Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.31.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


IPCC preparing “most important” document on climate change (BBC)

Bangladesh leads 32 nations hit by extreme climate risk (via Bloomberg)

Brazil’s dangerous climate spiral (via National Journal)

Climate change a threat multiplier for farming-dependent states (via Reuters)

38 federal agencies reveal their climate change vulnerabilities – and what they’re doing about it (via Washington Post)


Ukraine, Moscow clinch deal on Russian natural gas supply (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Oil rout seen diluting price appeal of U.S. LNG exports (via Bloomberg)

Toxic chemicals, carcinogens skyrocket near fracking sites (via U.S. News and World Report)


U.K. Green Bank mobilizes $8 billion for clean energy since launch (via Bloomberg)

Why are solar’s largest players entering the Latin American market? (via Greentech Media)

China is top developing nation for clean energy investment, finds analysis (via Yale e360)

Brazil election opens solar growth (via Recharge Magazine)

India’s wind energy capacity to double in five years: GWEC (via CleanTechnica)

Politics dim Obama’s Africa power plan as lights go out (via Bloomberg)

U.S. trade policy in action: SolarWorld now adding jobs and solar module capacity (via Greentech Media)

SunEdison’s plan to go big in China (via Forbes)


Report: U.S. gas prices driven more by international crude (via The Hill)

TransCanada applies to build Energy East oil pipeline (via Bloomberg)

Scientists investigate link between newborn deaths and Utah oil drilling (via Inhabitat)


Tesla looks to solar to power Australian supercharging network (via Renew Economy)

Volkswagen planning 20 new plug-in models for China (via Autoblog Green)

Toyota to test EV and PHV charging infrastructure expansion in Japan (via Green Car Congress)

Nissan Leaf breaks its own annual U.S. EV sales record (via Green Car Congress)

Startup borrows financing model from solar, efficiency sectors to launch EVs in fleets (via Greentech Media)


Southeast Asia to be the next hot spot for smart grid investment (via Breaking Energy)

Survey: Utilities expect strong competition in U.S. grid build-out (via Renew Grid)

The electricity grid gets a value chain (via RMI Outlet)

Two years after Superstorm Sandy, utilities highlight grid efforts (via Renew Grid)


Nuclear industry lobbies to preserve tax credit; opposes similar wind incentive (via Bloomberg BNA)


Green buildings market grows to $260 billion (via Environmental Leader)

Energy codes help drive green buildings, says Lux Research (via Energy Manager Today)


Race for top House Energy Committee seat brings windfall to Democrats (via National Journal)

Poll: Swing state voters back climate action (via The Hill)

California’s Brown pushes water bond as election nears (via Bloomberg)


The world’s climate change watchdog may be underestimating global warming (via Washington Post)

Nine significant findings too recent to be included in the new IPCC report (via WRI Insights)

California’s carbon market is leaking (via Grist)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.20.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EU climate chief says energy, climate deal next week “feasible” (via Reuters)

When island nations drown, who owns their seas? (via Boston Globe)

Some cities try to stem the flood in South Florida (via USA Today)

Climate change takes center stage on Instagram (via Climate Central)


Russia, Ukraine reach tentative gas deal in tough Milan talks (via Reuters)

Tracers developed for tracking frack fluids (via Environmental Leader)


A multibillion-dollar opportunity – service for China’s wind farms (via Bloomberg)

UK wind industry sets new generation record with 24% power share (via BusinessGreen)

UK green investment bank’s wind fund raise “going well” (via Bloomberg)

Labor is most variable cost for solar, wind projects (via Energy Manager Today)

New biofuels facility converts plant waste to ethanol, is 90% cleaner than gasoline (via Huffington Post/AP)

New software modeling tool a wind industry boon (via Renewable Energy World)

Solar EPC firms must adapt to industry changes via new business models (via Solar Industry)

For taller wind turbines, Iowa engineer looks to concrete (via Midwest Energy News)

Another blow to Ohio’s solar industry as PUCO nixes in-state sourcing rule (via Columbus Business First)


Study links mountaintop removal dust to cancer (via Charleston Gazette)


Fossil fuel divestment: climate change activists aim at Australia’s banks (via The Guardian)

Renewables, not shale, biggest driver in US emissions cuts: study (via BusinessGreen)

EPA moves to phase out ozone-depleting chemicals (via The Hill)


Saudi August oil exports fall to lowest level in three years (via Reuters)

Deeper oil slump seen as “disaster” risk for Australian LNG (via Bloomberg)

Fracking to make U.S. an “energy superpower” (via Saudi Gazette)

Despite slumping prices, no end in sight for U.S. oil production boom (via New York Times)

North Dakota aims to reduce natural gas flaring (via US EIA)

Murky waters: Chicagoans worry petcoke moving to barges (via Midwest Energy News)


The coming era of long-range electric cars (via Plugin Cars)

CARB’s next meeting could dramatically change the EV landscape (via Autoblog Green)

GM expands zero-waste agenda worldwide (via TriplePundit)

Ford edges closer to “growing” its own car parts (via TriplePundit)


Lawyers to debate $590 million Houston transmission project (via Houston Chronicle)


The Chinese people care more about the environment than Americans (via Grist)

EPA finds little benefit to pesticide linked to bee declines (via The Hill)

GM, Dow, others launch zero-waste initiative (via Environmental Leader)


Brazil’s Rouseff on the offensive a week from runoff vote (via Reuters)

Fossil fuel lobby spent $213 million last year on U.S., EU politicians (via DeSmog Blog)

How to get Republicans to stop using the “I’m not a scientist” dodge (via Grist)

First wind, now gas: Texas tax breaks face scrutiny (via Texas Tribune)


Are tumbling oil prices food or bad news for the world economy? (via The Economist)

Political capital needed for clean energy finance to flourish (via Clean Energy Finance Forum)

Is EPA too conservative in its clean energy projections under new carbon rules? (via Greentech Media)

LEDs are a bright idea whose time has come (via Climate Central)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.23.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


France launches €5 financing plan for clean energy transition (via Reuters)

Utilities unsure of future as environmental regs loom (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Yieldco returns in high demand from energy sector (via Financial Times)

Beyond the bank: A new peer-to-peer financing model connects investors to projects (via Greentech Media)

California wrestles with emerging energy business models (via Navigant Research)


Australia’s Abbott revives proposal to scrap carbon-price levy (via Bloomberg)


European Union mulls cutting energy use 35% by 2030 (via The Guardian)


Off-grid, clean energy access market valued at $12 billion (via Energy Collective)

India power ministry seeks to reverse solar dumping duties (via Bloomberg)

Japan domestic solar shipments more than doubled in fiscal 2013 (via Bloomberg)

Australians want renewable energy target retained by 72% majority (via The Guardian)

Italy’s planned solar subsidy cuts risk scaring off investors (via Reuters)

Solar tariffs to boost prices of Chinese solar panels 14% (via Bloomberg)

Drifting off the coast of Portugal, the frontrunner in the global race for floating wind farms (via The Guardian)

U.S. water stress may drive shift to renewable power (via RTCC)

Renewable power initiative is stalling in San Francisco (via San Francisco Chronicle)

Solar at grid parity in Utah, a coal state with no renewable standard (via Greentech Media)

SolarCity’s acquisition of Silveo spurs rise in solar stocks (via CleanTechnica)

Despite funding setback, Lake Erie offshore wind project pushes ahead (via Midwest Energy News)


Pressure builds against France’s fracking ban (via Los Angeles Times)

LNG rally fading on new supply as nukes set to restart (via Bloomberg)

Higher U.S. natgas price needed to boost shale growth, says economist (via Reuters)

Pennsylvania ordered its health workers to never discuss fracking (via Grist)


Waves in the atmosphere fueling extreme weather (via Climate Central)

U.S. summer temperatures have risen up to five degrees since 1970 (via Yale e360)

U.S. mayors to use nature in climate change fight (via AP/ABC News)


Rising German coal use imperils European emissions deal (via Bloomberg)

North Carolina residents worry over coal ash ponds (via USA Today)


Fears of EPA land grab create groundswell against water rule (via The Hill)

The White House wants to save America’s bees (via Time)

As California drought worsens, water use dips slightly (via Los Angeles Times)


IEA: Unconventional oil boom to spread beyond North America by 2019 (via Houston Chronicle)

Russia needs U.S. technology to unlock $8.2 trillion oil trove (via Houston Chronicle)


Tesla is world’s most important automaker, says Morgan Stanley (via Los Angeles Times)

Tesla prepping Supercharger network for big growth across Europe (via Autoblog Green)

Tesla looks to fuel a battery revolution (via Navigant Research)


Texas turns into testing ground for energy storage (via Texas Tribune)

NERC’s Summer Reliability Assessment highlights regional electricity capacity margins (via U.S. EIA)


The United States of drought (via Washington Post)

The RFS is broken and E85 is no solution (via Breaking Energy)

What the SolarCity-Silveo acquisition could mean (via CleanTechnica)


Inside the vast liberal conspiracy (via Politico)

Democrats use climate change as wedge issue on Republicans (via San Francisco Chronicle)

Julian Castro is Obama’s newest climate denizen (via National Journal)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.23.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


West Antarctic ice collapse “could drown Middle East and Asia crops” (via The Guardian)

Australia’s pollution U-turn threatening UN climate talks (via Bloomberg)

Saudis accused of deleting part of UN climate science report (via RTCC)

Global warming linked to frigid U.S. winter, say scientists (via NBC News)

Cold U.S. winter caused by warm tropical waters? (via Climate Central)


Deutsche Bank won’t fund Australia coal port expansion near reef (via Reuters)

EPA reaches deal with Duke Energy over coal ash spill (via The Guardian)

Petitioners ask Gov. Nixon to halt Missouri coal ash landfill construction (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Over 600 local elected officials back Obama’s coal rules (via The Hill)


India hits US, China with solar imports & anti-dumping duties (via Reuters)

A brief history of ethanol in Brazil (via Green Car Reports)

Abengoa says CSP with storage will beat baseload gas by 2020 (via Renew Economy)

5 trends illustrating the resurgence of solar suppliers in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Ohio kicks RPS vote to next week (via Recharge)

400-mile transmission line could expand Texas wind market (via Houston Chronicle)

South Carolina prepares for solar revolution with historic vote (via EcoWatch)

Can yieldcos reduce the risk of solar financing? (via Renewable Energy World)


Russia may build eight nuclear reactors for Iran (via Reuters)


Building efficiency upgrades save $730 million across U.S. (via Greenbang)

Lighting is a “gateway drug to energy efficiency” (via Breaking Energy)

Google won’t serve ads to your Nest, but will find you elsewhere (via Greentech Media)


UK says South England holds billions of barrels of shale oil (via Bloomberg)

North Dakota governor warns oil producers on gas flaring (via Bismarck Tribune/AP)


Energy consumption falling in the transportation sector (via Navigant Research)


U.S. utility’s control system was hacked, says Homeland Security (via Reuters)


Russia-China deal to damp LNG prices as output rises (via Bloomberg)

Obama faces fracking protesters on New York visit (via The Hill)


How does your state rank on climate emissions? (via Sustainable Business)

California carbon auction sells all allowances (via Environmental Leader)

17 things to know about California’s carbon cap (via Sightline Daily)

Does working from home grow your carbon footprint? (via GreenBiz)


First shipment of Canadian tar sands heads toward EU shores (via RTCC)

TransCanada eyes “bridge” to Keystone XL pipeline approval (via The Hill)


Red state, blue state, hot state, cold state: Mapping the politics of climate change (via Politico)

League of Conservation Voters raises $3 million for campaign contributions (via The Hill)

Climate change is on the ballot (via Huffington Post)

Ohio churches fight to save renewables and energy efficiency (via Climate Progress)


When China became the world’s workshop it inherited the world’s air pollution, too (via Grist)

How fossil fuel interests attack renewable energy (via Renewable Energy World)

Dust Bowl days: Will we cut carbon fast enough to prevent permanent droughts? (via Climate Progress)

How green energy won out over fossil fuels in a red state (via National Journal)

The real reason why no one cares about CNN’s climate stories (via Climate Progress)

Why “ratepayer” is a dirty word (via Greentech Media)

Defending clean energy in Ohio and beyond (via Grist)

Why owning your own power plant might not be crazy (via RMI Outlet)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.15.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Fossil-free investment portfolios soared 50% in 2013 (via RTCC)

Obama said to put personal push behind EPA emission rules (via Bloomberg)


LNG, power demand driving shift in U.S. gas flow (via Houston Chronicle)

Overwhelming vote advances extenders bill, but hurdles remain (via E&E Daily)

Ohio’s manufacturers on both sides of debate over efficiency and renewables (via Plain-Dealer)


Bangladesh leads the world in small solar power home installations (via Mashable)

Is 3,000MW of new Nigeria solar power a model to end energy poverty? (via CleanTechnica)

India may back solar duties after probe finds dumping (via Bloomberg)

Netherlands’ largest offshore wind farm powers forward (via BusinessGreen)

80% of British support renewable energy (via Renewable Energy World)

US biodiesel producers hit hard by policy uncertainty (via

Senate debates wind tax credit extension (via Houston Chronicle)


Delays on climate change have cost us $8 trillion, says IEA (via New Scientist)

IPCC reports “diluted” under “political pressure” to protect fossil fuel interests (via The Guardian)

Warming shifting hurricane impacts away from tropics (via Climate Central)

Japan, Australia urge developing countries to do more on climate (via RTCC)

Kerry to warn of national security climate threats in speech (via The Hill)

Insurance company sues Illinois cities for climate damage (via ClimateWire)

Raging California wildfires fueled by unusually hot May weather (via Los Angeles Times)


U.S. crude output advances to 28-year high on shale boom (via Bloomberg)

Expert: White House likely to lift oil export ban (via Houston Chronicle)

Investors pressuring oil industry over $1.1 trillion exposure to high-cost projects (via Forbes)

California’s thirst shapes debate over fracking (via New York Times)


White House urges Congress to shore up depleted Highway Trust Fund (via Autoblog)

2015 Chevy Spark will have lighter, smaller battery (via Autoblog Green)

Elon Musk says yes to The Oatmeal’s $8 million request for Nikola Tesla museum (via Autoblog Green)


National Grid to spend more in U.S. for storm protection (via Reuters)

Three U.S. grid facilities you should know about (via


Beginning of end for coal? Citi sees structural decline (via Renew Economy)

Coal missing boom as climate foes clean Asia’s backyard (via Bloomberg)


Enviros bash industry-backed “green” building program (via Grist)


Steyer targets Rubio, 2016 hopefuls on climate (via The Hill)

Scott Brown urged GOP senators to kill Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill (via Huffington Post)


The first climate tipping point has arrived: Will it be the last? (via Huffington Post)

The $4 trillion mistake: Climate action delayed is climate action denied (via Climate Progress)

Is the White House worried about a Republican president overturning Obama’s climate legacy? (via Bloomberg BNA)

Time to act on U.S. natural gas exports (via CNBC)

Florida already feeling effects of climate change (via Tampa Bay Times)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.8.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Climate change making food crops less nutritious, finds research (via The Guardian)

Lloyd’s calls on insurers to take into account climate change risk (via The Guardian)

Americans start to feel effects of climate change (via Politico) 

The Southeast US has more billion-dollar disasters than the rest of US combined (via Climate Progress)


Industrial combined heat and power capacity will grow 30% annually through 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Is a boom in floating LNG facilities on the horizon? (via Houston Chronicle)


Solar making big strides to power the developing world (via Renewable Energy World)

PwC: Biofuels funding future looks bright (via Environmental Leader)

France awards $5.6 billion offshore wind tender to GDF-led consortium (via Reuters)

JV plans 3GW solar PV project in Nigeria (via Recharge)

EIA says US solar surge continues (via Energy Manager Today)

Your tax dollars at work: $141 million to spark US offshore wind (via CleanTechnica)

First Solar Q1: Beats Street, raises guidance on strong utility growth (via Greentech Media)

Solar City eyes 1GW new capacity in 2015 (via Recharge)


Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.27.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Spain’s oil deposits and fracking trigger energy gold rush (via The Guardian)

US now producing 10% of world’s crude oil (via The Hill)

New York State seeks more data on crude oil rail operations (via New York Times)

Battle begins over plan to send oil trains through California cities (via Climate Progress)


UK’s big six utilities face competition probe (via Bloomberg)

FERC orders gas and electricity suppliers to work together (via Reuters)


Citigroup says “Age of Renewables” has begun (via Renew Economy)

Global solar deployment edged out wind in 2013 (via Solar Industry)

New wind power blows UK green electricity to record levels (via BusinessGreen)

Renewable energy starts 2014 off strong in US (via Renew Grid)

Study finds wind power cost competitive with natural gas in US (via

New US wind power installations plummet 93% in 2013 (via Houston Chronicle)

US solar market grappling with impact of federal tax credit expiration (via Greentech Media)

Kansas Senate approves bill ending renewable energy standards (via Kansas City Star)

Solar turf wars: NRG Energy buys roof diagnostics, Sunrun allies with Sungevity (via Greentech Media)

Watch how fast wind farms spread across the US (via Climate Central)


New UN IPCC report is cautious on making climate predictions (via Yale e360)

No pause in global sea level rise (via Scientific American)

Disasters led to $45 billion in global insurance losses in 2013 (via ABC News/AP)

Report says climate change is world’s “gravest security threat” (via RTCC)

Top scientists say global warming caused record Australian heatwave (via The Telegraph)

2013: Extreme weather, extreme damage in US (via Center for American Progress)

Obama talks climate change in new Showtime documentary (via Huffington Post)


Trade deal would ease US natural gas exports to Europe (via Reuters)

Fracking’s earthquake risks push states to collaborate (via Bloomberg)

Keystone XL battle plan may not fit enviros’ fight against LNG exports (via E&E Daily)


China’s rivers at the brink of collapse (via Huffington Post)

Big challenges for reclamation of ravaged tar sands lands (via Yale e360)

House GOP wants to make it nearly impossible for Obama to create new national monuments (via National Journal)

USGBC wants all students educated on sustainability by 2040 (via GreenBiz)

Poll: Californians cutting water use amid drought (via San Francisco Chronicle)


Poll finds support for more coal ash regulation in North Carolina (via News Observer)


Modern diesels pollute over 20% less than those from 10 years ago (via Autoblog)

100% drop-in aviation biofuels “closer” to reality (via Renewable Energy World)

US high-speed rail gets a boost with 32-train order for Siemens (via CleanTechnica)


Germany’s $2.8 billion transmission link with Norway threatened (via Bloomberg)


New Zealand’s “Kyoto forests” sow the seeds for a massive emissions surge (via The Guardian)

Have we reached the clean energy tipping point? (via GreenBiz)

Is a super El Nino coming to shatter extreme weather and global temperature records? (via Climate Progress)

Here’s why British Columbia’s carbon tax is so popular and effective (via Grist)

How the US natural gas boom just caused more US coal exports (via Climate Progress)

Why Nest’s valuation is higher than Opower’s: Hardware, consumers, homes (via GigaOm)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.13.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EU parliament excludes shale gas from tougher environmental code (via The Guardian)

Europe looks to cut Russian gas imports amid Ukraine crisis (via Christian Science Monitor)

Marcellus tops major US shale plays in drill rig productivity (via StateImpact Texas)

Wyoming Supreme Court reverses district court decision on fracking fluid disclosure (via Casper Star-Tribune)


Foreigners play a key role in comments protesting Keystone XL (via Washington Post)


Three EU countries hit 2020 renewable benchmarks early (via Climate Central)

Study: Wind power saves Europe €2.4 billion worth of water every year (via BusinessGreen)

Vestas back on top as wind turbine installation leader (via Renewable Energy World)

Wind leaves nuclear behind in China (via CleanTechnica)

1st Latin American Solar Decathlon set for Colombia in 2015 (via CleanTechnica)

Top 10 US cities for solar power (via Fast Company)

Clean energy job growth in US starts to slip (via Forbes)

Poll: 75% of US homeowners say utilities shouldn’t block solar (via Greentech Media)

SolarCity inks deal to sell solar panels at Best Buy (via SmartPlanet)

Texas leads growth in clean energy jobs (via Houston Chronicle)

Minnesota becomes first state to set “value of solar” tariff (via Midwest Energy News)

Massachusetts: The Commonwealth of solar (via Greentech Media)

Renewables could meet nearly one-third Michigan’s energy needs (via UCS)


US power grid preparedness falls short, says report (via New York Times)


China sticks with coal gasification to curb smog despite potentially big rise in CO2 emissions (via ClimateWire)

Russia considers domestic carbon market in global warming fight (via Bloomberg)

Study projects explosive African emissions growth from fossil fuels and biofuels (via Green Car Congress)

EU backs big cuts on super-strength greenhouse gases (via RTCC)

House GOP launches probe into EPA power plant emissions rule (via The Hill)


US to tap strategic petroleum reserve (via Houston Chronicle)

US surprises oil market with sale from strategic petroleum reserve (via Reuters)


Toyota expects hybrids will soon reach 20% global sales volume (via Autoblog)

Norway will become first nation with one EV for every hundred cars (via Inhabitat)

California’s pioneering low-carbon fuels rule could see multiple changes (via ClimateWire)


Indiana lawmakers flip off switch on state’s energy efficiency program (via NWI Times)

Indiana governor to decide fate of energy efficiency standard (via EnergyWire)


General Electric sued over 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster (via United Press International)


Earth has a secret reservoir of water, say scientists (via Agence France-Presse)

California drought to drive up long-term food prices (via San Jose Mercury News)


Mexico anticipates energy overhaul will bring in billions (via Houston Chronicle)


Exporting liquefied natural gas is a dreadful idea for the climate (via Climate Progress)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.31.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Looking for a way around Keystone XL, Canadian oil hits the rails (via New York Times)

Canadian emissions report undermines pipeline pitch to Washington (via InsideClimate News)

TransCanada CEO: Keystone process has been “circus” (via Politico)


Pacific Ocean may be “hiding” global warming (via RTCC)

In Sandy’s wake, flood zones and insurance rates re-examined (via NPR)

Climate change risks hiding in investment portfolios, says Gore (via Bloomberg)


In Brazil, wind blowing in a new era of renewable energy (via Washington Post)

Renewables support here to stay, says UK government (via BusinessGreen)

2013 to be a record year for offshore wind (via Grist/Earth Policy Institute)

Renewable energy for mining industry will reach $4 billion in annual market value by 2022 (via Navigant Research)

Ethanol, oil groups blitz White House as biofuel rule nears (via Reuters)

Solar rebound beating Dot.Com recovery as demand surges (via Bloomberg)

New wind energy research focuses on turbine arrangement, wind seasonality (via

Study: 30% renewables in PJM would cut costs, emissions (via Midwest Energy News/EnergyWire)

Solar advocates and Xcel spar over future of rooftop solar (via Denver Post)


The war on the “War on Coal” (via Marketplace)

Peak coal: Will the US run out of coal in 20 years or 200 years? (via Greentech Media)


States receive grades on net metering and interconnection policies (via Renew Grid)

8 charts that illustrate progress on DOE’s smart grid investment grants (via Greentech Media)

Want to opt out of a smart meter in Texas? It will cost you (via StateImpact Texas)


Poll: Oil to fall to $80 in real terms by 2020 (via Reuters)

Shell announces return to Arctic in 2014 despite mishaps (via Houston Chronicle)

North Dakota oil spill spotlights Obama delay on pipeline rules (via Bloomberg)


US Department of Defense will acquire 92,000 EVs by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

How “smart parking” could save a million barrels of oil every day (via Christian Science Monitor)

Panasonic to supply more battery cells to Tesla (via San Jose Mercury News)


GE says Australia headed for cap-and-trade (via Environmental Leader)

Germany’s Merkel faces internal opposition to EU carbon backloading fix (via Reuters)

74% of voters back EPA power plant emissions regulation (via CleanTechnica)


Russian government passes law to open up LNG exports (via Reuters)

UK government review says shale gas fracking a low risk to public health (via Reuters)

New natural gas pipeline should help reduce flaring in North Dakota (via Dickinson Press)


PACE projects on a roll: $43 million and counting (via Greentech Media)

Dallas rolls out US green building code (via Sustainable Business)


How climate change threatens the ability of global populations to rise out of poverty (via Climate Progress)

Should we use geoengineering to cool the planet? (via Washington Post)

Why the new biofuel feedstocks deserve investment, incentives (via National Geographic)

Top 9 things you didn’t know about concentrating solar power (via

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.17.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Shutdown’s science fallout could last for years (via Politico)

Obama plans to renew immigration, climate change efforts (via Washington Post)

States won’t get paid back for reopening national parks (via Politico)


Angela Merkel signals hope for EU carbon market fix (via BusinessGreen)

Repealing Australia’s carbon tax: Hidden costs, unanswered questions (via Recharge)

Harvard: University endowments shouldn’t be ruled by climate change (via Triple Pundit)

Refiners join “social cost of carbon” lobbying fray (via The Hill)


Report: Grid parity for renewables “a reality in coming years” (via BusinessGreen)

Onshore wind closes in on fossil fuel costs (via Recharge)

Ocean energy technologies speeding toward commercialization (via Renewable Energy World)

Small wind sees big UK growth (via Recharge)

Phasing out the PTC as wind nears grid parity (via Breaking Energy)

US biodiesel production to surpass RFS target for second straight year (via Green Car Congress)

US ethanol in throes of tumult (via EarthTechling)

Solving energy poverty with solar light bulbs: Nokero product review (via CleanTechnica)


TransCanada expects US decision on Keystone XL by end of March (via Bloomberg)


EU auto emissions rule: First the announcement, then the uproar (via New York Times)

Commercial fleets leading US move away from oil-based vehicle fuels (via Houston Chronicle)

Fuel economy of new vehicles continues to improve (via EarthTechling)

Tesla leads in transfer of California ZEV credits for year ending September 30, 2013 (via Green Car Congress)

Repeal of Virginia hybrid vehicle tax in the works (via Richmond Times-Dispatch)


Asian investors, LNG buyers look to North America as Australia taps out (via Reuters)

Marcellus gas about to enter New York City, but New England is a tougher sell (via EnergyWire)

Groups claim Ohio becoming “radioactive waste dump” for fracking companies (via Columbus Business Journal)


Low natural gas price to hamper US energy efficiency, says IEA (via Bloomberg)

World’s largest net zero building opens in Los Altos, California (via EarthTechling)


Why colleges are big believers in microgrids (via GreenBiz)

Corporations embrace microgrids in threat to utilities (via Bloomberg)


California’s top oil regulator on fracking, climate change, fossil fuels (via National Journal)


What oil-hungry China means for the rest of the world (via Christian Science Monitor)

Is the hub of corporate sustainability moving toward Asia? (via The Guardian)