Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.26.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


U.S. and India announce “cooperation” on climate change (via Climate Progress)

Obama backs India solar goals, seeks support for climate talks (via Reuters)

Obama says made a breakthrough in civil nuclear trade with India (via Retuers)

Obama-Modi nuclear “breakthrough” has CEOs wary of fine print (via Bloomberg)


UK lawmakers urge fracking moratorium (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)


Obama proposes to declare ANWR a wilderness area (via National Journal)


India plans 100GW wind energy capacity by 2022 (via CleanTechnica)

Japan to set renewable energy targets despite nuclear creeping back in (via PV Tech)

India to propose global collaboration in solar power R&D to cut costs (via CleanTechnica)

India clean energy investments rise 13% to $7.9 billion (via Bloomberg)

Qatar set to announce 200MW solar tender (via PV Tech)

Chinese tier-1 PV module suppliers have sold out (via CleanTechnica)

Worry for U.S. solar projects after end of tax credits (via New York Times)

A philosophical divide emerges in states considering the future of utilities (via Greentech Media)

Huge New England area to soon open for offshore wind power (via Climate Progress)

New York Governor Cuomo delivers a sunny 2015 State of the State (via Renewable Energy World)

Massachusetts closes out landmark solar rebate program (via Solar Industry)

North Carolina plunges deeper into offshore wind energy (via CleanTechnica)

Clean energy investment plummets in Ohio (via Greentech Media)

New California partnership launches statewide PACE program (via Renewable Energy World)

New steps toward future production of solar fuels (via

Solar and water: Abengoa’s big bets (via Forbes)

Mahindra Group to expand renewables business amid India’s clean energy push (via Reuters)

Inside the coming showdown over rooftop solar in Indiana (via Utility Dive)


Cold nights are decreasing across the U.S. (via Climate Central)

Pope’s U.S. visit to stoke climate fight (via The Hill)

Hollande calls for global “solidarity” in fight against climate change (via RTCC)

Before sea level rises, Miami Beach officials want to raise street (via Miami Herald)


Saudi oil minister Naimi to stay for now, policy steady (via Retuers)

Head west for best look at U.S. oil drillers’ pain (via Bloomberg)

Defeating Keystone XL might mean more oil by train (via The Stranger)

Illinois misses the fracking boom because of falling oil prices (via Chicago Tribune)


Plug-in EV sales could hit 1% market share this quarter (via Autoblog)

How low gas prices could spike Obama’s climate plan (via National Journal)


Demand response will “win hands down if taken up by Supreme Court, says former FERC Chair (via Greentech Media)

Wind transmission beats Keystone XL pipeline in race for federal approval (via CleanTechnica)


On Obama’s India visit, climate change deal unlikely as Modi boosts coal production (via Washington Post)

Cheapest solar in the world (Michael Liebreich interview series) (via CleanTechnica)

Why you need to pay attention to solar energy legislation in Indiana (via Indianapolis Star)

What isn’t at stake in the Exelon-Pepco merger (via Forbes)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.22.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Fate of EU carbon market hangs in balance of reform vote (via RTCC)

EU carbon trading reforms in doubt after MEPs fail to agree on start date (via BusinessGreen)

European Parliament committee fails to agree on carbon reform date (via Reuters)

How the oil industry will try to kill carbon pricing (via Sightline Daily)


Citing climate, Obama issues Arctic executive order (via USA Today)

The case of Greenland’s disappearing lakes (via CBS News)

How far Obama’s message on climate change has come (via Washington Post)


U.S. coal declines, bucks global trend (via Climate Central)


EPIA: Germany’s solar tender plan “makes no sense” while PV prices fall (via PV Tech)

U.S. trade panel triggers duties on China, Taiwan solar gear (via Bloomberg)

Trina Solar remains committed to supplying PV modules to U.S. after ITC ruling (via PV Tech)

Dubai ups renewable energy target to 15% by 2030 (via PV Tech)

Plans submitted for 205MW Chile solar project (via PV Tech)

Greenwood to build 80-megawatt solar power facility in Chile (via Bloomberg)

U.S. wind power installations rose six-fold in 2014 (via Bloomberg)

Hawaii’s biggest utility wants to ditch solar net metering (via Greentech Media)

Moth eyes inspire scientists to cut reflection on solar panels (via GigaOm)

Solar as an energy equity solution (via Renewable Energy World)

Higher renewable energy standard could boost Minnesota’s economy (via Midwest Energy News)


House passes bill to speed natural gas pipelines (via The Hill)


Grid edge investments total $1.3 billion in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

FERC files Supreme Court challenge to demand response decision (via Greentech Media)

Clean Line solicits 3.5GW capacity for Grain Belt Express (via Recharge)


OPEC chief says oil will rebound, defends decision not to cut (via Reuters)

Spain mulls fracking after offshore drilling comes up dry (via Christian Science Monitor)

BP head expects oil prices “low for up to three years” (via BBC)

U.S. drivers put oil market on road to recovery (via Reuters)

Nearly 3 million gallons of brine spill in North Dakota oil boom’s largest leak (via Houston Chronicle)


Tokyo wants 6,000 fuel cell cars from Toyota and Honda for 2020 Olympics (via Autoblog)


Republican hints at Keystone XL backup plan (via The Hill)


GOP knives come out against U.S.-China carbon pact, Paris climate talks (via National Journal)

Senate votes 98-1 that “climate change is real and not a hoax” (via Climate Progress)

How senators voted on whether climate change is real and “human activity significantly contributes” (via National Journal)

Republicans edit climate-denial mockery out of Obama’s State of the Union (via Grist)

Obama to Republicans: So long, and thanks for nothing (via Grist)

Tom Steyer’s green ambitions (via Los Angeles Times)


As Obama and Modi meet, 4 opportunities for U.S.-India action on clean energy and climate (via WRI Insights)

U.S.-India climate talks could pave way for billions in clean energy investment but not emissions goals (via International Business Times)

NRG’s grand ambition to dominate the solar market (via Forbes)

Five reasons why companies should invest in climate resilience now (via GreenBiz)

The most important solar trends in eight charts (via Greentech Media)

Climate action protects the middle class (via Huffington Post)

The Senate is pretty clearly a hoax (via Vox)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.16.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EU plans diplomatic offensive ahead of Paris climate summit (via RTCC)

New Pew survey shows Americans may finally be serious about global warming (via Washington Post)


Michigan governor wants to wean state off coal as an energy source (via Lansing News)


Solar, wind power to become cheapest energy source in Asia (via Business Standard)

Brazil wind financing deals surged 83% last year to $2.5 billion (via Bloomberg)

Wind farms could save UK £7.4 billion in gas import costs, says report (via BusinessGreen)

2015 will see first solar equipment produced in Brazil, says BNDES (via Recharge)

Merkel says Germany needs “a respite from solar” (via PV Magazine)

Dubai doubles capacity of “lowest cost” PV plant to 200MW (via PV Tech)

Yingli Green kick-starts China PV project pipeline in 2015 (via PV Tech)

Queensland businesses turn to solar to offset soaring bills (via Renew Economy)

Australian households installed a rooftop solar system every 2.8 minutes in 2014 (via Renew Economy)

U.S. solar industry adds 31,000 jobs in 2014 (via The Hill)

California regulators consider west-facing incentives for solar (via Solar Industry)

Missouri net metering bills could aid battered solar industry (via Midwest Energy News)

In Wisconsin, solar “new math” could equal big impacts (via Midwest Energy News)

Minnesota group wants state energy assistance to fund solar for low-income families (via Sustainable Business)

Solar cell efficiency jumps 50% with hand-build Perovskite layer (via CleanTechnica)

Small-scale hybrid energy device harvests both sun and wind (via Treehugger)

Solar Decathlon 2015 kicks off with Irvine workshop (via CleanTechnica)


Mexico considers delaying some oil exploration bidding (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Canada postpones North American summit amid Keystone XL tension (via Reuters)

Lifting U.S. crude export ban could boost production, cut gas prices, says study (via Reuters)

Judge puts BP’s top fine at $13.7 billion for Gulf oil spill; U.S. sought $18 billion (via Bloomberg)

U.S. oil train safety proposal due in May (via Reuters)

Gravy train derails for oil patch workers laid off in downturn (via Bloomberg)


Korea’s target: 200,000 EVs by 2020 (via Inside EVs)

Nissan to have longer-range EVs “relatively quickly,” says executive (via Green Car Reports)

Elon Musk: Hyperloop test track may be built in Texas (via San Francisco Chronicle)


India’s power sector moves into the 21st century (via Navigant Research)

PJM files “stop-gap” proposal with FERC to allow demand response in capacity auctions (via SNL Energy)

Opower says 95 utility partners have saved 6TWh energy (via Energy Manager Today)

California takes lead in developing energy storage (via GreenBiz)

Solar and utilities can co-exist through EVs, says Elon Musk (via Renew Economy)


Poll: GOP clashes with voters on oil industry priorities (via Houston Chronicle)

Solar alliance in Sunshine State may be bad news for Jeb Bush (via Forbes)


How beyond-the-grid solar firms and lenders can make better use of capital (via Greentech Media)

A reminder to investors dumping solar stocks: PV and oil rarely mix (via Greentech Media)

Center for Public Integrity reveals how PR firms manufacture consent for oil firms (via DeSmogBlog)

Wind must cut costs in face of cheap crude (via Renewable Energy World)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.5.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Kerry: U.S., China cannot solve climate problems alone (via The Hill)

Queen Elizabeth admits “one has climate change concerns” (via BusinessGreen)

Tasmanian devils decline due to climate change, says research (via The Guardian)

Jersey retreating from rivers, but not coast, after Sandy (via Climate Central)

More activists arrested as climate demonstration continues at FERC (via Greenwire)


South Korea carbon market unlikely to deliver climate target, say analysts (via BusinessGreen)

Germany looks to fast-track exit from coal, as well as nuclear (via Renew Economy)

California readies for cap-and-trade next steps (via TriplePundit)

Church of England failing to heed call to divest from fossil fuels (via The Guardian)


How renewables in developing countries are leapfrogging traditional power (via Climate Progress)

Concerns amid low Brazil solar PV prices (via Recharge News)

Severe droughts hasten hydropower’s slow decline (via Navigant Research)

The end of a solar era: The Legacy of the California Solar Initiative (via Greentech Media)

Enphase posts record quarterly revenue with more expected (via PV Tech)


TransCanada says Keystone XL project costs rise to $8 billion (via Bloomberg)

The Senate has a filibuster-proof pro-Keystone XL majority (via National Journal)


LED efficiency soars in 2014 (via Greentech Media)

NREL, U.S. Army validate energy savings for net zero energy installations (via


Halliburton CEO expects shale to reverse oil price slump (via Bloomberg)


PGE takes energy storage to the distribution substation (via Greentech Media)

EU plans power supergrid to boost renewables (via RTCC)


Denton voters pass first fracking ban in Texas (via Houston Chronicle)

Three of four Ohio towns reject anti-fracking measures (via Midwest Energy News)


Pollution halves India’s potential grain yield (via Hindustan Times/Reuters)

California passes $7.5 billion water bond (via Huffington Post)


The new GOP Senate is already gearing up to cause climate mayhem (via Grist)

Elections a half victory for climate billionaire Steyer (via The Hill)

RNC Chair Priebus: Obama will sign Keystone XL bill (via The Hill)

Congratulations, voters. You just made this climate denier the most powerful senator on the environment (via The New Republic)


Why two crucial pages were left out of the latest UN climate report (via Washington Post)

Despite everything, 2014 is another growth year for solar PV (via Renewable Energy World)

Which hybrids save you money? Not as many as you might think (via Autoblog Green)

There’s still no consistent way to value solar on the grid (via Greentech Media)

The California Water Bond is a beginning, not an end: Here’s what’s next (via Huffington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.17.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Russia’s Putin threatens to reduce European gas supplies (via Reuters)


Winter unlikely to see repeat of frigid polar vortex (via Climate Central)


France signs agreement to build nuclear reactors in South Africa (via Yahoo! News/AFP)

UK’s Hinkley nuclear deal to face National Audit Office probe (via BusinessGreen)


Europe’s biggest solar bonds downgraded on Italy’s policy (via Bloomberg)

As Japan eyes nuclear restarts, renewables get shut out of grid (via Reuters)

India announces 15GW solar power purchase program (via Renewable Energy World)

China to phase out financial support for solar sector by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)

JinkoSolar adds 200MW to China PV project pipeline (via PV Tech)

GTM Research expects equivalent of 25GW new polysilicon production by 2016 (via PV Tech)

Minneapolis utility fight ends with unique clean-energy deal (via Midwest Energy News)


Pacific islanders blockade Australian coal port to protest rising sea levels (via The Guardian)

Britain’s battered coal industry sees glimmer of hope in carbon capture (via Reuters)

For $20 million, a coal utility bought an Ohio town and a clean conscience (via The Atlantic)


Qingdao prepares China’s 8th regional carbon market (via RTCC)

Sweden calls on EU to agree to 50% carbon cuts for 2030 (via RTCC)

Texas plant to capture, then reuse carbon (via New York Times)


Falling oil prices shake up global economies (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

As oil prices plummet, Saudi Arabia faces a test of strategy (via New York Times)

Oil-by-rail fuels record U.S. imports of Canadian oil (via DeSmogBlog)

Shale oil boom helping American consumers like never before (via Bloomberg)

U.S. moves ahead with central Gulf of Mexico offshore auction (via Houston Chronicle)


Americans could waste $2.8 trillion stuck in traffic by 2030 (via Autoblog)

Tesla says first battery-swapping site will go live in December (via Green Car Reports)

11 more GM facilities worldwide go landfill-free; total rises to 122 (via Green Car Congress)


FERC investigating polar vortex impact on grid (via The Hill)


Sao Paulo running out of water unless reserve tapped now (via Bloomberg)

U.S. plastic bottle recycling increases for 24th year (via Environmental Leader)

Whole Foods launches environmental ratings for its produce (via BusinessGreen)

Tornadoes increasingly coming in swarms in U.S., study says (via Huffington Post/Reuters)


Brazil’s Neves closing campaign cash gap thanks to banks and ethanol (via Reuters)


PJM’s capacity market: Model to copy or avoid? (via Breaking Energy)

Why you should question the value proposition of energy storage (via Greentech Media)

We don’t, and can’t know how much it will cost to tackle climate change (via Grist)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.1.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Ukraine readies for winter without Russian gas (via The Hill)

Winter season heightens Russia-Europe gas game (via Retuers)

U.S. gas boom turns global as LNG exports shake up market (via Bloomberg)

FERC approves Dominion’s Cove Point LNG export facility (via Reuters)

EPA shows 73% decline in methane emissions from fracked wells (via Green Car Congress)


Smog clouds Shanghai’s drive to become global financial center (via Bloomberg)

U.S. emissions increased in 2013, according to EPA (via Huffington Post)


India will be renewables superpower, says energy minister (via The Guardian)

Germany renewables output tops coal for first time (via Bloomberg)

Japan may apply solar brakes with rate overhaul (via Bloomberg)

India to build first offshore wind power project (via Bloomberg)

Brazil study shows 30 ethanol mills near bankruptcy (via Bloomberg)

Japan to slap more restrictions on solar power (via Reuters)

Wave power finally on the horizon? (via Renewables International)

New Western U.S. real-time market aims to smooth bumps in renewable generation (via EnergyWire)

Massachusetts: 100,000 clean energy jobs (via Sustainable Business)

Vivint Solar prices IPO at $16 per share, aims for SolarCity-style ride (via Greentech Media)


Coal competing with oil and gas for space on rails (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Alpha Natural sees room for just 2-4 big U.S. coal miners (via Bloomberg)

For sale: Coal mines for investors willing to buck trend (via Bloomberg)


U.S., India partner on climate resilience (via The Hill)

Six EU states cast doubt on proposed 2030 climate goals (via RTCC)

South Pacific flotilla to protest climate change inaction at Australia coal port (via Reuters)


OPEC oil output hits highest since 2012 on Libya, Saudi (via Reuters)

Crude oil prices recover as Saudi Arabia cuts production (via Houston Chronicle)

Rising U.S. crude exports move closer to 1957 record (via Bloomberg)

U.S. could press for international Arctic drilling standards (via Houston Chronicle)

Oil, rail industries want 7 years to fix tank cars (via ABC News/AP)

Oil lobby: Rail tank car phase-out could cost $45.2 billion (via The Hill)

Enbridge delays North Dakota oil pipeline at least a year (via Houston Chronicle)


Tesla breaks into Japan (via Forbes)


DOE to offer $12.6 billion for nuke projects (via The Hill)


California is integrating western utilities into its grid balancing market (via Greentech Media)

Dozens of developers show interest in Hawaii’s energy storage proposal (via PV Tech)


North American beekeepers sue to stop pesticides (via Triple Pundit)

California governor signs plastic bag ban (via The Hill)

California burns through $209 million wildfire budget, taps $70 million more (via Los Angeles Times)


An environmentalist’s calculated push toward Brazil’s presidency (via Reuters)


Taxes, fees: The worldwide battle between utilities and solar (via Reuters)

The world’s biggest energy hogs aren’t who you think they are (via Christian Science Monitor)

Holding out on solar? It’s time to reconsider (via GreenBiz)

Power markets and the changing color of the grid (via The Energy Collective)

Searching for the good life in the Bakken oil fields (via The Atlantic)

The explosive debate over a new natural gas pipeline through the Northeast (via Climate Progress)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 9.19.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China power plants exempts from low-quality coal ban: Sources (via Reuters)

With China coal ban, has Australia’s luck run out? (via Bloomberg BusinessWeek) 

Battery storage to make reserve coal plants redundant (via Renewables International)

A month of disappointments for coal exporters (via Sightline Daily)

Scientists on a quest for knowledge about coal dust risks (via EarthFix)

Ohio Supreme Court approves coal strip mining in state wildlife area (via Columbus Dispatch)


Scotland “No” vote removes doubt for $23 billion in new renewables (via Bloomberg)

Wind adds 1.4GW to upcoming Brazil renewables auction (via Recharge News)

Jamaica aims to double renewable energy capacity (via Bloomberg BusinessWeek) 

German PV equipment manufacturing up 39% in 2014 (via Renewables International)

Solar power making big competitive gains, new studies show (via Breaking Energy)

Technology advances wind energy development (via The Energy Collective)

Food versus fuel in U.S. renewable energy showdown (via Thompson Reuters)

Report: U.S. solar costs continue rapid decline (via PV Tech)

U.S. solar and wind start to outshine gas (via Financial Times)

Wind power could improve grid resiliency, says GE (via CleanTechnica)

Putting solar panels on school roofs could increase U.S. solar capacity (via Climate Progress)

U.S. DOE targets 50,000 new solar installers by 2020 (via PV Tech)

Vivint Solar, 2nd U.S. solar installer, sets IPO terms to raise $370 million (via Greentech Media)


2014 on track to be warmest year on record (via Climate Central)

Summer 2014 was a sizzler: Earth’s hottest on record (via USA Today)

China cautious on fresh commitments ahead of climate change summit (via South China Morning Post)

Obama to tout U.S. climate plan at UN summit (via Reuters)

Report warns Superstorm Sandy was not “The Big One” (via Huffington Post)

White House officials acknowledge climate plan’s limits, but decry inaction (via ClimateWire)

HUD launches $1 billion national disaster resilience competition (via Inhabitat)


Oil prices at two-year low, OPEC may change that (via Christian Science Monitor)

Oxfam sues SEC over oil payment disclosure rule (via The Hill)

Oklahoma to pass California, Alaska in oil production (via The Oklahoman)


French group develops mass electric vehicle charging stations (via Reuters)

IRS won’t (or can’t) revel how many plug-in vehicle tax credits are left (via Autoblog Green)


Obama urged to plug methane leaks to meet climate goal (via Bloomberg) 


Hard truths about world power plant carbon emissions (via CleanTechnica)

California and Quebec announce first joint cap-and-trade auction (via Green Car Congress)

MISO study suggests regional approach is better when it comes to EPA carbon compliance (via EnergyWire)

UN hired PR firm that won’t rule out clients who oppose carbon regulations (via The Guardian)


TransCanada CEO “frustrated” by linkage of Keystone XL to climate change (via Bloomberg BNA)


Ruling against FERC order could cost U.S. demand response market $4.4 billion (via Greentech Media)

LEED-certified professionals in great demand (via Sustainable Business)


Why fewer acres have burned this year despite California drought (via San Francisco Chronicle)

Massive Northern California fire outrunning firefighters (via Los Angeles Times)

Despite some rain, drought still grips Texas towns (via StateImpact Texas)


White House cranks up heat ahead of UN climate summit (via The Hill)

Brazil’s Rousseff closes in on Silva ahead of October vote (via Reuters)

Al Gore: Climate skepticism will haunt GOP in 2016 (via National Journal)

With an eye on 2016, Christie resists climate change plan for New Jersey (via New York Times)

Frank Pallone builds support for top spot on Energy Committee (via Politico)


Why higher education is a bright green market (via GreenBiz)

U.S. schools go solar (via EcoWatch)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.26.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


13 states say EPA climate regulations illegally left out data (via The Hill)

GAO finds no fault with “social cost of carbon” (via The Hill)

Fossil fuel divestment: A $5 trillion challenge (via Bloomberg)


UBS analysts: “Large-scale power stations could be on path to extinction” (via Greentech Media)

“Major investment cycle” and rapidly changing U.S. energy markets pose challenges for FERC, says new chairman (via EnergyWire)

One electric utility is carbon neutral, today (via CleanTechnica)


India plans to add 10,000MW wind energy capacity every year (via CleanTechnica)

Pattern turns to solar after building top Chile wind farm (via Bloomberg)

Verizon to boost solar by $40 million, almost doubling its clean energy (via GigaOm)

SolarWorld wins trade case but faces sliding stock, parts recall, and more (via Greentech Media)

Trina Solar posts profit as module shipments jump (via Reuters)

Retail vs. wholesale energy pricing: One reason it’s easy for rooftop solar to be cost effective (via CleanTechnica)


Enbridge case reflects broader effort to fast-track pipelines (via Midwest Energy News)

Grain piles up, waiting for a ride, as trains move North Dakota oil (via New York Times)


China said to consider $16 billion EV-charging fund (via Bloomberg)

Are the EPA’s MPGe ratings hurting EV sales? (via Autoblog Green)

The story of Elon Musk and GM’s race to build the first mass-market EV (via Quartz)


Labour party attempts to strengthen UK fracking industry regulation (via BusinessGreen)

Fracking link to birth defects probed in early research (via Bloomberg)

Drilling underway at Pittsburgh International Airport (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Small island states, facing rising seas, seek economic overhaul (via Reuters)

Health benefits offset costs of climate policies: MIT study (via Greenwire)

Visualize it: Old weather data feeds new climate models (via Climate Central)

Scientists go beyond science to explain their climate terror (via National Journal)


Investment in U.S. electricity transmission infrastructure shows steady increase (via U.S. EIA)

The Catch-22 of energy storage (via Energy Collective)


Chart: How many birds are killed by wind, solar, oil, and coal? (via Climate Progress)

San Joaquin is America’s most endangered river (via EcoWatch)


Sustainability standard developed for home appliances (via Environmental Leader)


In race for solar power, China is winning (via Christian Science Monitor)

Europe is burning our forests for “renewable” energy. Wait, what? (via Grist)

A climate for change: America should not wait while the world warms (via Washington Post)

How WWI killed the dream of a solar-powered world (via Sustainable Cities Collective)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.20.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Japanese government seeks to deregulate utility market, boost renewables (via Renewable Energy World)

Exelon and Pepco seek Maryland PSC blessing of $7 billion merger (via Renew Grid)


NWF warns climate change could ruin “outdoor” experience (via The Hill)

Report: California should prepare for 3-foot sea level rise this century (via San Francisco Examiner)


Australia renewable review chills $20 billion clean energy industry (via Bloomberg)

China’s wind power industry shows overall recovery (via Renewable Energy World)

Renewables set new records in U.S., Germany (via Breaking Energy)

Mexico approves 220MW of solar projects (via Bloomberg)

Rooftop solar may reach grid parity in 25+ states by 2017 (via CleanTechnica)

With wind energy prices at all-time lows, DOE is cautiously optimistic (via InsideClimate News) 

U.S. wind supply chain hopes “dimmed” (via Recharge)

Tom Steyer takes a side in environmentalists’ ethanol fight (via National Journal)

Developer U.S. Wind tops DOI’s Maryland offshore wind bid (via Recharge)

Advocates: Wisconsin solar fight could spill into other states (via Midwest Energy News)

Six summer stories from GTM Research you may have missed (via Greentech Media)


Canadian watchdog: Oil trains need more oversight (via Politico)

Report: Canada railway audit inadequate before Lac-Megantic disaster (via Reuters)

Feds boosting oil spill liability limits (via Houston Chronicle)

14 companies bid for western Gulf leases (via Houston Chronicle)

Alaska oil tax supporters fending off repeal efforts (via Reuters)


Tesla owner tax rebates could total $1.5 billion (via CleanTechnica)

Uber picks David Plouffe to wage regulatory fight (via New York Times)


Russia-China deal will supply Siberian natural gas to China’s northern, eastern provinces (via U.S. EIA)

Refracking brings “vintage” U.S. gas wells to life (via Reuters)


FERC grants key approval to 3.5GW wind power transmission project (via Renew Grid)

Federal research spurs Washington State to store energy (via Energy Manager Today)

New Jersey creates the nation’s first Energy Resilience Bank (via GreenBiz)


Western Governors’ Association calls to end “wildfire borrowing” (via Denver Post)

Wildfire near Yosemite National Park holds steady (via Wall Street Journal)


Two Belgian nuclear reactors may be closed permanently (via Reuters)

U.S. government’s nuclear watchdog victim of cyber attacks (via Reuters)

Texas’ nuclear waste dump poised to get wiggle room (via Texas Tribune)


LEED certification boosts hotel revenue (via Environmental Leader)


Microsoft ends its relationship with American Legislative Exchange Council (via Eclecta Blog)

Latino group sides with EPA on climate rule (via The Hill)

Florida Governor Scott meeting with climate scientists is “leadership” moment for him (via Miami Herald)


Renewables records reveal how clean energy is starting to light up the world (via BusinessGreen)

What the green revolution in electronics means for smart grid (via Energy Collective)

Five things you should know about Powder River Basin coal exports (via Center for American Progress)

PR firm Edelman has more than a PR problem (via Marc Gunther)

In “After Water” project, writers imagine life in climate change-altered Chicago (via InsideClimate News)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.11.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Canada ignores climate warnings in drive for tar sands oil (via RTCC)

Keystone XL carbon emissions “would be four times higher than U.S. thought” (via The Guardian)


EPA roadshow highlights polarized U.S. climate debate (via RTCC)

Planners in southeast Florida try to awaken their state to sea level rise (via ClimateWire)

EPA chief: Teach global warming in schools (via National Journal)


China will install more solar in 2014 than the U.S. ever has (via Climate Progress)

Japan solar industry forecasts 100GW capacity by FY 2030 (via Bloomberg)

U.K. wind power surge sees renewables outstrip coal (via BusinessGreen)

Over 3GW of large-scale U.S. solar PV projects at risk from anti-dumping actions (via Solar Industry Magazine)

U.S. installs 835MW new wind energy so far in 2014, 14.6GW on the way (via CleanTechnica)

U.S. IRS clarifies wind PTC eligibility rules (via Recharge)

States dangle property tax abatements to draw new solar customers (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Chill from Ohio RPS freeze extends to neighboring solar markets (via Renewable Energy World)

Wyoming regulators give key approval for America’s largest wind farm (via Casper Star-Tribune)

A landmark deal in Mississippi could give a big boost to utility-scale solar (via Greentech Media)

South Carolina will let people lease equipment for solar energy (via Washington Post)

Report says Wisconsin solar growth has been hampered by policy, utilities (via Wisconsin Public Radio)


U.S. oil falls to six-month low on refinery outlook (via Houston Chronicle)


EV car sales are up over 70% in Europe and the U.S. (via Climate Progress)

The challenge for EV sales is car dealers, again (via Green Car Reports)

EV charging stations sprouting all over California (via Sacramento Bee)


Waste Management sees growth with EPA coal-ash disposal rule (via Bloomberg Businessweek)


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