150MW solar farm (via StateImpact Texas)


Climate change “biggest issue in 2014 proxy season” (via Environmental Leader)

More big companies say they’re concerned about climate risks (via The Guardian)

Brazil “unprepared” for climate change, warns leading scientist (via RTCC)

Wyoming Gov. Mead seeks to recast on climate change to solutions (via Star-Tribune)

New $1.1 billion sea wall protects New Orleans against major storms but may cultivate complacency (via ClimateWire)


Beyond Keystone XL, more pipelines with more problems (via Greenwire)

Keystone XL delays fuel push for Canada east coast oil pipeline (via Bloomberg)


A future of thirst: Hydrologists predict worldwide water crisis (via Jamaica Observer/Agence France-Presse)

All of California in severe drought for first time this century (via USA Today)

Drought among the worst in Texas in past 500 years (via Houston Chronicle)

23% of American honeybee colonies died this winter, report Feds (via Huffington Post/AP)


FERC approves changes to PJM’s demand response program (via Renew Grid)

Texas mulls capacity market (via EnergyBiz)

Elon Musk sees nearly unlimited demand for energy storage (via San Francisco Chronicle)


How much did Nest Labs save utilities last summer? (via Greentech Media)

In Opower’s first earnings report as a public company, it grows sales, widens loss (via GigaOm)


Why the federal gas tax is way too low (via Washington Post)

U.S. Senate panel backs transportation bill to maintain funding (via Reuters)

Plug-in rebates finally come to Texas, but not for Tesla (via StateImpact Texas)


The dirty politics that killed the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill (via Greentech Media)

Sen. Whitehouse challenges Sen. Rubio on climate change (via The Hill)


Why the struggle over climate is moving to the executive branch (via National Journal)

Local, state governments lead the way on global warming (via The Oregonian)

Why is Texas terrible at producing solar power? (via National Journal)

Inslee’s climate effort will face steep odds (via Crosscut)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.15.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Fossil-free investment portfolios soared 50% in 2013 (via RTCC)

Obama said to put personal push behind EPA emission rules (via Bloomberg)


LNG, power demand driving shift in U.S. gas flow (via Houston Chronicle)

Overwhelming vote advances extenders bill, but hurdles remain (via E&E Daily)

Ohio’s manufacturers on both sides of debate over efficiency and renewables (via Plain-Dealer)


Bangladesh leads the world in small solar power home installations (via Mashable)

Is 3,000MW of new Nigeria solar power a model to end energy poverty? (via CleanTechnica)

India may back solar duties after probe finds dumping (via Bloomberg)

Netherlands’ largest offshore wind farm powers forward (via BusinessGreen)

80% of British support renewable energy (via Renewable Energy World)

US biodiesel producers hit hard by policy uncertainty (via

Senate debates wind tax credit extension (via Houston Chronicle)


Delays on climate change have cost us $8 trillion, says IEA (via New Scientist)

IPCC reports “diluted” under “political pressure” to protect fossil fuel interests (via The Guardian)

Warming shifting hurricane impacts away from tropics (via Climate Central)

Japan, Australia urge developing countries to do more on climate (via RTCC)

Kerry to warn of national security climate threats in speech (via The Hill)

Insurance company sues Illinois cities for climate damage (via ClimateWire)

Raging California wildfires fueled by unusually hot May weather (via Los Angeles Times)


U.S. crude output advances to 28-year high on shale boom (via Bloomberg)

Expert: White House likely to lift oil export ban (via Houston Chronicle)

Investors pressuring oil industry over $1.1 trillion exposure to high-cost projects (via Forbes)

California’s thirst shapes debate over fracking (via New York Times)


White House urges Congress to shore up depleted Highway Trust Fund (via Autoblog)

2015 Chevy Spark will have lighter, smaller battery (via Autoblog Green)

Elon Musk says yes to The Oatmeal’s $8 million request for Nikola Tesla museum (via Autoblog Green)


National Grid to spend more in U.S. for storm protection (via Reuters)

Three U.S. grid facilities you should know about (via


Beginning of end for coal? Citi sees structural decline (via Renew Economy)

Coal missing boom as climate foes clean Asia’s backyard (via Bloomberg)


Enviros bash industry-backed “green” building program (via Grist)


Steyer targets Rubio, 2016 hopefuls on climate (via The Hill)

Scott Brown urged GOP senators to kill Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill (via Huffington Post)


The first climate tipping point has arrived: Will it be the last? (via Huffington Post)

The $4 trillion mistake: Climate action delayed is climate action denied (via Climate Progress)

Is the White House worried about a Republican president overturning Obama’s climate legacy? (via Bloomberg BNA)

Time to act on U.S. natural gas exports (via CNBC)

Florida already feeling effects of climate change (via Tampa Bay Times)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.13.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, warn scientists (via The Guardian)

Melt of key Antarctic glaciers “unstoppable,” find studies (via Climate Central)

How cities in developing countries are becoming climate resilient (via Sustainable Cities Collective)

Alabama avoids preparing for rising seas menacing Mobile (via Bloomberg)


Energy efficiency bill dies in U.S. Senate after feud (via Bloomberg)


Think green jobs can’t grow? 6.5 million workers think you’re wrong. (via CleanTechnica)

UK unveils shock changes to solar farm subsidies (via BusinessGreen)

Hungry solar developers look to booming South Africa (via Navigant Research)

How the GE-Alstom combination could save the offshore wind industry (via Navigant Research)

Renewables surged to 74% of German demand last Sunday (via Renew Economy)

Can the Texas solar market live up to its potential? (via Greentech Media)

The high cost of the solar middleman (via Grist)

Why solar net metering beats a value-of-solar tariff every time (via Grist)


Banning HFCs from 2020 could make big climate impact, says study (via RTCC)

Guandong carbon market sparks China green-vs-growth dispute (via Reuters)

Draft letter from EPA advisors urges tougher ozone standard (via Greenwire)


New projections show oil production soaring as rigs boost efficiency (via Houston Chronicle)

Spills at drilling sites up 18% across U.S. in 2013 (via EnergyWire)

House panel seeks briefing on DOE’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (via The Hill)


China promotes fuel efficiency and alternative-fuel vehicles to curb growing oil use (via US EIA)

Will Tesla Gigafactory fight come down to Texas v. California? (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

EV charging station startup ChargePoint raises $22.6 million (via Forbes)


Russia repeats Ukraine natural gas cutoff threat by June 2 (via Reuters)

Chile green tax on coal increases cheap shale gas gamble (via Bloomberg)

EPA regulations probably won’t tell us everything in fracking fluid (via Climate Progress)


Microgrid energy storage systems to reach nearly $4.2 billion in market value by 2024 (via Navigant Research)

Why the power grid will remain reliable without coal plants (via GreenBiz)

Testing ground for new energy storage in New York State (via Greentech Media)

California heat pushes power to six-year seasonal high (via Bloomberg)


Six electric utilities charging a new energy course (via GreenBiz)

Why coal-dependent utilities shouldn’t be so scared of carbon regulations (via Greentech Media)

New York State prodding utilities to shift from monopoly model (via Bloomberg)


Acid rain’s dirty legacy (via FiveThirtyEight)

Southwest struggles to adapt to year-round fire season (via ClimateWire)

EPA unearths $3.6 million for green jobs in brownfields (via CleanTechnica)


U.S. Senate Republicans block energy efficiency bill, forfeit Keystone vote (via Reuters)

Why Democrats are afraid of a man who’s giving them millions (via National Journal)

A Senate race about…climate change! (via Washington Post)


America versus China: The new reality of global energy (via Energy Collective)

This is what a holy shit moment for global warming looks like (via Mother Jones)

Why society is failing to stop global warming in one 90-second video (via Washington Post)

Americans’ aversion to science carries a high price (via Washington Post)

Marco Rubio makes a wrong turn on climate change (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.12.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Obama administration limits on soot pollution upheld by appeals court (via Los Angeles Times)

Deval Patrick calls for “future free of fossil fuels,” zero coal in four years (via Climate Progress)

Stanford divesting coal helps students seeking domino effect (via Bloomberg)


Merkel says Germany would support Siemens-Alstom merger (via Reuters)

Obama doubles down on solar, energy efficiency in climate push (via The Hill)

US failed to inspect thousands of at-risk oil and gas wells, finds report (via The Guardian)

House votes to make energy research tax credit permanent (via ABC News/AP)


Global renewable energy jobs count tops 6.5 million (via BusinessGreen)

UBS: Solar could be 10% global capacity by 2020 (via Renew Economy)

Germany approves 328MW of offshore wind (via Recharge)

Chile approves 110MW solar-thermal plant (via Recharge)

Renewables provide record 27% of German electricity demand (via Bloomberg)

Mexico’s newly opened energy market attracts renewables (via Renewable Energy World)

More solar energy powering corporate America (via USA Today)

Wal-Mart doubles down on solar energy plans (via Wall Street Journal)

SolarCity surges on higher rooftop installation forecast (via Bloomberg)

US hopes to tap offshore wind potential (via Houston Chronicle)

ABB rolls out new grid interconnection technology for wind farms (via Renew Grid)

Solar seen bailing California out of summer hydro shortage (via Bloomberg)

Ohio senate votes to kill state’s renewable energy standard (via Climate Progress)

Hawaii confronts green energy’s bugaboo: Batteries (via Christian Science Monitor)

The only active landfill in Vermont goes solar (via CleanTechnica)


China’s coal dependency threatens efforts to curb warming (via New York Times)

Coal investments a bad bet for state pensions (via Times-Union)

After coal ash spill, Dan is a river of calm and caution (via Winston-Salem Journal)


Lloyd’s of London urges insurers to factor in climate change risk (via Environmental Leader)

Obama continues to push unilateral action to fight climate change (via National Journal)

As population surges, harsh Southwest climate will only get harsher (via Climate Progress)

South Carolina’s solution to sea level rise: Build more walls (via Climate Progress)


Senate standoff threatens to kill energy efficiency bill (via The Hill)

Energy bill fizzles as Senate begins debate on tax extenders (via National Journal)

Better Buildings Challenge partners reduce energy use 2.5% (via Energy Manager Today)

PACE is picking up for Michigan efficiency program (via Midwest Energy News)

Philips continues lighting revolution, tweaks LEDs for hydroponic growing (via GigaOm)


Russia ratchets up Ukraine’s gas bills in shift to economic battlefield (via New York Times)

Cleanest fossil fuel is Wall Street’s bet on climate change (via Bloomberg)

EPA weighs rule requiring fracking chemical disclosure (via The Hill)

Hundreds of small quakes in North Texas since December (via StateImpact Texas)


IEA: Decarbonizing world economy will save $71 trillion by 2050 (via RTCC)

Few funds ready to follow Stanford’s lead on fossil fuel stocks (via Reuters) 


Oil industry risks $1.1 trillion of investor cash (via Bloomberg)

Saudi Arabia, OPEC said will cover any Ukraine-related oil shortage (via Reuters)

BNSF says federal order won’t affect railroad oil shipments (via Bismarck Tribune)


US buyers show little interest in big hybrids (via Autoblog Green)

RMI: What’s the true cost of EV charging stations? (via GreenBiz)

Texas will soon offer $2,500 rebate for EVs, PHEVs, and more (via Autoblog Green)


Obama: Palm oil is destroying Malaysia’s rainforests (via Mongabay)

Summer blockbuster? El Nino looking more likely (via Climate Central)

California drought: Parched state braces for fire season (via San Francisco Chronicle)


How the Senate’s Keystone XL vote came crumbling down (via EcoWatch)

Keystone XL foes vow to fight South Dakota permit renewal (via Bloomberg)


Australian households could go off-grid by 2018 (via Renew Economy)

USDA awards $540 million for electric system upgrades, including $35 million for smart grid (via Renew Grid)

Clean Line wins key FERC approval (via Recharge)


Rubio on a presidential bid, and climate change (via New York Times)

Colorado – energy’s continental divide (via Politico)


How to phase out incentives and grow solar energy (via Renewable Energy World)

Climate debate isn’t so heated in the US (via New York Times)

Obama’s energy announcements are nice, but we’ll need much more (via Time)

Can Congress ever have a reasonable energy debate? (via National Journal)

Texas is American energy leader – so how can its electricity markets be such a mess? (via Energy Trends Insider)

Obama’s new energy efficiency standards will lead to big electricity, consumer, carbon savings (via NRDC Switchboard)

Obama’s solar move is equivalent to a year without 80 million cars (via Climate Progress)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.8.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Climate change making food crops less nutritious, finds research (via The Guardian)

Lloyd’s calls on insurers to take into account climate change risk (via The Guardian)

Americans start to feel effects of climate change (via Politico) 

The Southeast US has more billion-dollar disasters than the rest of US combined (via Climate Progress)


Industrial combined heat and power capacity will grow 30% annually through 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Is a boom in floating LNG facilities on the horizon? (via Houston Chronicle)


Solar making big strides to power the developing world (via Renewable Energy World)

PwC: Biofuels funding future looks bright (via Environmental Leader)

France awards $5.6 billion offshore wind tender to GDF-led consortium (via Reuters)

JV plans 3GW solar PV project in Nigeria (via Recharge)

EIA says US solar surge continues (via Energy Manager Today)

Your tax dollars at work: $141 million to spark US offshore wind (via CleanTechnica)

First Solar Q1: Beats Street, raises guidance on strong utility growth (via Greentech Media)

Solar City eyes 1GW new capacity in 2015 (via Recharge)


Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.7.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Climate change is harming economy, says report (via Wall Street Journal)

US climate report says global warming impact already severe (via Washington Post)

Almost 200,000 glaciers mapped in global inventory baseline for study of global warming effects (via Treehugger)

Industry sees costly rules after Obama climate report (via Bloomberg)

The tech trends to watch while America is boiling, storming, burning, & drying up (via GigaOm)

Climate change in the US – eight compelling charts (via Climate Central)


Indiana leads nation in coal ash ponds, raising toxin concerns (via Indy Star)

Stanford University divestment is a warning to coal industry (via RTCC)

Has Wyoming passed peak coal? (via Sightline Daily)


Annual wind power capacity installations in key emerging markets will double by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

With a little help, Africa could become a renewable energy powerhouse (via Climate Progress)

Brazil tests suggest more ethanol means more local smog (via Autoblog Green)

Court upholds EPA’s 2013 renewable fuel mandate (via The Hill)

Ohio’s renewable energy industries spent $1 billion, employed 3,500 (via Cleveland Plain-Dealer)

The promise of shared renewables: Will California’s SB 43 bring solar for all? (via Energy Collective)

Top 10 things you didn’t know about offshore wind energy (via


EU proposes shield for 175 industries in carbon market (via Bloomberg)

Carbon tax goes into effect in France (via Sustainable Business)

Stanford to purge $18 billion endowment of coal stock (via New York Times)


EIA releases complete Annual Energy Outlook 2014 report (via US EIA)

Why utilities need to get real about distributed energy (via GreenBiz)

Five climate charts that should deeply worry the electricity sector (via Greentech Media)

Experts: Cost gap between renewables and natural gas “is closing” (via Greentech Media)

Earthquake potential could cause shale sector to lose footing (via Forbes)

Ohio’s efficiency and renewable energy standards would be kept in compromise (via Cleveland Plain-Dealer)


In China, 64% say they are environmentalists (via Reuters)

The risks to US water resources from climate change (via Science Blogs)

Energy companies warned about water availability (via Houston Chronicle)


Asia is most vulnerable to Mideast oil supply shock, says report (via Reuters)

Researcher: BP oil becoming “part of the geological record” of the sea floor (via Climate Progress)

New offshore decommissioning requirements coming (via Houston Chronicle)

Solar-powered oil production could shake up California carbon rule (via Greenwire)


China leans on automakers to produce EVs, but infrastructure lags (via Green Car Reports)


It’s game over for the Keystone XL pipeline (via The Guardian)


Still no deal on amendments as test vote planned for Shaheen-Portman (via E&E Daily)

Ten smart building myths busted (via Energy Manager Today)


Obama’s global warming talk is beside the point (via National Journal)

Climate change affects us all – so what’s stopping us from joining forces? (via The Guardian)

States and cities need to act now on climate change (via Washington Post)

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama weather déjà vu (via Politico)

The top ten global warming skeptic arguments answered (via The Guardian)

John Podesta: Congress won’t stop EPA’s climate rules (via Politico)

Six tips for communicating about the National Climate Assessment (via EcoAffect)

From grid defected to grid connected (via RMI Outlet)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.30.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Indian monsoons becoming more erratic (via RTCC)

Climate change “making extreme rainfall in England more likely” (via The Guardian)

Las Vegas burning: Lessons in resilience from the nation’s driest big city (via Grist)

Oyster reefs could provide “dynamic” sea walls that outpace sea-level rise (via ClimateWire)


Supreme Court OKs EPA pollution rules: Another blow for coal (via Christian Science Monitor)

Is underground coal gasification the new fracking? (via Renew Economy)


China hits EU with final duties on polysilicon imports (via Reuters)

Germans installing far fewer solar panels in 2014 (via Reuters)

China fuels highest solar silicon demand since 2011 (via Bloomberg)

Concerns escalate over fresh UK solar subsidy reforms (via BusinessGreen)

Pension funds hold a key to renewable energy finance (via Renewable Energy World)

Renewable electricity projections show growth under carbon market assumptions (via US EIA)

Americans are more concerned about clean energy than climate change (via EcoAffect)

ORNL assessment finds >65GW untapped hydropower in US rivers and streams (via Green Car Congress)

World’s largest solar panel farm is completed and live in Arizona (via GigaOm)

SunEdison closes financing on 60MW California solar farm (via Bloomberg)

US regulations push wave-energy project to Australia (via Houston Chronicle)

Tricky political tides challenge East Coast offshore wind projects (via ClimateWire)

Landfill area becoming solar site (via Energy Manager Today)


Mexico expected to present energy reform laws today (via Reuters)

Report: Alstom to accept GE’s $13 billion offer (via Greentech Media)

Exelon expands again, reportedly buys Pepco for $5.4 billion (via Forbes)


April becomes 1st month with CO2 levels above 400 PPM (via Climate Central)

Ending Australia’s carbon tax could deliver $40 billion budget hit (via Renew Economy)

China could expand carbon market to big-polluting industrial regions (via Reuters)

UK political uncertainty undermining carbon targets (via RTCC)

Documents contradict EPA on climate-rule delay (via Politico)

EPA’s powers upheld by Supreme Court with climate rules on deck (via Bloomberg)

Washington State’s governor unveils carbon reduction plan (via Reuters)


Harry Reid leaves door open to Keystone XL pipeline vote (via Reuters)


Military advances energy independence with microgrids (via GreenBiz)

Tax credits for energy storage would advance renewable energy technology (via Energy Manager Today)

New York State gets to work on “grid of the future” with sweeping changes to come (via EnergyWire)

Extreme weather topples 38 TVA transmission towers (via Times Free Press)


Bakken oil fields market billionth barrel of oil (via Houston Chronicle)


UK to invest $841 million from 2015-2020 to boost ultra-low emission vehicle industry (via Green Car Congress)

US rollout of electric vehicle charging stations slowing down (via RTCC)

Winners and losers in EPA fuel economy scores (via Navigant Research)

Tesla making plans for Gigafactory in at least two states (via Autoblog Green)


Reporter travels to Brazil’s Amazon: Can the battle against deforestation be won? (via InsideClimate News)

Almost half of Americans live with unhealthy levels of air pollution (via The Guardian)

Triple digits expected in California and Texas during early spring heat wave (via Climate Progress)


Congressional supporters optimistic about natural gas export bill (via The Hill)


Efficiency bill may face roadblocks beyond Keystone XL (via Greenwire)

Maryland county becomes first in US to enact energy benchmarking (via Energy Manager Today)


Big donor secrecy: “Irony, but it’s not hypocrisy” (via Politico)

Steyer explores involvement in Colorado contests (via E&E Daily)


EPA is on a legal winning streak (via National Journal)

The reality of a hotter world is already here (via Smithsonian)

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