Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.23.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


“Hottest year” story obscures bigger news: Ocean warming now off the charts (via Climate Progress)

UN asks countries for climate plans after record warm 2014 (via Reuters)

Climate change moves the Doomsday Clock (via Climate Central)


China’s wind power capacity now bigger than UK’s total electricity supply (via BusinessGreen)

India clean energy investments rebound, set to pass $10 billion in 2015 (via Bloomberg)

Solar R&D needs “systemic shock” to avert death of European PV (via PV Tech)

Taiwan could use its own loophole to sidestep U.S. solar tariffs (via PV Tech)

Beyond-the-grid solar sector matures with new finance and projects (via Huffington Post)

Etrion’s latest approved Chile project could also be a “merchant” plant (via PV Tech)

Texas wind power cracks 10% threshold (via Houston Chronicle)

Iowa ethanol lobby starts 2016 campaign to regain influence (via Bloomberg)

U.S. Navy, Air Force sign up for 120MW of Florida solar (via PV Tech)

Proof in numbers: Putting solar job census, home value study in perspective (via Renewable Energy World)

In the quest to finance smaller commercial solar deals, pipeline is king (via Renewable Energy World)

Are floating PPAs an ideal worth floating to solar investors? (via Renewable Energy World)


Oil prices rise after Saudi king’s death (via The Hill)

New Saudi king seen holding line on OPEC policy to keep oil output high (via Reuters)

The oil price tag investors say would signal a global recession (via Forbes)

Africa oil boom on hold as prices spur explorer caution (via Bloomberg)

Senate sets final Keystone XL vote next week (via The Hill)

Trial witness says Gulf spill response removed far less crude than BP expert estimates (via Houston Chronicle)


Gas tax push on fumes, says House chairman (via The Hill)

DOE offers $55 million for vehicle fuel efficiency technology (via The Hill)

Energy Secretary confirms U.S. will miss Obama goal of 1 million EVs by 2015 (via Green Car Reports)

VW, BMW, ChargePoint partner to create fast-charging corridors on East & West Coasts (via Green Car Congress)


EU carbon market price expected to rise before 2020 following MEPs’ vote (via The Guardian)

Into think air: Boston pipes leak $90 million in fuel yearly (via Reuters)


Buildings represent 40% of total U.S. energy use (via Energy Manager Today)

When it comes to efficiency, U.S. military soldiers on (via Grist)


Senate Democrats play offense on climate change ahead of 2016 (via Bloomberg)

Democrats divided on climate change (via National Journal)

KXL votes allow Dems to begin building beachhead to protect EPA rules (via E&E Daily)

Romney says climate change is real (via The Hill)

Mitt Romney believes in global warming again, but how would he deal with it? (via Vox)

Tom Steyer isn’t running for Senate, but may be angling for another office (via National Journal)


100 most sustainable multibillion-dollar companies revealed in Davos (via GreenBiz)

Will 2015 be a breakthrough year for energy storage in the UK? (via Greentech Media)

Solar loans: Should PV be more like car sales or cable television? (via Greentech Media)

Edison Electric Institute’s anti-solar PR spending revealed (via Huffington Post)

Missing a mining opportunity (via RMI Outlet)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.8.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


UN proposes building blocks of new climate deal (via Bloomberg)

U.S. and China set for latest climate change discussions (via RTCC)

France and India pledge cooperation at UN climate talks (via RTCC)

Lessons from a drowning nation (via Washington Post)

Climate change up close (via Ensia)

BBC cuts airtime for climate skeptics (via The Hill)


Indian power plants running out of coal, imports to surge (via Reuters)


Renewable energy’s share of China power generation to reach 20% by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)

Clean energy investment rebounds to highest level since 2012 (via BusinessGreen)

Renewable energy share in UK electricity generation inches closer to 20% (via CleanTechnica)

Deutsche Bank lends $1 billion in Japan’s solar gold rush (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

India exploring desert-based renewable energy strategy (via BusinessGreen)

UK Crown Estate approves marine power sites, test zones (via Bloomberg)

Offshore wind energy traversing regulatory, financial currents (via Forbes)

Growing green bond market raises $20 billion in six months (via RTCC)

Four residential solar trends to watch in second half 2014 (via Greentech Media)

CitiBank official: ITC drop “beyond huge” (via Recharge)

Here’s a way to get utilities to embrace solar and batteries: Let them own the inverter (via Greentech Media)

Florida utilities working to crush nascent solar industry (via CleanTechnica)


EU’s united front on Russia falling amid gas needs (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Ukraine-Europe gas link to run at full capacity this winter (via Bloomberg)

Saudi Aramco pulls the rug out from under U.S. natural gas industry (via CleanTechnica)

How are energy boom states dealing with fracking-related health complaints? (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)

Fracking fears grow as Oklahoma hit by more earthquakes than California (via Bloomberg)


Canadians are eating tar sands pollution (via Grist)

Lake Mead, largest U.S. reservoir, to reach record low this week (via Climate Progress)

NRDC petitions EPA to cancel neonicotinoid pesticides (via NRDC Switchboard)

A California oil field yields another prized commodity – water (via New York Times)


More Chargepoint chargers than McDonalds now in U.S. (via CleanTechnica)

Why cars remain so appealing even in cities with decent public transit (via Washington Post)

A designer fuel for the environmentally-conscious supercar enthusiast (via Breaking Energy)


Emissions reduction efforts gather steam (via Navigant Research)

EPA refutes charge NRDC played key role in emissions rule (via The Hill)


Big microgrid savings from replacing diesel with energy storage (via Navigant Research)

Researchers developing supercomputer to tackle grid challenges (via Renewable Energy World)

Maine utilities to strengthen grid, provide renewables access (via Recharge)


Outside groups spent lavishly on top DOE officials’ global travels (via Greenwire)

Behind Harry Reid’s war against the Koch Brothers (via Politico)


Primer on Beijing’s slice-and-dice approach to energy and climate reform (via Center for American Progress)

Picking the lesser of two climate evils (via New York Times)

Ignore the climate change deniers (via Politico)

Should Wall Street care about global warming? (via National Journal)

Climate pricing and strange bedfellows (via Energy Collective)

Could California’s climate revolution change the national conversation? (via Huffington Post)

Jerry Brown on clean energy: The hard part is yet to come (via San Francisco Chronicle)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.13.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, warn scientists (via The Guardian)

Melt of key Antarctic glaciers “unstoppable,” find studies (via Climate Central)

How cities in developing countries are becoming climate resilient (via Sustainable Cities Collective)

Alabama avoids preparing for rising seas menacing Mobile (via Bloomberg)


Energy efficiency bill dies in U.S. Senate after feud (via Bloomberg)


Think green jobs can’t grow? 6.5 million workers think you’re wrong. (via CleanTechnica)

UK unveils shock changes to solar farm subsidies (via BusinessGreen)

Hungry solar developers look to booming South Africa (via Navigant Research)

How the GE-Alstom combination could save the offshore wind industry (via Navigant Research)

Renewables surged to 74% of German demand last Sunday (via Renew Economy)

Can the Texas solar market live up to its potential? (via Greentech Media)

The high cost of the solar middleman (via Grist)

Why solar net metering beats a value-of-solar tariff every time (via Grist)


Banning HFCs from 2020 could make big climate impact, says study (via RTCC)

Guandong carbon market sparks China green-vs-growth dispute (via Reuters)

Draft letter from EPA advisors urges tougher ozone standard (via Greenwire)


New projections show oil production soaring as rigs boost efficiency (via Houston Chronicle)

Spills at drilling sites up 18% across U.S. in 2013 (via EnergyWire)

House panel seeks briefing on DOE’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (via The Hill)


China promotes fuel efficiency and alternative-fuel vehicles to curb growing oil use (via US EIA)

Will Tesla Gigafactory fight come down to Texas v. California? (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

EV charging station startup ChargePoint raises $22.6 million (via Forbes)


Russia repeats Ukraine natural gas cutoff threat by June 2 (via Reuters)

Chile green tax on coal increases cheap shale gas gamble (via Bloomberg)

EPA regulations probably won’t tell us everything in fracking fluid (via Climate Progress)


Microgrid energy storage systems to reach nearly $4.2 billion in market value by 2024 (via Navigant Research)

Why the power grid will remain reliable without coal plants (via GreenBiz)

Testing ground for new energy storage in New York State (via Greentech Media)

California heat pushes power to six-year seasonal high (via Bloomberg)


Six electric utilities charging a new energy course (via GreenBiz)

Why coal-dependent utilities shouldn’t be so scared of carbon regulations (via Greentech Media)

New York State prodding utilities to shift from monopoly model (via Bloomberg)


Acid rain’s dirty legacy (via FiveThirtyEight)

Southwest struggles to adapt to year-round fire season (via ClimateWire)

EPA unearths $3.6 million for green jobs in brownfields (via CleanTechnica)


U.S. Senate Republicans block energy efficiency bill, forfeit Keystone vote (via Reuters)

Why Democrats are afraid of a man who’s giving them millions (via National Journal)

A Senate race about…climate change! (via Washington Post)


America versus China: The new reality of global energy (via Energy Collective)

This is what a holy shit moment for global warming looks like (via Mother Jones)

Why society is failing to stop global warming in one 90-second video (via Washington Post)

Americans’ aversion to science carries a high price (via Washington Post)

Marco Rubio makes a wrong turn on climate change (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 9.24.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Cutting carbon emissions could save 3 million lives per year by 2100 (via Climate Progress)

New greenhouse gas accounting tool will help China’s cities pursue low-carbon development (via WRI Insights)

Carbon capture, sequestration may not be part of EPA rule for existing coal plants (via Washington Post)

Green groups strike back in social cost of carbon fight (via The Hill)


Beijing to invest $162.6 billion in 5 years to treat air pollution (via Xinhua)

China’s vanishing rivers (via Washington Post)

Property loss from Colorado flood damage estimated at $2 billion (via Huffington Post)


Environmentalists take hard line with Obama on Keystone XL (via Washington Post)


Merkel wins: New lease on life for renewables in German government (via Greentech Media)

Largest African PV project to begin construction early 2014 (via CleanTechnica)

Loans challenge big money’s leasing model for US rooftop solar (via Reuters)

Texas Panhandle wind bursting at the seams (via EarthTechling)

Big Solar is having a banner year in US (via EarthTechling)

Ohio legislator releasing rollback of state’s clean energy rules (via Columbus Dispatch)

New York State streamlining solar permit process (via Solar Industry Magazine)


UN climate panel stresses solidity of new report on global warming (via Washington Post)

IPCC roundup: Early reports focus on warming “hiatus” (via Climate Central)

Study: Climate change pumps up risk of severe storms (via USA Today)

Coral reef destruction “accelerating” – half destroyed over past 30 years (via The Independent)

Climate change devastating ocean fishermen (via Climate Progress)

New US climate map shows temperature changes in HD (via

Cities leading the fight against climate change (via Sustainable Cities Collective)


Current US coal plants excluded from new carbon capture rules – EPA chief (via Reuters)

Southern Company’s Kemper coal plant comes to fore with EPA’s CO2 proposal (via Bloomberg BNA)


Airlines face carbon verdict on $708 billion industry (via Bloomberg)

Tesla’s vehicle buyback program could yield $368 million profit (via Autoblog Green)

ChargePoint’s new EV charging service borrows from solar leasing models (via Greentech Media)

California continues to dominate US electric car market (via Plugin Cars)

93 cities taking part in Sunday’s National Plug-In Day (via Green Car Reports)


More Colorado oil spills found after devastating flooding (via Huffington Post)

California governor’s signature on fracking bill comes with a twist (via EnergyWire)


Environmental disclosure tied to higher financial performance (via Environmental Leader)

North American steel industry has recycled more than 1 billion tons of steel since 1988 (via Green Car Congress)


Smart meters deliver 1 billion data points daily (via Greentech Media)

Sandia National Laboratories release energy storage how-to guide (via

Silver Spring networks launches smart metering-as-a-service (via GreenBiz)

Skinny grids (via Huffington Post)


First US nuclear power closures in 15 years signal wider industry problems (via InsideClimate News)


German voters follow Merkel down bumpy path to clean energy (via Christian Science Monitor)

Federal shutdown would shutter EPA, says agency chief (via The Hill)

Obama cabinet stumps for climate action (via Politico)


Global warming hasn’t stopped – it’s the hottest decade on record (via DeSmog Blog)

Cherry-pick climate facts all you like, Earth is still warming (via Renew Economy)

RGGI: Proof carbon trading can work in the US? (Via RTCC)

EPA emissions rules lighting the way on climate change (via Baltimore Sun)

How density makes us safer during natural disasters (via Mother Jones)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.13.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Brussels looks to reignite 2030 EU carbon target debate (via BusinessGreen)

Merkel may create new energy ministry in nuclear to renewables switch (via Bloomberg)


Report: coal killed 100,000 in India in 2012 (via Huffington Post)

Coal to gas moves are generating economic waves (via Forbes)


China plans first commercial trip through Arctic shortcut in 2013 (via Reuters)

Obama: climate change threatens US shipping routes (via The Hill)

As CO2 emissions rise, so will pollen counts and asthma attacks (via Climate Progress)

Bloomberg announces mayor’s summit to fight climate change (via CBS News)


China to outpace Germany as leading solar PV consumer in 2013 (via San Jose Mercury News)

Chinese solar panel maker Suntech on financial brink (via New York Times)

Cellulosic ethanol “to be cost-competitive by 2016” (via Environmental Leader)

California’s Mount Diablo school district leads the world on solar (via Sustainable Business)

Cape Wind going overseas, snubs Massachusetts steel company (via Boston Globe)


Brazil says subsalt oil finds could triple total reserves (via Reuters)

The Gulf of Mexico oil leak we’re not supposed to know about (via Triple Pundit)

Halliburton official “surprised” by unauthorized tests before Gulf oil spill (via Bloomberg)


Tesla Motors to expand European operations (via Plugin Cars)

New EPA gasoline rule could raise prices, fuel political fires (via National Journal)

US public charging stations increase by 180 a month, on track for 7,400 by end of year (via Autoblog Green)

Chevy Volt outsold Nissan Leaf for first time in 2012, says BNEF (via Bloomberg)

ChargePoint installs first of 80 new EV charging stations in NY State (via Renew Grid)


Japan hopes methane hydrates are the next big energy source (via Washington Post)

Fracking fluid suppliers defend trade secrets on West Coast (via EnergyWire)

Fracking groundwater rules in Texas reflect legal ambiguities (via Texas Tribune)

How much water does it take to frack a well? (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)

New York health commissioner says fracking recommendation may come soon (via Huffington Post/AP)

Ohio’s resurgent natural gas industry spends millions to set up shop (via New York Times)


Rains or not, India is falling short of drinkable water (via New York Times)

Bat-killing fungus reaches South Carolina; now found in 21 states and 5 provinces (via Scientific American)

Senate bill would boost funding for weather satellites (via Climate Central)


Canadian opposition leader: government playing US “for fools” on Keystone (via The Hill)

Keystone XL pipeline jobs vs. 100,000 green jobs (via CleanTechnica)

Michigan officials say water supplies along Kalamazoo River unharmed from tar sands oil spill (via Michigan Live/Kalamazoo Gazette)

29 Vermont communities say no to tar sands shipments, New England opposition grows (via DeSmogBlog)


Power grids in US, EU, third world face huge and varied challenges (via Greentech Media)

Nearly 56GW of long-duration energy storage to be installed from 2012 to 2022 (via Pike Research)

Hackers may breach US grid within two years (via Bloomberg)

Silver Spring raises $81 million in IPO (via Greentech Media)


Developing nations put nuclear on fast-forward (via MIT Technology Review)

Lawsuits filed against Tepco in Fukushima nuclear disaster (via United Press International)

NRC upholds ruling on Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant (via Baltimore Sun)


Computers and appliances: today’s home-based energy hogs (via National Geographic)

NREL unveils world’s most efficient data center, could cut operation costs by $1 million (via Inhabitat)


Draft bill released by Waxman and Whitehouse would price carbon and reduce emissions (via Climate Progress)

Ryan, Murray unveil dueling energy deficit plans (via Politico)

Dems launch series of climate change speeches to fight GOP “climate deniers” (via The Hill)


What is the underlying value of EU carbon? (via Reuters)

Could Waxman’s new bill offer new hope for a carbon tax? (via Mother Jones)

Where innovation advocates go wrong (via Grist)