Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.17.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Research says latest international climate pledges still fall short of 2C goal (via ClimateProgress)

Europe’s record-hot year made 35 times more likely by climate change (via The Guardian)

New York, other major cities face more power outages thanks to climate change (via ClimateProgress)

Rutgers research shows climate change driving fish north (via Newark Star-Ledger)


Japan approves two new nuclear reactors (via The Hill)


Duties set by U.S. on imports of China, Taiwan solar goods (via Bloomberg)

New tariffs on Chinese solar-panel makers split the U.S. solar industry (via Greentech Media)

Beijing urges U.S. to be reasonable in search for trade settlement (via PV Tech)

David Cameron declares UK has “enough” onshore wind farms (via BusinessGreen)

British Columbia approves $7.5 billion hydropower dam (via Reuters)

Central America’s biggest wind farm gets $300 million from IFC (via Bloomberg)

Chile’s mines set hot pace on renewables – Australia should take notice (via Renew Economy)

Where does solar make sense? New state study shows big differences and surprises (via Breaking Energy)

NREL demonstrates 45.7% efficiency for solar cell (via NREL)

California approves major revisions in its Renewable Auction Mechanism (via Greentech Media)

Rural co-ops promise net metering but don’t always deliver (via Midwest Energy News)

Cape Wind will miss 2014 goal to close project financing (via Recharge)

Power options: Comparing costs of rooftop solar to traditional electricity (via WRI Insights)

Think tank proposes 40 options to change ethanol mandate (via The Hill)

Staples California announces green energy offering for small businesses (via Environmental Leader)


Beijing reveals bottom-up approach to national carbon market (via RTCC)

Australia quietly re-instates a carbon-trading scheme (via Renew Economy)

Industry’s mercury challenge could undermine attack on EPA climate rule (via Greenwire)

A carbon pollution policy with all the fixins’ (via Sightline Daily)

California pensions should divest coal assets, says state senate leader (via Reuters)

Washington Governor proposes carbon tax to fund pressing transportation needs (via Huffington Post)


OPEC net oil export revenues expected to fall in 2014-2015 (via U.S. EIA)

An OPEC of the West? North American nations eye stronger oil and gas ties (via Christian Science Monitor)

U.S. talking oil exports just when the world needs it least (via Bloomberg)

Investors in beat-up oil bonds lean on banks for rescue (via Reuters)


ABB-led consortium launches $10.5 million project to install EV fast chargers along key European highways (via Green Car Congress)

4,700 all-electric cars sold in Europe during October (via Inside EVs)

U.S. households to spend $550 less on gasoline in 2015 (via Houston Chronicle)

California, Washington lead all other states in EV ownership rates (via Green Car Reports)


Utility distribution microgrids are expected to reach $6 billion in annual revenue by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Developing a reliable wind “super grid” for Europe (via

Cautiously, private utilities dip toes into microgrid pool (via Navigant Research)

Will states take over demand response markets in the U.S.? (via Renewable Energy World)

PG&E testing new grid-scale battery system at $160 per kWh (via Energy Manager Today)


Italy says it will oppose EU plans to scrap environmental law (via The Guardian)

Obama withdraws Alaska’s Bristol Bay from drilling (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Top 10 universities taking the lead on sustainability worldwide (via EcoWatch)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service working on more regulations than EPA (via Greenwire)

Rocky Mountain Institute, Carbon War Room join forces (via BusinessGreen)

Cutting the cord without blowing your power bill (via Sustainable Cities Collective)


McConnell says Keystone first item on GOP Senate agenda (via The Hill)

Lobbying of Hillary begins (via The Hill)

Jeb Bush may be “the smart brother” but he’s as much a climate denier as any conservative (via The Guardian)

Renewable energy companies use new clout in statehouses (via Stateline)


Is India’s grand solar vision becoming reality? (via Renewable Energy World)

Plunging oil prices are doing Obama’s foreign policy for him (via Washington Post)

Protecting Bristol Bay was an easy call for Obama – the hard ones come next (via National Journal)

Should the price of oil really impact renewable energy adoption? (via Greentech Media)

In defense of Massachusetts: Why the Bay State is leading in energy efficiency (via Greentech Media)

The real reason Tesla’s stock is tanking (via Huffington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.30.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Goldman Sachs says coal-export terminals are a bad investment (via Grist)


UK government unveils next steps to zero carbon homes (via BusinessGreen)

Study: Energy efficiency drove US emissions decline, not natural gas (via InsideClimate News)

Report: Carbon markets offer “cheap” aviation emissions cuts (via BusinessGreen)


State Department: Keystone XL jobs impact “negligible” (via The Hill)

Analysts say Obama “headed toward yes” on Keystone pipeline (via Politico)


China’s renewable energy spending may total $300 billion through 2015 (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

New solar homes: Japanese builders helping fight for energy independence (via Renewable Energy World)

Saudi Arabia “committed” to 54GW green revolution (via RTCC)

Chinese solar eyes US market after EU agreement (via Environmental Leader)

Wind developers ready US offshore bids (via Recharge)

RMI: New insights into the real value of distributed solar (via Greentech Media)

Algae-to-crude company Sapphire Energy pays of US government loan guarantee (via Green Car Congress)

UCLA scientists double efficiency of novel solar cell (via


Senate nears first big energy bill since 2007 (via The Hill)

Deloitte: Energy deals tumble 30% from 2012 activity (via Houston Chronicle)

FERC says JPMorgan manipulated power prices in 2010-2011 (via USA Today)


Demand response could double to 155.4GW worldwide by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)


Natural gas plants account for 53% of new generation capacity in 2013 (via Facts of the Day)

North Dakota natural gas flaring equivalent to 1 million cars per year (via Climate Progress)

Federal government begins probe of Gulf gas well blowout (via Houston Chronicle)

BLM will lease rights for natural gas development in Ohio forest (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


Study: Global warming puts South American water supplies at risk (via United Press International)

2013 shaping up to be one of Australia’s hottest years ever (via Renew Economy)

Study: sea-level rise threatens 1,400 US cities (via USA Today)

Cornell opens climate change and agriculture center (via Environmental Leader)


Shale threatens Saudi economy, warns prince (via Wall Street Journal)

Saudi prince says global oil markets are “in decline” (via RTCC)

Texas will continue to lead US oil boom (via Houston Chronicle)

Oil industry works to reduce flaring in North Dakota (via The Oklahoman)

Oil industry fights safety retrofit of older rail cars (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

BP’s Deepwater compensation fund running dry (via The Guardian)

As Texas drilling expands, so do fights over land rights (via StateImpact Texas)


Japanese carmakers partner to double public EV fast chargers (via Green Car Congress)

Tesla sets sights on fledgling China EV market (via TriplePundit)

Ford data shows its PHEV owners operate in electric mode 60% of the time (via Green Car Congress)

DOE Inspector General: Grants to EV charging company were “overly generous” (via The Hill)


Commercial LED lighting revenue will reach $25 billion annually by 2021 (via Navigant Research)

DOE invests in energy efficiency for small buildings (via GreenBiz)


A smaller-than-predicted Dead Zone is still toxic for the Gulf of Mexico (via Time)


Research says green corporate policies tied to brand strength (via Environmental Leader)


Some Republicans, not all, clamor for a vote against a carbon tax (via ClimateWire)

EPA chief takes climate push on the road (via The Hill)

Political ad targets Cuccinelli fight with climate scientist (via Washington Post)


The consequences of affordable green energy options (via Washington Post)

Flood, rebuild, repeat: Are we ready for a Superstorm Sandy every other year? (via Grist)

Renewables only marginally more expensive (via Breaking Energy)

How fit are feed-in tariffs? (via Renewable Energy World)

How bracing for superstorms will reshape New York City (via Forbes)