Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.8.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Adapting to a warmer climate could cost almost three times as much as thought, says UN report (via The Guardian)

Peru climate change talks slowed by clashes of rich and poor nations (via Los Angeles Times)

Rift widens among greens over burying carbon as climate fix (via Reuters)

Five burning issues for Lima climate talks this week (via RTCC)

Morocco and Mexico biggest beneficiaries of climate funds (via The Guardian)

US Coast Guard proposes Bering Strait shipping route (via ABC News/AP)

How winters are changing throughout the U.S. (via Climate Central)

A fossil fuel scandal at Lima climate talks (via Huffington Post)


Ukraine expects Russian gas supplies to resume Monday (via Reuters)

West Virginia approves fracking under Ohio River; critics leery (via Columbus Dispatch)

Plans for shale gas “energy hub” draw investors and protestors to Philadelphia (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


India plans five-fold increase in clean energy (via ABC News/AP)

Peru lifts renewable energy target for 60% by 2025, aims for 100% long term (via Renew Economy)

Canada probes Chinese solar imports for possible dumping violations (via Forbes)

Wind farms powered 107% of Scotland’s homes in November (via BusinessGreen)

Global wind turbine manufacturing capacity far surpasses demand (via Navigant Research)

Enel Green Power starts $190 million wind farm in Chile (via Bloomberg)

Suzlon conducting study for offshore wind farm in India (via Financial Express)

Ethanol joins US fuels dominating global export market (via Houston Chronicle)

World record solar module efficiency of 40.4% from CPV startup RayGen (via Greentech Media)

Solar PV generation doubles – monthly US electricity generation report (via CleanTechnica)

Heco seeks Hawaii green light for 207MW solar PPAs (via Recharge)

Now’s the time to buy into community solar prices, at all-time low (via CleanTechnica)

New York launches “Community Solar NY” To support Solarize campaigns (via Solar Industry Magazine)

A “business” model for expanding renewable energy: The New Mexico Production Tax Credit (via Renewable Energy World)


Global Divestment Day: Climate action vs carbon bubble risk (via CleanTechnica)

China blocks carbon review sought by US at UN talks (via Bloomberg)

IETA: Carbon markets need to matter more in Lima (via RTCC)

Oil companies at climate talks dismiss carbon bubble fears (via RTCC)

Renewable energy price declines can help states meet carbon targets under EPA’s Clean Power Plan (via NRDC Switchboard)

RGGI carbon auction raises more than $94 million (via Environmental Leader)

A California community shoots for the moon: Palo Alto considers carbon neutrality (via RMI Outlet)


Global shale ambitions wane as OPEC price war deepens oil plunge (via Bloomberg)

Don’t count on oil drop greasing global growth (via Bloomberg)

Oil price drops boost argument for crude exports (via Houston Chronicle)

US oil rig count rises as shale drillers face OPEC challenge (via Bloomberg)

US Supreme Court rejects BP challenge to Gulf spill settlement (via Reuters)


US fuel economy average down for the first time in four years (via Autoblog)

Fuel to the fire? Fuel exports soar under Obama (via AP)

Quebec is first Canadian province to use carrot-and-stick tactics with car buyers (via Montreal Gazette)

US gasoline prices fall to four-year low (via Reuters)

US airlines will need to sharply increase fleet renewal to meet 2020 carbon neutral growth goal (via Green Car Congress)

Audi confirms it will release Tesla-rivaling electric sedan in 2017 (via Inhabitat)

Uber adds a billion dollars more to its coffers (via New York Times)


Latin American coalition to restore 20 million hectares of forest (via RTCC)

California’s drought is now the worst in 1,2000 years (via Time)

Trackable, biodegradable fishing nets could put an end to “ghost nets” (via Treehugger)


Big banks propping up dirty coal industry to tune of $89 billion (via Huffington Post)

Grassroots anti-coal movements to watch (via Treehugger)


UK government to re-launch Green Deal energy efficiency scheme with £30 million fund (via BusinessGreen)

Are hotel energy and water savings programs really about the environment? (via Treehugger)

Freedom Tower was supposed to be the greenest building in America – so what went wrong? (via Mother Jones)

Green real estate trends (via Huffington Post)


Almost all US nuclear plants require life extension past 60 years to operate beyond 2050 (via US EIA)

GOP gain put nuclear power back on the table (via The Hill)

New math to help Exelon’s nuclear plants (via Crain’s Chicago Business)


Regional Japan grids can take less than half of renewables approved by government (via Bloomberg)

Smart meter power savings prove slow to materialize (via New York Times)


Energy firms secretly helped state attorneys general fight Obama (via The Hill)

Fossil-fuel lobbyists, bolstered by GOP wins, work to curb environmental rules (via Washington Post)

House Republican plans to introduce climate-science bill (via National Journal)

Black Friday shopper numbers twice as high as midterm election voter turnout (via Inhabitat)


The end and beginning of the Arctic (via Climate Central)

India’s energy moment: Ready for a low-carbon future? (via National Geographic)

Will German wind market double? (via Renewables International)

Five reasons why Tesla’s stock is down (via GigaOm)

Why a Florida utility suddenly wants to serve Hawaii (via Christian Science Monitor)

Can solar companies really be called “high tech?” (via Renewable Energy World)

What’s really at stake in the Florida solar battle? (via Renewable Energy World)

Do gasoline prices affect home values? (via Houston Chronicle)

Why the world missed the oil price crash (via Council on Foreign Relations)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.13.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Obama gives Congress a climate change ultimatum (via Reuters)

Obama vows executive action climate push but many specifics remain absent (via The Hill)

Obama floats “Energy Security Trust” in State of the Union (via The Hill)

Obama calls for doubling US energy efficiency by 2030 (via Greentech Media)

Obama talks tough on climate, proposes “drilling for clean energy” program (via Houston Chronicle)

Obama promises cap-and-trade action (via Washington Post)

Obama cites storms, drought to build case for climate action (via National Journal)


Australia’s electricity emissions fall to 10-year low as coal sidelined by renewables (via Renew Economy)

EU aviation carbon emissions to decline in 2013 (via Bloomberg)

North American carbon markets to “more than double” this year (via Environmental Leader)

On-ship carbon capture concept developed, could reduce ship emissions up to 65% (via Green Car Congress)


Three charts to help you understand Chile’s emerging utility-scale solar market (via Greentech Media)

Tea party targets renewable energy standard in Kansas (via Grist)

New York State solar market shows significant promise for 2013 (via Renewable Energy World)

Maine leads trend toward floating offshore wind turbines (via Sustainable Business)


US Senate Energy Committee mulls future of natural gas policy (via Reuters)

Beyond the boom, unanswered questions about the life of new natural gas wells (via EnergyWire)

New York State puts off fracking decision (via New York Times)

New York State may issue fracking permits without final regulations (via Bloomberg)


Germany may implement energy storage incentive (via CleanTechnica)

Data centers morphing into virtual power plants (via Pike Research)


Climate change outpacing green investment, report shows (via GreenBiz)

Why Tokyo has more to fear from sea-level rise than Vancouver (via Washington Post)

East Coast faces rising seas from slowing Gulf Stream (via Climate Central)


Almost two-thirds of consumers remain unaware of UK’s energy efficiency Green Deal (via BusinessGreen)

Newer US homes are 30% larger but consumer about as much energy as older homes (via US EIA)

EPEAT green electronics registry adds printers, copiers (via GreenBiz)

Minneapolis commercial buildings to report energy use starting in 2014 (via Energy Manager Today)


Holland’s plan to go EV is working (via Autoblog Green)

The charges are flying over a test of Tesla’s charging network (via New York Times)

San Jose State University and CalCharge launch “Battery University” program (via Green Car Congress)


US approves Chinese-Canadian oil deal (via The Hill)

Russia plans $25-30 billion oil-for-loans deal with China (via Reuters)


Corporations face mounting investor demand to enhance environmental performance (via BusinessGreen)


Deaths of endangered fish curtail California water exports (via Los Angeles Times)


Top Republican to Obama: don’t bypass Congress on climate (via The Hill)

Sen. Boxer’s ideal EPA candidate seems to describe Gina McCarthy (via The Hill)


Obama can’t change polarization on climate change (via Grist)

Can Congress compromise on clean energy? (via Midwest Energy News)

Is exporting natural gas a problem? (via Politico)

Is another Enron possible in today’s energy market? (via Forbes)

Is more charging needed to sell electric cars in Northeast US? (via Green Car Reports)