Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.7.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China carbon trading to almost double in 2015 (via RTCC)

California carbon market off to strong start in 2015 (via Reuters)

Low gas prices smooth path for carbon add-on in California (via Scientific American/ClimateWire)


China’s declining coal dependence is evident in the data (via Renew Economy)


India cuts floor price for solar energy credits to boost demand (via Bloomberg)

Denmark delivers “one-of-a-kind” wind power record (via BusinessGreen)

Pakistan to pull solar energy into national power grid (via Reuters)

Residential FiT aims to make Thailand the ASEAN solar leader in 10 years (via PV Tech)

Brazil approves $9.6 million financing for solar panel factory (via Bloomberg)

Solar cements status as low-risk investment in 2014 (via PV Tech)

U.S. solar tariff review hints at halved Chinese cells rate (via Bloomberg)

Fact sheet: Renewable energy job numbers (via Renewable Energy World)

Major setback for Cape Wind as two utilities opt out of power purchase agreement (via Boston Globe)

New York State solar growth is 63% per year (via CleanTechnica)

Republican-led group launches ballot petition to boost solar power in Florida (via Tampa Bay Times)

SolarCity inks $350 million solar fund deal with JP Morgan (via PV Tech)


Oil extends drop below $48 as U.S. stockpiles seen rising (via Bloomberg)

Oil lobby sets sights on export ban (via The Hill)


Solar-powered EV charging network takes shape in Jordan (via Navigant Research)

December 2014 EV sales hit record high in U.S. – almost 120,000 sold for year (via Inside EVs)

Clean energy banks could foster private investment (via Energy Manager Today)

California groundbreaking marks true beginning of high-speed rail in America (via Climate Progress)


White House: Obama won’t sign Keystone XL pipeline bill (via National Journal)

White House riles new GOP-led Congress with threat to veto Keystone XL pipeline bill (via Washington Post)

Obama Keystone veto threat spurs Democrat’s plea for deal (via Bloomberg)

Keystone bill said to be four votes shy of a veto-proof majority (via Bloomberg)


Machu Picchu threatened by climate change (via Euronews)

Ken Cuccinelli’s new business will not survive climate change (via Climate Progress)


Senators introduce bill to speed natural gas exports (via The Hill)

Fracking ban bill introduced in Florida (via EcoWatch)


Germany solar power storage system prices drop 25% (via CleanTechnica)

Which solar companies are active in the solar-plus-storage market today? (via Greentech Media)

Going off-grid might mean staying on grid in Germany (via Renewables International)

PG&E partners with BMW to test how EVs perform in demand response programs (via Greentech Media)


China to boost support for NGOs that sue environmental polluters (via Bloomberg)

Limits on rare-earth metals to end after China loses global trade case (via Green Car Reports)


Going solar: From Millennials to Baby Boomers (via Renewable Energy World)

Seven surprise Republicans to watch if you care about climate change (via National Journal)

U.S. oil production will be falling by end of 2015 (via Reuters)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.5.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Glacier study reveals north-south divide in climate change (via The Australian)

Wildfire smoke proves worse for global warming (via Scientific American)

Preparing for climate disasters to get $100 million fund (via Bloomberg)

Toledo’s algae bloom in line with climate projections (via Climate Central)


Beijing to ban coal use to curb pollution (via Sydney Morning Herald/Xinhua)

King Coal deposed in West, but reigns in East (via Energy Collective)


India plans solar parks to host up to 20GW (via Bloomberg)

UK solar firms call for review of early end to subsidies (via The Guardian)

Japan may pull more solar project approvals behind schedule (via Bloomberg)

China said to consider policies to increase solar installations (via Bloomberg)

China said to add 10,000 tons to rare earths stockpiles (via Bloomberg)

Brazil’s hybrid revolution (via Recharge)

Nigeria energy minister back solar for rural communities (via RTCC)

France approves green energy law (via RTCC)

France announces $13.4 billion green energy plan (via CleanTechnica)

Morgan Stanley: Fixed charges on solar may cause grid defection “tipping point” (via Greentech Media)

Arizona Public Service’s new solar lease: More than meets the eye (via GreenBiz)

Renewable heating and cooling now mandated in Massachusetts (via Renewable Energy World)

Fees for distributed solar fire up advocates and utilities in Utah and Massachusetts (via Solar Industry)


Amid Ukraine crisis, will Europe frack? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Marcellus Region production continues growth (via U.S. EIA)

Pennsylvania drillers did not report half of spills that led to fines (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Colorado deal would keep fracking off ballot (via Wall Street Journal)

Why Twitter should matter to fracking firms (via Environmental Leader)


Fossil free indexes U.S. supports fossil fuel divestment (via CleanTechnica)


Bakken Shale fuels North Dakota’s oil production growth (via U.S. EIA)


EPRI, utilities, automakers partner on EV-smart grid integration (via Renew Grid)

Tesla trying to keep Model X demand low for now (via Autoblog Green)

Future power demand from electric cars sparks study (via Houston Chronicle)

When will electric cars compete in the mainstream market? (via Green Car Reports)

Elon Musk predicts price parity with gas-powered cars within 10 years (via ClimateWire)


Why some utilities are warming up to microgrids (via Midwest Energy News)

California plans “road map” to make more energy storage a reality (via Greenwire)

$600 million transmission project splits Texas power industry (via EnergyWire)


Europeans prioritize energy efficiency measure as price fears rise (via BusinessGreen)

Colorado craft beer brewers model energy efficiency (via Energy Manager Today)


Federal officials, lawmakers plan conservation fund promotion tour (via The Hill)

How invisible water sources could green the nation (via GreenBiz)

Five cities where the bacteria that contaminated Ohio’s water supply might strike next (via Climate Progress)


President Obama is beginning to make climate hawk noises (via Grist)

House Energy Committee fight runs into money war (via Politico)

Colorado Democrats reach a deal on fracking (via Climate Progress)


How ALEC fronts for fossil fuels (via Huffington Post)

Is the sharing economy really green? (via Marc Gunther)

California, here we come (via Sightline Daily)

Greening or greenwashing? Illinois cities’ use of RECs shows challenges with local energy choice (via CleanTechnica)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.26.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Atmospheric CO2 concentrations hit 400ppm 2 months early this year (via ClimateWire)

Visualizing the global carbon budget (via WRI Insights)

Christie administration improperly pulled NJ out of RGGI (via Bergen Record)


EPA proposes greater protections for streams, wetlands under Clean Water Act (via Washington Post)


US energy efficiency programs cost 2 cents per kilowatt-hour saved (via CleanTechnica)


Japan cuts subsidy for solar power, boosts offshore wind (via Bloomberg)

India could cut wind farm subsidies by up to 78% (via Bloomberg)

UK’s offshore wind vital amid Russian tensions, says energy secretary (via The Guardian)

Greece proposes more cuts to renewable energy feed-in tariff (Renewable Energy World)

China loses rare earth export trade dispute, says US (via Reuters)

Siemens to invest $264 million in UK wind turbine manufacturing project (via New York Times)

Top 50 PV module manufacturers to add 10GW in module capacity in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Solar extends net metering win streak with Vermont decision (via PR Newswire)

California will enable residential PACE through property tax bill (via Solar Industry)

Solar rivals Sungevity, Sunrun form alliance (via San Francisco Chronicle)


US expands gas exports in bid to punish Putin for Crimea (via The Guardian)


UN climate science report will highlight “limits to adaptation” (via RTCC)

Asia’s great cities face rising flooding risks in warming world (via RTCC)

UK Met Office: Deadly heat wave summers to become the norm by 2040 (via The Independent)


Kremlin oil partnership places BP at risk in Russia crisis (via Bloomberg)

Crimea crisis pushes Russian energy to China from Europe (via Bloomberg)

Transport limits causing “serious logistical challenge” for shale boom (via Houston Chronicle)

Exxon, PHMSA withholding key documents on Pegasus pipeline as restart nears (via InsideClimate News)

BP confirms oil spill into Lake Michigan from refinery (via Chicago Tribune)

Ohio pipeline spill twice as large as original estimate (via Climate Progress)


Volvo testing flywheel energy capture with 25% fuel savings (via Green Car Reports)


House votes to stop Obama’s new coal mining rules (via The Hill)

Duke Energy: Cleaning up coal ash “is going to take time” (via The State)


Where will the next $400 billion in grid investment come from? (via Greentech Media)

Energy storage hits the rails in California and Nevada (via ClimateWire)


Why climate change will make mudslides more common (via Salon)

Grid parity: Why electric utilities should struggle to sleep at night (via Washington Post)

PACE financing for California’s clean energy future: Expanding the residential market (via Breaking Energy)

Hot air about American natural gas won’t scare Putin (via Council on Foreign Relations)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.4.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EU ETS auction cuts to breathe new life into carbon markets (via Bloomberg New Energy Finance)

EPA strikes back at sulfur emissions (via National Journal)


Proposed Congressional bill would revive US rare earths industry (via Navigant Research)

Green groups take aim at US energy exports as Keystone XL attack broadens (via Reuters)


Energy efficiency creates 387% return on investment in US Southeast (via CleanTechnica)

Opower files for $100 million US IPO (via Bloomberg New Energy Finance)


Africa takes first steps toward renewables revolution (via Renewable Energy World)

Five lessons US offshore wind must learn from Europe (via Renewable Energy World)

Top 10 metro US areas winning the solar race (via Smart Planet)

Wind power’s big empty space down south (via EarthTechling)

In Virginia politics, renewable energy dwarfed by big utility (via Virginian-Pilot)


Study says Keystone XL would have much larger impact than State Department suggests  (via Huffington Post)

Great Lakes oil pipeline raise spills fear amid debate over Keystone XL (via The Guardian)


EU releases proposals for UN 2015 climate deal (via RTCC)

European support for climate change action “not dented by financial crash” (via The Guardian)

Australia’s climate forecast: Hot days, higher fire risk, more severe droughts (via The Guardian)

Netherlands to upgrade flood defenses to cope with climate change (via RTCC)


China’s national oil company licensed to seek Arctic oil (via China Daily)

Domestic crude oil drives a cautious US refining revival (via New York Times)

Crude oil export battle flares with dueling reports (via National Journal)

US court rejects BP appeal over Gulf spill losses (via Reuters)


New US fuel standards aim to cut asthma, heart attacks (via Reuters)

Nissan Leaf sales up again in February, Chevy Volt dips deeper (via Autoblog Green)

Tesla’s battery factory threatens the auto, utility, and building controls market (via Greentech Media)


Government shutdown cost national parks 8 million lost visitors in 2013 (via Climate Progress)

Harsh winter causing large die-off of invasive insects (via Yale e360)

Study says Americans use twice as much water as they think (via Los Angeles Times)

North Carolina cites five more power plants in massive coal ash spill (via The Guardian)


Russia-Ukraine conflict spills beyond borders into natural gas markets (via Forbes)

Investment report: Marcellus growth not peaking any time soon (via Houston Chronicle)


Are utility concerns about aging infrastructure overblown? (via Midwest Energy News)

Install a building battery, save the grid? (via GreenBiz)

How will Tesla’s “gigafactory” affect the grid? (via EnergyWire)


Vladimir Putin won’t threaten Europe’s gas – for now (via Politico)

Can Congress pass energy efficiency legislation? (via National Journal)

What Opower’s IPO filing tells us about the company (via Greentech Media)

Just another solar deal, or the future? (via EarthTechling)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.24.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Blue-green opportunities: Energy efficiency and jobs impacts in US manufacturing (via WRI Insights)

Illinois jumps to top of US green building LEED-certified ranks (via CleanTechnica)


Shopping around for natural gas: The good, the bad, and the confusing (via Midwest Energy News)

New England natural gas prices set record (via Energy Manager Today)

Colorado first state to regulate methane emissions (via The Hill)

Exxon CEO joins anti-fracking lawsuit after drilling threatens his property value (via Slate)


UK claims world leadership in offshore wind (via Energy Manager Today)

Five million German households faced with higher power bills (via Reuters)

Interior Department approves 550MW of solar projects on public land (via Solar Industry)

DOE awards $2 million to support geothermal systems with rare earth extraction capability (via CleanTechnica)

Air Force scores biggest-ever military solar plant (via CleanTechnica)

Top 10 women of solar energy (via Energy Collective)

New Year off to hot start for US solar industry (via Renewable Energy World)


Arctic oil still seen decades off as producers balk at costs (via Bloomberg)

Oil industry head cautions against creating new rail risks (via Houston Chronicle)

Federal regulators move to hike cap on oil spill liabilities (via Houston Chronicle)

To make shipping oil safer, railroads agree to eight measures (via New York Times)

Funding the future with fracking in North Dakota (via National Journal)

Oil spill closes 65-mile stretch of lower Mississippi River (via Reuters)

GE to funnel billions into oil field technology (via Houston Chronicle)


Megacity driving woes signal dawn of “peak car” era (via Bloomberg)

Study finds 20-25% of EV range lost as psychological safety buffer; driver assistance systems could shrink loss (via Green Car Congress)

Elon Musk and Tesla plan world’s biggest battery factory (via Greentech Media)

Tesla’s Musk accelerating vehicle output through 2014 (via Bloomberg)


Keystone backers find Nebraska judge not only hurdle remaining (via Bloomberg)

Keystone’s future in hands of Nebraska’s new pipeline regulator (via Houston Chronicle)


January 2014: Earth’s 4th warmest January on record (via Weather Underground)

Arctic temperatures could increase 13C by 2100 (via RTCC)

Climate change to add to winter extremes, limiting warming benefit (via Sydney Morning Herald)

Small volcanic eruptions add to larger impact on climate (via Climate Central)

Obama climate change agenda faces first Supreme Court test (via Reuters)

This year’s crazy weather is freezing the economy (via Washington Post)

Coffee shortage possible due to drought, climate change, rising demand (via Washington Post)

In Rhode Island flood zones, houses raised to lower premiums (via Providence Journal)


Obama to propose changes to wildfire funding in budget (via Weather Channel/AP)

Environmental groups resort to suing industries directly (via New York Times)

California farmers brace for little or no water amid extreme drought (via The Guardian)

Coal ash spill could push North Carolina to move more aggressively on environmental threats (via News Observer)


“Imagination” required to save UN carbon market, says new chair (via RTCC)


Bid to connect US grids needs buy-in from independent Texas (via EnergyWire)


Environmental advocates target climate change as Democratic election issue (via Washington Post)


Has China’s coal boom hit the buffers? (via BusinessGreen)

Why is the Obama administration using taxpayer money to back a nuclear plant that’s already being built? (via Washington Post)

The short era of cheap natural gas ended in January: Is it gone forever? (via Facts of the Day)

Will methane burn down the natural gas “bridge” to the future? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Play it again: January continues globe’s warm trend (via Climate Central)

Communicating the health and climate connection (via EcoAffect)

Waiting on Ivanpah (via CleanTechnica)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.18.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EU needs international climate finance roadmap (via Reuters)

November temperatures set new global high, says NOAA (via CNN)

Water scarcity escalating due to climate change, says report (via The Hill)

2013 in review: A year of increasing extreme weather events (via The Guardian)

Obama and climate change: The real story (via Rolling Stone)

11 US cities tapped to spur “climate resiliency” action worldwide (via InsideClimate News)


Shale well depletion raises questions over US oil boom (via Houston Chronicle)

Report: Taxpayers not getting fair return from drilling (via Houston Chronicle)

Without exports, US could face oil supply glut in 2015 (via Breaking Energy)

Interior Department has stopped trying to raise drilling royalty rates (via Climate Progress)


Tony Abbott could scrap Australia’s renewables target (via RTCC)

Merkel rejects EU probe of Germany’s green energy incentives (via Bloomberg)

Canadian solar surging on sales of power projects (via Bloomberg)

Mexico will be hottest solar market in Latin America, despite huge Chile project pipeline (via Greentech Media)

UK approves plans for major offshore wind hub project (via Recharge)

Study shows rooftop solar adds thousands to home resale values (via CleanTechnica)

US DOE invests $13 million into domestic solar manufacturing (via CleanTechnica)

Turbine noise can be heard from just 3% of wind farms (via The Guardian)

A struggle to balance wind energy with wildlife (via New York Times)

Wind power rivals coal with $1 billion order from Buffett (via Bloomberg)

Ohio and Michigan partner for clean energy manufacturing (via CBS News)

Construction begins on Cape Wind offshore wind farm (via Cape Cod Times)

Move over wind – solar energy market “exploding” in Iowa (via Midwest Energy News)

Kansas renewable energy target under fire again in state legislature (via Lawrence Journal-World)

US shifts offshore wind gaze to Maryland (via Renewable Energy World)

Pentagon report says market forces shifted rare earth availability (via Reuters) 


TransCanada to start oil shipments on Keystone XL southern leg in January (via Houston Chronicle)

House budget chief looks to tie Keystone XL to debt-ceiling vote (via The Hill)


Utility-scale battery storage costs could be competitive with gas within 18 months (via Renew Economy)

US net metering set to grow, but effect on electric utilities uncertain (via Reuters)

USDA providing $1.8 billion in funding for rural electric utilities (via Renew Grid)

California ISO unveils roadmap to smarter, stronger grid (via BusinessWire)


Britain opens door to more shale gas drilling (via New York Times)

Outlook suggests green light for more gas exports (via EnergyWire)

USGS study: Methane common in southern New York State groundwater (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Will biofuels do better in aviation than anywhere else? (via Green Car Reports)

Tesla gets $34.7 million tax break to boost manufacturing in California (via San Francisco Chronicle)


Shaheen fights to recharge energy efficiency bill (via National Journal)

Infographic guide to buying energy-efficient light bulbs (via Inhabitat)


Right-sized reactors breathing new life into nuclear energy (via Forbes)


Can the American wind energy industry survive without the PTC? (via Energy Collective)

It doesn’t take much global warming to drive water scarcity way up (via Climate Progress)

How wind power could beat out natural gas (via EarthTechling)

Could 2014 be the year of the battery? (via Renew Economy)

Are taxpayers getting their fair share of oil royalties? (via National Journal)

Four ways climate change is transforming our winters (via C2ES)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.19.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


UN panel finds humans 95% likely cause of climate change (via The Hill)

More frequent heat waves by 2020 “almost certain” (via Climate Central)

Global flood damage could exceed $1 trillion annually by 2050 (via Mother Jones)

Climate change brings another flood onslaught in Pakistan (via Pakistan Daily Times)

Worst Colorado River drought in century prompts feds to cut Lake Powell releases (via Deseret News)

Many Floridians face rising tide of flood insurance costs (via Sun Sentinel)


Interior Department says Keystone XL could harm parks, wildlife (via The Hill)

TransCanada acknowledges tar sands crude could sink if spilled (via EnergyWire)

Steyer launches $1 million anti-Keystone XL ad push (via The Hill)


Despite slowdown, China to hold wind power market leadership to 2020 (via Renewable Energy World)

Czech lawmakers axe renewable energy support (via Recharge)

European climate policy drives wood pellet boom in North Carolina (via News Observer)

New hydropower laws could add 60GW of clean energy to US grid (via CleanTechnica)

Investors welcome new environmental standards for solar (via BusinessGreen)

Energy cane “could yield five times more ethanol than corn” (via Environmental Leader)

Texas claims cheapest solar installations as prices drop nationwide (via Houston Chronicle)

California Solar Initiative aims to preserve project resources as funding ends (via Energy Manager Today)


Australia’s carbon markets to survive federal election (via Bloomberg)

California to discuss additional compliance options for cap-and-trade program (via Bloomberg BNA)

Waste carbon dioxide could be used as energy (via RTCC)


Shale gas company halts fracking at British site (via New York Times)

Shale grab in US stalls as falling values repel buyers (via Bloomberg)

Methane leakage from Utah gas rigs higher than EPA estimates (via RTCC)

Aubrey McClendon is back, with deals in the Utica (via Forbes)


Sweden named “most sustainable country in the world” (via BusinessGreen)

Auto manufacturers aim to produce vehicles at sustainable facilities (via Energy Manager Today)

Investors slow to embrace sustainability, Accenture says (via Environmental Leader)

US rare earths mining rush enters its “survival moment” (via Greenwire)


Shale gas and oil production soaring in 2013 (via Houston Chronicle)

Experts clash on estimates of oil spilled into Gulf (via Houston Chronicle)


America’s new vehicles are more fuel efficient than ever (via Greentech Media)

Electric car charging at work: The next big push (via Green Car Reports)

Is Tesla Model S the best way to sell politicians on EVs? (via Green Car Reports)

Hybrids take 7% of California market in 1H 2013; PHEVs 0.7%, EVs 1.1% (via Green Car Congress)


USGBC report highlights growth in green building industry (via Bloomberg BNA)

Arizona hosts world’s largest net-zero energy building (via CleanTechnica)


UK’s first large-scale battery storage project goes live (via Renew Grid)

Designing grid batteries to live long and prosper (via Greentech Media)

Distributed generation grabs power from centralized utilities (via Forbes)

Trees vs. transmission: Utility arborist seeks better approach (via Midwest Energy News)


EIA publishes state fact sheets on residential energy consumption and characteristics (via US EIA)

Smart windows just got a lot smarter at saving energy (via Breaking Energy)

How much is a Nest thermostat worth? (via Breaking Energy)


We’ve covered the world in pesticides – is that a problem? (via Washington Post)

In West’s expanding tinderbox, questions about development (via Stateline)

10,000 homes threatened as Idaho wildfire spreads to 92,000 acres (via NBC News)

Bare trees are a lingering sign of Hurricane Sandy’s high toll (via New York Times)


The future China chooses will dictate the future of Earth (via The Guardian)

Can climate science be rendered conservative-friendly? (via Grist)

Can hacking the stratosphere solve climate change? (via NPR)

Could suburbs become the future of renewable energy? (via ClimateWire)

Is Washington in a “post-policy era”? (via Washington Post)

Obama Administration rushes to expand fracking on public lands despite frightening evidence (via Climate Progress)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.5.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


German net power exports quadrupled in 2012 (via Recharge)

US Air Force releases strategic energy plan (via Sustainable Business)


US proposal to move fracking wastewater by barge stirs debate (via Reuters)

GE to build $110 million fracking research center in Oklahoma (via Environmental Leader)

Frackers are losing $1.5 billion yearly to leaks (via Mother Jones)


Discovery of rare earth metals in ocean mud could help Japan (via Autoblog Green)


Germany’s offshore wind industry finally taking off (via Recharge)

Solar milestone: 1 million PV systems installed in Australia (via Renew Economy)

Merkel losing allies in $700 billion shift to renewables (via Bloomberg)

IRS and renewable energy finance: the waiting game (via Energy Trends Insider)

US renews funding for biofuels research centers (via Detroit News)

Are feed-in tariffs a “subsidy” for a small group of utility customers? (via Midwest Energy News)

PG&E cancels California solar power contracts with BrightSource (via Bloomberg)

ALEC-sponsored bill to repeal North Carolina’s renewable energy standard narrowly passes out of committee (via Climate Progress)


Feds add teeth to offshore drilling safety mandates (via Houston Chronicle)

Gulf oil spill killed millions of microscopic creatures at base of food chain (via Tampa Bay Times)

Texas refinery is Saudi foothold in US market (via New York Times)

Arkansas AG sets deadline for Exxon to produce oil spill documents (via CTV/AP)

Arkansas oil spill sheds light on aging pipeline system (via NPR)


UK fuel sales plummet as motorists embrace efficiency (via BusinessGreen)

Nearly 200,000 plug-in EVs equipped with vehicle-to-building technology will be sold through 2020 (via Navigant Research)

Placement of quick charge stations key to eliminating range anxiety (via Plugin Cars)

Proposed gasoline pollution rules fuel air quality debate (via Houston Chronicle)

US drivers could see “significantly lower” gas prices this summer (via NBC News)

Chevy Volt pounds another nail in the coffin of range anxiety (via CleanTechnica)

Chevy Volt fleet racks up 150 million electric-powered miles (via Autoblog Green)

Fisker, A123 settle $140 million supply claims for just $15 million (via Autoblog Green)

A new electric car with an old name (via New York Times)


Alberta mulls tougher carbon rules on oil (via Reuters)

Groups ask State Department for 120-day comment period on Keystone pipeline (via InsideClimate News)

Alberta premier heads to DC to press Keystone pipeline (via The Hill)

Environmentalists hope spill will turn Americans against Keystone (via Washington Post)


New culprit in sea-level rise: Arctic clouds (via Grist)

Colombia blazes a trail for smaller nations to fight global warming (via ClimateWire)

1,600 years of glaciers in Andes melted in 25 years (via New York Times)

Federal study: global warming means stronger extreme rains (via The Hill)

In wake of Sandy, NOAA alters hurricane warning policy (via Climate Central)

Federal government projects climate change will double wildfire risk in forests (via Denver Post)


Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions declined in 2012 (via US EIA)

Mushrooms could be key to safe and natural carbon sequestration (via CleanTechnica)


GE energy storage system makes UK debut (via Recharge)

Solar decathlon homes form microgrid village in Missouri (via


Coal exports: two weeks of good news (via Sightline Daily)

Nevada utility to shut out coal, embrace renewables (via Renewable Energy World)


How Proctor & Gamble created $1 billion in value with waste (via Greentech Media)

Shell’s VC fund looks to green the fossil fuel business (via Greentech Media)

Employees take corporate sustainability efforts home, study says (via Environmental Leader)


New technology could cut efficiency audit costs 75% (via Greentech Media)


BrightSource’s cancelled projects highlight hurdles for desert solar thermal plants (via GigaOm)

Is China’s State Grid too big to work? (via Recharge)

RPS attacks go against the march of history (via Renewable Energy World)

More renewables for states (via Politico)

Methane leaks are undermining the shale-gas boom. Here’s how to fix that. (via Politico)

Keystone XL: the pipeline to disaster (via Los Angeles Times) 


An additional roundup of energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.6.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


US scientists report big jump in heat-trapping CO2 (via AP)

China boosts energy and emissions goals after record smog (via Bloomberg)

Report: EU must retire carbon credits or see market credibility lost (via BusinessGreen)


Utilities saved enough energy in 2011 to power 9 million US homes (via Greentech Media)

LED lighting to grow 40% in 2013, Phillips executive says (via Bloomberg)

Cree launches an LED bulb for under $10 (via GigaOm)

$65 billion saved in California with energy efficiency (via EarthTechling)

Texas A&M cuts energy bills $140 million despite expanding campus (via Bryan-College Station Eagle)


Report: US oil and gas production up despite drop on federal lands (via The Hill)


US “$1.6 billion clean-energy surplus” with China (via Recharge)

The emerging opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s solar market (via Greentech Media)

Sequester: Treasury cuts renewable energy grants 8.7% (via Greentech Media)


Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.4.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China atop renewable energy ranks as shale gas changes the game (via CleanTechnica)

Analyst says US renewable energy policy superior to Europe’s (via Renew Grid)

The rising energy policy power of America’s tribes (via Recharge)

Obama to tap McCarthy to lead EPA, Moniz for Energy secretary (via The Hill)

Natural gas challenges coal as king of the energy hill in Ohio (via Los Angeles Times)


Japan to build LNG terminal for US shale gas imports (via Pakistan Business Recorder)

New research says natural gas boom still has a few decades left in it (via StateImpact Texas)

Pennsylvania fracking health study will decide New York, shape policy around US (via Facts of the Day)

Bakken Shale’s top producer wants to snuff out natural gas flaring (via Midwest Energy News/EnergyWire)

Natural gas leaks come under scrutiny, raise questions on climate impact (via Washington Post)

A snapshot of drilling on a national park’s margins (via New York Times)


Solar stunner: unsubsidized “grid parity has been reached in India” and Italy, with more countries coming in 2014 (via Climate Progress)

Green investors take fright at German bid to cap power prices (via Reuters)

Ontario grid to see significant boost in renewable energy integration (via Renew Grid)

Three percent of US electricity could come from river hydropower (via CleanTechnica)

California city wants to require solar on every home (via Greentech Media)

Solar struggles to shine in deregulated Texas electricity market (via StateImpact Texas)

Minnesota’s Goodhue wind project faces blowback (via Finance & Commerce)


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