Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.11.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Six ways climate change threw the animal world into disarray this year (via Climate Progress)

John Kerry: Climate change is now a security issue (via The Guardian)

Top scientists to media: Stop using “skeptic” to describe deniers (via Climate Progress)


Poll: Majority of U.S. voters back regulating methane emissions (via The Hill)


Distributed solar PV poised to reach its potential in Africa (via Navigant Research)

India uses coal tax to help fund 21GW new solar development (via PV Tech)

South Africa plans to triple renewables output to curb blackouts (via Blomberg)

Australia adds another 75MW rooftop solar in November (via Renew Economy)

World’s largest coal miner announces 1GW solar power plan (via CleanTechnica)

Climate Bonds Initiative lifts lid on green bond market (via BusinessGreen)

US-China solar trade deal still possible despite breakdown claims (via PV Tech)

Over a third of new U.S. electricity came from solar this year (via GigaOm)

Off-grid solar companies closed $64 million in 2014: Start of a bigger trend? (via Greentech Media)

Lawmakers frustrated at EPA over ethanol mandate delay (via The Hill)

First Solar gives U.S. residential market another try (via Forbes)

A small-town Kansas bank is helping lead a solar revolution (via Midwest Energy News)


Coal wins, sage grouse loses in $1.1 trillion U.S. budget deal (via Bloomberg)

SDG&E: Utilities need to set “proper price signals” to manage distributed generation (via Greentech Media)


Oil price hit by OPEC numbers as Saudis stand firm on output (via Houston Chronicle)

Alaska faces $3.5 billion deficit amid lower oil prices (via Houston Chronicle)


China offers billions to subsidize EV charging build-out (via Bloomberg)

Several states are adding or increasing incentives for EV charging stations (via US EIA)

Boeing completes first flight powered with “green diesel” (via CleanTechnica)


Nuclear poised to be winner as Abe eyes broader Japan majority (via Bloomberg)

DOE announces $12.5 billion in loans for advanced nuclear (via Greentech Media)


Energy efficient buildings expected to reach nearly $623 billion annual revenue by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Database showcases 37 net-zero energy buildings across U.S. (via Energy Manager Today)

New Honda “Green Dealer Guide” spells out energy efficiency for dealership buildings (via Green Car Reports)


Microgrids create energy-resilient communities (via Renewable Energy World)

Broaching the baseload issue: Finding hybrid solutions to stabilize the grid (via Renewable Energy World)


Visualizing the rise of carbon pricing around the world (via Fast Company)


Study shows 270,000 tons of plastic float in the ocean (via Huffington Post)


Is cellulosic ethanol all it’s cracked up to be? (via Breaking Energy)

Cheap oil’s make-or-break moment for clean energy (via Huffington Post)

Will new technologies give a critical boost to solar power? (via Yale e360)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.10.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


India planning $100 billion on climate-related projects (via Bloomberg)

Green Climate Fund will get $200 million from Australia after Tony Abbott’s about turn (via The Guardian)

Belgian pledge pushes Green Climate Fund to $10 billion goal (via Reuters)

Kerry going to Peru for climate talks (via The Hill)


Canada will not impose oil and gas regulations unilaterally, given prices (via Reuters)

UK business energy costs predicted to rise by around a third by 2030 (via Business Green)


“Explosive growth” in solar distributed generation market to take China to 14GW (via PV Tech)

Renewable energy grows, large and small, in Africa (via Navigant Research)

Pakistan repeals import tax on solar equipment (via PV Tech)

Russian, Indian funds to invest $1 billion in hydropower (via Reuters)

Belgian wind energy island may get go-ahead in early 2015 (via Reuters)

10 slides show the complex future and “tipping point” of U.S. solar (via Greentech Media)

Solar and wind increasingly shaping CAISO load curves (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Small wind leases open up new markets (via Navigant Research)

Testimonies coming out of the US solar anti-dumping hearings (via CleanTechnica)


OPEC sees weakest demand for its crude in 12 years across 2015 (via Bloomberg)


Tesla unveils Australian Supercharger network plan, delivers first EVs to country (via Renew Economy)

Gas could hit $2.50 by Christmas (via The Hill)

California leads the nation in adoption of EVs (via US EIA)


Senate Dems to EPA: Make climate rule stronger (via The Hill)

Researchers say carbon tax could reduce Oregon’s emissions without hurting economy (via The Oregonian)


Lower-cost batteries likely to create $190 million storage market in 2020 (via Green Car Congress)


Japan’s weather bureau declares first El Nino (via The Guardian)


What can Hawaii expect from NextEra’s purchase of Hawaiian Electric? (via Greentech Media)

How EVs can aid the smart grid (via Navigant Research)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.5.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Kerry: U.S., China cannot solve climate problems alone (via The Hill)

Queen Elizabeth admits “one has climate change concerns” (via BusinessGreen)

Tasmanian devils decline due to climate change, says research (via The Guardian)

Jersey retreating from rivers, but not coast, after Sandy (via Climate Central)

More activists arrested as climate demonstration continues at FERC (via Greenwire)


South Korea carbon market unlikely to deliver climate target, say analysts (via BusinessGreen)

Germany looks to fast-track exit from coal, as well as nuclear (via Renew Economy)

California readies for cap-and-trade next steps (via TriplePundit)

Church of England failing to heed call to divest from fossil fuels (via The Guardian)


How renewables in developing countries are leapfrogging traditional power (via Climate Progress)

Concerns amid low Brazil solar PV prices (via Recharge News)

Severe droughts hasten hydropower’s slow decline (via Navigant Research)

The end of a solar era: The Legacy of the California Solar Initiative (via Greentech Media)

Enphase posts record quarterly revenue with more expected (via PV Tech)


TransCanada says Keystone XL project costs rise to $8 billion (via Bloomberg)

The Senate has a filibuster-proof pro-Keystone XL majority (via National Journal)


LED efficiency soars in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

NREL, U.S. Army validate energy savings for net zero energy installations (via


Halliburton CEO expects shale to reverse oil price slump (via Bloomberg)


PGE takes energy storage to the distribution substation (via Greentech Media)

EU plans power supergrid to boost renewables (via RTCC)


Denton voters pass first fracking ban in Texas (via Houston Chronicle)

Three of four Ohio towns reject anti-fracking measures (via Midwest Energy News)


Pollution halves India’s potential grain yield (via Hindustan Times/Reuters)

California passes $7.5 billion water bond (via Huffington Post)


The new GOP Senate is already gearing up to cause climate mayhem (via Grist)

Elections a half victory for climate billionaire Steyer (via The Hill)

RNC Chair Priebus: Obama will sign Keystone XL bill (via The Hill)

Congratulations, voters. You just made this climate denier the most powerful senator on the environment (via The New Republic)


Why two crucial pages were left out of the latest UN climate report (via Washington Post)

Despite everything, 2014 is another growth year for solar PV (via Renewable Energy World)

Which hybrids save you money? Not as many as you might think (via Autoblog Green)

There’s still no consistent way to value solar on the grid (via Greentech Media)

The California Water Bond is a beginning, not an end: Here’s what’s next (via Huffington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.30.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Bangladesh leads 32 nations hit by extreme climate risk (via Bloomberg)

Two years on: Sandy inspires storm of climate research (via Climate Central)

Chuck Hagel: We should worry about climate change like we worry about ISIS (via Huffington Post)


Ukraine-Russia gas talks stalled in Brussels (via The Hill)

EIA says natural gas exports would boost economy, raise prices (via The Hill)

U.S. natural gas market players move from “cautiously optimistic” to “all in” (via Breaking Energy)


China rushes to harness wind while the government still pays (via Bloomberg)

Mexico’s clean energy certificate guidelines will support renewables development (via Breaking Energy)

Giant UK offshore wind farm hits power target earlier than expected (via BusinessGreen)

Solar presents solution to Brazil post-election economic woes (via PV Tech)

Scottish Power may cut size of English offshore wind farm (via Reuters)

Solar grid parity in all 50 U.S. states by 2016, predicts Deutsche Bank (via CleanTechnica)

Biogas, a low-tech fuel with a big payoff (via New York Times)

SunPower earnings: Solar is increasingly competitive (via San Jose Mercury News)

New York Green Bank in debut clean energy transactions (via PV Tech)

Getting off the grid in Hawaii becoming a family affair (via Bloomberg)

Ivanpah solar power plant energy production falling well short of expectations (via Breaking Energy)


Private banks invest record €66 billion in coal sector (via RTCC)


China’s trade dominance is bringing more pollution from an unexpected source (via Quartz)

German CO2 emissions to fall in 2014 as renewables deliver record 28% of country’s power (via BusinessGreen)

Breathing cleaner air to cost Americans on utility bills (via Bloomberg)

Hydropower may be huge source of methane emissions (via Climate Central)


OPEC sees little output change in 2015, says don’t panic on oil drop (via Reuters)


Average U.S. gas prices set to drop below $3 (via The Hill)

Tesla direct sales banned in Michigan (via Navigant Research)


Kerry wants Keystone pipeline decision “sooner rather than later” (via Reuters)

Landowners, tribes to intervene in Keystone’s South Dakota permit renewal (via The Hill)


Environmental groups sue feds over nuclear waste rules (via The Hill)


LEDs save energy and boosts profits, productivity in factories (via


George P. Bush and how the next generation of Republicans talk about climate change (via Climate Progress)

How cheap wind energy threatens to upend Kansas’ governor’s race and upset the Koch Brothers (via Climate Progress)

How Big Oil could be the big winner in Colorado’s elections (via Climate Progress)


Australia divestment war shows investment is now the main climate change battleground (via The Guardian)

What you need to know about the next big climate report (via Grist)

Why oil prices went down so far so fast (via Bloomberg)

While you were getting worked up over oil prices, this just happened to solar (via Bloomberg)

Experts: Reducing carbon emissions, increasing grid reliable are doable (via Forbes)

What New York City can learn from its relationship with the sea (via Huffington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.12.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


In the ocean, clues to climate change (via New York Times)

UN: Climate adaptation investment will ensure Africa’s growth (via BusinessGreen)

Report: Great Barrier Reef’s greatest threat is climate change (via The Guardian)

“Remarkable” warming reported in Central California coastal waters (via Los Angeles Times)


Mexico opens gas and oil sectors to foreign, private firms (via ABC News/AP)


Mexico and Central America – emerging clean energy powerhouses (via Bloomberg)

Japan challenges China to be world’s biggest solar market in 2014 (via Renew Economy)

Brazil readies big push on solar energy but companies are wary (via Reuters)

Mexico 2014 renewable investment may exceed $2.4 billion (via Bloomberg)

IRS guidance relaxed renewable energy tax credit (via The Hill)

Feds designate three North Carolina offshore wind areas (via The Hill)

Stacked solar cells could make solar power cheaper than natural gas (via Treehugger)


IEA says world oil market will supplied despite conflicts (via Reuters)

ExxonMobil and Russia began drilling for oil in the Arctic on Saturday (via Climate Progress)

IEA: Weakest oil demand growth since 2012 allays supply risks (via Bloomberg)

North Dakota considers requiring treatment of Bakken crude oil (via Wall Street Journal)


Annual sales of EVs in North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific will reach 1.8 million by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Study: Airline ticket prices need to increase for climate policies to work (via Climate Progress)

EV makers and utilities unite to realize V2G potential (via Navigant Research)

Tesla Model S shows flaws over time, says Consumer Reports (via Bloomberg)

Income cap coming for California EV rebate, is Tesla most vulnerable? (via Green Car Reports)

Tesla gets legal approval to sell EVs in Pennsylvania (via Autoblog Green)


Australia warns of poor outlook for Great Barrier Reef (via Reuters)

Study: Extreme summer heat, rain on rise as weather gets trapped (via Reuters)

Research project aims to lessen the surprise of extreme wildfires (via Los Angeles Times)

Gulf oyster harvest has nose-dived since BP oil spill (via Huffington Post/AP)

California’s governor reaches $7.2 billion drought bond deal (via Bloomberg)

Tall, ancient, and under pressure (via New York Times)

San Francisco poised to require water rationing in drought (via San Francisco Chronicle)


Government survey: UK opposition to fracking on the rise (via BusinessGreen)

Report: Too few drinking water safeguards near fracking wells (via Columbus Dispatch)

Ohio’s Utica region now included in EIA’s monthly drilling productivity report (via U.S. EIA)

Big natural gas trove for frackers at Pittsburgh International Airport (via New York Times)


Russia ships coal to America despite sanctions (via Forbes)

Beijing cuts coal use 7% in H1 2014 in anti-smog push (via Reuters)


Study examines “brown carbon” while over a dozen western fires burn (via Climate Progress)

Algae companies ask EPA to endorse carbon capture efforts (via Environmental Leader)

Is fight of California cap-and-trade gas prices aimed at scuttling climate law? (via ClimateWire)


Keystone XL could mean more carbon emissions than estimated, says study (via Los Angeles Times)

Nebraska court ruling on Keystone XL pipeline not expected until 2015 (via Reuters)

Environmental groups press Kerry on climate impact of Keystone (via The Hill)


For microgrids, it’s not all about size (via Navigant Research)

New England effort to expand gas pipelines, transmission hits a snag (via EnergyWire)

California takes first step toward creating a distributed, intelligent grid of the future (via Greentech Media)


Los Angeles’ city-owned electric utility raises its energy efficiency ambitions (via NRDC Switchboard)


Rick Perry and other Republicans are loving an Obama-backed green car company (via National Journal)

When did Republicans start hating the environment? (via Mother Jones)


Can we reach a global warming deal? (via National Journal)

Three ways oil matters for the crisis in Iraq (via Vox)

The 198 people who can transform America’s electric grid (via GreenBiz)

Could California become a leader in smart water management? (via Smart Grid Library)

Climate contrarians overrepresented in media coverage, says new survey (via InsideClimate News)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.22.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Utility spending on smart grid as a service will total $57.6 billion from 2014 through 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Will utilities heed the grid defection alarm? (via Energy Collective)

When will smart meters’ day come? (via EnergyWire)

Solar paired with energy storage scores a regulatory win in California (via Greentech Media)


EPA is readying climate rule for existing power plants as deadline approaches (via Washington Post)

Obama divides power industry with emissions rule utilities accept (via Bloomberg)

States pressing EPA for energy efficiency credits in power plant regulations, says Moniz (via Greenwire)


Pat Sajak: Climate change tweet “parody” (via Politico)


China solar makers seek talks to resolve trade dispute with U.S. (via Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

European utility says wind now cheapest form of generation (via Renew Economy)

Biofuels for road transportation will reach $338 billion in annual revenue by 2022 (via Navigant Research)

Connecticut agency closes on $30 million PACE financing deal (via New Haven Register)

Innovative farm methane energy projects clash with Wisconsin policy (via Midwest Energy News)


China curbs capital’s coal consumption to combat smog (via Reuters)


UN climate fund agrees to rules, paving way to raise capital (via Bloomberg)

Climate change is single most divisive issue, says poll (via Huffington Post)

North Carolina wants to nominate climate deniers to study sea level rise (via Climate Progress)

How South Florida is ignoring the state’s leading politicians to take on climate change (via Climate Progress)

Pope Francis on climate change: “If we destroy creation, creation will destroy us” (via Climate Progress)


$400 billion gas deal shows Russia looking to China to replace western money (via Forbes)

Venezuela plans first shale gas exploration project (via Reuters)

Kerry says Russia-China gas deal not linked to Ukraine (via Reuters)


Will ads run on your Nest thermostat one day? (via GigaOm)


Write-down on two-thirds of US shale oil explodes fracking myth (via The Guardian)

Oil climbs to $104 as U.S. supplies drop sharply (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

BP lodges Supreme Court appeal to limit Gulf of Mexico oil spill settlement (via The Guardian)


EU aims to put brake on truck emissions with new regulations (via BusinessGreen)

Nissan’s electric vehicle free-charging program hits speed bump (via San Francisco Chronicle)

GM has installed 401 EV charge stations at US facilities, 5,900 at dealerships (via Green Car Congress)


Nebraska Supreme Court to weigh Keystone XL by October (via Politico)


California drought threatens US food supply; collapsing aquifer sinking the land (via Weather Channel)

373,000 Colorado homes at high wildfire risk (via Coloradoan)


Fukushima Daiichi begins pumping groundwater into Pacific (via The Guardian)


The House Science Committee has held more hearings on aliens than climate change (via National Journal)

Steyer’s PAC targets seven races for November (via Politico)

Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate opposes anti-green energy bill (via Toledo Blade)


Crimea oil and gas will not come easy for Russia (via Christian Science Monitor)

Climate change and the American economy (via The Hill)

How green spaces could stop cities from overheating (via The Guardian)

Monterey Shale: Fracking’s great moment of derp (via CleanTechnica)

Meet me in New York, says Bill McKibben – it’s time to get arrested (via Grist)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.20.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Shell says fossil fuel reserves won’t be “stranded” by climate regulation (via Reuters)

Emissions from 10 food and drink companies “higher than Scandinavia” (via BusinessGreen)

EPA carbon curbs to reach beyond power plant “fence,” aiding cap-and-trade (via Reuters)

Pundits weigh risks, benefits of Obama himself rolling out power plant rule (via Greenwire)

IEA graphic shows how to radically reduce CO2 (via Climate Central)

RGGI carbon market monitor releases report (via Environmental Leader)


UK will be largest solar PV market in Europe in 2014 (via CleanTechnica)

German lesson for renewable power policies (via Energy Collective)

GE has invested $10 billion in clean energy (via CleanTechnica)

8GW of new US solar PV expected in 2014-2015 (via Recharge)

EPA mulls ethanol change as industry profits soar (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Maryland’s $200 million wind energy project will move forward thanks to governor’s veto (via Climate Progress)

When solar property taxes get personal (via Renewable Energy World)


Inslee wants to wean electric utilities off coal (via The Columbian)

The coal ash sludge in North Carolina’s Dan River is finally getting vacuumed up (via Climate Progress)


Doubling of Antarctic ice loss revealed by European satellite (via The Guardian)

Greenland ice sheet melt could occur yearly by 2100 (via Climate Central)

Reports say collapse of West Antarctic Ice Sheet is unstoppable, may cause great flood (via Elite Daily)

North Korea: An unlikely champion in the fight against climate change (via The Guardian)

Vancouver wants review to examine economic effects of climate change (via Vancouver Sun)

Many U.S. landmarks threatened by climate change (via Gannett News)

Local leaders call for U.S. help to deal with climate change (via Bloomberg)

Study says cities depending on snowmelt for water could face problems (via Christian Science Monitor)

In landmark class action, Farmers Insurance sues local governments for ignoring climate change (via Climate Progress)

Kerry calls on U.S. college graduates to face down climate change (via Reuters)


Chile gets an energy agenda, Costa Rica saves electricity, Mexico wants more renewables (via NRDC Switchboard)

Integrated resources planning in India could help with electricity shortages (via World Resources Institute)

Read the secret trade memo calling for more fracking and offshore drilling (via Huffington Post)

Former Mexican President calls for global green growth push (via BusinessGreen)


Did scientists just solve the bee collapse mystery? (via Mother Jones)

Obama to declare largest national monument in his tenure in New Mexico (via Washington Post)

Drought could cost California Central Valley farms $1.7 billion and 14,500 jobs (via Los Angeles Times)

California governor on drought, wildfires: “Humanity is on a collision course with nature” (via Climate Progress)


IHS says EV sales are better than you think (via Autoblog Green)

FTC staff comes out in favor of Tesla, direct vehicle sales (via Autoblog Green)

GM reduced energy and carbon intensity 3.5% per vehicle in 2013 (via Green Car Congress)

New Fisker owner ready to go broke building EVs, challenging Tesla (via Autoblog Green)


Solar and storage are pushing the market for distributed resource management tools (via Greentech Media)

UC San Diego is building the “Motel 6” of microgrids (via Greentech Media)

Ohio looks to fuel cells as economic catalyst (via Midwest Energy News)


Opower expands behavioral demand response to one million customers (via Greentech Media)

Keep your cool: Top five myths of summer energy efficiency (via Greentech Media)

Freezing Ohio energy efficiency standards will mean higher bills for customers (via Columbus Business First)


Ontario election holds renewable energy impact (via Recharge)

The most interesting climate policy debate you haven’t heard of (via Climate Progress)

In Alaska senate race, fierce competition to prove who knows less about climate science (via Climate Progress)

Climate activist Members of Congress to “sound alarm” on Capitol Hill (via The Hill)

Biden to attend fundraiser with Keystone XL opponent Steyer (via Reuters)


Climate change: Get ready or get sued (via Washington Post)

Carbon pricing vs. regulation (via Energy Collective)

Trains and crude oil are too often an accident waiting to happen (via Los Angeles Times)

What the Farmers Insurance suit tells us about climate change (via NRDC Switchboard)

Where should the investors divest? (via Resilience)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.15.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Fossil-free investment portfolios soared 50% in 2013 (via RTCC)

Obama said to put personal push behind EPA emission rules (via Bloomberg)


LNG, power demand driving shift in U.S. gas flow (via Houston Chronicle)

Overwhelming vote advances extenders bill, but hurdles remain (via E&E Daily)

Ohio’s manufacturers on both sides of debate over efficiency and renewables (via Plain-Dealer)


Bangladesh leads the world in small solar power home installations (via Mashable)

Is 3,000MW of new Nigeria solar power a model to end energy poverty? (via CleanTechnica)

India may back solar duties after probe finds dumping (via Bloomberg)

Netherlands’ largest offshore wind farm powers forward (via BusinessGreen)

80% of British support renewable energy (via Renewable Energy World)

US biodiesel producers hit hard by policy uncertainty (via

Senate debates wind tax credit extension (via Houston Chronicle)


Delays on climate change have cost us $8 trillion, says IEA (via New Scientist)

IPCC reports “diluted” under “political pressure” to protect fossil fuel interests (via The Guardian)

Warming shifting hurricane impacts away from tropics (via Climate Central)

Japan, Australia urge developing countries to do more on climate (via RTCC)

Kerry to warn of national security climate threats in speech (via The Hill)

Insurance company sues Illinois cities for climate damage (via ClimateWire)

Raging California wildfires fueled by unusually hot May weather (via Los Angeles Times)


U.S. crude output advances to 28-year high on shale boom (via Bloomberg)

Expert: White House likely to lift oil export ban (via Houston Chronicle)

Investors pressuring oil industry over $1.1 trillion exposure to high-cost projects (via Forbes)

California’s thirst shapes debate over fracking (via New York Times)


White House urges Congress to shore up depleted Highway Trust Fund (via Autoblog)

2015 Chevy Spark will have lighter, smaller battery (via Autoblog Green)

Elon Musk says yes to The Oatmeal’s $8 million request for Nikola Tesla museum (via Autoblog Green)


National Grid to spend more in U.S. for storm protection (via Reuters)

Three U.S. grid facilities you should know about (via


Beginning of end for coal? Citi sees structural decline (via Renew Economy)

Coal missing boom as climate foes clean Asia’s backyard (via Bloomberg)


Enviros bash industry-backed “green” building program (via Grist)


Steyer targets Rubio, 2016 hopefuls on climate (via The Hill)

Scott Brown urged GOP senators to kill Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill (via Huffington Post)


The first climate tipping point has arrived: Will it be the last? (via Huffington Post)

The $4 trillion mistake: Climate action delayed is climate action denied (via Climate Progress)

Is the White House worried about a Republican president overturning Obama’s climate legacy? (via Bloomberg BNA)

Time to act on U.S. natural gas exports (via CNBC)

Florida already feeling effects of climate change (via Tampa Bay Times)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.14.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Crude oil shipments by rail increased 83 percent in 2013 (via New York Times)

BP regains ability to bid on leases for US land and water (via Washington Post)

Report: Fracking could raise earthquake risks in California (via Houston Chronicle)

Average pump price passes $3.50 for first time in 6 months (via Houston Chronicle)


Research: China’s “war on smog” won’t cut CO2 by much (via RTCC)

Social cost of carbon greatly underestimated, says report (via Climate Central)


Norway’s oil fund may inject $40 billion in renewables (via Renew Economy)

Mexico boosts appeal as emerging solar market (via Solar Industry Magazine)

The burden of permitting, inspection, and interconnection on residential solar PV deployment (via Energy Collective)

California’s grid sets two new solar energy records in two days (via CleanTechnica)

Xcel Energy awards $42 million for development of renewable energy projects (via Renew Grid)

US seeks comments on Virginia offshore wind (via Recharge)

It’s official: Efficiency, clean energy can help fill California’s nuclear generation gap (via Renewable Energy World)

Panasonic looks to California for solar-storage integration lessons (via Greentech Media)


Beyond the hype, Keystone would yield few permanent jobs (via Reuters)

Keystone debate rages in Senate over health, climate effects (via Houston Chronicle)

Kerry says he hasn’t prejudged Keystone XL (via The Hill)

Markey wants Keystone XL oil to stay in US (via The Hill)

Dems grapple with dilemma on Keystone XL (via Washington Post)


SEC’s role in climate change (via The Hill)

Technology needed to combat climate change, says Murkowski (via Bloomberg)

Here’s what the Chamber of Commerce thinks about global warming (via National Journal)


16% of natural gas consumed in Europe flows through Ukraine (via US EIA)

Experts see cheaper way to turn natural gas into fuels (via Reuters)

Stakes high in mystery over Ohio fracking, quakes (via Columbus Dispatch)


Emails link Duke Energy and North Carolina regulators (via New York Times)

North Carolina rejects Duke’s coal ash plan, amid leniency accusations (via News & Observer)

Utility quietly buying up homes near Wisconsin coal plant on groundwater pollution fears (via Journal-Sentinel)

18 Ohio coal power plans operating with expired pollution permits (via Columbus Dispatch)


Climate change showdown in Florida governor’s race (via InsideClimate News)

Hanger withdraws from Pennsylvania governor’s race (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Russia picks an odd time to put on climate halo (via Bloomberg)

Are US infrastructure needs truly urgent? (via New York Times)

How risky is investing in oil stocks? (via CleanTechnica)

Five things we learned from the Keystone XL Senate hearing (via Climate Progress)

Fourth time’s the charm on climate change for Chamber of Commerce (via National Journal)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.27.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Shaheen, Portman finalize latest version of bill ahead of release (Via E&E Daily)

Opower’s evolution: Will the efficiency firm soon be a solar and EV integrator? (via Greentech Media)


IG: State Dept did not break rules when hiring consultant for Keystone XL report (via Washington Post)

Corporation exploiting major loophole to quickly build 600-mile tar sands pipeline (via Climate Progress)

Canadian crude now moving through Keystone XL’s southern leg (via Houston Chronicle)

Kerry feels Keystone XL pressure from all sides (via National Journal)

Sen. Boxer raises health concerns about Keystone XL (via USA Today)

Youth plan major White House protest against Keystone XL (via Huffington Post)


Solar set for record global expansion in 2014, led by China (via Houston Chronicle)

Germany must scrap its green energy law, say experts (via Reuters)

UK wind power output grew 38 percent in 2013 (via BusinessGreen)

IEA says wind, solar can carry bulk of energy transformation (via Recharge)

Midsize EPCs squeezed globally while the US and China nurture top firms (via Solar Industry)

Morocco opens final tender on wind farms worth $1.7 billion (via Reuters)

Large offshore wind farms could soften blow of hurricanes (via Yale e360)

Report: Solar paired with storage is a “real, near, and present” threat to utilities (via Greentech Media)

Oregon Senate passes bill to protect state renewable energy mandates (via The Oregonian)

Cape Wind expects to wrap financing in Q3 (via Recharge)


Dream of US oil independence slams against shale costs (via Bloomberg)

Accidents spur US to mandate tests of oil by train (via Reuters)

Seismic troubles stir up trouble in offshore drilling debate (via National Journal)

Shippers confused by new federal order on oil transport (via National Journal)


Obama proposed $302 billion transportation bill (via Washington Post)

Tesla Gigafactory will be capable of supplying 500,000 EVs a year (via Autoblog Green)

Honda to halt production of Insight hybrid vehicle (via Bloomberg)


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Smart grid benefits could bypass consumers, warns report (via

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