Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.20.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Shell says fossil fuel reserves won’t be “stranded” by climate regulation (via Reuters)

Emissions from 10 food and drink companies “higher than Scandinavia” (via BusinessGreen)

EPA carbon curbs to reach beyond power plant “fence,” aiding cap-and-trade (via Reuters)

Pundits weigh risks, benefits of Obama himself rolling out power plant rule (via Greenwire)

IEA graphic shows how to radically reduce CO2 (via Climate Central)

RGGI carbon market monitor releases report (via Environmental Leader)


UK will be largest solar PV market in Europe in 2014 (via CleanTechnica)

German lesson for renewable power policies (via Energy Collective)

GE has invested $10 billion in clean energy (via CleanTechnica)

8GW of new US solar PV expected in 2014-2015 (via Recharge)

EPA mulls ethanol change as industry profits soar (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Maryland’s $200 million wind energy project will move forward thanks to governor’s veto (via Climate Progress)

When solar property taxes get personal (via Renewable Energy World)


Inslee wants to wean electric utilities off coal (via The Columbian)

The coal ash sludge in North Carolina’s Dan River is finally getting vacuumed up (via Climate Progress)


Doubling of Antarctic ice loss revealed by European satellite (via The Guardian)

Greenland ice sheet melt could occur yearly by 2100 (via Climate Central)

Reports say collapse of West Antarctic Ice Sheet is unstoppable, may cause great flood (via Elite Daily)

North Korea: An unlikely champion in the fight against climate change (via The Guardian)

Vancouver wants review to examine economic effects of climate change (via Vancouver Sun)

Many U.S. landmarks threatened by climate change (via Gannett News)

Local leaders call for U.S. help to deal with climate change (via Bloomberg)

Study says cities depending on snowmelt for water could face problems (via Christian Science Monitor)

In landmark class action, Farmers Insurance sues local governments for ignoring climate change (via Climate Progress)

Kerry calls on U.S. college graduates to face down climate change (via Reuters)


Chile gets an energy agenda, Costa Rica saves electricity, Mexico wants more renewables (via NRDC Switchboard)

Integrated resources planning in India could help with electricity shortages (via World Resources Institute)

Read the secret trade memo calling for more fracking and offshore drilling (via Huffington Post)

Former Mexican President calls for global green growth push (via BusinessGreen)


Did scientists just solve the bee collapse mystery? (via Mother Jones)

Obama to declare largest national monument in his tenure in New Mexico (via Washington Post)

Drought could cost California Central Valley farms $1.7 billion and 14,500 jobs (via Los Angeles Times)

California governor on drought, wildfires: “Humanity is on a collision course with nature” (via Climate Progress)


IHS says EV sales are better than you think (via Autoblog Green)

FTC staff comes out in favor of Tesla, direct vehicle sales (via Autoblog Green)

GM reduced energy and carbon intensity 3.5% per vehicle in 2013 (via Green Car Congress)

New Fisker owner ready to go broke building EVs, challenging Tesla (via Autoblog Green)


Solar and storage are pushing the market for distributed resource management tools (via Greentech Media)

UC San Diego is building the “Motel 6” of microgrids (via Greentech Media)

Ohio looks to fuel cells as economic catalyst (via Midwest Energy News)


Opower expands behavioral demand response to one million customers (via Greentech Media)

Keep your cool: Top five myths of summer energy efficiency (via Greentech Media)

Freezing Ohio energy efficiency standards will mean higher bills for customers (via Columbus Business First)


Ontario election holds renewable energy impact (via Recharge)

The most interesting climate policy debate you haven’t heard of (via Climate Progress)

In Alaska senate race, fierce competition to prove who knows less about climate science (via Climate Progress)

Climate activist Members of Congress to “sound alarm” on Capitol Hill (via The Hill)

Biden to attend fundraiser with Keystone XL opponent Steyer (via Reuters)


Climate change: Get ready or get sued (via Washington Post)

Carbon pricing vs. regulation (via Energy Collective)

Trains and crude oil are too often an accident waiting to happen (via Los Angeles Times)

What the Farmers Insurance suit tells us about climate change (via NRDC Switchboard)

Where should the investors divest? (via Resilience)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.14.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Climate change poses growing threat of Arctic conflict, finds report (via The Guardian)

April was 2nd warmest globally; Average for U.S. (via Climate Central)

Norway bets on global warming in Arctic oil and gas drive (via Yahoo! News/Reuters)

Rubio can’t name a single source behind his climate denial (via Climate Progress)


China produces and consumes almost as much coal as the rest of the world combined (via US EIA)

Turkish prime minister says 238 killed in coal mine disaster (via Reuters)

Two coal miners killed at West Virginia coal operation (via Charleston Gazette)

In Chicago, nurses take up fight against petcoke piles (via Midwest Energy News)


Australia scraps $2.3 billion renewable energy agency (via Recharge)

Industry says renewables can boost EU energy security (via BusinessGreen)

$11 billion will be invested in Indian solar energy by 2017 (via Renewable Energy World)

UK sees sharp rise in percentage of onshore wind farms being rejected (via BusinessGreen)

U.S. solar experts say IRS tax proposal little help to big projects (via Reuters)

Massachusetts wants more solar energy projects (via Boston Globe/AP)

Missouri Senate rejects solar rebates revival (via KSDK/AP)


EPA asked to regulate fracking’s toxic air emissions (via InsideClimate News)

Unintended consequences: Fracking and the flow of drugs (via National Journal)


U.S. drought speeds fire season with damage topping $1 billion (via Bloomberg)

Half of U.S. is experiencing some degree of drought (via Yale e360)


ConocoPhillips CEO: U.S. crude keeping a check on global oil price spikes (via Houston Chronicle)

Latest oil train derailment adds pressure for stronger U.S. action (via Christian Science Monitor)


Sales of hybrid and EV batteries have tripled in three years (via Climate Progress)

California Energy Commission publishes 2014-2015 investment plan for alternative and EV technology (via Green Car Congress)

Tesla appears to be winning direct sales battle in Missouri (via Autoblog Green)


Beijing’s smog police outgunned in China’s war on pollution (via Reuters)


How will battery storage help utilities integrate distributed solar? (via Greentech Media)

EAGLE-I: First-ever technology to track power outages nationwide (via Breaking Energy)


Exelon pins nuclear hopes on small modular reactors (via Forbes)


How mandatory disclosure of building energy use affects your 401(k) (via GreenBiz)


Blanche Lincoln: Obama will “move on” Keystone XL next year (via Politico)


Front-running Ontario premier candidate would close down green energy (via Treehugger)

What would a GOP majority look like? Last week offered some clues. (via National Journal)

Welcome to energy and the midterm elections (via Politico)

Rubio walks back climate change comments during National Press Club appearance (via Washington Post)

Ohio bill to freeze efficiency, green energy rules racing toward Governor’s desk (via Cleveland Plain-Dealer)


The world needs more clean coal, or we’re screwed (via Time)

You are already paying a price on carbon (via Huffington Post)

How utilities can stop losing revenue and start making money on solar (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.22.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China’s coal boom is waning with ambitious reductions targets (via Triple Pundit)

Ontario closes last coal-fired power plant (via Solar Industry)

Federal judge strikes part of Minnesota energy law preventing coal power (via MPR News)


China spreading the use of insurance to cope with climate change damage (via ClimateWire)

Climate-linked drought adding to Syria’s misery (via RTCC)

Hot West, cold East may be new normal as world warms (via Climate Central)

Since first Earth Day, US temperatures marching upward (via Climate Central)


China Premier Li reiterates plans to boost clean energy (via Bloomberg)

Australia’s renewables review kicks off with battle over numbers (via Renew Economy)

Top ten trends in Brazil biofuels for 2014 (via Renewable Energy World)

US to dodge solar shortage in 2014 despite looming PV tariffs (via Solar Industry)

Next step for solar industry: Leases for solar plus storage (via Renew Economy)

Study: Fuels from corn waste not better than gasoline (via AP)

US Army to build military’s largest solar array in Arizona (via The Hill)

Dropping cost of “grid defection” means you could soon ditch your utility (via Fast Company)

RMI’s plan to help Fortune 500 companies up their renewables game (via GreenBiz)

Surpassing milestone of 100,000 solar roofs, PG&E calls for “sustainable” solar policy (via Greentech Media)

Western Texas college joins Texas Tech University on wind energy degree (via PR Web)


Keystone backers keep their faith in embattled pipeline plan (via Reuters)

Horses, teepees arrive on Mall for Keystone XL protest (via Politico)

Keystone XL pipeline fate now in hands of Nebraska court (via Bloomberg)


China’s new environmental protection law submitted to parliament (via Reuters)

Brazil strips protected status from 5.2 million hectares of land (via Mongabay)

Consumer electronics industry sets recycling record (via Environmental Leader)

Apple offering free recycling on all used products (via ABC News/AP)

Interior Department launches landscape mitigation strategy (via Triple Pundit)

Wildfires in West increasing burn area at rate of one Denver per year (via Climate Progress)

Fields and farm jobs dry up with California’s worsening drought (via NPR)

Texas city first to reuse water from sewers as drought continues (via Bloomberg)


Alaska lawmakers back natural gas export plans (via New York Times)

Ohio utilities replacing thousands of miles of gas pipeline (via Midwest Energy News)


Divestment campaigns struggle against stock market, profits (via Houston Chronicle)


Russia ships its first Arctic oil – is a boom coming? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Four years later, a sharp divide on Gulf oil spill (via National Journal)

US railroads show untapped value of delay in building oil pipeline (via Reuters)


Musk says Tesla will make cars in China within four years (via Bloomberg)

Hybrids significantly more fuel-efficient in India and China than US (via CleanTechnica)

US exporting a “tidal wave” of gasoline, other fuels (via Houston Chronicle)

Nissan Leaf likely to offer larger battery for longer range (via Green Car Reports)

Tesla Gigafactory seeks North American raw materials to cut pollution (via Green Car Reports)

A detailed look at the dreams and failure of Better Place (via Autoblog Green)


Renewable energy gains in 2013 but coal and gas still dominate (via Greentech Media)

Power players muster forces for electricity market reforms (via EnergyWire)

Obama Administration spared developers millions in fees for Georgia nuclear project (via Greenwire)


Not a single Republican has mentioned Earth Day in Congress since 2010 (via National Journal)


Two degrees: How the world failed on climate change (via Vox)

The clean energy transition is unstoppable, so why fight it? (via Smart Planet)

Where is the real innovation in wind energy? (via CleanTechnica)

World’s top serial bird killers put infamous windmills to shame (via Bloomberg)

Right wing trains its hysterical eye on renewable energy (via Mother Jones)

How conserving water, energy isn’t always about a green lifestyle (via Daily News)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.18.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Climate change is putting world at risk of irreversible changes, warns AAAS (via The Guardian)

Global warming may double Japan’s heat-related deaths, says study (via Bloomberg)

42% of Americans think global warming exaggerated, suggests poll (via The Hill)

Study: Rockies’ wildflower season 35 days longer from climate change (via Los Angeles Times)

White House to host climate change resilience event (via The Hill)


China mandates firms must start reporting carbon emissions (via Reuters)


37GW of new solar capacity installed worldwide in 2013 (via CleanTechnica)

African Renewable Energy Fund secures $100 million for Sub-Saharan renewables (via Renewable Energy World)

UK invests $6.6 million to cut offshore wind costs (via Recharge)

India cuts renewable funds, impeding solar rooftop growth (via Bloomberg)

Biofuels production drives growth in overall US biomass energy use since 2002 (via US EIA)

US ethanol profits in 2013 second highest on record (via Des Moines Register)

Oceans stand to deliver abundant carbon-free energy (via Climate Central)

States look to green banks to leverage private clean tech investment (via Energy Collective)

Kansas co-op plans state’s largest solar array (via Midwest Energy News)

First Solar seeking growth to replace giant desert plants (via Bloomberg)


Tweak to North Carolina law protected Duke’s coal ash pits (via ABC News/AP)

William Koch, pessimistic about coal’s future in US, gets out of the business (via ClimateWire)


Japan launches battery storage subsidy for homes, businesses (via Renew Economy)

Ontario grid operator issues RFP for up to 35MW energy storage (via Renew Grid)

Midwest wind power transmission line plan irks farmers (via Huffington Post/AP)


New Jersey eyes ban on fracking waste from any state (via Sacramento Bee/AP)

Ohio’s earthquake average has risen since 2010 (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Not into fracking? How about some nuclear waste? (via Bloomberg)


Who will emerge as the Opower of commercial building efficiency? (via Greentech Media)


US Department of Energy releases results from Strategic Petroleum Reserve sale (via Reuters)

Alaska sues Obama administration for rejecting Arctic drilling plan (via The Hill)

Oil spill reaches Missouri River in North Dakota (via Bismarck Tribune/AP)


How more EV sales in America hurts China’s environment (via Autoblog)

GM executive chief EV engineer says reducing cost of plug-in vehicles “huge priority” (via Autoblog Green)


60% of pro-Keystone XL comments tied to industry, says group (via InsideClimate News)


Warmest winter on record worsens California drought (via Yahoo! News/Reuters)

1,500-year-old Antarctic moss brought back to life (via Scientific American)


China’s “solar bubble” may be a coal bubble in disguise (via Navigant Research)

Is Canada the next energy superpower? (via Christian Science Monitor)

The US can’t really undermine Russia by exporting gas (via MIT Technology Review)

Shielding the transmission grid means protecting the economy (via Forbes)

Transparent utility pricing will make the smart grid smarter (via Greentech Media)

Could Minnesota’s “value of solar” make everyone a winner? (via Grist)

What is PACE financing? (via Energy Collective)


Democrats’ anti-Koch strategy is risky (via Washington Post)

Solar industry worries Wyden’s ties to SolarWorld may affect China trade case, ITC (via SNL Energy)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.22.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.

COP 19 

Warsaw talks ignore IPCC “carbon budget” approach (via Climate Central)


Ontario premier vows to ban coal-powered electricity (via Financial Post)


US and China find convergence on climate issue (via New York Times)

Is America no longer public enemy number one on climate change? (via ClimateWire)

Wildfire risk seen as high or extreme for 4.5 million US homes (via Bloomberg)


Latin America report: Wind sweeps Brazil’s A-3 power auctions (via Renewable Energy World)

“Stealth business lobbyist” plans 2014 offensive against solar net metering (via Greentech Media)

Standard developed to predict solar plant capacity (via Energy Manager Today)

Wind produces 25% of Iowa’s power, may generate 50% by 2018 (via Facts of the Day)

South Carolina embraces wind energy with turbine research center (via Reuters)

Prince George’s County, Maryland requires buildings to install renewable energy (via Sustainable Business)


Americans uninformed about fracking, says new survey (via Climate Central)

House votes 252-165 to speed up natural gas pipeline approvals (via The Hill)


EPA doesn’t rule out state carbon tax option for power plants (via The Hill)

Shell self-imposes carbon tax high enough to crash coal, natural gas (via Climate Progress)

Iowa wind energy cuts carbon pollution by 8.4 million metric tons (via Des Moines Register)


Working around Keystone XL, Suncor Energy steps up oil production in Canada (via New York Times)


Why cities hold the key to success on EVs (via GreenBiz)

Can California charge ahead to one million EVs within ten years? (via Energy Collective)

What’s behind NRG’s slow rollout of EV chargers in California? (via Greentech Media)

Tesla Model S tops Consumer Reports car owner satisfaction survey (via San Francisco Chronicle)


Transmission line would take Kansas wind power east (via Hutchinson News)

PSE&G gains public support for grid resilience proposal in New Jersey (via Renew Grid)


FERC Chairman Wellinghoff stepping down Sunday (via The Hill)

The greatest hits of FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff (via Greentech Media)


A war over solar power is raging within the GOP (via New Republic)

Fracking campaign contributions fuel Congress (via Roll Call)

Controversial Ohio clean energy bill gets rewritten (via Energy Manager Today)


Why America’s major sports leagues are talking about climate change (via Think Progress)

How Ontario went coal free (via National Journal)

Experts present their views on ethanol and advanced biofuels (via Breaking Energy)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.29.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Mercury fingerprint of Pacific fish points to Asian coal plants (via Los Angeles Times)

A war on coal, or just a different playing field? (via Breaking Energy)


Oceans storing Earth’s excess heat in leaked UN report (via Bloomberg)

Wildfires projected to worsen with climate change (via

La Nina-like conditions behind gentler global warming, study finds (via Washington Post)

Obama to name top climate-change regulator (via National Journal)


China to add 1,500GW of power capacity by 2030 (via

Germany solar pushing fossil fuel plants to close (via EarthTechling)

On fracking rules, it’s states versus feds (via National Journal)


EU-China solar deal highlights tough climate for green jobs (via Washington Post)

Wind energy taking flight in Europe and beyond (via Christian Science Monitor)

Growth seen picking up in Germany’s wind power sector (via Reuters)

Biomass power generation will reach $11.5 billion in annual revenue by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

Cheap corn deters buyers in US sugar-for-ethanol plan (via Bloomberg)

Solar micro-inverter shipments to reach 2.1GW in 2017 (via Solar Industry Magazine)

DOE releases new clean energy finance guide (via

Western states are going to become green energy powerhouses (via Mother Jones)

Solar industry establishes net metering principles (via Greentech Media)

Solar Exchange launching online solar marketplace (via Solar Industry Magazine)

“Solar gardens” put clean energy within reach of low-income families (via Climate Progress)

Ohioans promise to buy offshore wind from Lake Erie turbines (via Climate Progress)


Ontario government backs new smart grid laboratory (via Renew Grid)

Wildfires blamed for massive blackout in northeastern Brazil (via Reuters)

Smart, flexible energy can help communities weather future storms (via GreenBiz)

DOE and New Jersey developing first US transit system microgrid (via CleanTechnica)


100 times more EV fast chargers by 2020? (via Green Car Reports)

Toyota broadly outlines next-generation Prius (via Green Car Congress)

Chevy helps install EV chargers in California state parks (via Autoblog Green)

US extending vehicle-to-grid pilot program in Michigan (via Green Car Congress)


Feds net $102.4 million in Gulf lease sale (via Houston Chronicle)

BP steers clear of Interior’s latest offshore drilling lease sale (via The Hill)

Judge rejects BP’s latest request to halt oil spill payments (via Houston Chronicle)

Coalition asks Gov. Brown to halt fracking in California (via Los Angeles Times)


The world’s biggest importers and exporters of carbon pollution (via Renew Economy)

EU narrows down carbon market overhaul options (via Bloomberg)

Inside China’s emissions trading scheme: First steps and the road ahead (via WRI Insights)

RGGI provides almost $500 million to New York for cleaner air (via Albany Times-Union)


Fukushima keeps leaking, Japan keeps issuing confusing explanations (via Grist)

Nuclear plant closures at all-time high (via Environmental Leader)

Report: Nuclear received four times more subsides than solar in California (via Greentech Media)


Top 10 smart building myths (via Energy Manager Today)

DOE may be inflating the cost of efficiency standards tenfold (via Greentech Media)

Designing more energy-efficient suburbs (via Midwest Energy News)

Hyatt invests over $37 million in more than 200 energy efficiency projects (via TriplePundit)

Is California breaking the dam that restricts energy efficiency financing? (via Energy Manager Today)


Poland starts shale gas extraction (via

Proposed US LNG exports would exceed 25% of today’s domestic consumption (via Forbes)

Study documents Kentucky fish kill from fracking fluid spill (via Houston Chronicle)


Nearly half of all western wildfire costs go to California (via Climate Central)

Fertilizer spread research aims to boost crop yields (via


Keystone XL seen as no local job starter along prairie route (via Bloomberg)


Boosting sustainability policy in Russia (via

Should climate risks be included in sustainability reports? (via TriplePundit)


For Louisiana’s senators, one lease sale and two interpretations (via The Hill)

Sen. Begich’s campaign says he opposes carbon tax (via The Hill)


In solar trade dispute’s wake, what’s next for EU markets? (via Greentech Media)

Why big, intense wildfires are the new normal (via National Geographic)

Fracking contracts can leave landowners high and dry (via Washington Post)

Why EVs are the smart grid’s killer app (via GreenBiz)

Five things automakers should do to make EVs mainstream (via Plugin cars)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.10.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


India has €2 billion market potential for high-voltage transmission lines (via Hindu Business Line)

NRG Energy looks into solar-based microgrids in Australia (via Renew Economy)

Ontario ramps up smart grid investment as coal is phased out (via Triple Pundit)

Texas calls for 317MW of compressed air energy storage (via Greentech Media)


OPEC to lose market share to shale in 2014 as rivals pump more (via Reuters)

Criminal investigation begun into deadly Canada train crash (via New York Times)

Quebec oil train explosion visible from space (via Climate Central)

North Dakota shale oil relies on rail for transport (via Grand Forks Herald)

Alaska pushing new plan for ANWR oil research (via Houston Chronicle)


India’s first wind auction stalled by court case (via Bloomberg)

China won’t introduce duties on EU polysilicon imports (via Bloomberg)

Tidal energy could power half of Scotland (via RTCC)

Wind energy in Brazil: the country of the future? (via Renewable Energy World)

Records set to be smashed as Germany’s solar output soars (via RTCC)

US passes 10GW installed solar PV capacity milestone (via CleanTechnica)

Benefits of renewables in US better seen in eastern states (via EarthTechling)


Air pollution causing higher risk of lung cancer and heart failure in Europe (via The Guardian)

Program begins large-scale CO2 injection in Michigan field test (via Green Car Congress)


EIA estimates annual US coal burn, supply to drop; exports to increase (via Platts)

Recent coal export trends: Q1 2013 (via Sightline Daily)

FirstEnergy shuttering two western Pennsylvania coal plants (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Study says small birds may be able to cope with climate change (via Los Angeles Times)

Water worries: climate change in the desert Southwest (via USA Today)

In the US heartland, a young conservative climate campaign launches (via ClimateWire)

Toronto deluged with its all-time record 1-day rainfall (via Weather Underground)


EPA’s abandoned Wyoming fracking study one retreat of many (via High Country News)

Depleted offshore Gulf of Mexico natural gas well suffers blowout, leak (via Reuters)

Philadelphia may be marketed as natural gas hub (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)

Amish debate fracking and temptation (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


Greener fuels at heart of EU’s €3.8 billion biotech package (via BusinessGreen)

US Department of Defense alternative drive vehicle spending will top $900 million by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

Study finds pairing an EV with green electricity program increases buyer interest by 23% (via Green Car Congress)


Canada tar sands expansion conditionally approved despite “significant” effects on wildlife (via Globe and Mail)


Europe must tackle air pollution, warn UN scientists (via Climate Central)

Australia admits Barrier Reef environmental conditions are “poor” (via

Attitudes on GMO crops are modifying (via New York Times)

States falling short on Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Japan nuclear regulator alarmed at Fukushima contamination reports (via Reuters)


Report shows remarkable “climate disconnect” in House GOP voting record (via Climate Progress)

Vitter drops filibuster threat on EPA nominee McCarthy (via Washington Post)

Wealthy donors in his corner as Obama comes out swinging on climate (via InsideClimate News)

Senate Dems huddle with Obama adviser on climate plan (via The Hill)

Top US offshore drilling regulator stepping down (via Houston Chronicle)


Can Germany afford its “energy bender” shift to green power? (via BBC News)

UK’s green industrial revolution at risk from government “dithering” (via BusinessGreen)

You can’t deny global warming after seeing this graph (via Washington Post)

California energy efficiency a national role model (via EarthTechling)

Connecticut moves (mostly) ahead on clean energy (via CLF Scoop)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.5.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EU Parliament approves backloading fix to cap-and-trade market (via CleanTechnica)

Russia edges closer to carbon market pilot (via RTCC)

China’s carbon emissions could peak in 2025 (via RTCC)

Emissions trading reforms raise price of EU pollution permits (via The Guardian)

Study says deep soils store up to five times more carbon than thought (via

Temperature linked carbon tax could be effective (via Thompson-Reuters)


India and Pakistan discuss joint power grid (via Wall Street Journal)

Ontario announces $50 million in smart grid funds (via Renew Grid)

FERC approves Cal-ISO-PacfiCorp energy imbalance market implementation (via Wall Street Journal)

BLM advances major Wyoming-to-Nevada wind power transmission project (via Greenwire)

Texas smart meter opponents to get opt-out provision (via Austin American-Statesman)


More than 1GW of concentrating solar power headed for MENA (via Renewable Energy World)

Aggressive development in China and Japan drive 35GW solar PV demand in 2013 (via CleanTechnica)

241GW new wind capacity forecast from 2012 to 2017 (via CleanTechnica)

EU and China close in on solar panel deal (via Reuters)

Persian Gulf states plan $155 billion in solar energy projects (via Khaleej Times)

India may impose solar anti-dumping duty on four countries (via EnergyNext)

India’s renewable energy certificate market crashes (via Renewable Energy World)

Desertec’s collapse unlikely to affect EU energy plans (via RTCC)

Brazil sugar cane for fuel use seen beating outlook (via Bloomberg)

Argentina files World Trade Organization claim over biofuels duties (via Renewable Energy World)

EPA approves biofuels feedstocks from two invasive plants despite warnings (via Greenwire)

Congress could lower alt-fuel requirements in new Open Fuel Standard Act (via Autoblog Green)

Invasive species approved for renewable fuel program (via The Hill)

Flexible glass solar cells boost solar shingle effectiveness (via Yale e360)

Solar towers and storage – about to change the energy game? (via Renew Economy)

Idaho PUC to utility: don’t burn solar users (via Idaho Statesman)

US floating offshore wind pilot project put on hold (via Renewable Energy World)


Shell says Gulf of Mexico find may hold 100 million barrels of oil (via Houston Chronicle)

Oil heads near $101 ahead of US jobs report (via Yahoo! News/AP)

US crude oil prices top $100 a barrel (via Washington Post)


June green car sales jump 35% over 2012 numbers (via Autoblog Green)

Toyota Prius sales cross three million mark (via EarthTechling)


As Arizona fire rages, scientists warn of more unpredictable blazes (via Los Angeles Times)

US drought expands for 3rd straight week (via Retuers)

Incident meteorologists are on wildfire front lines (via Climate Central)


Lithuania seeks energy independence through LNG (via New York Times)

Water conflicts escalate in fracking regions (via Greentech Media)

Chesapeake nets another $1 billion from asset sales (via The Oklahoman)


Obama administration’s new African energy efforts expected to benefit US companies (via SNL)

In 1776, US energy use was rooted in wood (via Houston Chronicle)


Japan says building nuclear safety culture will take a long time (via Reuters)


French president fires energy minister amid nuclear power debate (via Bloomberg)

GOP sees opportunity for election gains in Obama’s climate change policy (via New York Times)


What now for the EU ETS? (via Recharge)

Why carbon’s greening effect isn’t a good news story (via Renew Economy)

Is Obama setting real climate goals? (via Renewable Energy World)

Why the military is a game changer for clean power (via GigaOm)

How higher education is powering the renewables market (via GreenBiz)

Is the United States becoming more energy efficient? (via CleanTechnica)

How hard is it to integrate renewables into the electric grid? (via Energy Collective)

How Texas won the race to harness wind power (via StateImpact Texas)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.12.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Coal power pollution costs Europe millions of working hours a year (via BusinessGreen)

Undervalued coal leases costing US taxpayers millions (via New York Times)


Global warming set to approach 4C by 2100 (via RTCC)

Mexico unveils national climate change strategy (via Sustainable Business)

Obama to ramp up international climate action, says adviser (via The Hill)

States address extreme weather disasters’ staggering costs (via Stateline)

New York City launches $19.5 billion climate resiliency plan (via Climate Central)

Island in the sun: why are our cities heating up faster than everywhere else? (via Grist)


PV materials market to reach $27.2 billion in 2018 (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Trina Solar says EU anti-dumping tariff closes solar markets (via Bloomberg)

Germany’s PV generation peaked at 23.4GW on June 6 (via Greentech Media)

UK creates offshore wind investment body (via Recharge)

Federal court ruling called a game changer for renewable electricity (via Greenwire)

Utilities’ appetite for wind energy continues to grow (via Renew Grid)

Home rooftops: the bright spot for US solar market in 2013 (via GigaOm)

Wells Fargo reports $6.4 billion green project financing in 2012 (via Solar Industry Magazine)

California shared renewables bills gain momentum (via Energy Collective)


IEA: oil demand in developing world surpasses wealthy nations (via Reuters)

Exxon funds $200 million on Arctic oil research in Russia (via Houston Chronicle)

Cleanup work after BP oil spill ends in three states (via AP)


DOE launches “eGallon” to help compare cost of fueling with electricity vs. gasoline (via Green Car Congress)

Tesla to make superchargers more efficient, expand network to 98% of US (via Inhabitat)


Europe must cut emissions 55% by 2030 to tackle carbon credit glut (via BusinessGreen)

US government is fourth-biggest greenhouse gas polluter in America (via Grist)


Atomic power’s green light, or red flag? (via New York Times)


Smart grid technology market will reach $73 billion in annual revenue by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

Report says renewables, natural gas should work together on the grid (via Houston Chronicle)

Demand response drops in PJM capacity auction (via Navigant Research)

$10 million in funding announced for New York State smart grid projects (via Renew Grid)

California sets energy storage target of 1.3GW by 2020 (via Greentech Media)

Utilities and distributed energy: further reading (via Grist)


Enbridge shuts major Ontario pipelines after oil leak (via Reuters)


White House plots climate strategy with Senate, House Democrats (via The Hill)

GOP bill would limit environmental review of offshore drilling (via Houston Chronicle)

DOE IG casts doubt on contract work by ex-congresswoman (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.3.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


World Bank finds 60 carbon pricing systems in place or in development (via CleanTechnica)

Beijing adding pollution tax to gas prices by next year (via Autoblog Green)

Higher CO2 levels cause “greening” from plant fertilization effect (via Mongabay)


British Columbia says no to Northern Gateway pipeline on oil spill concerns (via The Globe and Mail)

Another major tar sands pipeline seeking US permit (via InsideClimate News)

Keystone builder “extremely confident” Obama will approve it (via The Hill)

All sides pressing John Kerry on Keystone XL (via Boston Globe)


US now most attractive market for renewables, says Ernst & Young (via Renewable Energy World)

Japanese domestic solar shipments soar (via Recharge)

Ontario replacing large-scale FIT with competitive procurements process (via Renew Grid)

Utility Xcel proposes total of 30% wind across its generation system (via Denver Post)

New Jersey utility PSE&G spending half a billion on solar (via Renew Grid)


In Alaska, planned mine pits salmon against gold (via Politico)

NOAA ends weather forecast furloughs as tornadoes strike Oklahoma (via The Hill)

Fracking tests ties between California oil and agriculture interests (via New York Times)

82% of California native fish species risk extinction from climate change (via Sacramento Bee)


Oil executives tune out the call of the wild Arctic (via Reuters)

OPEC to study US shale boom on member concerns (via Houston Chronicle)

Oil fields under olive groves offer Italy an economic boost (via Bloomberg)

Canadian refineries importing US crude at 4 times historic levels (via Houston Chronicle)

China’s plastic bag ban saves 6 million tons of oil in 5 years (via China Daily)

Kinder Morgan shelves plans for Texas-to-California oil pipeline (via Houston Chronicle)


EPA exploring negative environmental effects of li-ion EV batteries (via Autoblog Green)

Nissan Leaf hits 10,000-unit sales mark in Europe (via Green Car Congress)

Bosch sees 180-mile EVs as minimum by 2020 (via Autoblog Green)

Musk says fourth Tesla vehicle to be small electric SUV (via Bloomberg)

Combining EVs with smart grid technology can halve charging costs (via Climate Progress)

Range anxiety frustrating EVs with charger disconnect (via Bloomberg)

Florida repeals state renewable fuel standard (via Green Car Congress)

Car2Go comes to Denver with 300 Smart Fortwo vehicles (via Autoblog Green)


Climate envoys urged to draft plan B on failure of global temperature target (via Bloomberg)

Rainforests will survive extreme global warming, says study (via Mongabay)

Rate of ocean warming greater than previous estimates (via RTCC)

Colorado getting a climate change czar (via CBS/AP)


Vehicle-to-grid emerges in new deployments (via Navigant Research)

Energy storage gets a boost in California (via Navigant Research)


3 big energy efficiency stories you should know about (via Greentech Media)

Infographic: LEED buildings in the world (via USGBC)


Global game-changers in energy and climate (via National Journal)

America isn’t a clean-energy leader (via National Journal)

Tesla’s a success – so what? (via Greenwire)

The climate change guilt trip (via Los Angeles Times)

Is rail-bound crude oil a disaster waiting to happen? (via EnergyWire)

Silicon Valley is now paying even less attention to climate change and that sucks (via GigaOm)