Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.22.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Fate of EU carbon market hangs in balance of reform vote (via RTCC)

EU carbon trading reforms in doubt after MEPs fail to agree on start date (via BusinessGreen)

European Parliament committee fails to agree on carbon reform date (via Reuters)

How the oil industry will try to kill carbon pricing (via Sightline Daily)


Citing climate, Obama issues Arctic executive order (via USA Today)

The case of Greenland’s disappearing lakes (via CBS News)

How far Obama’s message on climate change has come (via Washington Post)


U.S. coal declines, bucks global trend (via Climate Central)


EPIA: Germany’s solar tender plan “makes no sense” while PV prices fall (via PV Tech)

U.S. trade panel triggers duties on China, Taiwan solar gear (via Bloomberg)

Trina Solar remains committed to supplying PV modules to U.S. after ITC ruling (via PV Tech)

Dubai ups renewable energy target to 15% by 2030 (via PV Tech)

Plans submitted for 205MW Chile solar project (via PV Tech)

Greenwood to build 80-megawatt solar power facility in Chile (via Bloomberg)

U.S. wind power installations rose six-fold in 2014 (via Bloomberg)

Hawaii’s biggest utility wants to ditch solar net metering (via Greentech Media)

Moth eyes inspire scientists to cut reflection on solar panels (via GigaOm)

Solar as an energy equity solution (via Renewable Energy World)

Higher renewable energy standard could boost Minnesota’s economy (via Midwest Energy News)


House passes bill to speed natural gas pipelines (via The Hill)


Grid edge investments total $1.3 billion in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

FERC files Supreme Court challenge to demand response decision (via Greentech Media)

Clean Line solicits 3.5GW capacity for Grain Belt Express (via Recharge)


OPEC chief says oil will rebound, defends decision not to cut (via Reuters)

Spain mulls fracking after offshore drilling comes up dry (via Christian Science Monitor)

BP head expects oil prices “low for up to three years” (via BBC)

U.S. drivers put oil market on road to recovery (via Reuters)

Nearly 3 million gallons of brine spill in North Dakota oil boom’s largest leak (via Houston Chronicle)


Tokyo wants 6,000 fuel cell cars from Toyota and Honda for 2020 Olympics (via Autoblog)


Republican hints at Keystone XL backup plan (via The Hill)


GOP knives come out against U.S.-China carbon pact, Paris climate talks (via National Journal)

Senate votes 98-1 that “climate change is real and not a hoax” (via Climate Progress)

How senators voted on whether climate change is real and “human activity significantly contributes” (via National Journal)

Republicans edit climate-denial mockery out of Obama’s State of the Union (via Grist)

Obama to Republicans: So long, and thanks for nothing (via Grist)

Tom Steyer’s green ambitions (via Los Angeles Times)


As Obama and Modi meet, 4 opportunities for U.S.-India action on clean energy and climate (via WRI Insights)

U.S.-India climate talks could pave way for billions in clean energy investment but not emissions goals (via International Business Times)

NRG’s grand ambition to dominate the solar market (via Forbes)

Five reasons why companies should invest in climate resilience now (via GreenBiz)

The most important solar trends in eight charts (via Greentech Media)

Climate action protects the middle class (via Huffington Post)

The Senate is pretty clearly a hoax (via Vox)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.14.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China calls for local targets to curb coal use, cut pollution (via Bloomberg)

Carbon pricing set to cover 80 percent of Canada’s economy (via RTCC)

White House methane plan takes aim at oil and gas industry (via Houston Chronicle)

Goddard College becomes fourth Vermont school to divest from fossil fuels (via Huffington Post)

Harvard invests tens of millions in fossil fuels despite divestment campaign (via The Guardian)

Top 10 carbon market predictions for 2015 (via TriplePundit)


Deutsche Bank predicts solar grid parity in 80% of global market by 2017 (via CleanTechnica)

Mexico to build 2.3GW wind capacity by 2019 (via Recharge)

Green bond market hits record $36.6 billion in 2014 (via BusinessGreen)

Utilities push back as solar industry booms in Japan (via Forbes)

Google’s clean energy capacity passes 2.5GW with latest solar investment (via BusinessGreen)

Report: Solar is cheaper than the grid in 42 of 50 largest U.S. cities (via Greentech Media)

U.S. homes fitted with PV attract higher prices, says report (via PV Tech)

As North Carolina solar industry booms the region takes notes (via Environmental Leader)

Ohio renewable energy policies spurred growth, now driving away business, says report (via

NREL enzyme could help offset fossil fuel dependence (via Energy Manager Today)


India’s faulty grid presents a transmission opportunity (via Navigant Research)

Moody’s and Navigant offer conflicting views on economics of solar-plus storage (via PV Tech)


Developing cities hold big key to climate action (via Climate Central)

Melting glaciers imperil Kathmandu, perched high above rising seas (via Bloomberg)

Moisture shortfall, heat threaten Southwestern forests (via Climate Central)

Climate change is laying waste to water supplies, warns Farm Bureau (via Grist)


Record oil imports take China closest ever to passing U.S. (via Bloomberg)

Commodity traders exploit crude crash to make oil storage king (via Bloomberg)

Poll: Majority of voters oppose more oil exports (via The Hill)

EIA forecasts temporary peak in U.S. oil output in May (via Reuters)

Some on Wall Street see oil plunging to $40 and below (via Houston Chronicle)

Keystone-oil export ban sought by Senator backing pipeline bill (via Bloomberg)

Tool shows how taxpayer money could be spent instead of subsidizing Big Oil (via EcoWatch)


China to cut subsidies for non-electric vehicles (via Bloomberg)

United Kingdom emergency services in front line of government EV rollout (via BusinessGreen)

Honda announces all-electric and PHEV model while debuting FCV concept (via Inside EVs)

Musk: Tesla can make a few million cars a year by 2025 (via GigaOm)

Nissan CEO: Chevy Bolt “not a surprise”  - Nissan has competing, long-range EV in development (via Inside EVs)


Annual revenue from fuel cell systems is expected to reach nearly $57.8 billion by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Reverse net metering? California penalizes certain types of energy efficiency (via Forbes)


Worries about consumers cutting utility ties are overblown, say Moody’s analysts (via Greentech Media)

Top 50 green American schools, as Stanford faculty calls for fossil fuel divestment (via CleanTechnica)


The 25 billion-dollar weather disasters of 2014 (via WeatherUnderground)


Senate to vote on whether climate change is happening (via The Hill)

Two ways Obama can win on Keystone even if Republicans triumph (via Slate)

Ted Cruz oil export amendment difficult vote for some GOP senators (via National Journal)

The greenest governor in America tells Grist about his big climate plan (via Grist)

Massachusetts’s governor appoints controversial new energy team (via Boston Globe)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.11.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Six ways climate change threw the animal world into disarray this year (via Climate Progress)

John Kerry: Climate change is now a security issue (via The Guardian)

Top scientists to media: Stop using “skeptic” to describe deniers (via Climate Progress)


Poll: Majority of U.S. voters back regulating methane emissions (via The Hill)


Distributed solar PV poised to reach its potential in Africa (via Navigant Research)

India uses coal tax to help fund 21GW new solar development (via PV Tech)

South Africa plans to triple renewables output to curb blackouts (via Blomberg)

Australia adds another 75MW rooftop solar in November (via Renew Economy)

World’s largest coal miner announces 1GW solar power plan (via CleanTechnica)

Climate Bonds Initiative lifts lid on green bond market (via BusinessGreen)

US-China solar trade deal still possible despite breakdown claims (via PV Tech)

Over a third of new U.S. electricity came from solar this year (via GigaOm)

Off-grid solar companies closed $64 million in 2014: Start of a bigger trend? (via Greentech Media)

Lawmakers frustrated at EPA over ethanol mandate delay (via The Hill)

First Solar gives U.S. residential market another try (via Forbes)

A small-town Kansas bank is helping lead a solar revolution (via Midwest Energy News)


Coal wins, sage grouse loses in $1.1 trillion U.S. budget deal (via Bloomberg)

SDG&E: Utilities need to set “proper price signals” to manage distributed generation (via Greentech Media)


Oil price hit by OPEC numbers as Saudis stand firm on output (via Houston Chronicle)

Alaska faces $3.5 billion deficit amid lower oil prices (via Houston Chronicle)


China offers billions to subsidize EV charging build-out (via Bloomberg)

Several states are adding or increasing incentives for EV charging stations (via US EIA)

Boeing completes first flight powered with “green diesel” (via CleanTechnica)


Nuclear poised to be winner as Abe eyes broader Japan majority (via Bloomberg)

DOE announces $12.5 billion in loans for advanced nuclear (via Greentech Media)


Energy efficient buildings expected to reach nearly $623 billion annual revenue by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Database showcases 37 net-zero energy buildings across U.S. (via Energy Manager Today)

New Honda “Green Dealer Guide” spells out energy efficiency for dealership buildings (via Green Car Reports)


Microgrids create energy-resilient communities (via Renewable Energy World)

Broaching the baseload issue: Finding hybrid solutions to stabilize the grid (via Renewable Energy World)


Visualizing the rise of carbon pricing around the world (via Fast Company)


Study shows 270,000 tons of plastic float in the ocean (via Huffington Post)


Is cellulosic ethanol all it’s cracked up to be? (via Breaking Energy)

Cheap oil’s make-or-break moment for clean energy (via Huffington Post)

Will new technologies give a critical boost to solar power? (via Yale e360)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.1.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


What’s at stake in Lima climate talks (via Climate Central)

U.S.-China pact raises stakes for India in climate talks (via Bloomberg)

Spain lifts Green Climate Fund pledges to $9.7 billion (via Bloomberg)

Australia had hottest Spring and second-hottest November on record (via The Guardian)


China solar project delays mean Japan could be largest market (via Bloomberg)

India plans 22GW of PV plants in 12 states (via Recharge)

France launches 400MW tender for PV projects over 250kW (via PV Tech)

Brazil contracts 926MW wind in auction (via Recharge News)

India’s solar power potential estimated at 750GW (via CleanTechnica)

Norway wealth fund targets $3 billion in green technology stakes (via Bloomberg)

World’s largest solar farm up and running in California (via

U.S planning largest wind-energy auction off Massachusetts (via Bloomberg)

ISO study finds Minnesota can accommodate up to 40% renewables penetration (via Renew Grid)

Wind farms a welcome boon for struggling rural U.S. communities (via Midwest Energy News)

Community solar prices at all-time low (via Renewable Energy World)


China nears peak coal as carbon and clean growth policies bite (via Reuters)

E.ON unveils “bold” plan to focus on renewables, ditch fossil fuels (via Business Green)

Mitigating natural gas use in the electricity sector (via Center for American Progress)

Energy and the new Congress: Beyond Keystone (via Energy Collective)

Pipeline crunch could keep Northeast’s heating bills high (via Climate Central)


Inside OPEC room, Naimi declares price war on U.S. shale oil (via Reuters)

Crude oil drops over $4 a barrel on OPEC not cutting output (via Reuters)

Oil companies produce more for less as crude prices fall (via Houston Chronicle)

OPEC inaction spurs survival of fittest as oil below $65 (via Bloomberg)

Exxon, Rosneft scrap Arctic deals as Russia sanctions bite (via Bloomberg)

Study: Offshore drilling has prompted surge in maritime conflicts around the world (via Washington Post)

A simple guide to the sudden collapse in oil prices (via Washington Post)

Almost all BP spill claims are correct, audit finds (via The Hill)

How oil companies fight California clean energy: Playbook leaked accidentally (via Green Car Reports)


Honda working on “power exporter” to go with fuel-cell vehicle (via Autoblog Green)

Aerodynamic upgrades to large trucks would cut fuel use by billions of gallons (via Yale e360)

Tesla is on the right track to double (via Forbes)

Return of $2 gas seen for some in U.S. as OPEC stands pat (via Bloomberg)


China plans national carbon market by 2016 amid emission pledge (via Bloomberg)

New carbon market most important in climate deal, UK says (via Bloomberg)

EPA pushes to cut smog in new rule (via The Hill)

EPA hits homestretch on climate rule (via The Hill)

Fossil fuel-free fund “outperforms” Standard S&P 500 (via CleanTechnica)


Smart meter revenue expected to reach $6.6 billion annually by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Smart grid interest continues to spread among U.S. rural utilities (via Renew Grid)

Managing a constrained grid: A look at SCE’s procurement of “preferred resources” (via Greentech Media)

Illinois regulators approve 3.5GW wind energy transmission line (via Renew Grid)


LEDs to get bigger share of market even as revenue drops (via Energy Manager Today)

Energy efficiency may be key to saving trillions (via New York Times)

Florida goes backwards on energy efficiency targets (via Energy Manager Today)


Our planet may be on the verge of its sixth mass extinction (via Washington Post)

Animal extinctions from climate rival end of dinosaurs (via Bloomberg)

China takes “zero tolerance” approach to regional polluters (via Reuters)

Staples: Tech recycling stats are still in the dumps (via Triple Pundit)


Will Lima climate talks pave way for a binding treaty in Paris 2015? (via The Guardian)

Can China get 40% of its electricity from renewables by 2040? (via Greentech Media)

Five threats to the EPA’s climate rule (via The Hill)

How to support clean energy, without going solar (via Treehugger)

Spending, immigration, and tax fights will dominate final days of Congress (via National Journal)

Levelized cost of electricity: Renewable’s ticking time bomb? (via Forbes)

There’s an opportunity for tech in EPA’s proposed smog rule (via GigaOm)

Three factors that could kill renewable energy tax extenders in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Why aren’t rural electric cooperatives champions of local clean power? (via Renewable Energy World)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.9.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


UN sets six-month deadline for delivery of draft climate agreement (via RTCC)

EU nations mull funds to aid clean energy in 2030 climate deal (via Bloomberg)

EU 2030 compromise could weaken climate action (via RTCC)

NOAA: Antarctic sea ice growth linked to loss of land ice (via Climate Progress)

Prepare for climate change or risk loss of funds, says FEMA (via Sustainable Business)

California leads U.S. on climate change preparation, says 50-state tool (via USA Today)


Solar’s $30 billion splurge proves too much for Japan’s grid (via Bloomberg)

China solar demand in doubt as rooftop installations lag target (via Reuters)

Solar outlook in Ontario promising despite FiT cut (via PV Tech)

Ukraine wants 1GW of wind by 2016 (via Recharge News)

UK energy minister sets sights on “subsidy-free” solar by 2020 (via PV Tech)

Brazil eliminates taxes on wind parts to spur turbine production (via Bloomberg)

Mercom reports strong quarterly solar financing activity (via Solar Industry)

Slow-growing geothermal seeks bigger piece of U.S. renewable energy pie (via Breaking Energy)

Honda, SolarCity expand sun-powered partnership with new $50 million fund (via Autoblog Green)

Buying renewable power for data centers poses major challenges for Internet companies (via Greentech Media)

Wind energy innovation: Hybrid concrete and steel towers (via Navigant Research)

Proposed U.S. solar trade tariff changes “illegal” (via PV Tech)

Massachusetts offshore wind auction to include 4-5 zones (via Recharge News)

Renexia plans 500MW offshore wind for Maryland coast (via Recharge News)


EU approves plan for new nuclear power station in UK (via New York Times)

Federal inspector faults regulator on San Onofre nuclear plant review (via CBS Los Angeles)


Glasgow University to ditch £18 million fossil fuel investments (via BusinessGreen)

EPA sends ozone regulation for White House review (via The Hill)

California moves to revoke carbon credits after inquiry (via Bloomberg)


Canadian crude exports to U.S. top 3 million bpd for first time (via Reuters)

Oil bulls keep faith Saudi supply cuts will revive price (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)

In the U.S., a turning point in the flow of oil (via New York Times)

Environmental groups ramp up crude-by-rail fight in courtroom (via Breaking Energy)

Lego scraps Shell deal after Arctic drilling protest (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


UK invests £11 million to get hydrogen cars on the road (via BusinessGreen)

Tesla sets up shop in Japan, sells first EVs (via Green Car Reports)

EPA says 24.1-mpg new car average is best ever (via Autoblog Green)


Efficiency worth more than renewables at $310 billion, says IEA (via Bloomberg)

Which states have the most efficient cars and homes? Study ranks them (via Green Car Reports)


Canadian support for joint U.S. energy policy falls (via Bloomberg)


New Hampshire could be the next state to take on microgrids (via GreenBiz)


Sugar shortage seen looming amid drought in Brazil (via Bloomberg)

Beijing raises smog alert as pollution envelops North China (via Bloomberg)

Obama to declare national monument in San Gabriels (via Los Angeles Times)

California’s firefighting air tanker fleet grounded after deadly Yosemite crash (via Los Angeles Times)


Fossil fuel divestment: A brief history (via The Guardian)

2014 extreme weather: looking for climate ties (via Climate Central)

Fourth quarter PV installation forecasts turning into a lottery (via PV Tech)

Advanced ethanol makers trying to give Big Oil a run for its money (via Forbes)

The big problem with letting small railroads haul oil (via Sightline)

Firsthand lessons on public charging for EVs (via Energy Collective)

California’s drought is so bad it’s literally moving mountains (via National Journal)

Documentary “The Overnighters” shows dark side of North Dakota oil boom (via Reuters)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.27.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Australian power prices to surge, utilities to profit if renewable target scrapped (via Bloomberg)

India PM Modi appoints banker to oversee renewables, coal, power (via Bloomberg)

Wellinghoff to utilities: Time to rethink your business model (via GreenBiz)


Extreme U.S. and UK winters linked to greenhouse gases (via Bloomberg)

Over 50 trade unions launch global climate action campaign (via BusinessGreen)


Russian firm studying world’s largest coal-fired plant to supply China (via Reuters)

A bogus claim electricity prices will “nearly double” because of clean coal technology (via Washington Post)

Rural North Carolina sites become coal ash dumping grounds (via News Observer)


Danish report says 100% renewables feasible by 2050 (via Renew Economy)

China solar PV exports rise on emerging market expansions (via Renewable Energy World)

Solar farmers in Japan harvest electricity with crops (via Bloomberg)

Half of German solar jobs disappear in 2013 (via Recharge)

Australian navy to join U.S. in switch to biofuels (via Renew Economy)

U.S. to reach 20GW solar PV by end of 2014 (via CleanTechnica)

Wind Production Tax Credit still up in the air (via Energy Manager Today)

U.S. hydro losing edge to wind, solar (via Recharge)

Applying the lessons of politics to green power (via New York Times)

Utah’s solar power homeowners fight proposed utility fee (via Salt Lake Tribune)

Georgia power adding wind, boosting solar (via Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Smoothing the flow of renewable solar energy in California’s Central Valley (via

Massive California multi-family apartment complex completes solar installation (via Inhabitat)

SolarCity snaps up another partner – and more money (via SmartPlanet)

SolarCity expands to second island in Hawaii (via CleanTechnica)

Community solar coming of age in Michigan (via Midwest Energy News)


Russia-China natural gas deal fuels U.S. export push (via The Hill)

Putin says Ukraine has no right to demand natgas price discount (via Reuters)

Polish plan on EU Russian natural gas buying gains support (via Reuters)

Shakeout threatens U.S. shale patch as frackers go for broke (via Bloomberg)

Gas boom starts to hit home for residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)

Bill introduced to speed up fracking in Illinois (via Chicago Tribune)


Northern hemisphere hits carbon dioxide milestone in April (via Reuters)

“Time is running out” to stop rising CO2 levels, says UN (via Time)

Deep underground carbon deposits could pose global warming threat if exposed (via Raw Story/Agence France-Presse)

South Africa has Africa’s largest carbon footprint (via Africa Science News)

WRI tool shows “history of CO2 emissions” (via Environmental Leader)


Mexican energy reform seeks to reverse oil production decline (via US EIA)

Sharp rise in West Coast oil trains, fears abound (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Oil boom places 3 of 5 fastest-growing U.S. cities in Texas, shows census (via AP)


China to scrap over 5 million old cars in anti-pollution push (via Reuters)

100% of Dutch electric trains could run on renewable energy by 2018 (via CleanTechnica) 

Toyota, Honda, Nissan and more collaborating to increase fuel efficiency (via Autoblog)

As of today, Nissan has solar 50,000 Leafs in U.S., 115,000 globally (via Autoblog Green)


Canada oil will flow any way it can to U.S., says transport minister (via Reuters)

New safety requirements set for Keystone XL pipeline (via Kansas City Star)


Alaska wildfire scorches an area larger than Chicago (via Los Angeles Times)

California drought: State’s flawed water system can’t track usage (via Huffington Post Green)


U.S. plants prepare long-term nuclear waste storage facilities (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


Brazil grid bottlenecks to ease with new transmission (via Recharge)

An almond farm and a “big-ass battery” show future of energy in California (via GigaOm)


One GOP Senate candidate is backing climate change (via The Hill)

Hillary Clinton’s Keystone XL headache (via Politico)


Could Australia really dismantle its carbon price? (via The Guardian)

Tough emissions cuts would prove the U.S. is serious about climate change (via Washington Post)

The truth about Stanford’s coal divestment shows hurdles ahead (via New Republic)

No thanks to Congress, America has added 5,600 new clean energy jobs in 2014 (via Climate Progress)

What’s the best way to write U.S. climate rule? (via National Journal)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.27.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Shaheen, Portman finalize latest version of bill ahead of release (Via E&E Daily)

Opower’s evolution: Will the efficiency firm soon be a solar and EV integrator? (via Greentech Media)


IG: State Dept did not break rules when hiring consultant for Keystone XL report (via Washington Post)

Corporation exploiting major loophole to quickly build 600-mile tar sands pipeline (via Climate Progress)

Canadian crude now moving through Keystone XL’s southern leg (via Houston Chronicle)

Kerry feels Keystone XL pressure from all sides (via National Journal)

Sen. Boxer raises health concerns about Keystone XL (via USA Today)

Youth plan major White House protest against Keystone XL (via Huffington Post)


Solar set for record global expansion in 2014, led by China (via Houston Chronicle)

Germany must scrap its green energy law, say experts (via Reuters)

UK wind power output grew 38 percent in 2013 (via BusinessGreen)

IEA says wind, solar can carry bulk of energy transformation (via Recharge)

Midsize EPCs squeezed globally while the US and China nurture top firms (via Solar Industry)

Morocco opens final tender on wind farms worth $1.7 billion (via Reuters)

Large offshore wind farms could soften blow of hurricanes (via Yale e360)

Report: Solar paired with storage is a “real, near, and present” threat to utilities (via Greentech Media)

Oregon Senate passes bill to protect state renewable energy mandates (via The Oregonian)

Cape Wind expects to wrap financing in Q3 (via Recharge)


Dream of US oil independence slams against shale costs (via Bloomberg)

Accidents spur US to mandate tests of oil by train (via Reuters)

Seismic troubles stir up trouble in offshore drilling debate (via National Journal)

Shippers confused by new federal order on oil transport (via National Journal)


Obama proposed $302 billion transportation bill (via Washington Post)

Tesla Gigafactory will be capable of supplying 500,000 EVs a year (via Autoblog Green)

Honda to halt production of Insight hybrid vehicle (via Bloomberg)


US, UK science academies say climate change is real (via Economic Times/Agence France-Presse)

Emerging economies lead climate action, says global study (via Bloomberg)

Climate change is increasing extreme heat globally (via Climate Central)

Report finds almost 500 laws to tackle climate change across world (via The Guardian)


Dollar value of US net coal exports has increase more than three-fold since 2005 (via US EIA)


Radioactive water from Fukushima reaches Canada (via United Press International)

Ikea suspended by Forest Stewardship Council for illegal logging (via Environmental Leader)

California’s drought is extreme, but the government is making it worse (via Washington Post)


Light-duty natural gas vehicles worldwide will reach nearly 40 million by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

LA and California lawmakers move to impose fracking moratoriums (via Grist)


Smart grid benefits could bypass consumers, warns report (via

Threats to power sector gleaned from other industries’ attacks (via EnergyWire)


Obama’s pipeline (via New York Times)

Reuters’ climate coverage continues to decline under “skeptic” editor (via Media Matters for America)

Are high natural gas prices here to stay? (via National Journal)

Stunning map shows what a worst case climate change scenario might look like (via Business Insider)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.27.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Natural gas market heats up as temperatures fall (via New York Times)

Deep freeze exposes challenges for gas-dependent PJM Interconnection (via Greenwire)

Chevron, Shell seek new LEED-like certification for shale gas (via GreenBiz)

Ohio state EPA fast tracks fracking permits, raising concerns (via Columbus Dispatch)


Emissions trading in China: First reports from the field (via World Resources Institute)

World Bank chief backs fossil fuel divestment drive (via RTCC)

China’s air pollution prompts creative, sometimes wacky solutions (via Washington Post)

China’s Guandong to cut oil, coal use to slow emissions growth (via Reuters)

California air pollution drops over the past decade (via Daily Democrat)


China says U.S. should stop new dumping probe on solar products (via Chicago Tribune)

Global leaders agree to cut tariffs on clean energy goods (via The Hill)

The budding Latin America solar market: 5 key takeaways (via Greentech Media)

China installed more solar panels in 2013 than any country ever has (via Quartz)

UK won’t meet renewable energy target beyond 2020 (via Climate Central)

Scottish offshore wind spending fell 55% in 2013 (via Recharge)

UK’s biggest solar farm exceeds expectations (via Bloomberg)

Waste-to-energy market to reach $28.57 billion in 2016 (via Environmental Leader)

UK government launches £100,000 community energy competition (via BusinessGreen)

Forget intermittency: NREL says wind energy can boost grid reliability (via CleanTechnica)

Cost of solar 2 to 100 times lower than you think (via CleanTechnica)

New England’s governors ask for more clean energy capacity from ISO-NE (via Renew Grid)

Solar surges, wind wanes in 2013 U.S. installs (via EarthTechling)

In the Midwest, farmers leading the way on solar power (via Midwest Energy News)


Lawmakers demand stricter oil train regulations (via The Hill)

92,000 oil train tankers are not puncture resistant (via Facts of the Day)

North Dakota recorded 300 oil spills in two years without notifying public (via The Guardian/AP)


EV charging costs, and one way to control them (via EarthTechling)

California Governor Brown remains ready for one million EVs (via Autoblog Green)

New Jersey Honda dealer first in U.S. to use no net electricity (via Green Car Reports)

Rough patch for Uber’s challenge to taxis (via New York Times)


Keystone XL pipeline decision on collision course with midterm elections (via Wall Street Journal)

Reading John Kerry’s mind on the Keystone XL pipeline (via InsideClimate News)


Climate change brings new risks to Greenland (via Climate Central)

Hundreds of homes face more flooding in south of England (via The Guardian)


How the coal industry impoverishes West Virginia (via The Nation)

Report: Future dim for Connecticut’s last coal-fired power plant (via New Haven Register)


Survey: Only 32% of utilities know what kind of data analytics they use (via Greentech Media)


When will consumers realize the 60-cent light bulb wasn’t a bargain? (via ClimateWire)

Philadelphia to be national model for green infrastructure (via TriplePundit)


Cambridge University: Fracking firms “should pay £6 billion a year tax to compensate for climate change” (via The Guardian)

Getting carbon out of your portfolio is tricky (via AP)

Telling sugarcane ethanol’s sustainability story (via Energy Collective)

What’s the state of Obama’s energy and climate agenda? (via National Journal)

The good, the bad, and the ugly of natural gas (via National Journal)

The difference between organizing and policy analysis (via Slate)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.23.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Climate takes center stage at World Economic Forum (via National Journal)

Europe, facing economic pain, may ease climate rules (via New York Times)

Massachusetts invests $50 million in grid, coastal climate resiliency (via CleanTechnica)


EU may scrap green fuel law in boon for tar sands industry (via InsideClimate News)

TransCanada calls Keystone XL “safest pipeline to date” (via The Hill)

TransCanada’s 2013 lobbying topped $1 million (via Bloomberg)


Global utility-scale solar capacity climbs past 21GW in 2013 (via Renew Economy)

European Union relaxes renewable energy target (via Houston Chronicle)

Latin America gets its first concentrating solar plant (via Sustainable Business)

A U.S. offshore wind farm, made in Europe (via New York Times)

U.S. appeals court won’t revisit California ethanol ruling (via Reuters)

Honda ramps up U.S. wind power capability (via BusinessGreen)


Federal appeals court rules Arctic oil lease sale flawed (via Washington Post)

Big Oil, small jobs: A look at the oil industry’s dubious job claims (via Center for American Progress)

North Dakota governor says new national safety standards for oil trains needed sooner than 2015 (via Inforum)


The U.S. government keeps predicting we’ll drive more than we actually do (via Washington Post)

Silicon Valley workplaces rage when more EVs than charging stations (via Autoblog Green)

$50 million for advanced EV tech and more (via CleanTechnica)


California aims to increase energy efficiency, demand response (via Renew Grid)

How Harry Reid delivered a 235-mile long transmission line to Nevada (via National Journal)

Another 40MW of grid scale energy storage in the California pipeline (via Greentech Media)

New York looking to catch up with California’s lead in energy storage (via Greentech Media)


Moniz: Natural gas risks can be “managed” (via Houston Chronicle)

Proposed fracking in Virginia national forest meets broad opposition (via Los Angeles Times)


South Korea to tax coal for power, lower LNG and fuel oil tax from July 1 (via Reuters)

Europe divides over more ambitious pollution limits (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Institutional investors concerned about climate risk, “stranded assets” (via Breaking Energy)

Divesting from Big Oil – and making money (via San Francisco Chronicle)


Ohio nuclear plant reports radioactive leak (via Columbus Dispatch)


Historic California drought called a red flag for future of U.S. (via Christian Science Monitor)

Second chemical leaked during West Virginia spill prompts new probe (via The Guardian)


Pennsylvania governor releases all-of-the-above energy plan (via Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Internet and cable giant Comcast will soon sell electricity in Pennsylvania (via Greentech Media)


New report compares economic payoffs of white, green, or black roofs (via


10 questions to ask about scaling on-grid renewable energy (via World Resources Institute)

Finally, a reason for some optimism about climate change (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.6.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Philippines prepares for climate-resilient future post Typhoon Haiyan (via RTCC)

Diseases on the move because of climate change (via USA Today)

College endowment managers get schooled on climate change (via GreenBiz)


Riding the fracking wave all the way to China (via National Journal)

90 groups call for federal regulations to curb methane leaks (via Washington Post)

Is California’s Monterey Shale a major oil resource or over-hyped? (via EnergyWire)


Renewables’ share of new power capacity in China surpasses 50% (via Thompson Reuters)

Record German wind farm output lifts renewables share over 35% (via Bloomberg)

China’s installed solar PV to reach 10GW by end of 2013 (via CleanTechnica)

Can the cost of solar in the US compete with Germany? (via RMI Outlet)

Renewable fuel backers try to change EPA’s mind at hearing (via Reuters)

White House finalizing review of permits for wind farm eagle deaths (via The Hill)

Midwest wind cost-competitive with gas and coal (via Breaking Energy)

Secretive right-wing group ALEC continues its war on clean energy (via Climate Progress)

Poll shows 78% support for net metering in Colorado (via Renew Grid)


Fukushima radiation to reach US coast at safe levels, says NRC (via Bloomberg)

Japan finds scrapping nuclear boosts pollution, fuel cost (via Bloomberg)


Japanese energy giants rush into storage as solar booms (via Renew Economy)

Taking green-powered island microgrids to commercial scale (via Greentech Media)

Utility Xcel has plans to create its own transmission company (via Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Honda joins vehicle-to-grid demonstration project at University of Delaware (via Green Car Congress)


EU may extend aviation carbon freeze to 2020, says adviser (via Bloomberg)

Mining, fracking, and drilling have changed public lands from carbon sinks to carbon polluters (via Climate Progress)

FERC tells Congress EPA pollution rules will hit Midwest hardest (via Midwest Energy News/Greenwire)


Urban car use declines as biking and public transit rise in the US (via Yale e360)

300% increase in all-electric car sales in 2013 (via CleanTechnica)

House proposes 15-cent federal gas tax hike (via Autoblog)

Ohio Senate strips anti-Tesla amendment from legislation (via Autoblog)


Is Chile the next star in renewable energy? (via Energy Collective)

EPA’s RFS proposal is a step backwards on clean energy path (via Energy Collective)

Understanding the facts of the renewable energy PTC (via CleanTechnica)

California’s renewable energy future (via EarthTechling)