Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.7.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China carbon trading to almost double in 2015 (via RTCC)

California carbon market off to strong start in 2015 (via Reuters)

Low gas prices smooth path for carbon add-on in California (via Scientific American/ClimateWire)


China’s declining coal dependence is evident in the data (via Renew Economy)


India cuts floor price for solar energy credits to boost demand (via Bloomberg)

Denmark delivers “one-of-a-kind” wind power record (via BusinessGreen)

Pakistan to pull solar energy into national power grid (via Reuters)

Residential FiT aims to make Thailand the ASEAN solar leader in 10 years (via PV Tech)

Brazil approves $9.6 million financing for solar panel factory (via Bloomberg)

Solar cements status as low-risk investment in 2014 (via PV Tech)

U.S. solar tariff review hints at halved Chinese cells rate (via Bloomberg)

Fact sheet: Renewable energy job numbers (via Renewable Energy World)

Major setback for Cape Wind as two utilities opt out of power purchase agreement (via Boston Globe)

New York State solar growth is 63% per year (via CleanTechnica)

Republican-led group launches ballot petition to boost solar power in Florida (via Tampa Bay Times)

SolarCity inks $350 million solar fund deal with JP Morgan (via PV Tech)


Oil extends drop below $48 as U.S. stockpiles seen rising (via Bloomberg)

Oil lobby sets sights on export ban (via The Hill)


Solar-powered EV charging network takes shape in Jordan (via Navigant Research)

December 2014 EV sales hit record high in U.S. – almost 120,000 sold for year (via Inside EVs)

Clean energy banks could foster private investment (via Energy Manager Today)

California groundbreaking marks true beginning of high-speed rail in America (via Climate Progress)


White House: Obama won’t sign Keystone XL pipeline bill (via National Journal)

White House riles new GOP-led Congress with threat to veto Keystone XL pipeline bill (via Washington Post)

Obama Keystone veto threat spurs Democrat’s plea for deal (via Bloomberg)

Keystone bill said to be four votes shy of a veto-proof majority (via Bloomberg)


Machu Picchu threatened by climate change (via Euronews)

Ken Cuccinelli’s new business will not survive climate change (via Climate Progress)


Senators introduce bill to speed natural gas exports (via The Hill)

Fracking ban bill introduced in Florida (via EcoWatch)


Germany solar power storage system prices drop 25% (via CleanTechnica)

Which solar companies are active in the solar-plus-storage market today? (via Greentech Media)

Going off-grid might mean staying on grid in Germany (via Renewables International)

PG&E partners with BMW to test how EVs perform in demand response programs (via Greentech Media)


China to boost support for NGOs that sue environmental polluters (via Bloomberg)

Limits on rare-earth metals to end after China loses global trade case (via Green Car Reports)


Going solar: From Millennials to Baby Boomers (via Renewable Energy World)

Seven surprise Republicans to watch if you care about climate change (via National Journal)

U.S. oil production will be falling by end of 2015 (via Reuters)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.10.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


India planning $100 billion on climate-related projects (via Bloomberg)

Green Climate Fund will get $200 million from Australia after Tony Abbott’s about turn (via The Guardian)

Belgian pledge pushes Green Climate Fund to $10 billion goal (via Reuters)

Kerry going to Peru for climate talks (via The Hill)


Canada will not impose oil and gas regulations unilaterally, given prices (via Reuters)

UK business energy costs predicted to rise by around a third by 2030 (via Business Green)


“Explosive growth” in solar distributed generation market to take China to 14GW (via PV Tech)

Renewable energy grows, large and small, in Africa (via Navigant Research)

Pakistan repeals import tax on solar equipment (via PV Tech)

Russian, Indian funds to invest $1 billion in hydropower (via Reuters)

Belgian wind energy island may get go-ahead in early 2015 (via Reuters)

10 slides show the complex future and “tipping point” of U.S. solar (via Greentech Media)

Solar and wind increasingly shaping CAISO load curves (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Small wind leases open up new markets (via Navigant Research)

Testimonies coming out of the US solar anti-dumping hearings (via CleanTechnica)


OPEC sees weakest demand for its crude in 12 years across 2015 (via Bloomberg)


Tesla unveils Australian Supercharger network plan, delivers first EVs to country (via Renew Economy)

Gas could hit $2.50 by Christmas (via The Hill)

California leads the nation in adoption of EVs (via US EIA)


Senate Dems to EPA: Make climate rule stronger (via The Hill)

Researchers say carbon tax could reduce Oregon’s emissions without hurting economy (via The Oregonian)


Lower-cost batteries likely to create $190 million storage market in 2020 (via Green Car Congress)


Japan’s weather bureau declares first El Nino (via The Guardian)


What can Hawaii expect from NextEra’s purchase of Hawaiian Electric? (via Greentech Media)

How EVs can aid the smart grid (via Navigant Research)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.19.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Reagan, Nixon, and Bush officials push Congress to act on global warming (via National Journal)

More cities issuing green bonds to finance climate expansion (via Sustainable Cities Collective)


France energy bill boosts renewables with no nuclear closures (via Reuters Point Carbon)

Obama pick to head FERC advances with compromise (via Bloomberg)

House panel approves energy spending bill (via The Hill)

GE to present improved offer for Alstom energy assets (via Bloomberg)

California approves $415 million for behind-the-meter storage, fuel cells, wind (via Greentech Media)


Germany breaks three solar power records in two weeks (via Treehugger)

China sets tariffs for offshore wind power generators (via Reuters)

Brazil to test higher ethanol requirement in gasoline (via Reuters)

Oil-rich United Arab Emirates aims to be a sustainable energy pioneer (via The Guardian)

UK approves plans for what could become the world’s largest offshore wind farm (via Climate Progress)

South Australia could be first mainland state to 100% renewables (via Renew Economy)

New tariffs on Chinese solar modules will raise U.S. price 14% (via Greentech Media)

Offshore wind leasing area doubles on East Coast (via Sustainable Business)

Texas utility doubles large-scale solar, says it will be coal-free by 2016 (via Climate Progress)

SolarCity buys solar maker, plans massive factory (via Breaking Energy)

Here’s why SolarCity plans to build a 1GW solar factory (via Greentech Media)

Los Angeles ready to add 300MW new solar capacity (via Renewable Energy World)

Cape Wind foe backs new offshore wind leasing plan (via Boston Globe)

Study shows wind turbines yield almost immediate net benefit (via CleanTechnica)

New energy maps show four cool things about renewables (via Climate Central)


China to launch final CO2 exchange, national scheme uncertain (via Reuters Point Carbon)

Obama carbon rule backed by most Americans (via Wall Street Journal)

Coal company sues EPA over climate rules (via The Hill)


Oil group: Biofuel delay risks gas price swings (via Houston Chronicle)

Why Big Oil is giving piles of money to the NRA (via Grist)

Breaking Bad meets Fargo at underbelly of shale oil boom (via Bloomberg)


Tesla talking about first European factory, but it won’t happen soon (via Autoblog Green)

Senators call for 12-cent gas tax increase to replenish U.S. highway fund (via Los Angeles Times)

Massachusetts pushing to expand electric car use (via Boston Globe)

What Elon Musk did – and did not – do when he “opened Tesla’s patents (via GigaOm)


Residential energy generation and storage will reach $71.6 billion annual revenue by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Massachusetts orders state utilities to modernize grid (via Renew Grid)


Russia considers $5 billion rescue for coal producer (via Reuters)

EPA: Climate rule won’t kill coal (via The Hill)

The end of the coal era in Massachusetts (via Boston Globe)


California lawmakers overhauling $11 billion water bond (via Bloomberg)

Ford cuts manufacturing water use two years ahead of schedule (via Green Car Congress)

How wasted gas from drilling could save millions of gallons of water in Texas (via StateImpact Texas)


China regulators “overwhelmed” as reactors built at pace (via Bloomberg)

French energy law leaves EDF to plan nuclear retreat (via Bloomberg)


As LED industry evolves, China elbows ahead (via New York Times)

University of Cincinnati reduces energy spend by $9 million per year (via Energy Manager Today)


Republicans are talking differently about climate change (via National Journal)

GOP plays Tom Steyer card against Democrats (via Politico)

Keystone XL approval bill advances in Senate (via Houston Chronicle)


Is China on the brink of a solar power breakthrough? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Four lessons Pakistan’s off-grid solar market can teach the world (via Energy Collective)

Should climate change come with a warning label? (via National Journal)

Shifting to renewable energy can save U.S. consumers money (via WRI Insights)

Onsite energy generation is nice, but centralized transmission is here to stay (via Forbes)

Is SolarCity’s manufacturing strategy incredibly smart or wildly unrealistic? (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.10.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Global climate unity dealt blow as Australia and Canada put business first (via The Guardian)

Denmark set to approve new climate change law (via RTCC)

Hawaii governor signs climate change bill (via


IEA cuts gas use forecast through 2019 as coal, renewables gain (via Bloomberg)

Ukraine, Russia to continue gas price talks but no deal yet (via Reuters)

Netherlands offshore gas cache, now under shaky ground (via New York Times)

DOE says U.S. gas exports unlikely to help cut emissions (via BusinessGreen)


India dumping duties risk choking Modi’s solar revolution (via Bloomberg)

Spain passes renewable energy reform decree (via Recharge)

Pakistan breaks ground on one of world’s largest solar parks (via Sustainable Business)

Buffett ready to double $15 billion solar, wind bet as Berkshire evolves (via Bloomberg)

NRG YieldCo makes largest wind farm in U.S. available to investors (via Sustainable Business)

Could this odd-looking wind turbine reach 80% efficiency? (via Washington Post)

Virginia governor pushes renewable energy development (via Recharge)

New program solves stranded solar meter problem for California farms (via Renewable Energy World)


U.S. reaches highest energy independence in decades (via The Hill)

Moody’s: Oil and gas sector to grow through 2015 (via Houston Chronicle)

U.S. House introduces $34 billion energy and water spending bill (via The Hill)

Aubrey McClendon announces $4 billion in new oil and gas deals (via Forbes)


China’s clean-fuel focus tests U.S. coal-export lifeline (via Bloomberg)

Australian PM Abbott seeks coal comfort in fossil-friendly “Canadia” (via Renew Economy)


Chinese official plays down emission cut expectations (via Reuters)

U.S. states considering carbon trading schemes (via Financial Times)

Latin American nations forge ahead with CO2 reduction plans (via ClimateWire)


World needs record Saudi oil supply as OPEC convenes (via Bloomberg)


Inaction on climate change could cost auto industry millions (via Autoblog Green)

Wireless EV charging set for massive growth by 2020 (via Autoblog Green)

Proposed EPA emissions changes would add just $7 to car prices (via CleanTechnica)

U.S. drivers’ wait for electric SUVs continues (via Navigant Research)


German grid braces for partial solar eclipse in 2015 (via Renew Economy)

Energy storage reduces diesel use in microgrids (via Navigant Research)

Ohio utilities try end run around PJM capacity auction (via Midwest Energy News)


Obama: Brace for rough wildfire season out West (via The Hill)

Electronics companies form e-waste recycling coalition (via Environmental Leader)


Democrats see winning issue in EPA carbon plan (via New York Times)

Inside a green billionaire’s brain trust (via National Journal)

Hillary Clinton steers clear of Keystone pipeline in new book (via National Journal)

How Mary Landrieu is escaping her Democratic shadow (via National Journal)


Exporting U.S. natural gas isn’t as “clean” as you think (via Washington Post)

Why Barclays’ downgrade of entire U.S. electricity sector is an upgrade for consumers (via RMI Outlet)

Fracking’s war on coal (via Energy Collective)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.16.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Right wing threatens EU climate change goals (via RTCC)

Study ties epic California drought, “frigid east” to manmade climate change (via Climate Progress)


The green case against Keystone XL (via Politico)

Jimmy Carter comes out against Keystone XL pipeline (via The Hill)


Clean energy investment rises 9%, led by solar power (via Bloomberg)

European Investment Bank promises €2 billion clean energy funding boost (via BusinessGreen)

India signs power contracts for 700MW of new solar capacity (via Bloomberg)

IFC backs 50MW Pakistan wind project (via Recharge)

Solar trends for Q1 of 2014 and beyond: View from Mercom Capital (via Forbes)

Department of Defense undertakes largest solar project to date (via Climate Progress)

Oil group says EPA may flip-flop on ethanol mandate (via The Hill)

Dual turning point for biofuels (via New York Times)

Tiny portable wind turbine fits in your bag, charges your gadgets (via TreeHugger)


Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions fall 0.8% in 2013 (via Reuters)

Plants are key to removing 63 million tons of CO2 a year (via The Guardian)

US greenhouse gas emissions dropped 3.4% in 2012 (via Los Angeles Times)

Federal appeals court says EPA can force power plans to cut mercury emissions (via Washington Post)

US EPA studies whether to regulate methane from oil and gas (via Reuters Point Carbon)

Pitzer College selling fossil fuel stocks in environmental move (via Los Angeles Times)


Identifying the global coal industry’s water risks (via World Resources Institute)

The Pacific Rim coal bubble (via Sightline Daily)

Washington University students continue Peabody protest (via St. Louis Business Journal)


American penitentiaries emphasize the need for sustainability (via TreeHugger)

BOEM announces plan to auction 21 million Gulf acres (via Houston Chronicle)

Investors urge Duke Energy to vote out directors (via News Observer)


China poised to beef up national Environmental Protection Law (via BusinessGreen)

Congo deforestation could cause region to warm 3C by 2050 (via RTCC)

Pollution is substantially worse in minority neighborhoods across the US (via Washington Post)

GAO audit finds lack of data on environmental reviews (via The Hill)

A brutal allergy season is ahead – blame the polar vortex (via Mother Jones)


Radioactive waste booms with shale oil as new rules mulled by US (via Bloomberg)

BP, Coast Guard end spill cleanup on Gulf shoreline (via Houston Chronicle)


US to stay global first in vehicle miles drive, says futurist (via Green Car Reports)

BMW lifts i3 electric car production 43% on higher demand (via Bloomberg)

Where do US electric cars save money the quickest? (via Green Car Reports)

DOE announces $10 million to upgrade technology for renewable drop-in fuels production (via Green Car Congress) 


How a small California county went grid positive (via RMI Outlet)

Home energy management grows in some mind-bending ways (via EnergyWire)


EIA: Natural gas will slash diesel’s dominance as rail fuel (via Houston Chronicle)

Pennsylvania DEP “monitoring” Ohio earthquake situation (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)

Is Pennsylvania wasting its fracking wealth? (via National Journal)

New York City hotel commissions combined heat and power plant (via Energy Manager Today)


A backup plan for climate change (via Washington Post)

Felipe Calderon: Economic arguments needed to fight climate change (via Forbes)

The eight factors driving global industrial efficiency (via Greentech Media)

It’s okay to support nuclear power and still enjoy a movie now and then (via Bloomberg)

Why it’s a big deal that half of the Great Lakes are still covered in ice (via The Atlantic)

Energy companies need to remake their boards before activists force them to (via Forbes)

Why the great Washington University sit-in against Peabody Coal matters (via Huffington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.10.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Chinese coal use to hit 4.8 billion metric tons annually by 2020 (via The Diplomat)

Australia approves dredging near Great Barrier Reef for coal port (via Reuters)

US pressured to block proposed coal plant in Pakistan (via ClimateWire)

Updated study highlights eroding economics of US coal fleet (via Union of Concerned Scientists)


The Montreal Protocol, a little treaty that could (via New York Times)

China outlines climate change adaptation plans (via RTCC)

Local leaders planning for climate effects (via AP)

Four cities show leadership in adapting to local climate impacts (via WRI Insights)


China switches solar PV focus from utility-scale to rooftop market (via Renew Economy)

EU uncertainty threatens biofuel output target (via Bloomberg)

EU study finds renewables most popular energy option among citizens (via Renewables International)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.13.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.

COP 19 

China to participate in international climate pact, says official (via Xinhua)

Japan to provide $16 billion for climate efforts, reports Nikkei (via Bloomberg)

US fears climate talks will focus on compensation for extreme weather (via The Guardian)

Russia cools talk of separate loss and damage climate mechanism at COP 19 (via RTCC)


Vilsack disputes AP ethanol report (via National Journal)

Ethanol industry takes aim at AP investigation (via Huffington Post/AP)

Breaking down the numbers on ethanol: Inside the AP biofuels report (via Climate Progress)

Green energy push replaces native prairie with corn as ethanol turns profitable (via Huffington Post)


China to build more renewables than EU, US combined says IEA (via Bloomberg)

10GW of wind and solar in Brazil’s next power auction (via Recharge)

Australia cuts $435 million in funding to renewables (via Renew Economy)

67% of consumers would pay more for clean energy (via Greentech Media)

Biofuels industry renews cellulosic ethanol push (via Kansas City Star)

Pennsylvania may double its renewable energy standard (via Climate Progress)

Amidst solar battle, Arizona’s largest utility renews ALEC membership (via Climate Progress)

Remotely controlled turbines help protect raptors (via Billings Gazette)

NASCAR reaches ethanol use milestone (via The Oklahoman)


Carbon pricing buoyed by China and the US (via Environmental Leader)

Australian prime minister starts carbon tax repeal push (via National Journal)

US hunts for cheaper ways to capture CO2 (via Reuters)


China, Norway may team up in search for Arctic oil (via Reuters)

Brazil set to become major global oil supplier by 2015 (via Reuters)

Top scientists call for California fracking ban in letter to Gov. Brown (via San Jose Mercury-News)


An EV recharging industry rises (via New York Times)

Need an alternative fuel station? Now there’s an app for that (via CleanTechnica)


Japan readies additional $30 billion for Fukushima cleanup (via Reuters)


Haiti, Philippines, Pakistan hardest hit by extreme weather in 2012 (via Toronto Star)

Inland states most likely to ignore climate hazards, says study (via Climate Central)

IEA report says climate measures falling short of global target (via The Hill)

World will need 48% renewables by 2035 to address climate change (via Renew Economy)

Global warming since 1997 more than twice as fast as estimated (via The Guardian)

California headed for driest year on record (via Climate Progress)


Landowners to sue Cuomo, New York over “arbitrary” fracking delay (via Democrat & Chronicle)


Smart grid benefits set to surpass industry forecasts (via Renew Grid)

Half of consumers have never heard of the smart grid (via Energy Manager Today)

Smart grid success hinges on consumer education (via Renew Grid)


Five bad arguments from the coal industry (via Bloomberg)

Environmentalists challenge coal lease deal in Ohio national forest (via Columbus Dispatch)


LEED’s stunning growth, and what’s behind it (via EarthTechling)


Keystone XL study warns of defective segments on pipeline’s southern leg (via InsideClimate News)


What a deadly typhoon in the Philippines can tell us about climate adaptation (via Washington Post)

Is your state ready for climate disasters? (via Grist)

It doesn’t have to be so hard: Making renewable energy siting easier (via Renewable Energy World)

Work not done, Obama climate adviser moves on (via AP)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.19.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


UN panel finds humans 95% likely cause of climate change (via The Hill)

More frequent heat waves by 2020 “almost certain” (via Climate Central)

Global flood damage could exceed $1 trillion annually by 2050 (via Mother Jones)

Climate change brings another flood onslaught in Pakistan (via Pakistan Daily Times)

Worst Colorado River drought in century prompts feds to cut Lake Powell releases (via Deseret News)

Many Floridians face rising tide of flood insurance costs (via Sun Sentinel)


Interior Department says Keystone XL could harm parks, wildlife (via The Hill)

TransCanada acknowledges tar sands crude could sink if spilled (via EnergyWire)

Steyer launches $1 million anti-Keystone XL ad push (via The Hill)


Despite slowdown, China to hold wind power market leadership to 2020 (via Renewable Energy World)

Czech lawmakers axe renewable energy support (via Recharge)

European climate policy drives wood pellet boom in North Carolina (via News Observer)

New hydropower laws could add 60GW of clean energy to US grid (via CleanTechnica)

Investors welcome new environmental standards for solar (via BusinessGreen)

Energy cane “could yield five times more ethanol than corn” (via Environmental Leader)

Texas claims cheapest solar installations as prices drop nationwide (via Houston Chronicle)

California Solar Initiative aims to preserve project resources as funding ends (via Energy Manager Today)


Australia’s carbon markets to survive federal election (via Bloomberg)

California to discuss additional compliance options for cap-and-trade program (via Bloomberg BNA)

Waste carbon dioxide could be used as energy (via RTCC)


Shale gas company halts fracking at British site (via New York Times)

Shale grab in US stalls as falling values repel buyers (via Bloomberg)

Methane leakage from Utah gas rigs higher than EPA estimates (via RTCC)

Aubrey McClendon is back, with deals in the Utica (via Forbes)


Sweden named “most sustainable country in the world” (via BusinessGreen)

Auto manufacturers aim to produce vehicles at sustainable facilities (via Energy Manager Today)

Investors slow to embrace sustainability, Accenture says (via Environmental Leader)

US rare earths mining rush enters its “survival moment” (via Greenwire)


Shale gas and oil production soaring in 2013 (via Houston Chronicle)

Experts clash on estimates of oil spilled into Gulf (via Houston Chronicle)


America’s new vehicles are more fuel efficient than ever (via Greentech Media)

Electric car charging at work: The next big push (via Green Car Reports)

Is Tesla Model S the best way to sell politicians on EVs? (via Green Car Reports)

Hybrids take 7% of California market in 1H 2013; PHEVs 0.7%, EVs 1.1% (via Green Car Congress)


USGBC report highlights growth in green building industry (via Bloomberg BNA)

Arizona hosts world’s largest net-zero energy building (via CleanTechnica)


UK’s first large-scale battery storage project goes live (via Renew Grid)

Designing grid batteries to live long and prosper (via Greentech Media)

Distributed generation grabs power from centralized utilities (via Forbes)

Trees vs. transmission: Utility arborist seeks better approach (via Midwest Energy News)


EIA publishes state fact sheets on residential energy consumption and characteristics (via US EIA)

Smart windows just got a lot smarter at saving energy (via Breaking Energy)

How much is a Nest thermostat worth? (via Breaking Energy)


We’ve covered the world in pesticides – is that a problem? (via Washington Post)

In West’s expanding tinderbox, questions about development (via Stateline)

10,000 homes threatened as Idaho wildfire spreads to 92,000 acres (via NBC News)

Bare trees are a lingering sign of Hurricane Sandy’s high toll (via New York Times)


The future China chooses will dictate the future of Earth (via The Guardian)

Can climate science be rendered conservative-friendly? (via Grist)

Can hacking the stratosphere solve climate change? (via NPR)

Could suburbs become the future of renewable energy? (via ClimateWire)

Is Washington in a “post-policy era”? (via Washington Post)

Obama Administration rushes to expand fracking on public lands despite frightening evidence (via Climate Progress)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.7.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


NOAA: 2012 shows climate change in record sea-level rise, Arctic melting, heated oceans (via Washington Post/AP)

Study questions nature’s ability to “self-correct” climate change (via

NOAA report says Arctic sea ice disappearing at unprecedented pace (via The Guardian)

2012 one of 10 warmest years on record, report says (via Los Angeles Times)

Investors see climate change as risk that influences decisions (via Bloomberg)

Climate change softens up already-vulnerable Louisiana (via USA Today)


EU carbon tops €4.50 on strong auction results (via Reuters Point Carbon)


Japanese government to help stabilize nuclear plant after leaks (via New York Times)


Grid-parity era now underway for global solar markets (via Renewable Energy World)

EU won’t impose provisional duties on Chinese solar panels (via Reuters)

Index shows global PV market upswing in June (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Europe explores floating wind turbines to expand offshore power (via ClimateWire)

Britain opens world’s second-largest offshore wind farm (via Reuters)

Rollercoaster policy threatens US wind energy’s record-setting pace (via CleanTechnica)

More homeowners going solar for electricity, but uncertainty and cost stops others (via Washington Post/AP)

GE abandons plans for largest US solar panel plant near Denver (via Denver Post)

East Bay cities announce streamlined process for solar permits (via San Jose Mercury News)


China’s carbon goal shows coal growth has peaked (via Reuters)

Kosovo groups ask for US help to stop coal power project (via Reuters)

Report: Plenty of growth for coal sector – in power plant decommissioning (via BusinessGreen)

The coal export bubble (via Sightline)

Wyoming dominates sales of coal produced from federal and Indian lands (via US EIA)


Mexico’s energy debate approaches fever pitch (via Forbes)


EPA gives refiners more time to meet renewable mandate (via Bloomberg)

EPA slashes this year’s cellulosic targets (via Greenwire)

Almost eight months late, EPA sets 2013 biofuel blend requirement (via The Hill)

EPA lowers target for cellulosic biofuels in gasoline (via Houston Chronicle)

US refiners, plagued by RINsanity, see “half step” on biofuels (via Reuters)


Interior Secretary tours Bakken Shale (via Grand Forks Herald)

Interior Secretary commends efforts to cut pollution in booming Bakken (via Houston Chronicle)


Your car’s “big data” is worth $1,400 a year (via Autoblog)


Methane leaking in Utah suggests higher national rate (via Climate Central)

How much does a shale gas well cost? “It depends” (via Breaking Energy)

Controversial coal-to-gas plant shuts down six days after opening (via Indianapolis Star)

Chesapeake drops energy leases in fracking-shy New York State (via Reuters)


Smart meters to save Pakistan 100MW of electricity (via The Nation)

Utility executives: Major cyberattack on power grid is inevitable (via Houston Chronicle)


Keystone contractor probe energizes pipeline opponents (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)

Inquiry into State Department’s environmental contractor could jeopardize Keystone XL decision timeline (via EnergyWire)


Are investors confident enough to invest billions in efficiency projects? (via Greentech Media)


Will sustainability reporting standards change the way business does business? (via The Guardian)

Los Angeles gets first chief sustainability officer (via Sustainable Industries)


California governor struggles to win support for water plan (via Los Angeles Times)


Trouble in fracking paradise (via SmartPlanet)

Bold leadership needed from US insurers to tackle climate change (via The Guardian)

Wind energy: curtailment by any other name would be ordinary (via Energy Collective)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.23.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Chinese finance minister confirms carbon tax is on its way (via BusinessGreen)

Zero-carbon Britain is possible by 2030, claims new report (via Treehugger)


EU finance arm to decide on curbing loans to coal-fired power (via Reuters)


UN climate change deal “may not be feasible” by 2015 (via RTCC)

Climate change slowdown due to warming of deep oceans, say scientists (via The Guardian)

DOE examines climate change impact on energy sector (via Breaking Energy)

New EPA chief exhorts agency staff to “act now on climate change” (via The Hill)

Alaska looks for answers in glacier’s summer flood surges (via New York Times)

Schwarzenegger filming documentary on climate change and wildfires (via Christian Science Monitor/AP)


Thailand boosts solar target 50% to 3,000MW (via Bloomberg)

Wind turbine battleground shifts for European and Chinese rivals (via Reuters)

Central American solar markets spurred on by high electricity prices (via Greentech Media)

Solar provides Germany 50% of power at peak hour (via Facts of the Day)

Grid-connected solar capacity in India crosses 1.7GW (via Panchabuta)

Over 1GW and 11,000 jobs for Australian solar industry in 2012 (via CleanTechnica)

With push from tax break, wind industry slowly moves out of the doldrums (via ClimateWire)

Hydropower: the unsung hero of renewable energy (via Christian Science Monitor)

Foster’s solar-skinned buildings signal market tripling (via Bloomberg)

Advocates, foes of biofuels mandate get ready to rumble (via The Hill)

Interior Department announces Virginia offshore wind lease sale (via The Hill)

Oklahoma wind farms to provide power to Arkansas, Nebraska (via The Oklahoman)

Palo Alto switches to 100% renewables – at a cost of $3 per year (via Renew Economy)

Vestas joins DOE, Texas Tech to launch unique wind research facility (via Renewable Energy World)


US natural gas spot prices increased during first-half 2013 (via US EIA)

US rules on fracking on public lands seen costing drillers $345 million (via Reuters)

Kansas regulators considering new fracking rules (via Kansas City Star)

Minnesota agencies crafting frack sand mining rules (via Daily News/AP)

Welcome to Portage County, the fracking waste disposal capital of Ohio (via Grist)


China to implement stricter air quality controls (via China Daily)

Arctic’s boreal forests burning at “unprecedented” rate (via Climate Central)

Pakistan now “one of the most water-stressed countries in the world” as demand exceeds supply (via Climate Progress)


Japanese utility admits Fukushima leaking radioactive water into the sea (via AP)


Retail lease modifications can improve efficiency (via Environmental Leader)

CBRE initiative highlights most energy efficient real estate tenants (via GreenBiz)

Program shaves electricity bills 34% for low-income South Carolina homes (via Forbes)


Oil production in Eagle Ford Shale jumped 58% in May (via Houston Chronicle)

48,000 barrels of oil spilled in Quebec train derailment (via Montreal Gazette)


Electric vehicle sales are skyrocketing in America (via Grist)

Electric cars selling faster than hybrids did at same point (via Green Car Reports)


Wholesale electricity prices rise across the United States (via US EIA)

California and Texas smart grid success shows way forward for US (via CleanTechnica)


Republicans propose limiting Obama climate plan in budget (via Bloomberg)

Feds fall short of green job goals (via Greenwire)

Lobbyists to hit Hill for slugfest over Renewable Fuel Standard (via E&E Daily)


Australian carbon tax abandoned – what lessons can be learned? (via Triple Pundit)

Echoes of Solyndra in Oregon wind farm probe (via Politico)