Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.23.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


“Hottest year” story obscures bigger news: Ocean warming now off the charts (via Climate Progress)

UN asks countries for climate plans after record warm 2014 (via Reuters)

Climate change moves the Doomsday Clock (via Climate Central)


China’s wind power capacity now bigger than UK’s total electricity supply (via BusinessGreen)

India clean energy investments rebound, set to pass $10 billion in 2015 (via Bloomberg)

Solar R&D needs “systemic shock” to avert death of European PV (via PV Tech)

Taiwan could use its own loophole to sidestep U.S. solar tariffs (via PV Tech)

Beyond-the-grid solar sector matures with new finance and projects (via Huffington Post)

Etrion’s latest approved Chile project could also be a “merchant” plant (via PV Tech)

Texas wind power cracks 10% threshold (via Houston Chronicle)

Iowa ethanol lobby starts 2016 campaign to regain influence (via Bloomberg)

U.S. Navy, Air Force sign up for 120MW of Florida solar (via PV Tech)

Proof in numbers: Putting solar job census, home value study in perspective (via Renewable Energy World)

In the quest to finance smaller commercial solar deals, pipeline is king (via Renewable Energy World)

Are floating PPAs an ideal worth floating to solar investors? (via Renewable Energy World)


Oil prices rise after Saudi king’s death (via The Hill)

New Saudi king seen holding line on OPEC policy to keep oil output high (via Reuters)

The oil price tag investors say would signal a global recession (via Forbes)

Africa oil boom on hold as prices spur explorer caution (via Bloomberg)

Senate sets final Keystone XL vote next week (via The Hill)

Trial witness says Gulf spill response removed far less crude than BP expert estimates (via Houston Chronicle)


Gas tax push on fumes, says House chairman (via The Hill)

DOE offers $55 million for vehicle fuel efficiency technology (via The Hill)

Energy Secretary confirms U.S. will miss Obama goal of 1 million EVs by 2015 (via Green Car Reports)

VW, BMW, ChargePoint partner to create fast-charging corridors on East & West Coasts (via Green Car Congress)


EU carbon market price expected to rise before 2020 following MEPs’ vote (via The Guardian)

Into think air: Boston pipes leak $90 million in fuel yearly (via Reuters)


Buildings represent 40% of total U.S. energy use (via Energy Manager Today)

When it comes to efficiency, U.S. military soldiers on (via Grist)


Senate Democrats play offense on climate change ahead of 2016 (via Bloomberg)

Democrats divided on climate change (via National Journal)

KXL votes allow Dems to begin building beachhead to protect EPA rules (via E&E Daily)

Romney says climate change is real (via The Hill)

Mitt Romney believes in global warming again, but how would he deal with it? (via Vox)

Tom Steyer isn’t running for Senate, but may be angling for another office (via National Journal)


100 most sustainable multibillion-dollar companies revealed in Davos (via GreenBiz)

Will 2015 be a breakthrough year for energy storage in the UK? (via Greentech Media)

Solar loans: Should PV be more like car sales or cable television? (via Greentech Media)

Edison Electric Institute’s anti-solar PR spending revealed (via Huffington Post)

Missing a mining opportunity (via RMI Outlet)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.1.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


What’s at stake in Lima climate talks (via Climate Central)

U.S.-China pact raises stakes for India in climate talks (via Bloomberg)

Spain lifts Green Climate Fund pledges to $9.7 billion (via Bloomberg)

Australia had hottest Spring and second-hottest November on record (via The Guardian)


China solar project delays mean Japan could be largest market (via Bloomberg)

India plans 22GW of PV plants in 12 states (via Recharge)

France launches 400MW tender for PV projects over 250kW (via PV Tech)

Brazil contracts 926MW wind in auction (via Recharge News)

India’s solar power potential estimated at 750GW (via CleanTechnica)

Norway wealth fund targets $3 billion in green technology stakes (via Bloomberg)

World’s largest solar farm up and running in California (via

U.S planning largest wind-energy auction off Massachusetts (via Bloomberg)

ISO study finds Minnesota can accommodate up to 40% renewables penetration (via Renew Grid)

Wind farms a welcome boon for struggling rural U.S. communities (via Midwest Energy News)

Community solar prices at all-time low (via Renewable Energy World)


China nears peak coal as carbon and clean growth policies bite (via Reuters)

E.ON unveils “bold” plan to focus on renewables, ditch fossil fuels (via Business Green)

Mitigating natural gas use in the electricity sector (via Center for American Progress)

Energy and the new Congress: Beyond Keystone (via Energy Collective)

Pipeline crunch could keep Northeast’s heating bills high (via Climate Central)


Inside OPEC room, Naimi declares price war on U.S. shale oil (via Reuters)

Crude oil drops over $4 a barrel on OPEC not cutting output (via Reuters)

Oil companies produce more for less as crude prices fall (via Houston Chronicle)

OPEC inaction spurs survival of fittest as oil below $65 (via Bloomberg)

Exxon, Rosneft scrap Arctic deals as Russia sanctions bite (via Bloomberg)

Study: Offshore drilling has prompted surge in maritime conflicts around the world (via Washington Post)

A simple guide to the sudden collapse in oil prices (via Washington Post)

Almost all BP spill claims are correct, audit finds (via The Hill)

How oil companies fight California clean energy: Playbook leaked accidentally (via Green Car Reports)


Honda working on “power exporter” to go with fuel-cell vehicle (via Autoblog Green)

Aerodynamic upgrades to large trucks would cut fuel use by billions of gallons (via Yale e360)

Tesla is on the right track to double (via Forbes)

Return of $2 gas seen for some in U.S. as OPEC stands pat (via Bloomberg)


China plans national carbon market by 2016 amid emission pledge (via Bloomberg)

New carbon market most important in climate deal, UK says (via Bloomberg)

EPA pushes to cut smog in new rule (via The Hill)

EPA hits homestretch on climate rule (via The Hill)

Fossil fuel-free fund “outperforms” Standard S&P 500 (via CleanTechnica)


Smart meter revenue expected to reach $6.6 billion annually by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Smart grid interest continues to spread among U.S. rural utilities (via Renew Grid)

Managing a constrained grid: A look at SCE’s procurement of “preferred resources” (via Greentech Media)

Illinois regulators approve 3.5GW wind energy transmission line (via Renew Grid)


LEDs to get bigger share of market even as revenue drops (via Energy Manager Today)

Energy efficiency may be key to saving trillions (via New York Times)

Florida goes backwards on energy efficiency targets (via Energy Manager Today)


Our planet may be on the verge of its sixth mass extinction (via Washington Post)

Animal extinctions from climate rival end of dinosaurs (via Bloomberg)

China takes “zero tolerance” approach to regional polluters (via Reuters)

Staples: Tech recycling stats are still in the dumps (via Triple Pundit)


Will Lima climate talks pave way for a binding treaty in Paris 2015? (via The Guardian)

Can China get 40% of its electricity from renewables by 2040? (via Greentech Media)

Five threats to the EPA’s climate rule (via The Hill)

How to support clean energy, without going solar (via Treehugger)

Spending, immigration, and tax fights will dominate final days of Congress (via National Journal)

Levelized cost of electricity: Renewable’s ticking time bomb? (via Forbes)

There’s an opportunity for tech in EPA’s proposed smog rule (via GigaOm)

Three factors that could kill renewable energy tax extenders in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Why aren’t rural electric cooperatives champions of local clean power? (via Renewable Energy World)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.28.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


World’s existing power plants will emit 300 billion tons of CO2 in their lifetimes (via Climate Progress)

Chile set to pass Latin America’s second carbon tax (via RTCC)

Divesting from fossil fuels would cost $5 trillion (via CleanTechnica)

Study: Open trash burning significantly worsening global air pollution; unaccounted for in emission inventories (via Green Car Congress)


Why abundant coal may have “cursed” the Appalachian economy (via Washington Post)

America’s coal heartland is in economic free fall – but only the most desperate are fleeing (via Washington Post)


IEA sees $1.6 trillion in clean energy investments through 2020 (via Bloomberg)

Scalable solar a good match for South America, says DuPont (via PV Tech)

Cost of solar panels in Australia to rise by half if renewables target chopped (via Sydney Morning Herald)

Renewable energy report recommends cutting Australia’s target (via Bloomberg)

GE to add 1.5GW Brazil wind by 2016 (via Recharge)

Chile, US navies working on drop-in alternative fuels (via Green Car Congress)

EIA report: U.S. PV generation more than doubles over last year’s output (via PV Tech)

How a new group is helping West Virginia nonprofits get solar for just $1 (via Climate Progress)


State Dept. denies seeking alternative to climate treaty, but has been doing so since 2009 (via Huffington Post)

What global warming might mean for extreme snowfalls (via Climate Central)

How climate change could ruin your Hawaii vacation (via Christian Science Monitor)


Russia denies plans to block natural gas transit to Europe (via Reuters)

Plenty of reserves left in Marcellus Shale, says report (via Houston Chronicle)


Japan advances electricity market reform (via Recharge)


You’re welcome, world: U.S. fracking surge picks up slack for global disruption (via National Journal)

Dearth of oil finds threatens long-term supplies, price (via Reuters)

Rail deliveries of U.S. oil continue increasing in 2014 (via U.S. EIA)

Fracking foes force some oil drillers to tread lightly (via Bloomberg)

North Dakota universities crumble as oil cash pours in (via Bloomberg)


China’s electric and hybrid vehicle production up 280% (via CleanTechnica)

Main path to better fuel efficiency: Lighter vehicles, say automakers (via Green Car Reports)

California first to give extra funds to low-income EV buyers (via Autoblog Green)


Grid perfection, not defection: A new microgrid landscape in the making (via Greentech Media)

What Americans really want from their smart homes (via Greentech Media)

Grid infrastructure upgrades mean Texas no longer wastes wind power (via Renewable Energy World)

Illinois grapples with question of who owns energy data from smart meters (via Midwest Energy News)


Spending on energy efficient buildings in Europe to total $800 billion through 2023 (via Navigant Research)

What’s moving capital back into energy efficiency? (via Clean Energy Finance Forum)


Big wins elusive for EPA in Clean Water Act showdowns (via Greenwire)

Reminder: The terrible drought in California is still really, really terrible (via Washington Post)


The head-on politics of going around Congress on climate change (via National Journal)

An inside look at how ALEC ‘s plans to undo environmental legislation (via Toronto Star)

In audio recording, McConnell envisions using budget to undo Obama initiatives (via New York Times)

Climate change a central issue in tight Florida governor’s race (via InsideClimate News)

Vulnerable Dem slams Obama over UN climate change effort (via The Hill)

One Democrat’s gamble on climate change (via Politico)


These revolutionary technologies promised to help save us from climate change – so what happened? (via Washington Post)

A climate for change: A solution conservatives could accept (via Washington Post)

Why Republicans won’t back a carbon tax (via Grist)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.13.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Report: U.S. green employment surge takes clean job opportunities past 2.6 million (via BusinessGreen)

America’s Top 10 “coolest schools” in sustainability (via EcoWatch)


U.S. anti-coal dominoes hit BRICS wall, other skeptics (via Reuters)

Coal generation down as Germany breaks yet another renewables record (via BusinessGreen)

Coal makes a comeback, for now (via National Journal)


Europe’s green energy rules cost UK $156 billion (via Bloomberg)

China and India’s GW-scale solar plans (via Renew Economy)

Chinese offshore wind market stagnating, disappointing investors (via Renewable Energy World)

Central America poised for clean tech investment boom (via BusinessGreen)

Citigroup: Global solar outlook is getting brighter (via Renew Economy)

Poor installation, grid constraints, defective panels plague China’s huge solar program (via Greenwire)

Over 26GW wind, solar power capacity offered for Brazil’s upcoming auction (via CleanTechnica)

IRS clarifies beginning of construction rules for renewable energy projects (via Renewable Energy World)

Despite uptick in activity, wind industry faces uncertainty in Congress (via Greenwire)

U.S. solar carport market poised for record year, continued growth (via Greentech Media)

U.S. wind farm construction is surging in 2014 (via Transmission & Distribution World)

OSU campus derives more than 70% of energy from wind (via Energy Manager Today)

New energy-rich sorghum offers ethanol without the corn (via The Guardian)


Saudi Arabia, China sign nuclear and renewable energy agreement (via Al-Awsat)


Rising economies “ahead on climate” (via BBC)

Call for finance to top agenda at 2015 UN climate summit (via RTCC)

Climate change and health – joining the dots (via Deutche Welle)

That sinking feeling: The Coastal cities doomed to disappear beneath the waves (via Sustainable Cities Collective)

What climate change in the Rockies means for its water (via Climate Central)

California has hottest start to year while Midwest chills (via Climate Central)

“Unprecedented” Detroit flooding event fits global warming pattern (via Mashable)


World awash in oil shields markets from 2008 price shock (via Bloomberg)

Oil companies fracking into drinking water sources, shows new research (via Los Angeles Times)


Green signal for “Britain’s first” battery-powered train (via BusinessGreen)

U.S. public in favor of higher truck fuel efficiency standards (via Autoblog Green)

Gas prices to drop through end of 2014 (via The Hill)

California could give lower-income EV buyers a financial boost (via Autoblog Green)

Next-gen power electronics could cut $6,000 from Tesla Model S (via GigaOm)

Tesla Gigafactory: California could waive environmental rules to get it (via Green Car Reports)

Toyota: East Coast hydrogen cars on the horizon (via Autoblog Green)


Germany added a lot of wind and solar power, and its grid became more reliable (via Climate Progress)

Key Brazil wind grid link set for completion by November (via Recharge)

U.S. DOE clears Quebec-to-NYC transmission line (via Albany Times Union)

Vermont breaks ground on “perfect” solar + storage microgrid that can provide resilient power (via Renewable Energy World)

Suntech invests $25 million in U.S. energy storage developer (via Solar Industry)


China’s shale gas bust (via MIT Technology Review)


Declining Lake Mead water levels raise concerns for future of parched region (via Huffington Post/AP)

Lightning sparks new wildfires in Oregon, Washington (via The Columbian)


An energy cure for hospitals (via Navigant Research)


Senators want more comment time on EPA climate rule (via The Hill)

Democrats increasingly backing oil and gas industry (via Wall Street Journal)

How to eliminate almost every federal agency (via National Journal)


Ebola and climate change: Are humans responsible for severity of current outbreak? (via Newsweek)

The African case for U.S. climate leadership (via WRI Insights)

How far away is grid parity for residential battery storage? (via Renew Economy)

The frustrating climate change memes that just won’t die (via New Republic)

Toyota executive: We’re on the cusp of the automotive hydrogen age (via Green Car Congress)

Journalists to EPA: Stop muzzling scientists (via The Hill)

How I went off-grid with solar in Hawaii (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.17.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Australian parliament repeals carbon tax, emissions trading scheme (via Reuters)

Global carbon market hopes fade as Australia dumps CO2 trading (via Reuters)

Britain urges deeper EU carbon market reforms than proposed (via Reuters)

EPA’s carbon plans asks the least from states that pollute the most (via Washington Post)

EPA’s McCarthy pushes states to adopt carbon-cutting “investment strategy” (via EnergyWire)


Oil train tanker phaseout could last years (via Houston Chronicle)


China-US solar trade issue: WTO directive could impact India (via Panchabuta)

Green bonds market grows by 60% in a year (via BusinessGreen)

Jamaica unveils world’s largest wind-solar hybrid installation (via Inhabitat)

Oil lobby turns focus to EPA in ethanol fight (via The Hill)

North Carolina solar farms embark on a delicate dance with Duke (via Charlotte Observer)

Clean energy yieldcos: Growing pains (via Forbes)

Five things to know about the U.S. utility-scale PV market (via Greentech Media)

Three noteworthy solar implications in the new U.S. national electrical code (via Renewable Energy World)

Looking to fund a clean energy project? You need a green bank (via National Journal)


China at work on climate protection plans (via United Press International)

Limiting temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius is still possible – and it pays to do so (via WRI Insights)

Obama: Climate change is “direct threat” to U.S. (via The Hill)


In Latin America, Putin wheels and deals on energy (via Christian Science Monitor)

President Obama announces new sanctions on Russia (via National Journal)

Energy Department predicts slowdown in annual U.S. power plant growth (via Houston Chronicle)


Nothing small in the potential for nanogrids (via GreenBiz)

Here are 1.2 billion reasons why resiliency is a big deal for the power sector (via Greentech Media)


Effort to avoid vote on fracking falters in Colorado (via New York Times)


The U.S. has quietly made remarkable fuel-efficiency advances (via The Atlantic)

PACE creating energy efficiency opportunities in Minnesota (via Midwest Energy News)


Duke Energy completes Dan River ash cleanup (via Charlotte Business Journal)


First map to detail extent of plastic in five ocean gyres (via EcoWatch)

California drought idles huge swaths of farmland (via Sacramento Bee/AP)

California farms are sucking up enough groundwater to put Rhode Island 17 feet under (via Mother Jones)


Climate super PAC struggling to bring in money (via Huffington Post/AP)

Steyer struggles to find big-money donors (via Politico)


Australia’s carbon tax is dead and there’s nothing to take its place (via The Guardian)

Obama’s sideways climate plan (via National Journal)

10 things to know about investment in renewable energy (via The Guardian)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.24.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


May 2014: Earth’s 2nd consecutive warmest month on record (via Weather Underground)

Bipartisan report tallies high toll on economy from global warming (via New York Times)

World Bank says tackling climate change would grow global economy (via The Guardian)

With rising heat and humidity, many U.S. areas will be “unsuited for outdoor activity” (via Reuters)


Australian PM Tony Abbott introduces carbon tax repeal bill (via Huffington Post)

U.S. Supreme Court nibbles at EPA’s greenhouse gas powers (via Politico)

University of Dayton ditches fossil fuels (via BusinessGreen)


UK Green Investment Bank plans $1.7 billion offshore wind fund (via Bloomberg)

German state will soon go 100% renewable electricity (via Renew Economy)

Three lessons learned from Latin America’s red-hot solar market (via CleanTechnica)

U.S. wind headed for dismal year as carbon emissions rise (via RTCC)

Market share for leasing residential solar to peak in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

Renewables provided 88% of new U.S. electrical generating capacity in May 2014 (via Renewable Energy World)

Rooftop solar leases scaring buyers when homeowners sell (via Bloomberg)

Texas hits new peak wind output of 29% total electricity load (via U.S. EIA)

Setback rule will end new wind farms in Ohio (via Greentech Media/Midwest Energy News)

Ohio’s freeze on renewable mandates encourages clean energy foes (via Navigant Research)

SunPower offers batteries to hold solar power until night (via Bloomberg)

Solar installer to use drones for rooftop inspections (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Mosiac expands solar loan program for residential installers (via Solar Industry Magazine)


King Coal faces rising investment backlash in Australia (via Reuters)


U.S. Midwest receives two months of rainfall in one week (via Climate Progress)

California drought poised to drive up food prices as it worsens (via International Business Times)

Half of Colorado in some level of drought (via AP)

Greenpeace losses: Leaked documents reveal extent of financial disarray (via The Guardian)


UK nuclear cleanup bill rises by £2.2 billion (via Financial Times)


Consumer group: U.S. drivers buying more fuel-efficient cars (via The Hill)

California puts its EV-owner survey info online (via Green Car Reports)


Wind industry unites to support 3.5GW Clean Line transmission project (via Renew Grid)

ComEd to complete smart meter rollout three years early (via Renew Grid)


Thanks to tablets and better TV tech, more gadgets use less energy (via GigaOm)


White House planning another big climate push (via Huffington Post)

Gasoline fears drive congressional energy agenda (via Houston Chronicle)


The losing bet on climate change (via Bloomberg)

Could Obama’s climate rule come undone? (via National Journal)

Why a national carbon tax would be amazing – in four charts (via Climate Progress)

Storm clouds gathering over the U.S. solar industry (via Renewable Energy World)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.13.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, warn scientists (via The Guardian)

Melt of key Antarctic glaciers “unstoppable,” find studies (via Climate Central)

How cities in developing countries are becoming climate resilient (via Sustainable Cities Collective)

Alabama avoids preparing for rising seas menacing Mobile (via Bloomberg)


Energy efficiency bill dies in U.S. Senate after feud (via Bloomberg)


Think green jobs can’t grow? 6.5 million workers think you’re wrong. (via CleanTechnica)

UK unveils shock changes to solar farm subsidies (via BusinessGreen)

Hungry solar developers look to booming South Africa (via Navigant Research)

How the GE-Alstom combination could save the offshore wind industry (via Navigant Research)

Renewables surged to 74% of German demand last Sunday (via Renew Economy)

Can the Texas solar market live up to its potential? (via Greentech Media)

The high cost of the solar middleman (via Grist)

Why solar net metering beats a value-of-solar tariff every time (via Grist)


Banning HFCs from 2020 could make big climate impact, says study (via RTCC)

Guandong carbon market sparks China green-vs-growth dispute (via Reuters)

Draft letter from EPA advisors urges tougher ozone standard (via Greenwire)


New projections show oil production soaring as rigs boost efficiency (via Houston Chronicle)

Spills at drilling sites up 18% across U.S. in 2013 (via EnergyWire)

House panel seeks briefing on DOE’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (via The Hill)


China promotes fuel efficiency and alternative-fuel vehicles to curb growing oil use (via US EIA)

Will Tesla Gigafactory fight come down to Texas v. California? (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

EV charging station startup ChargePoint raises $22.6 million (via Forbes)


Russia repeats Ukraine natural gas cutoff threat by June 2 (via Reuters)

Chile green tax on coal increases cheap shale gas gamble (via Bloomberg)

EPA regulations probably won’t tell us everything in fracking fluid (via Climate Progress)


Microgrid energy storage systems to reach nearly $4.2 billion in market value by 2024 (via Navigant Research)

Why the power grid will remain reliable without coal plants (via GreenBiz)

Testing ground for new energy storage in New York State (via Greentech Media)

California heat pushes power to six-year seasonal high (via Bloomberg)


Six electric utilities charging a new energy course (via GreenBiz)

Why coal-dependent utilities shouldn’t be so scared of carbon regulations (via Greentech Media)

New York State prodding utilities to shift from monopoly model (via Bloomberg)


Acid rain’s dirty legacy (via FiveThirtyEight)

Southwest struggles to adapt to year-round fire season (via ClimateWire)

EPA unearths $3.6 million for green jobs in brownfields (via CleanTechnica)


U.S. Senate Republicans block energy efficiency bill, forfeit Keystone vote (via Reuters)

Why Democrats are afraid of a man who’s giving them millions (via National Journal)

A Senate race about…climate change! (via Washington Post)


America versus China: The new reality of global energy (via Energy Collective)

This is what a holy shit moment for global warming looks like (via Mother Jones)

Why society is failing to stop global warming in one 90-second video (via Washington Post)

Americans’ aversion to science carries a high price (via Washington Post)

Marco Rubio makes a wrong turn on climate change (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.18.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Coal generation to rise above 40% market share for first time since 2011 (via Facts of the Day)

Coal burns bright as utilities switch from gas (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Bloomberg)

Switch to gas from coal may threaten water supply (via Climate Central)

Regulators, Duke assure North Carolina lawmakers coal ash spill poses no immediate health threat (via News-Observer)


EU leaders said to delay decision on 2030 carbon target (via Bloomberg)


As fracking booms, growing concerns about wastewater (via Yale e360)

Pro-fracking landowners sue New York State over drilling decision delay (via New York Daily News)

Ohio officials made plan to promote fracking while regulating it (via Columbus Dispatch)


How the UK can unlock community benefits of renewable energy (via Triple Pundit)


US crude oil ban confusion intensifies, except in Alaska (via Houston Chronicle)

Texas heading for major water shortage with limited oil field recycling (via Houston Chronicle)


Obama set to order new fuel standards for U.S. trucks (via Reuters)

Apple’s merger chief met in secret with Tesla CEO Elon Musk (via Autoblog Green)

China’s EV subsidies have been extended, but is that enough? (via CleanTechnica)


How safe and reliable is America’s electric grid? (via National Journal)


China announces $330 billion water cleanup effort in latest environmental crackdown (via BusinessGreen)

New Mexico in its worst drought since 1880s (via Albuquerque Journal)

Texas drought returns, little relief in sight (via Houston Chronicle)


Environmentalists debate substance of Keystone XL fight (via Houston Chronicle)


Climate activist plans $100 million election year push (via National Journal)

Could Tom Steyer’s anti-Keystone campaign help Mary Landrieu? She thinks so. (via National Journal)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.31.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Keystone XL review “to say pipeline will not appreciably increase emissions” (via The Guardian)

Oil sands opponents file challenge against European Commission (via Reuters)

Canada regulator approves Enbridge’s Alberta oil pipeline plan (via Reuters)

Obama Administration prepared to show cards on Keystone (via National Journal)

Keystone foes say two pipelines are worse than one (via Bloomberg)


10 cities making massive emissions cuts through energy efficiency (via CleanTechnica)

Northeast, Mid-Atlantic invested $2.5 billion in energy efficiency during 2013 (via Energy Manager Today)

The ultimate guide to efficient light bulbs (via CleanTechnica)


China installed record amounts of solar in 2013 – but coal is still winning (via Washington Post)

MoU signed for enormous 4,000MW solar project in India (via CleanTechnica)

Goldman Sachs sees “transformational moment” in renewables investment (via Renew Economy)

U.S. installed 1.08GW wind in 2013 (via Recharge)

Wind power supporters push Congress to revive expired tax credit (via Washington Post)

Renewable energy finance outlook for 2014: Where will the cash flow? (via Renewable Energy World)

Study finds carbon intensity of corn ethanol to be 43-60% lower than oil by 2022 (via Green Car Congress)

Biodiesel boom continues with eight straight months above 100 million gallons (via Facts of the Day)

Texas tops nation in new wind power construction (via Houston Chronicle)

Rooftop solar and net metering win big in Colorado (via Greentech Media)

Why New Jersey’s solar market just got hot again (via Renewable Energy World)

Eagle permits: A way forward for wind or a license to kill? (via Midwest Energy News)


South Korea confirms 30% carbon reduction target by 2020 (via RTCC)

China unhappy with “carbon budget” reference in IPCC review (via RTCC)

EU panel votes to limit concessions on airline carbon curbs (via Bloomberg)


New US generation capacity falls 54% in 2013 as new wind plunges (via Facts of the Day)

Energy Secretary: ability to transport U.S. oil, gas lags booming output (via Reuters)

White House taps Norman Bay to head FERC (via Politico)

EPA prepares hundreds of regional buyouts in sweeping workforce overhaul (via Greenwire)


Lima talks should deliver first draft of 2015 UN climate deal, says Peru minister (via The Guardian)

Obama’s agenda: EPA leading the charge on climate change (via Politico)

EPA chief: Climate change regulation “done deal” despite Supreme Court review (via National Journal)

Green groups: Obama not doing enough on climate (via AP)

Business groups form multi-million dollar campaign to fight Obama climate plan (via Washington Post)

Bloomberg tapped to be UN cities, climate change envoy (via Reuters)


White House willing to explore “policy options” on crude oil exports (via National Journal)

OPEC oil output rises in January from 2 ½-year low (via Reuters)


White House releases plan to make Arctic shipping safer (via Reuters)

House Democrats demand better fuel efficiency from USPS vehicles (via The Hill)

Which state has the highest percentage of EVs? No, not California (via Green Car Reports)


Its great lake shriveled, Iran confronts water supply crisis (via New York Times)

California may have hit its driest point in 500 years, and the effects are frightening (via Huffington Post)

For California, more wildfires mean more pollution and long-lasting health problems (via ClimateWire)

California snowpack hits record low (via Los Angeles Times)


Return on investment from smart grid deployment is top priority for public power utilities (via Renew Grid)


The extraordinary climate and environmental legacy of Henry Waxman (via Climate Progress)

Supporters, opponents of Waxman’s climate agenda lament retirement (via SNL Energy)

Enlightened power: New eco warriors are really well armed (via Bloomberg)

Extreme weather is a reality – the insurance industry must adapt (via The Guardian)

Two things to know about Indonesia’s forest moratorium (via World Resources Institute)

Four insights on unlocking finance for clean energy access in Africa (via World Resources Institute)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.13.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China’s water squeeze worsens as wetlands shrink 9% since 2003 (via Reuters)

Federal authorities to investigate West Virginia chemical spill (via The Guardian)

West Virginia river chemical leak far larger than previously estimated (via Climate Progress)

MIT study: 52% of projected 2050 global population will live in water-stressed areas (via Green Car Congress)

Drought may pressure California power utilities (via Fitch Ratings)


LEED certification’s impact on America: By the numbers (via CleanTechnica)


Solar faceoff: Feed-in tariff versus net metering (via Energy Collective)

Over 11,000 comments filed on EPA’s ethanol rules (via Autoblog Green)

Solar dropping wholesale electricity prices like a bad habit (via CleanTechnica)

Fate of New Jersey’s first offshore wind farm in hands of regulators (via Atlantic City Press)

Massachusetts reviving SREC program to promote solar growth (via Solar Industry Magazine)


France’s Total to invest in Britain’s shale gas quest (via Reuters)

UK “going all out for shale” with 40 fracking sites in pipeline (via RTCC)

Manufacturers call for halt on natural gas export approvals (via Houston Chronicle)

New Jersey Pinelands gas pipeline plan is defeated (via Asbury Park Press)


EU commissioners clash over 2030 climate goals (via The Guardian)

Public’s climate change concerns “shaped by weather outside” (via RTCC)

In flood insurance fight, Congress wants easy win, not tough solutions (via ClimateWire)

Federal government investigating Christie’s use of Sandy relief funds (via CNN)


Canada expects safety standard action on oil train cars “fairly soon” (via Reuters)

Wetland contamination can be predicted by oil boom states (via Los Angeles Times)

Can the oil industry save a threatened species? Texas tries it out (via EnergyWire)


Study: Air travel outpacing driving in fuel efficiency gains (via Midwest Energy News)

Congress fails to renew important EV tax credits (via Plugin Cars)

Electric vehicle consumers – beyond early adopters (via Center for Climate and Energy Solutions)

Fuel economy of vehicles sold last year at record-high (via


Canadian government to spend $22 million green washing tar sands (via Autoblog Green)