Energy and Environment News Roundup – 9.18.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Can this California university create a zero-emission vehicle future? (via CleanTechnica)


Benefits of Atlantic offshore drilling outweigh costs, says study (via The Hill)

BP plans deeper offshore oil drilling despite court ruling (via Bloomberg)


Asia-Pacific solar installations could pass 17GW in second half 2014 (via PV Tech)

Global offshore wind market poised for fivefold growth (via BusinessGreen)

Leading the charge in Mexico’s renewable energy revolution (via Renewable Energy World)

Brazil state plans solar auction as it seeks local panel plant (via Bloomberg)

Lazard: U.S. renewable reach cost-parity tipping point (via BusinessGreen)

New studies find significant declines in price of rooftop, utility-scale solar (via

The untapped power of solar data (via Greentech Media)

New online solar map heats up roof potential (via Boston Herald)

Some see garbage, other see opportunity: Installing solar landfills (via Renewable Energy World)

Amid energy law freeze, Ohio solar market stalls (via Midwest Energy News)

SolarCity says it can make commercial rooftops into better power plants (via EnergyWire)


Amid climate change, trees are growing faster (via National Journal)

Arctic sea ice to reach sixth-lowest extent on record (via Climate Central)

Obama to tout global warming “resilience” at UN climate summit (via National Journal)

Investors representing £15 trillion in assets call for climate change deal (via The Guardian)

Ban Ki-moon to join climate change march (via The Guardian)


Coal industry in deep denial over Chinese coal crackdown (via Renew Economy)

Environmentalists see judge’s rejection of Colorado coal lease as turning point in climate fight (via Greenwire)

North Carolina coal ash petitions demand quicker cleanup (via News Observer)

Leaking Dominion Virginia coal ash ponds spur complaint (via Huffington Post)


Germany takes first steps to ratify Kyoto extension (via Bloomberg)

Carbon-capture technology works, but cost is still prohibitive (via Seattle Times)

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative auction prices continue to rise (via U.S. EIA)

Obama science advisor calls carbon rule first important step (via Bloomberg)

University of California regents support renewables but not coal and oil divestment (via Los Angeles Times)


In South China Sea, China makes first big gas discovery while other countries look on (via Climate Progress)

Argentina drafts energy bill to lure shale deposit investors (via Reuters)


Energy storage for the grid expected to reach $15.6 billion annual revenue by 2024 (via Navigant Research)

California ISO, PacifiCorp outline energy imbalance market plan (via Renew Grid)


White House proposes new energy efficiency rule in climate push (via Reuters)

$18 trillion windfall: Health, productivity benefits of efficiency top energy savings (via The Energy Collective)


Obama may enjoy a “leadership moment” at next week’s climate summit0 (via ClimateWire)

Senators back “technology-neutral” energy taxes (via The Hill)

NRDC hires Interior Department official to be president (via The Hill)


What’s the worst that could happen if Scotland leaves the UK? (via National Journal)

How fossil fuels make inequality worse (via Climate Progress)

Why coal is here to stay (via Christian Science Monitor)

China’s coal addition threatens the planet – but can it handle a natural gas revolution? (via Grist)

How state public money pays for coal exports and oil trains (via Sightline Daily)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.8.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


UN proposes building blocks of new climate deal (via Bloomberg)

U.S. and China set for latest climate change discussions (via RTCC)

France and India pledge cooperation at UN climate talks (via RTCC)

Lessons from a drowning nation (via Washington Post)

Climate change up close (via Ensia)

BBC cuts airtime for climate skeptics (via The Hill)


Indian power plants running out of coal, imports to surge (via Reuters)


Renewable energy’s share of China power generation to reach 20% by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)

Clean energy investment rebounds to highest level since 2012 (via BusinessGreen)

Renewable energy share in UK electricity generation inches closer to 20% (via CleanTechnica)

Deutsche Bank lends $1 billion in Japan’s solar gold rush (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

India exploring desert-based renewable energy strategy (via BusinessGreen)

UK Crown Estate approves marine power sites, test zones (via Bloomberg)

Offshore wind energy traversing regulatory, financial currents (via Forbes)

Growing green bond market raises $20 billion in six months (via RTCC)

Four residential solar trends to watch in second half 2014 (via Greentech Media)

CitiBank official: ITC drop “beyond huge” (via Recharge)

Here’s a way to get utilities to embrace solar and batteries: Let them own the inverter (via Greentech Media)

Florida utilities working to crush nascent solar industry (via CleanTechnica)


EU’s united front on Russia falling amid gas needs (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Ukraine-Europe gas link to run at full capacity this winter (via Bloomberg)

Saudi Aramco pulls the rug out from under U.S. natural gas industry (via CleanTechnica)

How are energy boom states dealing with fracking-related health complaints? (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)

Fracking fears grow as Oklahoma hit by more earthquakes than California (via Bloomberg)


Canadians are eating tar sands pollution (via Grist)

Lake Mead, largest U.S. reservoir, to reach record low this week (via Climate Progress)

NRDC petitions EPA to cancel neonicotinoid pesticides (via NRDC Switchboard)

A California oil field yields another prized commodity – water (via New York Times)


More Chargepoint chargers than McDonalds now in U.S. (via CleanTechnica)

Why cars remain so appealing even in cities with decent public transit (via Washington Post)

A designer fuel for the environmentally-conscious supercar enthusiast (via Breaking Energy)


Emissions reduction efforts gather steam (via Navigant Research)

EPA refutes charge NRDC played key role in emissions rule (via The Hill)


Big microgrid savings from replacing diesel with energy storage (via Navigant Research)

Researchers developing supercomputer to tackle grid challenges (via Renewable Energy World)

Maine utilities to strengthen grid, provide renewables access (via Recharge)


Outside groups spent lavishly on top DOE officials’ global travels (via Greenwire)

Behind Harry Reid’s war against the Koch Brothers (via Politico)


Primer on Beijing’s slice-and-dice approach to energy and climate reform (via Center for American Progress)

Picking the lesser of two climate evils (via New York Times)

Ignore the climate change deniers (via Politico)

Should Wall Street care about global warming? (via National Journal)

Climate pricing and strange bedfellows (via Energy Collective)

Could California’s climate revolution change the national conversation? (via Huffington Post)

Jerry Brown on clean energy: The hard part is yet to come (via San Francisco Chronicle)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.30.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Obama to unveil historic plan to cut U.S. carbon pollution by up to 25% (via The Guardian)

How Obama’s power plant emission rules will work (via Washington Post)

EPA’s approach on carbon limits to spark court challenges (via Wall Street Journal)

GAO shuts down McConnell’s push to block EPA carbon regulations (via The Hill)

NRDC says Obama climate rule will save consumers $37 billion (via The Hill)

EPA may nod to nuclear in carbon rules as generators fear closures (via Reuters)


China expects to launch national carbon market in 2018 (via RTCC)

CO2 monitoring could be “space-based” in the future (via Climate Central)


Brazil expects 3GW new wind power in auctions this year (via Recharge)

UK solar capacity passes 3GW (via RTCC)

Japan wind lobby boosts wind capacity target by half (via Bloomberg)

Iceland moves closer to power Europe with geothermal power (via Bloomberg)

UK radar fix could open up 1GW of onshore wind potential (via BusinessGreen)

Rooftop solar’s emerging markets are in middle-class neighborhoods (via Climate Progress)

Connecting the dots: How fossil-fuel interests are funding state RPS battles (via Greentech Media)

Biodiesel producers push for higher mandate (via The Hill)

Ohio freezes standards for renewable energy in landmark vote (via Bloomberg)

Solazyme opens commercial algae oil factory in Brazil (via GigaOm)

California moves closer to streamlined solar permitting (via Greentech Media)


AEP foresees coal plant closures on Obama plan (via Bloomberg)

Testing shows slow movement of coal ash in Dan River (via Roanoke Times)

Coal ash spill upends North Carolina politics, but will substantive legislation result? (via E&E Daily)


Fishing industry is poised to lose billions due to climate change (via Climate Progress)

Markey meets Pope to make common cause on climate (via Boston Globe)


Russia’s energy minister says no gas payments from Ukraine (via Reuters)

Pro-fracking bill flies through North Carolina legislature (via Climate Progress)


Study: Species disappearing far faster than before (via AP)

Brazil drought fuels World Cup blackout fears (via RTCC)


TransCanada credibility dented by Keystone defects (via Forbes)


California, seven other states ready for 3.3 million EVs by 2025 (via Autoblog Green)


Advanced battery capacity for utility-scale storage will grow 71% per year through 2023 (via Navigant Research)


Missouri utility to make up for lost time on energy efficiency (via Midwest Energy News)


Republicans on climate science: Don’t ask us (via Politico)

The House Science Committee spent yesterday in a climate change denial echo chamber (via Motherboard)

Harry Reid’s attacks on Koch Brothers sends GOP donors into shadows (via Washington Post)

Big money, the Koch Brothers, and me (via Politico)


Obama is planning his biggest climate policy yet – and he doesn’t need Congress (via Vox)

Wonks collide as Obama climate plan prompts new ideas (via Forbes)

Evolving the conversation on climate change (via Washington Post)

Lies, damn lies, and global warming rules (via National Journal)

You down with LCOE? Maybe you, but not me (via RMI Outlet)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.14.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Act fast to curb global warming or extract CO2 from air, says UN (via Reuters)

IPCC report: World must urgently switch to clean energy sources (via The Guardian)

World Bank president says fighting climate change and poverty are linked (via ClimateWire)

Shippers and seabirds clash over Arctic territory (via Alaska Dispatch)


Weather-related blackouts doubled since 2003 (via Climate Central)

FERC says steps underway to protect grid (via AP)

DOE Inspector General: Power grid threats should have remained classified (via The Hill)


Northern Gateway pipeline rejected by British Columbia First Nation (via Huffington Post)

Canadians turn up the heat against Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline (via Climate Progress)

Opponents carve massive anti-Keystone XL message into field that could hold future pipeline (via Huffington Post)


Are we halfway to market dominance for solar? (via Greentech Media)

A rising tension: Value of solar tariff versus net metering (via Greentech Media)

How much are solar Facebook fans worth? About $403 each (via Renewable Energy World)


UN says world’s greenhouse gas emissions growing rapidly (via The Hill)

IPCC says major greenhouse gas reductions needed by 2050 (via Climate Central)

IMF, World Bank push for price on carbon (via Business Standard/AFP)

Greenland ice sheet samples show impact of US Clean Air Act on climate (via Austrian Tribune)

Desmond Tutu calls for anti-apartheid style boycott of fossil fuel industry (via The Guardian)

EPA held over 100 meetings, met with over 200 groups to design carbon rules (via Climate Progress)

Harvard faculty members urge university to divest from fossil fuels (via The Guardian)


Gas carousel making Spain Europe’s biggest LNG exporter (via Bloomberg)

How many jobs does fracking really create? (via National Journal)

Geologists say fracking likely cause of Ohio earthquakes (via Time) 

Early speculators let drilling leases lapse as North Carolina fracking prospects remain uncertain (via Winston-Salem Journal)


Entire marine food chain at risk from rising CO2 levels in water (via The Guardian)

El Nino could raise meteorological hell this year (via Grist)

US drought retreats 15% in one year (via Climate Central)


IMF says North American boom to keep oil prices low (via Christian Science Monitor)

Crude oil leak in China taints water for millions (via New York Times)

Rail transport of crude oil increases as pipelines fall short (via New York Times)

Big Oil comes up short in shale (via Houston Chronicle)

Houston fills with crude oil that can’t be shipped out (via Bloomberg)


Sales of electric and alternative fuel vehicles will reach 12.4 million annually by 2022 (via Navigant Research)

Washington State’s governor signs pro-Tesla bill (via Autoblog Green)


China cuts in coal use may mean world emissions peak before 2020 (via Bloomberg)

Clean coal might work in China, but we won’t see much of it here (via Washington Post)

Chicago 30-hour ties up for Buffet’s trains slows coal (via Bloomberg)


Energy efficiency bill gaining momentum in US Senate (via Bloomberg BNA)

Cities collaborate and compete to improve energy efficiency (via Midwest Energy News)


Japan supports nuclear power in national energy plan (via Bloomberg)


Unions or greens – which Keystone XL player is doing more to keep the Senate blue? (via E&E Daily)

NRDC, LCV create environmental political alliance (via Washington Post)


Is protecting the grid a matter of national security? (via National Journal)

Three most sobering graphics from UN’s new climate report (via Climate Progress)

400ppm: The milestone that puts Earth in the “danger zone” (via RTCC)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.15.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.

COP 19 

US, EU reject Brazil’s call for climate equity metric (via Bloomberg)

US envoys told to block climate compensation plans at UN (via RTCC)


China’s smog threatens health of global coal projects (via Reuters)

Tennessee Valley Authority to close eight large coal-fired power plants (via Washington Post)

Coal-free power from Constellation will save Chicago $1.2 million over two years (via Energy Manager Today)


Global PV module pricing to stay flat in 2014, polysilicon pricing to increase 25% (via Greentech Media)

Bonds backed by solar power payments get nod (via New York Times)

US EPA to unveil biofuel rules as soon as Friday (via Reuters)

32 US senators urge administration to support US biodiesel (via National Journal)

Clean Energy Pipeline reports US clean tech project investment falloff (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Google to invest in six more large solar panel farms in the Southwest US (via GigaOm)

Arizona preserves net metering by charging a small fee to solar owners (via Greentech Media)

Clean energy adds jobs, growth to Michigan and New York (via EarthTechling)

Top 10 things you didn’t know about concentrating solar power (via Breaking Energy)

Are solar panels facing the wrong direction? (via Greentech media)


Bakken oil production forecast to top 1 million barrels per day in December (via US EIA)

Exxon overlooked, masked safety threats in years before Pegasus pipeline burst (via InsideClimate News)


Study: US drivers have fewer cars, drive them less, use less gas (via Green Car Reports)

Can California charge ahead to one million EVs within ten years? (via CleanTechnica)

EPA chief: Fuel mandate safe for cars (via The Hill)


Gas exports could put nation in “danger zone,” trade group tells Moniz (via Houston Chronicle)

Colorado’s new fracking bans may be on shaky legal ground (via Denver Business Journal)


Japan slashes climate reduction target amid nuclear shutdown (via BBC News)

California approves offsets to ease compliance with carbon rules (via Sacramento Bee)

California court upholds state’s right to sell carbon permits (via Reuters)

California marks first anniversary of cap-and-trade (via Energy Collective)


Last shipment of nuclear fuel from Russian bombs heads to US (via New York Times)

In Illinois, nuclear industry sees no urgency on waste storage (via Midwest Energy News)


Panel warns of “catastrophic” gap in weather satellite data (via Climate Central)

Want to piss off the White House? Talk about climate change (via Mother Jones)

Delaware governor links typhoon and climate change (via Politico)


CEOs of 16 largest power grid operators call for greater investment in reliability and resilience (via Renew Grid)

Tennessee Valley Authority move demonstrates market for Clean Line project (via The Oklahoman)


These maps show where the Earth’s forests are vanishing (via Washington Post)

Amazon deforestation increases by nearly a third in one year (via The Guardian)


Obama filling out energy team (via The Hill)

Chief of Natural Resources Defense Council to retire in 2014 (via The Hill)

The four most frustrating moments from Thursday’s EPA hearing (via Climate Progress)


Is nuclear power the answer? (via New York Times)

Five ways buildings have reached a “GREEN” tipping point (via GreenBiz)

Variety is critical to growing EV charging market (via Navigant Research)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.8.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


How to slice a global carbon pie? (via New York Times)

US Supreme Court scheduled to consider climate change cases (via Reuters)

Divestment campaign against fossil fuels growing, says study (via The Guardian)

California highlights emissions reduction progress (via CleanTechnica)

New Jersey sets hearing on rejoining RGGI carbon trading program (via Bloomberg)

Microsoft achieves carbon neutrality, says NRDC (via Environmental Leader)


Beijing to close main coal plants by 2015 in smog crackdown (via BusinessGreen)

King Coal’s last stand (via Vice)


China set to lead 2014 solar energy boom (via RTCC)

Floating offshore wind power taking hold (via Renewable Energy World)

New British solar energy fund has chance to shine (via Daily Mail)

UK tests new method to balance renewables on the grid (via Greentech Media)

Nighttime solar power arriving in United States (via EarthTechling)

Will a new guide for regulators settle the debate over rooftop solar’s value? (via Greentech Media)

Oakland’s bid to become a solar power hub (via National Journal)


Cumulative Nissan Leaf sales in Japan pass 30,000 mark (via Green Car Congress)

Honda plots US hybrid resurgence starting with Accord (via Bloomberg)

EV sales for 2013 up over 440% from one year ago (via Climate Progress)

Palo Alto requires homes to be pre-wired for electric cars (via EarthTechling)

Is there any business model for public electric car charging? (via Green Car Reports)


Texas on track to be among world’s largest oil producers (via Houston Chronicle)

California Gov. Brown supports hydraulic fracturing (via Houston Chronicle)

BP spars with US government over size of Gulf of Mexico spill (via Reuters)


PJM board approves $1.2 billion in transmission improvements (via Renew Grid)

Why the hot money is chasing energy storage (via Renew Economy)


Proposed LNG exports spark controversy in British Columbia (via ClimateWire)

Quebec’s Keystone conundrum (via Politico)

Electricity utilities could lose half their market to solar and storage (via Renew Economy)

Grid Edge: How will utilities, vendors, and energy service providers adapt? (via Greentech Media)

ESCO market to reach $8.3 billion in 2020 (via Energy Manager Today)

California law to change energy rates, aid renewable power (via San Francisco Chronicle)


Japanese prime minister seeks foreign help containing Fukushima water leak (via United Press International)


How Denmark turned an efficiency obligation into opportunity (via Midwest Energy News)

Building energy benchmarking and window retrofits (via Energy Manager Today)

An illustrated guide to the enormous power of energy efficiency (via Greentech Media)

Energy management saves Office Depot $2.2 million annually (via Energy Manager Today)

Cincinnati launches energy benchmarking toolkit (via Energy Manager Today)


Obama’s top climate and energy adviser to leave White House (via Washington Post)

Front-runner for FERC may be clean slate Obama’s looking for (via Greenwire)

The battle for FERC and the future of energy security (via Energy Trends Insider)


Solar power, in small doses (via The Economist)

Who created the global warming “pause”? (via Mother Jones)

The future of the electricity system is called Grid Edge (via Greentech Media)

Burning question: Are Europe’s biomass imports sustainable? (via Renewable Energy World)

America’s net metering war (via CleanTechnica)

Can we fly more and still meet carbon targets? (via The Guardian)

We might blow our carbon budget sooner than we think (via Renew Economy)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.2.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China’s CO2 growth has turned a corner (via Reuters)

EU ministers urge ETS yes vote (via Recharge)

EPA sends climate rule to White House (via Politico)

New Jersey may rejoin Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (via Bloomberg)


Saudi Arabia taps new oil areas in plan to preserve capacity (via Reuters)

Moniz: CO2 could enhance US oil production by millions of barrels a day (via Houston Chronicle)

Big lenders wary of following oil money to North Dakota (via Reuters)

Two major lawsuits filed against ExxonMobil for Arkansas tar sands spill (via DeSmog Blog)


California advances pioneering shared renewables bill (via Climate Progress)

Is anything stopping a massive build-out of desert solar? (via Scientific American)

Germany to add 6.5GW of renewable energy this year (via Recharge)

Can Europe meet its 2020 offshore wind targets? (via Renewable Energy World)

Rise in wind and solar expected to boost energy storage market (via Renew Grid)

Austin Energy adds 570MW to wind portfolio (via Renew Grid)

Tennessee public schools to generate nearly $1 million with solar (via Renewable Energy World)


Obama seeks to reassert US role in climate debate (via New York Times)

Ocean acidification threatens billion-dollar oyster business (via Climate Central)

Climate change driving more active El Nino cycles (via Yale e360)

Cities lead: preparing for climate change impacts (via EcoAffect)

The climate context behind the deadly Arizona wildfire (via Climate Central)

NRDC releases online tool to track local effects of climate change (via Inhabitat)


Natural gas exporters to defend pricing as courts reject oil link (via Houston Chronicle)

Natural gas production remains stable despite low price (via Houston Chronicle)


Electric vehicle drive motor revenue will surpass $2.8 billion annually by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

Airbus and Rolls-Royce to build plane powered by algae (via International Business Times)

Biodiesel production nears record output (via Facts of the Day)

Tesla officially gets behind White House petition to allow direct EV sales (via Autoblog Green)

DOE to award up to $13 million to four advanced biofuels projects (via Green Car Congress)


As China’s demand for coal soars, so does its water scarcity (via ClimateWire)

Deadly heat wave in the West brings fires and travel delays (via New York Times)

Experts see new normal as a hotter, drier West faces more huge fires (via New York Times)


Do green jobs come in any other color? (via Renewable Energy World)

Half of all US retail and hotel projects to be green buildings by 2015 (via CleanTechnica)

New coalition aims to accelerate sustainable purchasing (via Sustainable Industries)


Wireless control systems for smart buildings will reach nearly $295 million in annual revenue by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

8 surprising energy hogs in your home (via Greentech Media)


Obama says ravages of climate change is make-or-break issue (via AP)

Koch pledge tied to Congressional climate inaction (via The New Yorker)

Conservatives seek alternatives to climate denialism, come up short (via Grist)


Kevin Rudd needs to seize the moment on climate (via Renew Economy)

How Obama could approve Keystone (via National Journal)

Can Obama’s Africa power plan hold a candle to China? (via Reuters)

Ron Binz will continue FERC’s leadership toward a clean energy future (via Climate Progress)

New Jersey’s new development bill could endanger families, businesses, and first responders (via Climate Progress)