Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.20.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Shell says fossil fuel reserves won’t be “stranded” by climate regulation (via Reuters)

Emissions from 10 food and drink companies “higher than Scandinavia” (via BusinessGreen)

EPA carbon curbs to reach beyond power plant “fence,” aiding cap-and-trade (via Reuters)

Pundits weigh risks, benefits of Obama himself rolling out power plant rule (via Greenwire)

IEA graphic shows how to radically reduce CO2 (via Climate Central)

RGGI carbon market monitor releases report (via Environmental Leader)


UK will be largest solar PV market in Europe in 2014 (via CleanTechnica)

German lesson for renewable power policies (via Energy Collective)

GE has invested $10 billion in clean energy (via CleanTechnica)

8GW of new US solar PV expected in 2014-2015 (via Recharge)

EPA mulls ethanol change as industry profits soar (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Maryland’s $200 million wind energy project will move forward thanks to governor’s veto (via Climate Progress)

When solar property taxes get personal (via Renewable Energy World)


Inslee wants to wean electric utilities off coal (via The Columbian)

The coal ash sludge in North Carolina’s Dan River is finally getting vacuumed up (via Climate Progress)


Doubling of Antarctic ice loss revealed by European satellite (via The Guardian)

Greenland ice sheet melt could occur yearly by 2100 (via Climate Central)

Reports say collapse of West Antarctic Ice Sheet is unstoppable, may cause great flood (via Elite Daily)

North Korea: An unlikely champion in the fight against climate change (via The Guardian)

Vancouver wants review to examine economic effects of climate change (via Vancouver Sun)

Many U.S. landmarks threatened by climate change (via Gannett News)

Local leaders call for U.S. help to deal with climate change (via Bloomberg)

Study says cities depending on snowmelt for water could face problems (via Christian Science Monitor)

In landmark class action, Farmers Insurance sues local governments for ignoring climate change (via Climate Progress)

Kerry calls on U.S. college graduates to face down climate change (via Reuters)


Chile gets an energy agenda, Costa Rica saves electricity, Mexico wants more renewables (via NRDC Switchboard)

Integrated resources planning in India could help with electricity shortages (via World Resources Institute)

Read the secret trade memo calling for more fracking and offshore drilling (via Huffington Post)

Former Mexican President calls for global green growth push (via BusinessGreen)


Did scientists just solve the bee collapse mystery? (via Mother Jones)

Obama to declare largest national monument in his tenure in New Mexico (via Washington Post)

Drought could cost California Central Valley farms $1.7 billion and 14,500 jobs (via Los Angeles Times)

California governor on drought, wildfires: “Humanity is on a collision course with nature” (via Climate Progress)


IHS says EV sales are better than you think (via Autoblog Green)

FTC staff comes out in favor of Tesla, direct vehicle sales (via Autoblog Green)

GM reduced energy and carbon intensity 3.5% per vehicle in 2013 (via Green Car Congress)

New Fisker owner ready to go broke building EVs, challenging Tesla (via Autoblog Green)


Solar and storage are pushing the market for distributed resource management tools (via Greentech Media)

UC San Diego is building the “Motel 6” of microgrids (via Greentech Media)

Ohio looks to fuel cells as economic catalyst (via Midwest Energy News)


Opower expands behavioral demand response to one million customers (via Greentech Media)

Keep your cool: Top five myths of summer energy efficiency (via Greentech Media)

Freezing Ohio energy efficiency standards will mean higher bills for customers (via Columbus Business First)


Ontario election holds renewable energy impact (via Recharge)

The most interesting climate policy debate you haven’t heard of (via Climate Progress)

In Alaska senate race, fierce competition to prove who knows less about climate science (via Climate Progress)

Climate activist Members of Congress to “sound alarm” on Capitol Hill (via The Hill)

Biden to attend fundraiser with Keystone XL opponent Steyer (via Reuters)


Climate change: Get ready or get sued (via Washington Post)

Carbon pricing vs. regulation (via Energy Collective)

Trains and crude oil are too often an accident waiting to happen (via Los Angeles Times)

What the Farmers Insurance suit tells us about climate change (via NRDC Switchboard)

Where should the investors divest? (via Resilience)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.14.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Climate change poses growing threat of Arctic conflict, finds report (via The Guardian)

April was 2nd warmest globally; Average for U.S. (via Climate Central)

Norway bets on global warming in Arctic oil and gas drive (via Yahoo! News/Reuters)

Rubio can’t name a single source behind his climate denial (via Climate Progress)


China produces and consumes almost as much coal as the rest of the world combined (via US EIA)

Turkish prime minister says 238 killed in coal mine disaster (via Reuters)

Two coal miners killed at West Virginia coal operation (via Charleston Gazette)

In Chicago, nurses take up fight against petcoke piles (via Midwest Energy News)


Australia scraps $2.3 billion renewable energy agency (via Recharge)

Industry says renewables can boost EU energy security (via BusinessGreen)

$11 billion will be invested in Indian solar energy by 2017 (via Renewable Energy World)

UK sees sharp rise in percentage of onshore wind farms being rejected (via BusinessGreen)

U.S. solar experts say IRS tax proposal little help to big projects (via Reuters)

Massachusetts wants more solar energy projects (via Boston Globe/AP)

Missouri Senate rejects solar rebates revival (via KSDK/AP)


EPA asked to regulate fracking’s toxic air emissions (via InsideClimate News)

Unintended consequences: Fracking and the flow of drugs (via National Journal)


U.S. drought speeds fire season with damage topping $1 billion (via Bloomberg)

Half of U.S. is experiencing some degree of drought (via Yale e360)


ConocoPhillips CEO: U.S. crude keeping a check on global oil price spikes (via Houston Chronicle)

Latest oil train derailment adds pressure for stronger U.S. action (via Christian Science Monitor)


Sales of hybrid and EV batteries have tripled in three years (via Climate Progress)

California Energy Commission publishes 2014-2015 investment plan for alternative and EV technology (via Green Car Congress)

Tesla appears to be winning direct sales battle in Missouri (via Autoblog Green)


Beijing’s smog police outgunned in China’s war on pollution (via Reuters)


How will battery storage help utilities integrate distributed solar? (via Greentech Media)

EAGLE-I: First-ever technology to track power outages nationwide (via Breaking Energy)


Exelon pins nuclear hopes on small modular reactors (via Forbes)


How mandatory disclosure of building energy use affects your 401(k) (via GreenBiz)


Blanche Lincoln: Obama will “move on” Keystone XL next year (via Politico)


Front-running Ontario premier candidate would close down green energy (via Treehugger)

What would a GOP majority look like? Last week offered some clues. (via National Journal)

Welcome to energy and the midterm elections (via Politico)

Rubio walks back climate change comments during National Press Club appearance (via Washington Post)

Ohio bill to freeze efficiency, green energy rules racing toward Governor’s desk (via Cleveland Plain-Dealer)


The world needs more clean coal, or we’re screwed (via Time)

You are already paying a price on carbon (via Huffington Post)

How utilities can stop losing revenue and start making money on solar (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.19.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


US coal consumption rose 3.5% in 2013, projected 4.1% increase in 2014 (via Facts of the Day)

Army Corps plans narrow review of proposed coal export terminal (via The Olympian/AP)

Second coal ash dump leak sends toxins into North Carolina river (via Reuters)

Can coal ash waste be put to good use? (via Breaking Energy)


China exceeds US on energy efficiency spending for first time (via Bloomberg Businessweek)


DOE to ok $6.5 billion for Georgia nuclear plant (via AP)


New US-China solar panel trade case gets ITC’s nod to continue (via Greentech Media)

London Array offshore wind farm phase two a no-go (via Recharge)

States brace for utility-solar advocate clashes (via Stateline)

Seattle company plans $200 million wind farm off Oregon coast (via GeekWire)


Warming winters send no love to 2022 Olympic bid cities (via Climate Central)

Australian cities already hotter than 2030 forecasts (via RTCC)

Climate change looming as threat to US national security (via The Weather Channel)

How Big Oil gave up on the climate (via Slate)


Health experts warn of water contamination from California drought (via Reuters)


Tesla stock gets another jolt (via Washington Post)


Nebraska landowners slam TransCanada in anti-Keystone ads (via The Hill)


Advanced batteries for utility-scale energy storage to see revenue surge (via Renew Grid)

US orders power grid to prepare for solar storms (via Reuters)


Carbon futures climbing for EU ETS (via Environmental Leader)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.20.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Fossil fuels get $500 billion Christmas present from taxpayers (via CleanTechnica)


The second-largest carbon market in the world just opened in China (via Climate Progress)

France adopts 2014 budget with carbon tax on fossil fuels (via Platts)

Tianjin to launch China’s fifth carbon market on December 26 (via Reuters)

EPA unveils carbon capture regulations (via The Hill)

Cities call for carbon pricing in Washington State (via Sightline Daily)


Wind developers start work, then cross their fingers as PTC expiration looms (via Greenwire)

Deepwater Wind says New England offshore wind farm will meet PTC deadline (via Bloomberg)

Solar power hitting new records in California (via Greentech Media)

The way Congress funds clean energy is a mess – Max Baucus thinks there’s a better idea (via Washington Post)


US budget deal opens door to drilling in new Gulf waters (via Houston Chronicle)


Data shows cities can save big money by switching to EVs (via Autoblog Green)


Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down part of pro-fracking law (via Bloomberg BusinessWeek)


Poll: Americans see impact of global warming (via USA Today)

John Podesta’s plan to bypass Congress on climate change (via Washington Post)


Canada approves tar sands oil pipeline to Pacific Coast (via ABC News/AP)


Madison, Wisconsin considers mandatory energy reporting law (via Energy Manager Today)

Seattle adopts 20% energy use reduction plan (via Energy Manager Today)


Will the Senate energy panel veer right? (via National Journal)

Is carbon pricing a diversion from the real story? (via Huffington Post)

Max Baucus’ renewable energy tax break reform: The good, the bad, and the ugly (via Climate Progress)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.5.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


White House claims progress with China on climate, energy (via National Journal)

Feds to get earful on Renewable Fuels Standard today (via Houston Chronicle)


Australia’s carbon fund a windfall for big polluters – analysis (via Reuters)

Large companies prepared to pay price on carbon (via New York Times)

“You are here” – Perspective on 400ppm atmospheric CO2 (via Significant Figures)


Latin America report: Gauging Mexico’s wind energy market (via Renewable Energy World)

Soft costs, not hardware costs, now dominate solar installations (via Greentech Media)

Obama orders federal government to boost renewable energy use to 20% by 2020 (via AP)

15,000 new green jobs announced across America in 3Q 2013 (via CleanTechnica)

EPA fuel mandate imperils biofuel industry, producers warn (via The Hill)

Another battle looms in the endless ethanol war (via National Journal)

ALEC calls for penalties on “freerider” homeowners in solar energy assault (via The Guardian)

California regulators may challenge utilities for blocking hybrid solar-storage systems (via Greentech Media)

Texas has been biggest earner from federal wind tax credit, finds study (via Houston Chronicle)


UN’s new climate fund opens, but without enough cash (via Climate Progress)

What surprises could climate change have in store for us? (via Washington Post)

Australia’s $10 billion climate fund fights to stay in business (via Bloomberg)

Pennsylvania’s DEP secretary nominee does not view climate change as harmful (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Surge in petroleum exports narrows US trade gap (via National Journal)

America’s energy boom has been great for trade. Jobs, not so much. (via Washington Post)


Will Congress drive up gas taxes in 2014? (via Forbes)

US auto fuel efficiency up 23% since 2007 (via Facts of the Day)

Are electric car sales in a long-term holding pattern? (via Plugin Cars)

Can the government tax each mile you drive? (via National Journal)

EVs lose value faster than traditional new vehicles (via Autoblog Green)

Chevy Spark EV tops EPA fuel economy guide (via Environmental Leader)

California bullet train project handed another setback (via Los Angeles Times)


Smart grid investment to hit $275 billion in emerging markets by 2023 (via Renew Grid)

Report: Power plant retirements in New England may create problems (via New Haven Register)


Leaked document shows oil sands industry’s worst-case scenario has come to life (via InsideClimate News)

The deadly secret behind the Lac-Megantic oil train inferno (via Globe and Mail)


US Agriculture Department offers $250 million in rural efficiency loans (via The Hill)

How energy retrofits can reduce the cost of healthcare (via RMI Outlet)

Not your grandfather’s streetlights: LEDs light the way to energy savings (via GreenBiz)

Future grows dimmer for classic light bulb (via Houston Chronicle)


Clogged carbon sink: US public lands are source of 4.5x more carbon than they can absorb (via Center for American Progress)

Chevron and ALEC take on the big, bad Lesser Prairie Chicken (via Huffington Post)


Colorado cities sued for fracking bans by oil and gas group (via Bloomberg)


Sutley’s exit prompts questions about fate of CEQ, climate push (via Greenwire)

Ohio lawmaker vows battle over renewables and energy efficiency laws won’t stop (via Cleveland Plain Dealer)


Is a carbon tax the sensible alternative to subsidies? (via Energy Collective)

ALEC stands its ground (via Washington Post)

How Ivy League universities are failing us on climate change (via The Nation)

Why are CEOs struggling to prove sustainability value to investors? (via GreenBiz)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.22.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


UN climate chief says Australian Direct Action plan “more expensive” than pricing carbon (via BusinessGreen)

Natural gas, energy efficiency fuel US carbon emissions decline (via Climate Central)

Carbon intensity of US economy dropped a record 6.5% in 2012 (via Facts of the Day)

US energy-related emissions drop to 1994 levels (via BusinessGreen)

US Chamber, Kochs join “social cost of carbon” lobbying battle (via The Hill)


After storm, toxic water overflows at Fukushima (via New York Times)

EDF agrees to build UK’s first nuclear plant since 1995 (via Bloomberg)

Toxic water stymies Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant cleanup (via Washington Post)

Sandy a warning that rising seas threaten nuclear plants (via Climate Central)


Energy storage for solar and wind will pass $10 billion in annual market value by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Wind could see 18% of world’s 2050 energy share, says IEA (via Recharge)

Hunting fertile fields, advanced biofuels providers look abroad (via Navigant Research)

The rise of rooftop solar among the middle class (via Center for American Progress)

USDA announces $181 million to support advanced biofuels (via Green Car Congress)

Solar gardens let communities share renewable power (via National Geographic)


China, Russia agree to oil supply deal (via ABC News/AP)


How to site EV charging stations? It’s the parking, stupid (via Green Car Reports)

EV charging networks start to unify (via Navigant Research)

What financing could mean for public EV charging (via Plugin Cars)


Australian wildfires threaten new prime minister’s anti-climate agenda (via Climate Progress)

Global warming linked to wildfires, says UN climate chief (via

Debunking the UN climate-change conspiracy (via National Journal)


Weatherizing homes to uniform standard can net $33 billion in annual energy savings (via

How much are we really spending on energy efficiency? (via Greentech Media)

10 things you didn’t know about combined heat and power (via


Congress turns a blind eye to global warming (via Washington Post)

In Germany, net metering brings unintended consequences (via Navigant Research)

US shale gas boom won’t do much for climate change, but it will make us richer (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.18.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Worldwide smart meter shipments for first half 2013 surpass 51 million (via Navigant Research)

Will smart meters change consumer habits? Early indicators say yes (via Midwest Energy News)

California adopts first-in-nation energy storage plan (via Contra Costa Times)

Construction begins on landmark Panhandle wind transmission project (via Houston Chronicle)

Texas cranks up $7 billion CREZ wind power transmission project (via CleanTechnica)


China tests carbon markets before tax, says government official (via Bloomberg)

Fossil fuel divestment campaign spreads to Europe (via Huffington Post)

Microsoft drives home sustainability with internal carbon pricing (via GreenBiz)


Wind at wholesale price parity in world’s major markets (via Renew Economy)

Germany expects 28.7% renewables in 2014 (via Renew Economy)

EU biofuel regulations set to be delayed until 2015 (via BusinessGreen)

Brazil’s wind tender price cap set at $58 per MWh (via Recharge)

India’s biofuel moves help offset swelling oil-import bill (via Panchabuta)

Southwest Power Pool keeps breaking wind records (via Renew Grid)

Institutional investors look toward the Sun, away from fossil fuels (via Solar Industry Magazine)


Report: Pipelines pose less risk than trains or trucks in carrying oil (via The Hill)

Texas oil production could double by 2020, says industry regulator (via Houston Chronicle)

In North Dakota, new concerns over mixing oil and wheat (via New York Times)

US Coast Guard discovers 4,000-pound tar mat in Gulf of Mexico (via Climate Progress)


Vehicle-to-grid market to reach $190 million by 2022 (via Energy Manager Today)

Most drivers expect all vehicles to be at least partly electrified in 20 years (via CleanTechnica)

Volvo turns vehicle body panels into batteries (via Autoblog)


Harold Hamm: Hope dwindling for Keystone XL pipeline (via Houston Chronicle)


Climate change to cost East Asia 5.3% of GDP by 2100 (via Bloomberg)

Report: Western wildfires growing more intense, insurers deeply concerned (via Washington Post)

Britain warming faster than global average (via The Telegraph)

Raging Australian wildfires leave Sydney shrouded in smoke (via The Telegraph)


North Dakota landowners sue fossil fuel companies over wasted natural gas (via Climate Progress)

Oklahoma is next destination for shale revolution (via Reuters)

Police arrest 40 as Canada shale gas protest turns violent (via Reuters)


US and world are actually making big strides in energy efficiency (via Climate Progress)

Building energy management systems market to surpass $23 billion by 2017 (via Renew Grid)

The bright future of energy-efficient Walmart stores (via Green Room)


AEP takes coal “out of the picture” as it plans for future (via Columbus Business Journal)


China set to invest in UK nuclear industry (via RTCC)


The big no: Republicans on science panel reject budget deal (via Science)

GOP to California governor: Don’t spoil fracking potential (via National Journal)


Are the days of fossil fuel subsidies numbered? (via EarthTechling)

Europe’s advanced biofuels innovation: Following overambitious US example? (via Energy Collective)

Debate about future of utilities moves deeper into world of regulation (via Greentech Media)

Let’s prevent this crisis: A letter to Harvard’s President Faust (via Huffington Post)

Legacy of 1970’s oil embargo energy crisis still lingers today (via Houston Chronicle)

Poll: Majority wanted EPA open during federal shutdown (via The Hill)

5 reasons to care about California’s new energy storage mandate (via GigaOm)

Cost of West Texas power lines could shock ratepayers (via Houston Chronicle)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.16.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Efforts to set global carbon market standards may begin next month (via The Age)

Capital markets ignoring risk of unburnable carbon: report (via Renew Economy)

All flights in EU airspace to face emissions levy by 2014 (via RTCC)

Abbott publishes draft legislation to abolish carbon pricing (via Bloomberg)

Supreme Court will review EPA’s authority to regulate power plant emissions (via Washington Post)


Much ado about shale gas, but coal is still king (via Christian Science Monitor)

Shale gas and tight oil boom: US states’ economic gains and vulnerabilities (via Council on Foreign Relations)


Report: US leads world in advanced biofuels ranking (via Houston Chronicle)

Solar means business: Top 25 US corporate solar energy users (via CleanTechnica)

NREL debunks 15% ethanol blend car damage claims (via Environmental Leader)

Big box solar and the clean energy revolution (via Washington Post)

Statoil pulls offshore wind project in Maine (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


Behind Russia vs. Greenpeace, unreported oil pollution in the Arctic (via InsideClimate News)

Energy efficiency measures saved $420 billion of oil from 2005-2010 (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Saudi Aramco plans “massive” spending to extend field life (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)

Rising output, energy efficiency to halve US oil imports by 2020 (via Reuters)

North Dakota oil output could hit 1 million barrels-per-day by 2014 (via Reuters)

Booming US oil towns prepare for inevitable bust (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

North Dakota pipeline spill prompts calls for better oversight (via EnergyWire)

Halliburton manager pleads guilty to destroying Gulf spill evidence (via Reuters)


BMW mulls boosting electric car capacity on early demand (via Bloomberg)

Ford jumps EV battery gap with new $8 million research lab (via CleanTechnica)


Climate change will affect almost every corner of ocean, study says (via Los Angeles Times)

Lloyd’s insurers mock climate skeptics over “global cooling” (via RTCC)


Changes to federal flood insurance program mean higher costs (via Boston Globe)

All taxpayers are footing the rising cost of fighting wildfires (via Minneapolis Post)

California bans lead bullets for hunting (via Sustainable Business)


Smart grid’s real-world economic and environmental benefits (via Renew Grid)


Three ways to get rich off global warming (via Market Watch)

By repealing the carbon tax, Tony Abbott is failing to protect his people (via The Guardian)

Should newspapers ban letters from climate science deniers? (via The Guardian)

California’s big fracking mess (via National Journal)

US Supreme Court: EPA can tackle global warming, but we’ll review a few details (via Washington Post)

These maps show where the US is most vulnerable to oil shocks (via Washington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.15.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Germany blocks EU car emissions law (via The Guardian)

Tony Abbott insists Australia’s carbon tax will end on July 1 even if Senate blocks repeal (via The Guardian)


Fracking comes to Saudi Arabia despite limited water resources (via Raw Story/AFP)

China will raise on-grid prices for gas-fired power generation (via Reuters)

Shell CEO says shale gas will take longer to develop than expected (via Reuters)

Combining distributed gas and solar in the US heartland (via Greentech Media)

Drilling water wells to foil fracking (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


IEA projects renewable energy to surpass natural gas in 2015 (via Sustainable Business)

Global hydropower investment to top $75 billion through 2020 (via BusinessGreen)

World Bank support for China solar and wind power may have cost US jobs (via Washington Post)

Chile doubles renewable energy goal to 20% to spark new projects (via Bloomberg)

German green power surcharge to rise 18% in 2014 (via Reuters)

Solar and wind produced up to 60% of Germany’s electricity on October 3rd (via CleanTechnica)

1.8GW of new solar for Japan in Q2 (via CleanTechnica)

Solar vs. wind in Brazil’s power tender (via Recharge)

Putting robots to work in solar energy (via New York Times)


Mercury levels rising near Alberta oil sands, study finds (via Globe and Mail)


Climate change making North American forests more vulnerable (via Washington Post)

Foliage season under fire from climate change (via Climate Central)

LA Times refuses to publish climate denial, will other newspapers? (via CleanTechnica)

Another dry year could be bad news for California (via Los Angeles Times)


For EV makers, selling cars is just the start (via Navigant Research)

From RINs to supply to demand to seasonality, why gasoline is heading lower (via Houston Chronicle)


Report: US oil growth having limited effect on energy security (via Houston Chronicle)


Smart city market to hit $6.1 billion by 2020 (via Energy Manager Today)

10 reasons microgrids matter to corporate sustainability (via GreenBiz)


Clean energy not to blame for rising California energy costs (via EarthTechling)

Four key reasons why coal’s 2013 rebound will end and its decline resume (via Facts of the Day)

Renewable Fuel Standard: Are we nearing a compromise on ethanol? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Why residents of disaster-prone areas don’t move (via The Atlantic)

Renewable fuel standard needs to be modified, not repealed (via

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.10.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


By 2047, coldest years may be warmer than hottest in past, say scientists (via New York Times)

Melting permafrost is creating “drunken forests” around Arctic (via Climate Progress)

Saudi efforts to weaken IPCC report in Stockholm exposed (via RTCC)

Can cities solve climate change? (via Scientific American)

Mining, fossil fuel firms talk about embracing climate change adaptation (via SNL Energy)

Florida considers creating alternative to federal flood insurance (via Miami Herald)


90% of America’s nuclear regulators will be furloughed today (via Gizmodo)

Energy industry beginning to feel federal shutdown’s bite (via Anchorage Daily News)


World’s largest wealth fund may become green energy investor (via Renew Economy)

Q3 portfolio review: A bottom for clean energy developers? (via Renewable Energy World)

GE boosts wind turbine output up to 5% with industrial Internet technology (via CleanTechnica)

EPA drafts scaled-back renewable fuels goal (via National Journal)

Pennsylvania discourages renewable energy as climate solution (via Philadelphia Business Journal)

New York’s SUNY Cortland College using 100% renewable energy (via EarthTechling)

Will Oregon test project bring offshore wind to the West Coast? (via ClimateWire)


Carbon markets cut emissions 17x cheaper than subsidies (via CleanTechnica)

Study finds setbacks in carbon capture projects worldwide (via New York Times)

EU already close to meeting 2020 emissions goal (via Reuters)

Early repeal of carbon price system could cost Australia $2 billion (via Australian Financial Review)

Shell exec says oil companies might become carbon capture ones (via MIT Technology Review)

Fossil fuel divestment campaign growing, says study (via Grist)


Europe votes to tighten rules on drilling method (via New York Times)


UK, Denmark advance grid link-study (via Recharge)

Canada unveils energy storage research program (via Renew Grid)

Less than 1% of residential electricity customers will adopt dynamic pricing by 2020 unless utilities act aggressively (via Navigant Research)

AB327 signed into law with net metering warning from Gov. Brown (via Greentech Media)


Citibank: Utilities are dinosaurs waiting to die (via GreenBiz)


Study: Efficiency leads to “amazingly good energy news” (via Midwest Energy News)

San Francisco publishes open data on energy use in city buildings (via Sustainable Industries)


Alberta’s current carbon strategy no match for Keystone’s emissions (via InsideClimate News)

Influence in America: TransCanada’s Keystone XL lobbying activities (via DeSmog Blog)


New vehicle fuel economy continues to increase (via US EIA)


Chicago’s investment in cleaner, greener water (via Huffington Post)


Germany’s Greens turn frosty toward any alliance with Merkel (via Reuters)


Are there any major world financial institutions that don’t want to act on climate? (via Climate Progress)

Could weather forecasting be the secret to energy management? (via Greentech Media)

Are biofuels contributing to the dead zone? (via Treehugger)

Battle over Binz: An anomaly, or first shot in a drawn-out war? (via E&E Daily)

How to divest from fossil fuels, no matter the size of your piggy bank (via Grist)