Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.30.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Obama to unveil historic plan to cut U.S. carbon pollution by up to 25% (via The Guardian)

How Obama’s power plant emission rules will work (via Washington Post)

EPA’s approach on carbon limits to spark court challenges (via Wall Street Journal)

GAO shuts down McConnell’s push to block EPA carbon regulations (via The Hill)

NRDC says Obama climate rule will save consumers $37 billion (via The Hill)

EPA may nod to nuclear in carbon rules as generators fear closures (via Reuters)


China expects to launch national carbon market in 2018 (via RTCC)

CO2 monitoring could be “space-based” in the future (via Climate Central)


Brazil expects 3GW new wind power in auctions this year (via Recharge)

UK solar capacity passes 3GW (via RTCC)

Japan wind lobby boosts wind capacity target by half (via Bloomberg)

Iceland moves closer to power Europe with geothermal power (via Bloomberg)

UK radar fix could open up 1GW of onshore wind potential (via BusinessGreen)

Rooftop solar’s emerging markets are in middle-class neighborhoods (via Climate Progress)

Connecting the dots: How fossil-fuel interests are funding state RPS battles (via Greentech Media)

Biodiesel producers push for higher mandate (via The Hill)

Ohio freezes standards for renewable energy in landmark vote (via Bloomberg)

Solazyme opens commercial algae oil factory in Brazil (via GigaOm)

California moves closer to streamlined solar permitting (via Greentech Media)


AEP foresees coal plant closures on Obama plan (via Bloomberg)

Testing shows slow movement of coal ash in Dan River (via Roanoke Times)

Coal ash spill upends North Carolina politics, but will substantive legislation result? (via E&E Daily)


Fishing industry is poised to lose billions due to climate change (via Climate Progress)

Markey meets Pope to make common cause on climate (via Boston Globe)


Russia’s energy minister says no gas payments from Ukraine (via Reuters)

Pro-fracking bill flies through North Carolina legislature (via Climate Progress)


Study: Species disappearing far faster than before (via AP)

Brazil drought fuels World Cup blackout fears (via RTCC)


TransCanada credibility dented by Keystone defects (via Forbes)


California, seven other states ready for 3.3 million EVs by 2025 (via Autoblog Green)


Advanced battery capacity for utility-scale storage will grow 71% per year through 2023 (via Navigant Research)


Missouri utility to make up for lost time on energy efficiency (via Midwest Energy News)


Republicans on climate science: Don’t ask us (via Politico)

The House Science Committee spent yesterday in a climate change denial echo chamber (via Motherboard)

Harry Reid’s attacks on Koch Brothers sends GOP donors into shadows (via Washington Post)

Big money, the Koch Brothers, and me (via Politico)


Obama is planning his biggest climate policy yet – and he doesn’t need Congress (via Vox)

Wonks collide as Obama climate plan prompts new ideas (via Forbes)

Evolving the conversation on climate change (via Washington Post)

Lies, damn lies, and global warming rules (via National Journal)

You down with LCOE? Maybe you, but not me (via RMI Outlet)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.23.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


West Antarctic ice collapse “could drown Middle East and Asia crops” (via The Guardian)

Australia’s pollution U-turn threatening UN climate talks (via Bloomberg)

Saudis accused of deleting part of UN climate science report (via RTCC)

Global warming linked to frigid U.S. winter, say scientists (via NBC News)

Cold U.S. winter caused by warm tropical waters? (via Climate Central)


Deutsche Bank won’t fund Australia coal port expansion near reef (via Reuters)

EPA reaches deal with Duke Energy over coal ash spill (via The Guardian)

Petitioners ask Gov. Nixon to halt Missouri coal ash landfill construction (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Over 600 local elected officials back Obama’s coal rules (via The Hill)


India hits US, China with solar imports & anti-dumping duties (via Reuters)

A brief history of ethanol in Brazil (via Green Car Reports)

Abengoa says CSP with storage will beat baseload gas by 2020 (via Renew Economy)

5 trends illustrating the resurgence of solar suppliers in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Ohio kicks RPS vote to next week (via Recharge)

400-mile transmission line could expand Texas wind market (via Houston Chronicle)

South Carolina prepares for solar revolution with historic vote (via EcoWatch)

Can yieldcos reduce the risk of solar financing? (via Renewable Energy World)


Russia may build eight nuclear reactors for Iran (via Reuters)


Building efficiency upgrades save $730 million across U.S. (via Greenbang)

Lighting is a “gateway drug to energy efficiency” (via Breaking Energy)

Google won’t serve ads to your Nest, but will find you elsewhere (via Greentech Media)


UK says South England holds billions of barrels of shale oil (via Bloomberg)

North Dakota governor warns oil producers on gas flaring (via Bismarck Tribune/AP)


Energy consumption falling in the transportation sector (via Navigant Research)


U.S. utility’s control system was hacked, says Homeland Security (via Reuters)


Russia-China deal to damp LNG prices as output rises (via Bloomberg)

Obama faces fracking protesters on New York visit (via The Hill)


How does your state rank on climate emissions? (via Sustainable Business)

California carbon auction sells all allowances (via Environmental Leader)

17 things to know about California’s carbon cap (via Sightline Daily)

Does working from home grow your carbon footprint? (via GreenBiz)


First shipment of Canadian tar sands heads toward EU shores (via RTCC)

TransCanada eyes “bridge” to Keystone XL pipeline approval (via The Hill)


Red state, blue state, hot state, cold state: Mapping the politics of climate change (via Politico)

League of Conservation Voters raises $3 million for campaign contributions (via The Hill)

Climate change is on the ballot (via Huffington Post)

Ohio churches fight to save renewables and energy efficiency (via Climate Progress)


When China became the world’s workshop it inherited the world’s air pollution, too (via Grist)

How fossil fuel interests attack renewable energy (via Renewable Energy World)

Dust Bowl days: Will we cut carbon fast enough to prevent permanent droughts? (via Climate Progress)

How green energy won out over fossil fuels in a red state (via National Journal)

The real reason why no one cares about CNN’s climate stories (via Climate Progress)

Why “ratepayer” is a dirty word (via Greentech Media)

Defending clean energy in Ohio and beyond (via Grist)

Why owning your own power plant might not be crazy (via RMI Outlet)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.25.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Backloading EU carbon market fix poised to become law (via BusinessGreen)

UN promises “bold response” to stalled carbon offset scheme (via BusinessGreen)

Supreme Court questions EPA’s power on emissions controls (via National Journal)

Supreme Court justices struggle for common ground on EPA emission rules (via Greenwire)

Shell reaches landmark with world’s first industrial carbon capture project (via Houston Chronicle)

EPA threatens Pennsylvania over air pollution rule violations (via The Hill)


Governors: Obama expects Keystone decision within months (via Politico)

Loopholes speeding Keystone XL route through Nebraska backfire on governor, TransCanada (via InsideClimate News)


China narrows gap to US in renewable energy ranking (via Bloomberg)

Greece awaits “new deal” after adding 1GW of solar in 2013 (via PV Magazine)

Netherlands connects over 600MW of PV to grid (via PV Tech)

Survival of fittest in China’s renewable energy market (via Bloomberg)

India announces 2GW worth of new large-scale solar projects (via CleanTechnica)

Non-hydro renewable sources triple electricity output in last decade (via Facts of the Day)

Powering the US with renewables: A state-by-state roadmap (via Renewable Energy World)

ALEC coordinates new attacks on renewables mandates and net metering (via Greentech Media)

Unions’ full support for offshore wind a “work in progress” (via ClimateWire)

Sugarcane converted to cold-tolerant, oil-producing crop (via Science Daily)

SolarCity says it had “an amazing year” in 2013 but delays earnings (via GigaOm)

SolarCity to install fewer panels in first quarter (via Reuters)

California startup turns old wind turbines into gold (via InsideClimate News)

North Carolina is newest net-metering battleground (via Energy Manager Today)


Japan unveils draft energy policy, with nuclear, in wake of Fukushima (via The Guardian)

Court throws out Bush Administration rule on mountaintop coal removal (via SustainableBusiness)

GE to spend another $10 billion on energy research by 2020 (via Reuters) 

Oil, coal trains, concerns likely to increase in Northwest (via Spokesman-Review)


Natural gas at heart of GE’s $10 billion Ecomagination boost (via Greentech Media)

More work needed to stop natural gas flaring at oil wells, officials say (via Houston Chronicle)


UN makes future of small island states a 2014 priority (via RTCC)

Increase in Western wildfires fuels Obama’s budget move (via Climate Central)


Oil net imports have declined since 2011, with value falling slower than volume (via US EIA)

Shell’s Arctic oil plans face shareholder scrutiny (via RTCC)


Volt fleet to cross 400 million EV miles today (via GM)


Is it getting any easier for clean tech firms to cross the “valley of death?” (via Greentech Media)

RMI report predicts demise of existing utility business (via Energy Manager Today)

After legal setback in Nebraska, what’s next for Keystone XL? (via Climate Progress)

A $400 natural gas bill? It’s on the way (via Washington Post)

Microalgae-derived biogas a promising alternative to fossil fuels (via

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.18.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.

COP 19

Tense week ahead for UN climate talks (via AP)

Carbon market negotiations falter in Warsaw (via BusinessGreen)

3 ways to make progress on climate finance at COP 19 (via World Resources Institute)


Unabated coal use will break world’s “coal budget” (via World Resources Institute)

Carbon market “toolbox” could create global standards (via Environmental Leader)

The EPA might be able to push a carbon tax on its own (via Washington Post)


Brazil wind industry seeking clarity on grid operator interconnection plans (via Recharge)

EPA retreats on ethanol mandate (via The Hill)

US may be hitting its ethanol limit, so EPA wants to relax its biofuels goals (via Washington Post)

As ALEC shifts RPS opposition strategy, state law favors renewables (via Greentech Media)

Report highlights best practices to incorporate renewables onto grid (via Energy Manager Today)

California gets 19% electricity from non-hydro renewables, up from 12% in 2008 (via Facts of the Day)

First large-scale biogas plant in US coming online in California (via Sustainable Business)

LA solar energy investment atlas a model for renewables development (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Michigan Tech tests if solar power works up north (via Miami Herald/AP)

How whiskey makers could soon be providing a superior biofuel (via Climate Progress)


UN climate chief warns of financial risk to coal’s future (via BusinessGreen)

King coal enjoys an unexpected renaissance in the UK (via Financial Times)

The death of coal (via The Atlantic)


Insurance shortfall hits poorest and most vulnerable (via Climate Central)

Super typhoon Haiyan: Realities of a warmed world (via Huffington Post)

Climate change rallies staged across Canada (via CBC News)

Thousands rally in Australia for climate action (via


Shale revolution spreads with record wells outside US (via Bloomberg)

Water shortages could dry up shale gas craze (via Forbes)

The backdoor bid to ban fracking (via National Journal)

Breaking down the new proposed fracking rules released in Illinois and California (via Climate Progress)


As utility efficiency programs grow, some industries want out (via Midwest Energy News)

PNNL’s lab homes run energy efficient technologies through the paces (via Breaking Energy)


Workers begin removing fuel rods at Fukushima (via National Journal)


Tool measures building materials’ environmental impact (via Environmental Leader)


Fast charging key to EV adoption, finds study (via Greentech Media)

6,554 Tesla Model S units sold in California through September 2013 (via San Jose Mercury News)


House GOP revives energy battles with Obama (via The Hill)

Sen. Stabenow criticizes proposed EPA fuel mandate (via The Hill)


Are UN global warming talks futile? (via National Journal)

UN’s Ban Ki-moon says Philippines typhoon a “warning” on climate change (via

Global warming pragmatism (via Washington Post)

Is business leading the way in developing off-grid energy? (via The Guardian)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.30.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Bad news for storm-battered Europe: More extreme weather’s on the horizon (via Time)

Bangladesh rated world’s most vulnerable country to climate change (via RTCC)

Meet the Pacific Rim’s new environmental superpower (via Quartz)

New Boston city zoning plans tied to changes in climate (via Boston Globe)

Major expansion of Surging Seas launched on Sandy anniversary (via Climate Central)


Understanding the Bakken flaring challenge (via Breaking Energy)

Radioactive pollution in Allegheny River not from fracking, says Pennsylvania DEP (via Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)


States of change: Clean energy policy from Greece to Massachusetts (via Renew Economy)

French energy firms create Paris solar power R&D hub (via Reuters)

Renewable energy’s bird problem (via RMI Outlet)

The “science” of wind turbine syndrome (via Popular Science)

Some top solar states are flatlining: Where are “hidden” growth markets? (via Greentech Media)

Report: Ongoing Midwest renewable growth hinges on federal policy (via Midwest Energy News)

Ohio’s successful RPS program under attack in state senate (via Renewable Energy World)


Coal’s future hinges on unproven carbon capture technology (via National Journal)


Europe’s new models for demand response (via Greentech Media)

NREL software could cut commercial building energy audit costs 75% (via CleanTechnica)


Sandy struck a year ago, but some federal moves could make climate risks worse (via ClimateWire)

Hurricane Sandy hasn’t shifted climate narrative (via Climate Central)

Turning Hurricane Sandy’s scars into badges of survival (via New York Times)

One year after Sandy, many coastlines are still vulnerable to storm surges (via Huffington Post)


All across Europe, bicycles outsold cars in 2012 (via Autoblog Green)


GOP to drive “war on coal” line in 2014 races (via The Hill)

Polls show energy doesn’t spark Americans’ interest (via Politico)

Industry poll shows most voters oppose raising energy taxes (via Houston Chronicle)


3 ways Superstorm Sandy could change utilities forever (via Greentech Media)

Is attacking the EPA the bright idea Tea Partiers think it is? (via Huffington Post)

Going green doesn’t boost hotel revenue (via Environmental Leader)

Four facts that demonstrate clean energy is on the rise (via Triple Pundit)

Just how badly are we overfishing the oceans? (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.7.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Government shutdown affects weather, climate programs (via Climate Central)

Federal shutdown vexes greens, pleases industry (via Politico)

Solar decathlon launches despite US government shutdown (via Renewable Energy World)


US fracking industry has used 250 billion gallons of water since 2005 (via Oil Price)


US surpasses Russia as world’s top oil and natural gas producer (via The Guardian)

94% of utilities say distributed generation is a “game changer” (via BusinessGreen)

Embattled DOE clean energy loan program restarts under new management (via InsideClimate News)


OECD-FAO projects global ethanol production to increase 67% over next 10 years to 44 billion gallons (via Green Car Congress)

Cost of PV cells drops 99% since 1977, bringing solar to grid parity (via Climate Progress)

Russia backs 504MW of wind and solar in first clean power auction (via CleanTechnica)

India invites national solar bids after 2-year gap (via Bloomberg)

South Pacific island nation becomes first to 100% renewables (via Facts of the Day)

As Sun shines on solar industry, power companies fret (via National Journal)

Wind turbine bird threat overstated, study suggests (via EarthTechling)

Florida utility offers $9 million in solar rebates (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Consumers Energy closing in on Michigan’s RPS (via Renew Grid)


Economist: US jobs climb along with oil boom (via Houston Chronicle)

BP trial to focus on scientists’ spill estimates (via Houston Chronicle)

Court orders closer scrutiny of oil-spill claims against BP (via Washington Post)


Putting all 20,000 electric car charging stations on the map (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

US gas prices drop 14 cents over past 2 weeks (via Houston Chronicle)

Volkswagen XL1, world’s most efficient car, makes its US debut (via CleanTechnica)

Hertz starts renting Tesla Model S electric cars (via Breaking Energy)

Ford doubles US electric drive market share from 2012 to 2013 (via Green Car Congress)


IPCC report contains “grave” carbon budget message (via Climate Central)

EU carbon advances as policy makers consider supply flexibility (via Bloomberg)

US Supreme Court today may decide whether to hear greenhouse gas case (via Bloomberg BNA)

World’s carbon budget to be spent in three decades (via CleanTechnica)

Harvard won’t divest from fossil fuels, Faust says (via Bloomberg)

“Cynical” market shrugs off latest climate warning on fossil fuels (via EnergyWire)


Scientists call for more controlled burns in West’s forests (via Los Angeles Times)

Let it burn: Changing firefighting techniques for a warming world (via Time)


Solar heating and cooling could save $61 billion in energy costs (via Energy Manager Today)

Popularity of federal energy efficiency program among farmers put it at risk (via Christian Science Monitor/AP)

Walmart sells LEDs for less than $10 (via Energy Manager Today)


Q2 2013 coal export trends: Shipments fall nationally, rise in West (via Sightline Daily)


German Greens mull new identity and coalition with Merkel (via Reuters)

Tony Abbott may have enough support to repeal Australian carbon tax (via ABC News)

FERC front-runner may be clean slate Obama’s looking for (via Greenwire)

Debt ceiling isn’t place for climate fight, says House Republican (via The Hill)

Decades in decline, issue of coal is in crosshairs for Virginia governors race (via Washington Post)


For insurers, climate risk is becoming a matter of policy (via GreenBiz)

When will we reach an electric vehicle tipping point? (via Greentech Media)

Hawaii’s smart grid a matter of necessity (via Navigant Research)

Is fossil fuel divestment a sound financial play? (via Triple Pundit)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 9.27.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


IPCC: Global warming “extremely likely” man-made (via AP)

Climate panel’s fifth report clarifies humanity’s choices (via New York Times)

Six things we’ve learned from the IPCC climate report (via The Guardian)

Why has geoengineering been legitimized by the IPCC? (via The Guardian)

IPCC climate change report by the numbers (via The Guardian)


Merkel looks left to rescue Germany’s energy revolution (via Reuters)

Multiple factors push Western Europe to use less natural gas and more coal (via US EIA)

US energy independence by 2020 won’t mean isolationism (via Houston Chronicle)

National Parks will close to public but stay open to drilling if government shuts down (via Think Progress)


Annual global solar installations to beat wind for first time (via Bloomberg)

South Africa “ideal” for wind turbine export hub (via Recharge)

UK renewable generation increases 56% since 2012 (via RTCC)

German researchers hit 44.7% solar cell efficiency record (via Climate Progress)

Largest US wind farm proposed for West Texas (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Making renewables connect to the military’s energy security framework (via Greentech Media)

Can solar be a differentiator in deregulated electricity markets? (via Greentech Media)

State renewable portfolio standards survive conservative attacks (via EarthTechling)

Analyst: SunShot goals unachievable even with new solar technology (via Renewable Energy World)

California renewables rise and the grid survives (via EarthTechling)

Report says California net metering costs all utility customers (via Reuters)

NREL releases roadmap to reducing solar PV “soft costs” by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)


Canadian PM on Keystone XL fight: It’s over when we’ve won (via The Hill)


China’s plan to clean up air pollution could be a climate disaster (via Washington Post)

White House, Kerry: UN report makes case for climate action (via The Hill)

First-ever bulk freighter to pass through Artic was carrying coal (via Climate Progress)


Interior gets ball rolling on new Arctic drilling auction (via The Hill)

After the floods in Colorado, a deluge of worry about leaking oil (via New York Times)

North Dakota regulators say oil production to double by 2017 (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


US backs market scheme for aviation emissions from 2020 (via Reuters)

Monthly EV sales shatter US records (via


Boom in unregulated natural gas pipelines poses new risk (via InsideClimate News)


World’s carbon budget to be spent in three decades (via WRI Insights)

China and UK forge ties on carbon capture (via BusinessGreen)

State Department: Obama climate plan hits emissions reduction target (via The Hill)


Is Europe emerging as a major demand response market? (via Renew Grid)

Scotland sets energy efficiency building standards (via BusinessGreen)


UN climate report to fuel political battles (via The Hill)

White House seeking replacement for faltering energy nominee Binz (via The Hill)


10 things to know about the IPCC climate panel (via AP)

The science of global warming has changed in 25 years – the basic conclusions haven’t (via Washington Post)

Poll: two-thirds want Keystone pipeline, carbon limits (via The Hill)

Climate scientists issue their report, now it’s our turn (via Time)

What happens if you add lots of wind and solar to the grid? (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.9.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Japan ramps up deals in carbon credits within more emerging economies (via TriplePundit)

Ukraine to come under fire for $500 million carbon permit deal (via Reuters Point Carbon)

California’s cap and trade isn’t a game – except when it is (via CleanTechnica)

Cut emissions? Congress itself keeps burning dirtier fuel (via New York Times)


Global coal consumption up 50% in 10 years (via Facts of the Day)

Goldman Sachs: window for profitable investment in coal mining is closing (via Climate Progress)

US coal exports growing (via Huffington Post)

Coal lobbyists bend White House hear on carbon rule (via The Hill)

Coalition aims to get Nebraska utility off coal (via Midwest Energy News)


EPA maps renewable power potential on scarred land (via EarthTechling)

Using technology to get more renewable energy onto the grid (via Breaking Energy)

Western US utilities call for widespread adoption of smart solar inverters (via Renew Grid)

State renewable-energy laws turn out to be incredibly hard to repeal (via Washington Post)

Sewage-powered biofuels plant claims major breakthrough (via BusinessGreen)

Small wind turbines harnessing gusts of solar’s lease success (via Bloomberg)

Renewable diesels could score big thanks to renewable fuel standard fight (via Greentech Media)

Bill would let Kansas utilities buy renewable energy credits (via Wichita Eagle)


Leak at Alberta tar sands project heightens conservationists’ concerns (via New York Times)

How shoddy science almost led one agency to use flawed map in Keystone XL review (via Greenwire)

Industry report says Keystone XL won’t impact greenhouse gas emissions (via The Hill)

Enbridge asks EPA for extension to finish oil spill dredging (via Houston Chronicle)


Climate change pace now fastest in 65 million years (via Facts of the Day)

Research suggests manmade emissions may have very long-term impacts (via ClimateWire)

Rebranding climate change as a public health issue (via Time)

The trouble with beekeeping in the Anthropocene (via Time)


China poised to become the world’s largest net oil importer this year (via US EIA)

North American oil boom eases OPEC supply problems (via Reuters)


Conventional hybrids better for climate than EVs in most states (via Yale e360)

Average US vehicle now 11.4 years old, oldest since WWII (via Green Car Reports)

Electric roads could make plugging in your EV a thing of the past (via Grist)

Tesla stock surges as company beats the odds (via Christian Science Monitor)

As GM cuts Volt price, EV bargains multiply (via Navigant Research)


Japanese battery trial seeks to transform how grids work (via Bloomberg)

Nearly 40 new advanced energy storage projects kicked off in first half 2013 (via Navigant Research)

Building public support for power cables (via Reuters)

Texas power use hits summer high, third-highest ever (via Houston Chronicle)


Mexico energy reform to target deepwater oil and gas (via Reuters)

US EIA: oil and gas jobs up 40% since 2007 (via The Hill)

California lawmakers seek probe of hydraulic fracturing offshore (via Houston Chronicle)

Colorado fracking stresses regulators as permit bids soar (via Houston Chronicle)


Research says lack of energy efficiency holds back entire economy (via Energy Manager Today)


NOAA trims forecast for busy hurricane season (via New York Times)

Heavy rains unleash deadly flooding in Midwest (via USA Today)

New Mexico is the driest of the dry (via Los Angeles Times)


Should the US have a natural gas sovereign wealth fund? (via Washington Post)

3 key initiatives from Australia’s climate change policy (via WRI Insights)

What will it take for airline emissions reductions to get off the ground? (via GreenBiz)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.11.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


US, China agree on climate steps to curb emissions (via Washington Post)

Australia carbon emissions fell 7% in first year of carbon tax (via Platts)

A new one-stop shop for greenhouse gas emissions data (via WRI Insights)

Use of coal to generate power rises; greenhouse gas emissions next? (via Los Angeles Times)

Nanomaterials could accelerate CO2 removal from coal power plants (via RTCC)

Two more financial institutions divest from fossil fuels (via Energy Collective)


China wants bigger share of US shale revolution (via Reuters)


Clean energy investment rises 22% led by US, China (via Bloomberg)

Wind to double and solar to triple in 6 years, says IEA (via Greentech Media)

Worldwide solar PV market will pass $134 billion in annual revenue by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

HSBC: wind at parity with new coal in India, solar to join by 2018 (via Renew Economy)

Peru to use solar panels to provide electricity to 2 million people (via Latin American Herald Tribune)

EU parliament approve proposals to reduce biofuels emissions (via BusinessGreen)

Uncertainty over Australian Renewable Energy Target delays 1GW new wind (via Recharge)

State RPSs hold steady or expand in 2013 (via Energy Manager Today)

DoD, Interior inch closer to cooperation on renewable energy projects (via Federal Times)

Six Sioux tribes collaborate on biggest US wind farm (via Sustainable Business)

$1 billion cost to meet Colorado’s renewable-energy goal (via Denver Business Journal)

Rooftop solar takes off across California as costs come down (via San Jose Mercury News)

New York awards $54 million for 79 solar projects (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Texas A&M plans world’s largest solar testing center (via Sustainable Business)


IEA says US oil boom to erode OPEC market share in 2014 (via Reuters)

Russia to lift oil exports to Asia at expense of Europe (via Reuters)

Report says feds should expand damage assessment of BP oil spill (via Greenwire)

Canadian officials: death toll from train crash presumed at 50 (via Los Angeles Times)


China widens car-purchase restrictions to fight pollution (via Bloomberg)

Upgraded urban travel could save $70 trillion by 2050 (via

European Commission launches $1.8 billion fuel cell and hydrogen research initiative (via Green Car Congress)

Ford refocuses, cuts price of 2014 electric car by 10% (via NBC News/Reuters)


Climate change will cause more energy system breakdowns, warns US (via New York Times)

Power grids to spend $64 billion on new gear by 2020 (via Reuters)

Japan sets up hydrogen “task force” to advance fuel-cell infrastructure (via Autoblog Green)

Canada represents $7 billion in smart grid potential (via Renew Grid)

Continuous test operation begins for large-format Li-ion energy storage system (via Green Car Congress)


New report tracks decades of climate change (via Rolling Stone)

Study says some trees use less water amid rising carbon dioxide (via New York Times)

A scientific storm is brewing over the hurricane-climate connection (via Mother Jones)

Dangerous global warming could be reversed, say scientists (via The Guardian)

Chicago-sized iceberg calves off Antarctic glacier (via The Guardian)


Japanese nuclear plant may have been leaking for two years (via New York Times)


New EIA inventory tracks state energy efficiency programs (via US EIA)

House votes to block light bulb efficiency standards (via Climate Progress)

Nest and Opower talk strategy for residential demand response (via Greentech Media)

Curtailing energy during “peak power hour” reduces next year’s rates (via Energy Manager Today)


Carbon Trust unveils supplier directory for green businesses (via BusinessGreen)

Report: reducing emissions and increasing manufacturing can go hand in hand (via Greentech media)

Nike’s new “Making” app shows sustainability of clothing material (via Inhabitat)

Sustainability exchange for cities to collaborate on best practices (via Energy Manager Today)


Battle rages over Obama’s climate standards for Keystone XL pipeline (via Washington Post) 

What David Vitter got for blocking Gina McCarthy (via Politico)

Conservative climate hawks to GOP: wake the hell up (via Mother Jones)

GOP aide writing anonymously: party should “reclaim” climate debate (via The Hill)

House panel approves bill curtailing EPA power on climate regulations (via The Hill)


Bad news: fossil fuels are more than keeping up with clean energy (via Washington Post)

The money behind fossil fuel exports (via Sightline Daily)

Green energy policy matters in selling EVs (via Houston Chronicle)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.20.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Revised EU carbon market fix passes first hurdle (via RTCC)

Obama readying emissions limits on power plants (via New York Times)

Energy risk: the forgotten half of America’s carbon cuts (via Energy Collective)

GOP senators slam significant change to “social cost” of carbon (via The Hill)

US Forest Services study finds urban trees remove air pollution, save lives (via


Japanese nuclear regulator announces safety guidelines overhaul (via New York Times)


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