Energy and Environment News Roundup – 9.15.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Is China finally kicking its coal addiction? (via Huffington Post)

Coal-fired generation in U.S. to fall 25% by 2020 (via Renew Economy)

Obama’s mountaintop coal mining legacy still to be determined (via Bloomberg)


The clean energy economy: 2.7 million green jobs, 40% fewer emissions (via CleanTechnica)

Sun and wind alter global landscape, leaving utilities behind (via New York Times)

Brazil plans 3.5GW new solar by 2023 (via PV Tech)

Central America solar capacity set to explode (via CleanTechnica)

Clean energy investment at risk from Scottish referendum vote (via Bloomberg)

EPA faces 2014 election accusations on ethanol policy (via The Hill)

Study showcases effective state renewable energy policies to help meet pending EPA rules (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Groups do last-minute jockeying on RFS rule as election day nears (via E&E Daily)

North America’s largest biomass-fueled power plant opens (via Environmental Leader)

As Oklahoma wind industry matures, some call for greater regulation (via The Oklahoman)

Push to impose extra fees on solar customers draws outrage in Wisconsin (via Climate Progress)


UN climate summit set for major carbon pricing announcement (via RTCC)

Big corporations brace for global carbon price rollout (via Reuters)

Major corporations leading charge for robust carbon price, says CDP (via BusinessGreen)

EU polluters to land €5 billion windfall under “carbon leakage” proposal (via The Guardian)

South Korea increases emissions cap in proposed carbon trading scheme (via Reuters)

Economists dig into problem of taxing carbon emissions or trading them (via ClimateWire)

California oil marketers want cap-and-trade investigated (via Bloomberg)

Economists call for Midwest carbon tax, emissions market (via MPR News)


New U.S. sanctions on Russia to stall Exxon’s Arctic oil plans (via New York Times)

Momentum builds to allow U.S. oil exports (via The Hill)

New petroleum technology revitalizes Powder River Basin oil production (via U.S. EIA)


Fuel cells will flop outside Japan, says Volkswagen (via Autoblog)


World’s six multilateral development banks promise to do more on climate (via The Hill)

Leading philanthropic foundations can create climate “tipping point” (via RTCC)

Criminal deforestation poses growing climate threat (via RTCC)

No rain for decades: Scientists warn to stand by for “megadroughts” (via The Independent)

Climate activists organize New York march ahead of UN summit (via ABC News)


UK Green Deal energy efficiency program called “disappointing failure” (via The Telegraph)

California delays energy disclosure program for smaller nonresidential buildings (via Breaking Energy)


Solar storms add to growing list of issues for grid reliability monitor (via EnergyWire)

Michigan’s agriculture industry confronts aging grid infrastructure (via Midwest Energy News)


What will survive in hot, acidic oceans? (via Climate Central)

Where the wildfires are: If there’s smoke, there are costly health problems (via The Guardian)

Yosemite wildfire crews also battling bears on fire lines (via Los Angeles Times)


Memo lays out value in anti-Koch attacks (via Politico)


Should the U.S. export oil to push down prices and hurt Putin? (via Quartz)

The climate change trap (via National Journal)

A new perspective on the net metering debate (via Renewable Energy World)

Central America’s heart set on solar with new government tenders (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Another record year for CO2 (via Energy Collective)

YieldCos don’t fit the bill for many renewable energy companies (via Renewable Energy World)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.23.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


France launches €5 financing plan for clean energy transition (via Reuters)

Utilities unsure of future as environmental regs loom (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Yieldco returns in high demand from energy sector (via Financial Times)

Beyond the bank: A new peer-to-peer financing model connects investors to projects (via Greentech Media)

California wrestles with emerging energy business models (via Navigant Research)


Australia’s Abbott revives proposal to scrap carbon-price levy (via Bloomberg)


European Union mulls cutting energy use 35% by 2030 (via The Guardian)


Off-grid, clean energy access market valued at $12 billion (via Energy Collective)

India power ministry seeks to reverse solar dumping duties (via Bloomberg)

Japan domestic solar shipments more than doubled in fiscal 2013 (via Bloomberg)

Australians want renewable energy target retained by 72% majority (via The Guardian)

Italy’s planned solar subsidy cuts risk scaring off investors (via Reuters)

Solar tariffs to boost prices of Chinese solar panels 14% (via Bloomberg)

Drifting off the coast of Portugal, the frontrunner in the global race for floating wind farms (via The Guardian)

U.S. water stress may drive shift to renewable power (via RTCC)

Renewable power initiative is stalling in San Francisco (via San Francisco Chronicle)

Solar at grid parity in Utah, a coal state with no renewable standard (via Greentech Media)

SolarCity’s acquisition of Silveo spurs rise in solar stocks (via CleanTechnica)

Despite funding setback, Lake Erie offshore wind project pushes ahead (via Midwest Energy News)


Pressure builds against France’s fracking ban (via Los Angeles Times)

LNG rally fading on new supply as nukes set to restart (via Bloomberg)

Higher U.S. natgas price needed to boost shale growth, says economist (via Reuters)

Pennsylvania ordered its health workers to never discuss fracking (via Grist)


Waves in the atmosphere fueling extreme weather (via Climate Central)

U.S. summer temperatures have risen up to five degrees since 1970 (via Yale e360)

U.S. mayors to use nature in climate change fight (via AP/ABC News)


Rising German coal use imperils European emissions deal (via Bloomberg)

North Carolina residents worry over coal ash ponds (via USA Today)


Fears of EPA land grab create groundswell against water rule (via The Hill)

The White House wants to save America’s bees (via Time)

As California drought worsens, water use dips slightly (via Los Angeles Times)


IEA: Unconventional oil boom to spread beyond North America by 2019 (via Houston Chronicle)

Russia needs U.S. technology to unlock $8.2 trillion oil trove (via Houston Chronicle)


Tesla is world’s most important automaker, says Morgan Stanley (via Los Angeles Times)

Tesla prepping Supercharger network for big growth across Europe (via Autoblog Green)

Tesla looks to fuel a battery revolution (via Navigant Research)


Texas turns into testing ground for energy storage (via Texas Tribune)

NERC’s Summer Reliability Assessment highlights regional electricity capacity margins (via U.S. EIA)


The United States of drought (via Washington Post)

The RFS is broken and E85 is no solution (via Breaking Energy)

What the SolarCity-Silveo acquisition could mean (via CleanTechnica)


Inside the vast liberal conspiracy (via Politico)

Democrats use climate change as wedge issue on Republicans (via San Francisco Chronicle)

Julian Castro is Obama’s newest climate denizen (via National Journal)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.12.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


NASA warns global warming could be 20% higher than previous estimates (via RTCC)

Climate change not a top US worry, finds poll (via The Hill)

Keeling Curve in danger of budget cuts (via Weather Underground)


Italian judge blames coal plant for hundreds of deaths, forces it to close (via Huffington Post)

Duke CEO: Customers should pay to empty coal ash ponds (via Environmental Leader)


100GW solar PV market in 2018, forecasts NPD Solarbuzz (via Recharge)

IEA: High renewable energy market penetration is feasible in any country (via CleanTechnica)

Latin America is emerging as a force in solar: Here’s what early developers have learned (via Greentech Media)

4.58GW of solar PV added in Japan (via CleanTechnica)

GE to supply 213MW of turbines for European wind farms (via Bloomberg)

Wind Production Tax Credit “dead” in Congress this year (via Bloomberg)

US homeowners, especially Republicans, want to be able to choose clean energy (via Climate Progress)

Minnesota regulators set to decide on solar tariff formula (via EnergyWire)

Automatic self-optimization of wind turbines (via

Cincinnati City Council debates buying green energy (via Cincinnati Business Courier)


Keystone XL southern leg having major effect on US oil hub (via Houston Chronicle)

Experts: Keystone XL may create fewer jobs than most expect (via US News & World Report)

Unions: Keystone review “reeks of politics” (via The Hill)


Nine Chinese cities suffered more severe smog days than Beijing (via The Guardian)

Poor nations need financing to cut carbon emissions, says China (via Bloomberg)

For EPA’s global warming rules, will “next year” mean “never”? (via National Journal)


US oil boom fuels rail industry resurgence (via Christian Science Monitor)

US refiners form lobby against easing crude export limits (via Reuters)

Moody’s: Many US oil companies on investors’ hit list (via Houston Chronicle)

North Dakota oil boom puts pressure on Great Plains farmers (via Huffington Post/Stateline)


California drought dries up hydro but power stays on (via National Geographic)

NY regulator, ConEd embrace plan to climate-proof power grid (via InsideClimate News)

After failing in EVs, Coda Energy pursues no-money-down energy storage (via Greentech Media)


16 countries’ regulatory bodies have changed policy in response to Fukushima (via US GAO)

Three years after Fukushima, Japan makes U-turn on nuclear (via Christian Science Monitor)

US nuclear agency hid concerns, hailed safety record as Fukushima melted (via NBC News)


Ohio looks at whether fracking led to two quakes (via New York Times)


How talking about climate change might actually help Democrats win elections (via Washington Post)

Clinton Keystone dodge prompts donors to rethink support (via Bloomberg)


Four reasons why the fight against climate change is likely to fail (via Washington Post)

Japan’s energy dilemma, in one chart (via Washington Post)

All you need to know about BC’s carbon tax shift in five charts (via Sightline)

China builds bridges to US EV market (via Navigant Research)