Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.29.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Greenland ice loss outpaces climate models (via RTCC)

Pope Francis expected to instruct one billion Catholics to act on climate change (via Climate Progress)

Hedegaard: Credibility of UN climate process hangs on Paris talks (via The Guardian)

Almost 7,000 UK properties to be sacrificed to rising seas (via The Guardian)

2014 may be Anchorage, Alaska’s first year ever with no below-zero temperatures (via Huffington Post)


UK, Germany, Australia all see energy and emissions drop in 2014 (via Treehugger)

China forms $32 billion energy company to help clean up Beijing (via Bloomberg)


Hanwha subsidiaries merging into world’s largest solar cell manufacturer (via CleanTechnica)

Spain “has to install up to 6.5GW of wind by 2020” (via Recharge News)

Scotland’s solar capacity climbs 32 percent in 2014 (via BusinessGreen)

Raizen to invest $927 million in sugarcane cellulosic ethanol plants in Brazil by 2024 (via Green Car Congress)

Distributed renewables will reduce utility revenues up to $124 billion a year by 2025 (via CleanTechnica)


Canadian oil surge to U.S. Gulf puts Mexico on defensive (via Bloomberg)

India refiners boom amid global oil bust as investors eye risks (via Bloomberg)

Race to build on Columbia River could block Pacific oil route (via New York Times)

Residents along Kinder Morgan pipeline from Ohio to Gulf concerned about use (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

As oil prices fall, Alaska governor halts project spending (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


China’s Shenzen caps new car plates to control smog, congestion (via Bloomberg)

Germany plans EV motorway charging station expansion (via Reuters)

Tesla Roadster 3.0 prototype announced with 400-mile possibilities (via Autoblog)

Report: Millennials own fewer cars, seek other ways to travel (via Green Car Reports)

Hawaii #2 behind California in EV registrations per 1,000 vehicles (via Inside EVs)


UK government unveils £35 million fund to curb air pollution (via BusinessGreen)

Curbing fugitive methane costs little, buys time on climate change (via The Hill)

Washington State offers ambitious cap-and-trade plan (via Climate Central)


This year’s key developments in distributed energy and utility disruption (via Greentech Media)

Smart thermostat programs roll on in Texas, Arizona, and Maryland (via Energy Collective)


Stronger energy codes don’t limit construction, says SEEA (via Energy Manager Today)

Energy efficient buildings could save Chicago $77 million (via Energy Manager Today)


2015: A year for carbon pricing, peer pressure, and Paris (via RTCC)

New York takes the wrong approach to fracking (via Washington Post)

The biggest winter energy myth: That you need to idle your car before driving (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.23.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Biggest Arctic gas project seeks route around U.S. sanctions (via Bloomberg)

Natural gas falls to two-year low with no cold in sight (via Reuters)

Groups urge administration to steer clear of gas exports bill (via The Hill)

New York and Maryland had the same information about fracking, and they made very different decisions (via Washington Post)


Germany’s electricity mix: Solar capacity reigns, but coal generation sustains (via Greentech Media)


Canadian pension funds divert investment to solar (via PV Tech)

UK and US yieldcos on Christmas acquisition spree (via PV Tech)

Wind and solar = 77% of new U.S. electricity generating capacity in November (via CleanTechnica)

Clean energy policy wins and losses of 2014 (via Greentech Media)

2014 renewable energy recap: Stepping backward, crawling forward (via IEEE Spectrum)

Apple, IKEA, Walmart: 12 leaders in on-site renewables (via GreenBiz)

Cloudy future for wind farms in Ohio (via Columbus Dispatch)

As the weather turns frightful, keep placed in service deadlines delightful (via Renewable Energy World)

Did OPIC just finish a watershed beyond-the-grid solar deal? (via Energy Collective)

Austin’s balancing act: Solar policy and affordability (via Clean Energy Finance Forum)


Pacific coral shows global warming’s tie to wind (via Bloomberg)

Wheat yields to fall more than expected in warmer world (via Reuters)

Atmospheric rivers to soak California as climate warms (via LiveScience)

New York’s fracking ban divides experts on climate impacts (via Climate Central)

Miami’s climate catch-22: Building waterfront condos to pay for protection against rising seas (via Washington Post)

Wyoming Republican fights ban on controversial climate-science standards (via National Journal)


World’s top 500 firms’ emissions rise, despite call for cuts (via Reuters)


Saudi Arabia vows not to cut output to prop up oil markets (via Reuters)

Shell collaborating with regulators over Arctic drilling (via Houston Chronicle)

Oil crash wipes $11.7 billion from buyout firms’ holdings (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)


AAA: Falling gas prices break record (via The Hill)

Congress lets $8,000 hydrogen vehicle tax credit expire (via Autoblog)

To challenge Tesla, Volkswagen will buy solid-state battery startup (via Inside EVs)

Living the EV-PV dream: How I paired my solar system with an electric car (via Greentech Media)


Germany power demand plummets, renewables rise, fossil power at a 35-year low (via Renewables International)

Solar energy and storage helps Caribbean expats live the food life (via Renewable Energy World)

Can distributed generation replace $1 billion in substation upgrades? New York will soon find out (via Greentech Media)


What was the biggest energy success story of 2014? (via National Journal)

Could flooding finally wake Americans up to the climate crisis? (via Grist)

The year ahead: 2015 trends in clean tech (via Energy Collective)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.22.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Regulators want to change fossil fuel pricing rules for federal land (via The Hill)

Oil price plunge and clean energy – the real impact (via Bloomberg)

Ohio Governor Kasich says more regulation needed on fracking (via Columbus Dispatch)

D.C. coalition emerges to oppose Exelon-Pepco merger (via Washington Post)

Portland considers energy benchmarking policy for large commercial buildings (via Energy Manager Today)


India to fund $158 million for 1GW of new solar projects (via Bloomberg)

Germany to help finance Chile’s first solar-thermal power plant (via Renewable Energy World/Bloomberg)

Indian solar plant will equal almost all the solar capacity installed in the U.S in 2010 (via Treehugger)

Kyocera venture to build 13.4MW floating solar plant in Japan (via Bloomberg)

Solar-friendly rate for commercial customers adopted in California (via Energy Manager Today)

Arizona utilities get approval to own rooftop solar (via Greentech Media)

Maximizing the value of installed solar assets (via Forbes)

Upcoming auctions for solar PV: A legal perspective (via Renewables International)

Utilities and solar groups both claim victory in Arizona rooftop showdown (via PV Tech)


Geopolitics key to South Africa’s $100 billion nuclear plan (via Bloomberg)

First of four Fukushima reactors cleared of nuclear fuel (via


Four legal battles this year that were all about climate change (via Climate Progress)

The military, energy, and preparing for climate change (via Midwest Energy News)


Cuban oil may prove a boon for U.S. companies (via Climate Progress)

Saudi oil chief: No conspiracy behind oil prices (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Shale debt crunch could intensify in April (via Houston Chronicle)

Keystone “not even nominal benefit” to U.S. consumers, says Obama (via The Hill)

Good times for Texas to North Dakota may turn bad on oil-price drop (via Bloomberg)


EVs hurt most in renewables industry from oil’s slump (via Bloomberg)

DOE report evaluates EV charging impacts on grid and charging behaviors (via Green Car Congress)

Tesla Model S drivers travel more miles than Nissan Leaf owners (via Autoblog)

Tesla battery swap now working in beta in California (via GigaOm)


Is China’s demand for coal going to keep rising? Don’t count on it. (via Grist)

U.S. plans to shut royalty loophole on coal exports (via Reuters)

Environmentalists split with the Obama administration over coal ash rules (via National Journal)


Will EU emission trading remain a major source of low carbon finance? (via CleanTechnica)

Alberta extends climate change rules, including $15/tonne carbon levy (via Huffington Post/Canadian Press)

Study recommends Massachusetts carbon tax to fight climate change (via Boston Globe)


Why Russia should ally with China and India on carbon rules (via RTCC)

Obama sounds like he’s about to reject the Keystone pipeline (via Mother Jones)

Five questions to help us understand how commercial solar may grow in 2015 (via Greentech Media)

Who will get caught when the oil debt bubble pops? (via Forbes)

How oil’s decline could spatter North Dakota (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Continuing Maryland’s energy boom (via Washington Post)

Who really has grassroots support? Wind energy (via The Hill)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.19.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Climate change could cut global food production 18% by 2050 (via BusinessGreen)

Major coral bleaching in Pacific may become worst die-off in 20 years (via The Guardian)

NASA satellite sends back most detailed view yet of CO2 (via Climate Central)

Much of coastal U.S. will see over 30 days of flooding due to sea level rise, projects NOAA (via Huffington Post)

White House floats new climate guidelines for energy, infrastructure development (via National Journal)


China solar exports may face increase in EU duties (via Bloomberg)

Japan’s new FiT rules draw criticism from Japan Renewable Energy Foundation (via PV Tech)

India’s biggest wind company plans to enter solar market (via Greentech Media)

This new finance policy tweak boosts India solar energy (via CleanTechnica)

BNDES approves $222 million in loans for Brazil ethanol plant (via Bloomberg)

EBRD backs Polish wind farm with €23.8 million (via Bloomberg)

South Africa fights blackouts with concentrating solar power (via TriplePundit)

GE ships first Brazil wind turbine nacelle under tough local-content rules (via Recharge News)

U.S power sector employment declines, except for renewable electricity generators (via U.S EIA)

U.S. solar-plus-storage market to surpass $1 billion by 2018 (via Greentech Media)

EIA expects 2014 U.S. wind installations to total less than 5GW (via Recharge)

New money coming home: Investors likely to continue backing residential solar in 2015 (via Solar Industry Magazine)

U.S. could easily power itself 100x over with just solar power (via Treehugger)

Businesses get solar at no upfront cost, encourage customers and employees to invest (via Treehugger)

Duke prepares South Carolina distributed solar program (via Renewable Energy World)

Coalition plans push to expand Minnesota’s renewable energy standard in 2015 (via Star-Tribune)

Illinois solar gets closer to game time (via Renewable Energy World)


U.S. EPA set to issue long-anticipated rules for coal ash disposal (via Reuters)

Coal ash waste about to be federally regulated for the first time (via Climate Progress)


Polluting is getting expensive again in Europe: Carbon & climate (via Bloomberg)

The National Hockey League is going carbon neutral (via National Journal)


Bankers see $1 trillion in investments stranded in the oil fields (via Bloomberg)

Oil price bloodbath to spark energy sector buying spree (via Reuters)

Nebraska Supreme Court decision on Keystone XL punted to 2015 (via The Hill)

Oil crunch could cost Texas 128,000 jobs, says Fed model (via Houston Chronicle)


U.S. gasoline drops below $2.50 in U.S. for first time in 2009 (via Bloomberg)

Tax breaks for EV charging, natural gas cars back through end of 2014 (via Green Car Reports)

Analyst slashes Tesla sales forecast 40% due to fuel prices (via Autoblog)

2016 Chevy Volt to add on-demand regenerative braking (via Green Car Reports)


German energy use sinks to lowest level since reunification (via BusinessGreen)

U.S. power sector needs $2.1 trillion in investment by 2035, says EIA (via Greentech Media)

EBay just became the latest tech company to leave conservative group ALEC (via Climate Progress)


Smart thermostat programs roll on in Texas, Arizona, Maryland (via Greentech Media)

Alaska leads the world in microgrid deployments (via Navigant Research)


The state of shale (via

Here's the grassroots political story behind the New York fracking ban (via Washington Post)


Companies pay $9.7 million in EPA enforcement actions (via Environmental Leader)


The top five energy and climate stories of 2014 (via Forbes)

Global biofuels industry: A promising future (via Navigant Research)

Three ways renewables could benefit from low oil prices (via Forbes)

Will coal plant retirements and fracking threaten electric reliability? (via Navigant Research)

The surprising link between what makes us happy and what saves energy (via Washington Post)

Solyndra? Solyndra! The legacy of government loan guarantees beyond politics (via Greentech Media)

Six lessons learned from the front lines of the climate fight (via Huffington Post)

Solar tariffs: Throttling America’s biggest job creation machine (via Renewable Energy World)

How Denmark and Texas became wind energy kings (via StateImpact Texas)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.9.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


UN sets six-month deadline for delivery of draft climate agreement (via RTCC)

EU nations mull funds to aid clean energy in 2030 climate deal (via Bloomberg)

EU 2030 compromise could weaken climate action (via RTCC)

NOAA: Antarctic sea ice growth linked to loss of land ice (via Climate Progress)

Prepare for climate change or risk loss of funds, says FEMA (via Sustainable Business)

California leads U.S. on climate change preparation, says 50-state tool (via USA Today)


Solar’s $30 billion splurge proves too much for Japan’s grid (via Bloomberg)

China solar demand in doubt as rooftop installations lag target (via Reuters)

Solar outlook in Ontario promising despite FiT cut (via PV Tech)

Ukraine wants 1GW of wind by 2016 (via Recharge News)

UK energy minister sets sights on “subsidy-free” solar by 2020 (via PV Tech)

Brazil eliminates taxes on wind parts to spur turbine production (via Bloomberg)

Mercom reports strong quarterly solar financing activity (via Solar Industry)

Slow-growing geothermal seeks bigger piece of U.S. renewable energy pie (via Breaking Energy)

Honda, SolarCity expand sun-powered partnership with new $50 million fund (via Autoblog Green)

Buying renewable power for data centers poses major challenges for Internet companies (via Greentech Media)

Wind energy innovation: Hybrid concrete and steel towers (via Navigant Research)

Proposed U.S. solar trade tariff changes “illegal” (via PV Tech)

Massachusetts offshore wind auction to include 4-5 zones (via Recharge News)

Renexia plans 500MW offshore wind for Maryland coast (via Recharge News)


EU approves plan for new nuclear power station in UK (via New York Times)

Federal inspector faults regulator on San Onofre nuclear plant review (via CBS Los Angeles)


Glasgow University to ditch £18 million fossil fuel investments (via BusinessGreen)

EPA sends ozone regulation for White House review (via The Hill)

California moves to revoke carbon credits after inquiry (via Bloomberg)


Canadian crude exports to U.S. top 3 million bpd for first time (via Reuters)

Oil bulls keep faith Saudi supply cuts will revive price (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)

In the U.S., a turning point in the flow of oil (via New York Times)

Environmental groups ramp up crude-by-rail fight in courtroom (via Breaking Energy)

Lego scraps Shell deal after Arctic drilling protest (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


UK invests £11 million to get hydrogen cars on the road (via BusinessGreen)

Tesla sets up shop in Japan, sells first EVs (via Green Car Reports)

EPA says 24.1-mpg new car average is best ever (via Autoblog Green)


Efficiency worth more than renewables at $310 billion, says IEA (via Bloomberg)

Which states have the most efficient cars and homes? Study ranks them (via Green Car Reports)


Canadian support for joint U.S. energy policy falls (via Bloomberg)


New Hampshire could be the next state to take on microgrids (via GreenBiz)


Sugar shortage seen looming amid drought in Brazil (via Bloomberg)

Beijing raises smog alert as pollution envelops North China (via Bloomberg)

Obama to declare national monument in San Gabriels (via Los Angeles Times)

California’s firefighting air tanker fleet grounded after deadly Yosemite crash (via Los Angeles Times)


Fossil fuel divestment: A brief history (via The Guardian)

2014 extreme weather: looking for climate ties (via Climate Central)

Fourth quarter PV installation forecasts turning into a lottery (via PV Tech)

Advanced ethanol makers trying to give Big Oil a run for its money (via Forbes)

The big problem with letting small railroads haul oil (via Sightline)

Firsthand lessons on public charging for EVs (via Energy Collective)

California’s drought is so bad it’s literally moving mountains (via National Journal)

Documentary “The Overnighters” shows dark side of North Dakota oil boom (via Reuters)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.6.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Past measurements may have missed massive ocean warming (via Science)

Could climate change affect the number of boys and girls born? (via Smithsonian)

Miami Beach prepares for annual “King Tide” flooding and a taste of sea level rise (via Huffington Post)


U.S. sees drop in coal exports in 2014 (via

U.S. coal exports fall on lower European demand, increased global supply (via U.S. EIA)

U.S. coal companies having tough 2014 so far (via Knoxville News Sentinel)

New regulations, competition have coal industry reeling (via Tuscaloosa News)


7 renewable energy lessons from Germany (via Renewable Energy World)

German solar PV market continues shrinking (via Renewables International)

U.S. DOE says 54GW of offshore wind power waiting to be tapped (via TriplePundit)

Siemens says wind power needs subsidy to compete in U.S. (via Financial Times)

U.S. DOE awarding $25 million to reduce CSP costs (via Solar Industry Magazine)

OSU researchers build rechargeable solar battery (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

USDA provides $91 million for biogasoline blendstock plant (via Green Car Congress)

First commercial quantities of cellulosic ethanol from woody biomass marketed (via


Shell suspends Siberian oil project, says Russian partner (via Wall Street Journal)

Orphaned Russian oil heads to U.S. west on Asia overflow (via Bloomberg)

Rosneft CEO says he’ll develop Arctic oil with or without Exxon (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

BP seeks revised verdict or new trial on spill negligence (via Bloomberg)

Gov. Inslee: “Outdated, inadequate, and dangerous” oil trains crossing state (via Seattle Post-Intelligencer)


European regulators say incorrect C02 ratings could cost drivers $580/year (via Autoblog Green)

Carnival cruises toward $2.5 billion in fuel savings (via GreenBiz)

UMTRI monthly report shows large drop in new-vehicle fuel economy in September (via Green Car Congress)

Toyota racks up 7 million hybrids sold since 1997 (via Green Car Reports)


EU seeks faster energy market integration amid crisis (via Bloomberg)


Brazil keeps renewable energy transmission & distribution discounts (via Recharge News)

Building wind power superhighways (via Chicago Tribune)

Grid-scale energy storage continues making inroads (via Renew Grid)


An industry you’ve never heard of is trying to cut $1.8 billion in wasted natural gas (via Climate Progress)

Two gas drillers agree to disclose fracking risks to investors (via The Hill)

Maryland report: Fracking poses little risk to drinking water in the state (via Climate Progress)

Drilling waste site roils tiny Texas town (via Texas Tribune)


Fish failing to adapt to rising CO2 levels in ocean (via The Guardian)

China emissions rising on high-carbon economic growth (via RTCC)


Tougher energy efficiency target would boost UK economy by £62 billion (via The Guardian)

Johnson Controls, WRI partnership targets energy efficiency in cities (via Environmental Leader)


Wilderness as economic stimulus? A closer look at the evidence (via The Hill)

In virtual mega-drought, California avoids defeat (via Los Angeles Times)


Brazil’s Rousseff in tight runoff against pro-business Neves (via Reuters)

Clashing visions of conservation shake Brazil’s presidential vote (via New York Times)

Democrats lean heavily on PACs in coordinated push to counter GOP (via New York Times)

McConnell on climate change: “Not a scientist” (via Courier-Journal)

This woman could become one of the world’s most influential environmentalists (via National Journal)


India’s mixed climate change forecast (via Washington Post)

Why the oil majors are backing away from renewable energy (via EnergyWire)

Cold days for coal could mean a better forecast for our climate (via Energy Collective)

A carbon tax will create jobs for Americans (via CNN)

Congress should fix the gas tax (via Washington Post)

NASA explains how climate change is like the flu (via National Journal)

Will investors flock to SunEdison’s emerging market YieldCo? (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.20.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Japanese government seeks to deregulate utility market, boost renewables (via Renewable Energy World)

Exelon and Pepco seek Maryland PSC blessing of $7 billion merger (via Renew Grid)


NWF warns climate change could ruin “outdoor” experience (via The Hill)

Report: California should prepare for 3-foot sea level rise this century (via San Francisco Examiner)


Australia renewable review chills $20 billion clean energy industry (via Bloomberg)

China’s wind power industry shows overall recovery (via Renewable Energy World)

Renewables set new records in U.S., Germany (via Breaking Energy)

Mexico approves 220MW of solar projects (via Bloomberg)

Rooftop solar may reach grid parity in 25+ states by 2017 (via CleanTechnica)

With wind energy prices at all-time lows, DOE is cautiously optimistic (via InsideClimate News) 

U.S. wind supply chain hopes “dimmed” (via Recharge)

Tom Steyer takes a side in environmentalists’ ethanol fight (via National Journal)

Developer U.S. Wind tops DOI’s Maryland offshore wind bid (via Recharge)

Advocates: Wisconsin solar fight could spill into other states (via Midwest Energy News)

Six summer stories from GTM Research you may have missed (via Greentech Media)


Canadian watchdog: Oil trains need more oversight (via Politico)

Report: Canada railway audit inadequate before Lac-Megantic disaster (via Reuters)

Feds boosting oil spill liability limits (via Houston Chronicle)

14 companies bid for western Gulf leases (via Houston Chronicle)

Alaska oil tax supporters fending off repeal efforts (via Reuters)


Tesla owner tax rebates could total $1.5 billion (via CleanTechnica)

Uber picks David Plouffe to wage regulatory fight (via New York Times)


Russia-China deal will supply Siberian natural gas to China’s northern, eastern provinces (via U.S. EIA)

Refracking brings “vintage” U.S. gas wells to life (via Reuters)


FERC grants key approval to 3.5GW wind power transmission project (via Renew Grid)

Federal research spurs Washington State to store energy (via Energy Manager Today)

New Jersey creates the nation’s first Energy Resilience Bank (via GreenBiz)


Western Governors’ Association calls to end “wildfire borrowing” (via Denver Post)

Wildfire near Yosemite National Park holds steady (via Wall Street Journal)


Two Belgian nuclear reactors may be closed permanently (via Reuters)

U.S. government’s nuclear watchdog victim of cyber attacks (via Reuters)

Texas’ nuclear waste dump poised to get wiggle room (via Texas Tribune)


LEED certification boosts hotel revenue (via Environmental Leader)


Microsoft ends its relationship with American Legislative Exchange Council (via Eclecta Blog)

Latino group sides with EPA on climate rule (via The Hill)

Florida Governor Scott meeting with climate scientists is “leadership” moment for him (via Miami Herald)


Renewables records reveal how clean energy is starting to light up the world (via BusinessGreen)

What the green revolution in electronics means for smart grid (via Energy Collective)

Five things you should know about Powder River Basin coal exports (via Center for American Progress)

PR firm Edelman has more than a PR problem (via Marc Gunther)

In “After Water” project, writers imagine life in climate change-altered Chicago (via InsideClimate News)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.21.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Climate models accurately predicted global warming when reflecting natural ocean cycles (via The Guardian)

Climate models on the mark, finds Australian-led research (via Sydney Morning-Herald)

As Arctic ice melts, polar bears find a new menu (via Climate Central)

Boston may need canals to combat climate change (via WGBH)

Religious effort to halt climate change puts Rabbi Moti Reiber behind church pulpits (via Huffington Post)


Denmark declares wind “cheapest” form of power (via BusinessGreen)

Quebec seeks to strengthen its wind market (via Recharge)

Solar, wind account for over half of all new U.S. generation in 2014 (via Renew Economy)

Wind turbines could rule Tornado Alley (via Forbes)

Maryland offshore wind auction date set, New Jersey auction proposed (via TriplePundit)

Feds to announce South Carolina ocean wind tracts in North Myrtle Beach (via The Sun-News)

Washington State just cut up to $2,500 off the cost of solar panels (via Grist)

SunEdison announces IPO pricing for solar yieldco (via Solar Industry Magazine)


Mexican energy sector reform takes step forward (via Wall Street Journal)

FERC tell utility industry group to beef up electric grid security proposal (via The Hill)


India doubles coal tax to fund clean energy, environment projects (via CleanTechnica)

Minnesota governor calls for eliminating coal from state’s energy production (via Minnesota Public Radio)

Coal fuels brewpubs in Wyoming as Kentucky mines misery (via Bloomberg)


World Bank sees “momentum” behind global carbon price (via RTCC)

Some Chinese carbon projects to exit UN offset market if allowed (via Reuters)

U.S. and China lead the way on carbon capture and storage (via Climate Central)

Some U.S. faith groups unload fossil-fuel investments (via Washington Post)

Drought hinders California’s emissions goals (via San Francisco Chronicle)

El Paso Electric to divest from coal and invest in solar (via Santa Fe New Mexican)


Amid global turmoil, oil prices oddly stable (via Navigant Research)

Oil trains, born of U.S. energy boom, face test in new safety rules (via Reuters)

Did Obama just signal he’ll open the Atlantic Coast to drilling? (via National Journal)


China now has more than 200 million EV drivers (via San Jose Mercury News)

Japan Prime Minister says country will offer $20,000 subsidy for fuel cell cars (via Reuters)

China to mandate one-third of government vehicles be plug-ins (via Green Car Report)

Fuel efficiencies drive down passenger vehicle energy demands (via Houston Chronicle)

How can the United States pay for road upkeep? (via Navigant Research)

Three things you may not know about EV maker Tesla Motors (via Motley Fool)


“Empty and lonely” Fukushima towns struggle in catastrophe’s wake (via Greenwire)

Is EPA about to relax radiation protections from nuclear power? (via Forbes)


India village claims first 100% solar, energy storage microgrid (via Renew Economy)

Microgrids: They’re kind of a big deal (via Renewable Energy World)

Behind the scenes at Aquion Energy’s battery factor and the future of solar storage (via GigaOm)


The ten most energy efficient states in America (via Business Cheat Sheet)

LEDs will slash energy use for lighting by 95% (via Renew Economy)


The great American oyster collapse (via Al-Jazeera)

Experts say wildfire threat is already above normal in Western U.S. states (via Washington Post)

EPA moves to thwart Alaskan copper and gold mine (via National Journal)


Climate regulations back under the microscope in Congress (via The Hill)

Steyer cuts $2 million for climate, Mercer aids Tea Party (via Bloomberg)

A fracking problem for Colorado Democrats (via The Hill)


Australia’s decision to dump its carbon tax reveals more about politics than the environment (via Washington Post)

What if climate change triggers cooperation, not conflict? (via Huffington Post)

Combat global warming by taxing carbon (via The Oregonian)

Poll: Men and women think differently about energy, climate (via Time)

How should climate change be taught? (via National Journal)

Reflecting on climate change upon granddaughter’s birth (via Trenton Times)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.3.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Port wants to load coal between ships in middle of Great Barrier Reef (via The Guardian)

Study: Mountaintop removal reduces fish population (via Charleston Gazette)

Vanishing coal jobs weigh on U.S.-backed pension plans (via Bloomberg)

Manchin Ex-Im bill proposes rolling back coal restrictions (via The Hill)

Wyoming sticks by coal despite upheaval (via Wall Street Journal)


India plans world’s largest floating solar power project at 50MW (via CleanTechnica)

Australia’s $10 billion clean-energy bank to announce solar deals (via Bloomberg)

Holland: Pioneering sustainable district heating innovations (via Energy Collective)

China’s second-biggest hydropower plant completed (via Reuters)

Desertec’s second wind (via Recharge)

EPA qualifies new biogas, electricity pathways for cellulosic biofuel requirement under RFS (via Green Car Congress)

Will offshore wind pick up speed? (via Huffington Post)

The rise of residential solar PV customers (via Renewable Energy World)

Distributed wind energy: The new cash crop (via Renewable Energy World)

Interior Department to auction site off Maryland for offshore wind (via Bloomberg)


New York State fracking ruling leaves shale industry weary (via Christian Science Monitor)


Researchers say costs of climate change being massively underestimated (via CleanTechnica)

Climate-driven wildfires consume forest service budget (via Bloomberg)

New storm surge maps debut with TS Arthur (via Climate Central)

Why New York City might need canals to survive (via Fast Company)

Sea-level rise cuts across political divide in Norfolk, Virginia (via World Resources Institute)


Oil prices decline, despite bullish oil inventory data (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

BP says we have 53.3 years of oil left (via Autoblog)


Glasgow University could ditch £19 million in fossil fuel assets (via RTCC)

EPA moves to slash methane at landfills, oil wells (via Climate Central)

EPA adds hearings on power plan carbon regulations (via The Hill)

Four carbon-pricing pitfalls to avoid (via Sightline Daily)


The disaster we’ve wrought on the world’s oceans may be irrevocable (via Newsweek)

UN green fund to seek cash in November; poor nations want $15 billion (via Reuters)

UK take from environmental taxes reaches £43 billion in 2013 (via BusinessGreen)

The costly lobbying war over America’s dying honeybees (via National Journal)

As their yards go brown, Californians pocket the green (via Greenwire)

California drought: America’s golden state runs dry and its farmers are struggling to survive (via The Independent)


Iraq violence has restarted Bernie Sanders’ gas-price fight with Wall Street

Australian prime minister attempts to undermine global climate action (via EcoWatch)

League of Conservation Voters beefs up with hiring of climate veteran (via National Journal)


How climate change could foil China’s smog-fighting efforts (via New York Times)

Peak coal: Why the industry’s days are numbered (via GreenBiz)

Three signs clean tech is booming in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Is divestment at catholic universities a climate game changer? (via Huffington Post)

America needs to raise the gas tax – and then get rid of it (via Washington Post)

David Crane’s green vision for carbon-belching NRG Energy (via Forbes)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.20.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Shell says fossil fuel reserves won’t be “stranded” by climate regulation (via Reuters)

Emissions from 10 food and drink companies “higher than Scandinavia” (via BusinessGreen)

EPA carbon curbs to reach beyond power plant “fence,” aiding cap-and-trade (via Reuters)

Pundits weigh risks, benefits of Obama himself rolling out power plant rule (via Greenwire)

IEA graphic shows how to radically reduce CO2 (via Climate Central)

RGGI carbon market monitor releases report (via Environmental Leader)


UK will be largest solar PV market in Europe in 2014 (via CleanTechnica)

German lesson for renewable power policies (via Energy Collective)

GE has invested $10 billion in clean energy (via CleanTechnica)

8GW of new US solar PV expected in 2014-2015 (via Recharge)

EPA mulls ethanol change as industry profits soar (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Maryland’s $200 million wind energy project will move forward thanks to governor’s veto (via Climate Progress)

When solar property taxes get personal (via Renewable Energy World)


Inslee wants to wean electric utilities off coal (via The Columbian)

The coal ash sludge in North Carolina’s Dan River is finally getting vacuumed up (via Climate Progress)


Doubling of Antarctic ice loss revealed by European satellite (via The Guardian)

Greenland ice sheet melt could occur yearly by 2100 (via Climate Central)

Reports say collapse of West Antarctic Ice Sheet is unstoppable, may cause great flood (via Elite Daily)

North Korea: An unlikely champion in the fight against climate change (via The Guardian)

Vancouver wants review to examine economic effects of climate change (via Vancouver Sun)

Many U.S. landmarks threatened by climate change (via Gannett News)

Local leaders call for U.S. help to deal with climate change (via Bloomberg)

Study says cities depending on snowmelt for water could face problems (via Christian Science Monitor)

In landmark class action, Farmers Insurance sues local governments for ignoring climate change (via Climate Progress)

Kerry calls on U.S. college graduates to face down climate change (via Reuters)


Chile gets an energy agenda, Costa Rica saves electricity, Mexico wants more renewables (via NRDC Switchboard)

Integrated resources planning in India could help with electricity shortages (via World Resources Institute)

Read the secret trade memo calling for more fracking and offshore drilling (via Huffington Post)

Former Mexican President calls for global green growth push (via BusinessGreen)


Did scientists just solve the bee collapse mystery? (via Mother Jones)

Obama to declare largest national monument in his tenure in New Mexico (via Washington Post)

Drought could cost California Central Valley farms $1.7 billion and 14,500 jobs (via Los Angeles Times)

California governor on drought, wildfires: “Humanity is on a collision course with nature” (via Climate Progress)


IHS says EV sales are better than you think (via Autoblog Green)

FTC staff comes out in favor of Tesla, direct vehicle sales (via Autoblog Green)

GM reduced energy and carbon intensity 3.5% per vehicle in 2013 (via Green Car Congress)

New Fisker owner ready to go broke building EVs, challenging Tesla (via Autoblog Green)


Solar and storage are pushing the market for distributed resource management tools (via Greentech Media)

UC San Diego is building the “Motel 6” of microgrids (via Greentech Media)

Ohio looks to fuel cells as economic catalyst (via Midwest Energy News)


Opower expands behavioral demand response to one million customers (via Greentech Media)

Keep your cool: Top five myths of summer energy efficiency (via Greentech Media)

Freezing Ohio energy efficiency standards will mean higher bills for customers (via Columbus Business First)


Ontario election holds renewable energy impact (via Recharge)

The most interesting climate policy debate you haven’t heard of (via Climate Progress)

In Alaska senate race, fierce competition to prove who knows less about climate science (via Climate Progress)

Climate activist Members of Congress to “sound alarm” on Capitol Hill (via The Hill)

Biden to attend fundraiser with Keystone XL opponent Steyer (via Reuters)


Climate change: Get ready or get sued (via Washington Post)

Carbon pricing vs. regulation (via Energy Collective)

Trains and crude oil are too often an accident waiting to happen (via Los Angeles Times)

What the Farmers Insurance suit tells us about climate change (via NRDC Switchboard)

Where should the investors divest? (via Resilience)