Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.5.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Global carbon emissions to rise 2.5% in 2015 (via RTCC)

Four questions for global carbon markets in 2015 (via The Energy Collective)

Aviation industry set to triple emissions by 2050 (via EcoWatch)

California cap-and-trade now covers transportation fuel retailers (via CleanTechnica)

Former Obama advisor calls for carbon tax (via The Hill)


China struggles to find prospective blocks for third shale auction (via Reuters)

Interior Secretary Jewell criticizes fracking bans (via The Hill)


Masdar announces construction of four Pacific island PV projects (via PV Tech)

Scotland’s power grid could be fossil fuel free by 2030 (via BusinessGreen)

2015 outlook: Brazil gets serious about solar (via Recharge)

UK wind power up 15%, smashes annual output record (via BusinessGreen)

Egypt’s first renewable energy tender twice oversubscribed on solar projects (via PV Tech)

SolarWorld speaks out against latest EU trade case on solar glass (via PV Tech)

Santander, Gamesa request permits for Mexico wind (via Bloomberg)

La Paz, Mexico to be 100% solar powered (via CleanTechnica)

A setback for SolarWorld, a trade case win for Chinese solar manufacturers (via Greentech Media)

Hanwha SolarOne says it can provide 600MW of tariff-free PV modules to U.S. in 2015 (via CleanTechnica)

Community and home solar remain great investments (via CleanTechnica)

Renewables over 13% of U.S. electricity production Jan-Oct 2014 (via CleanTechnica)

Xcel doubling renewable energy generation in Minnesota (via Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Future of wind farms cloudy in Ohio (via Columbus Dispatch)

Solar-powered EV charging initiative aids San Francisco apartment dwellers (via CleanTechnica)


2014 was hottest year on record globally, says Japan meteorological agency (via Climate Progress)

2014 was UK’s “warmest year on record,” confirms Met Office (via BusinessGreen)


Oil below $60 tests economics of U.S. shale boom (via Bloomberg)

U.S. Senate panel to introduce Keystone XL bill Thursday (via Reuters)

GOP prepares Keystone blitz (via The Hill)

Alaska Governor Walker bracing for budget crisis amid oil price crash (via Houston Chronicle)


China to extend new EV subsidies through 2020 (via Inside EVs)

Mexico to re-launch $3.75 billion high-speed train tender January 14 (via Reuters)

By 2017, under 50% of new cars will use conventional gas engines (via Autoblog)

Nissan Leaf set U.S. EV sales record in 2014 (via Climate Progress)

First hybrid-electric airplane uses 30% less fuel (via CleanTechnica)

Lower fuel prices could save U.S. motorists $80 billion in 2015 (via Autoblog)

December 2014 plug-in EV sales report card (via Inside EVs)

Tesla Model S demand continues to outstrip supply (via Inside EVs)


U.S. office buildings and schools to save $15 billion with new DOE standards (via Energy Manager Today)

Green buildings cost 25% less to operate (via Environmental Leader)


Government confirms £960 million cost of capacity auction (via BusinessGreen)

Massachusetts cities get $18.4 million for energy resiliency projects (via Energy Manager Today)


Voters give Obama, Congress poor grades on energy (via The Hill)

New Senate chairmen aim to undo Obama’s policies (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Sen. Thune leaves wiggle room on gas tax (via The Hill)

EPA says Google, Kohl’s, REI reflect trends in green power (via GreenBiz)


South Africa faces looming water crisis, says newspaper (via Bloomberg) 

Pacific Coast sea bird die-off puzzles scientists (via Huffington Post)


The top ten electricity stories of 2014 (via Forbes)

The year of concentrating solar power: Five new plants to power America with clean energy (via Breaking Energy)

The Sol-Wind IPO: Can a renewable YieldCo win master limited partnership benefits? (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.17.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Research says latest international climate pledges still fall short of 2C goal (via ClimateProgress)

Europe’s record-hot year made 35 times more likely by climate change (via The Guardian)

New York, other major cities face more power outages thanks to climate change (via ClimateProgress)

Rutgers research shows climate change driving fish north (via Newark Star-Ledger)


Japan approves two new nuclear reactors (via The Hill)


Duties set by U.S. on imports of China, Taiwan solar goods (via Bloomberg)

New tariffs on Chinese solar-panel makers split the U.S. solar industry (via Greentech Media)

Beijing urges U.S. to be reasonable in search for trade settlement (via PV Tech)

David Cameron declares UK has “enough” onshore wind farms (via BusinessGreen)

British Columbia approves $7.5 billion hydropower dam (via Reuters)

Central America’s biggest wind farm gets $300 million from IFC (via Bloomberg)

Chile’s mines set hot pace on renewables – Australia should take notice (via Renew Economy)

Where does solar make sense? New state study shows big differences and surprises (via Breaking Energy)

NREL demonstrates 45.7% efficiency for solar cell (via NREL)

California approves major revisions in its Renewable Auction Mechanism (via Greentech Media)

Rural co-ops promise net metering but don’t always deliver (via Midwest Energy News)

Cape Wind will miss 2014 goal to close project financing (via Recharge)

Power options: Comparing costs of rooftop solar to traditional electricity (via WRI Insights)

Think tank proposes 40 options to change ethanol mandate (via The Hill)

Staples California announces green energy offering for small businesses (via Environmental Leader)


Beijing reveals bottom-up approach to national carbon market (via RTCC)

Australia quietly re-instates a carbon-trading scheme (via Renew Economy)

Industry’s mercury challenge could undermine attack on EPA climate rule (via Greenwire)

A carbon pollution policy with all the fixins’ (via Sightline Daily)

California pensions should divest coal assets, says state senate leader (via Reuters)

Washington Governor proposes carbon tax to fund pressing transportation needs (via Huffington Post)


OPEC net oil export revenues expected to fall in 2014-2015 (via U.S. EIA)

An OPEC of the West? North American nations eye stronger oil and gas ties (via Christian Science Monitor)

U.S. talking oil exports just when the world needs it least (via Bloomberg)

Investors in beat-up oil bonds lean on banks for rescue (via Reuters)


ABB-led consortium launches $10.5 million project to install EV fast chargers along key European highways (via Green Car Congress)

4,700 all-electric cars sold in Europe during October (via Inside EVs)

U.S. households to spend $550 less on gasoline in 2015 (via Houston Chronicle)

California, Washington lead all other states in EV ownership rates (via Green Car Reports)


Utility distribution microgrids are expected to reach $6 billion in annual revenue by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Developing a reliable wind “super grid” for Europe (via

Cautiously, private utilities dip toes into microgrid pool (via Navigant Research)

Will states take over demand response markets in the U.S.? (via Renewable Energy World)

PG&E testing new grid-scale battery system at $160 per kWh (via Energy Manager Today)


Italy says it will oppose EU plans to scrap environmental law (via The Guardian)

Obama withdraws Alaska’s Bristol Bay from drilling (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

Top 10 universities taking the lead on sustainability worldwide (via EcoWatch)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service working on more regulations than EPA (via Greenwire)

Rocky Mountain Institute, Carbon War Room join forces (via BusinessGreen)

Cutting the cord without blowing your power bill (via Sustainable Cities Collective)


McConnell says Keystone first item on GOP Senate agenda (via The Hill)

Lobbying of Hillary begins (via The Hill)

Jeb Bush may be “the smart brother” but he’s as much a climate denier as any conservative (via The Guardian)

Renewable energy companies use new clout in statehouses (via Stateline)


Is India’s grand solar vision becoming reality? (via Renewable Energy World)

Plunging oil prices are doing Obama’s foreign policy for him (via Washington Post)

Protecting Bristol Bay was an easy call for Obama – the hard ones come next (via National Journal)

Should the price of oil really impact renewable energy adoption? (via Greentech Media)

In defense of Massachusetts: Why the Bay State is leading in energy efficiency (via Greentech Media)

The real reason Tesla’s stock is tanking (via Huffington Post)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.16.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Carbon markets link in $500 million clean energy investment (via CleanTechnica)

Tropical rainforests not absorbing as much carbon as expected (via The Guardian)

Emissions growth slows as economies clean up (via RTCC)

United Kingdom renewables displaced 38 million tonnes of CO2 in 2013 (via CleanTechnica)


China slashes coal export tariff as mining in crisis (via Reuters)

Coal-heavy rural electric cooperatives take hard line on EPA Clean Power Plan (via EnergyWire)


Year-end rush in China leads Asia-Pacific solar PV market to record Q4 level (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Five key stats reveal Latin American’s breakthrough year in solar (via Greentech Media)

New wind power record in Germany (via Renewables International)

Honduras in line for 81.7MW of SunEdison solar (via PV Tech)

IKEA to start selling solar panels in Switzerland (via Renewable Energy World)

Kyocera to build world’s largest floating PV project near Tokyo (via Recharge News)

Local market conditions and policies strongly influence solar PV pricing (via

Minnesota regulators authorize state’s largest solar power project (via Star-Tribune)

Austin, Texas plans to get hover half its power from renewables by 2025 (via ClimateProgress)

SEIA board facing call to resign over stance on US-China trade spat (via PV Tech)

SunPower backs Tendril, plans to use its energy software (via GigaOm)


White House to healthcare providers: Prepare for climate impacts (via The Hill)

U.S. and India to announce joint climate change action during Obama visit (via The Guardian)

Scientists are worried Greenland might melt even faster than expected (via Washington Post)


Plunging oil prices could boost geopolitical risks, says Bank of England (via Reuters)

Big Oil could chop $930 billion in projects as prices fall (via Houston Chronicle)

U.S. oil falls to new low of $55.91 per barrel (via The Hill)

In Canada’s oil sands, a boomtown starts feeling the chill (via Reuters)

Oil plunge seen as boon for U.S. banks as traders benefit (via Bloomberg)


Only five countries will sell over 10,000 EVs in 2014 (via Autoblog Green)

France could soon have EV charging stations every 25 miles (via Green Car Reports)

2015 U.S. household gasoline expenditures on track to be lowest in 11 years (via U.S. EIA)

Electric cars could be cheaper than gas guzzlers within a decade (via Quartz)

Sunswift solar electric car reaches crowdfunding goal to hit the streets (via CNET)


Europe’s “biggest battery” sparks into life (via BusinessGreen)

United Kingdom set for £2.5 billion capacity auction to keep lights on (via Bloomberg)

ABB, Hitachi set up power grid joint venture in Japan (via Reuters)


U.S. shale junk debt tumbles amid oil crunch (via Houston Chronicle)


Evaluating 15 years of IEA energy forecasts (via Energy Collective)

The energy system in 2014 – did the ice really crack? (via Bloomberg)

A $48 billion opportunity for U.S. electric customers (via Renewable Energy World)

The race is on for solar companies to woo utilities (via Forbes)

While seeking “bailout,” Ohio utilities keep cost data secret (via Midwest Energy News)


Elizabeth Warren, GOP rookies set up energy panel for pyrotechnics (via National Journal)


9 things scientists did this year to ensure a better climate future (via Climate Progress)

Why climate change is forcing some environmentalists to back nuclear power (via Washington Post)

Winners and losers at the UN climate talks (via RTCC0

Cleantech IPOs: Predictions revisited, 2014 winners, 2015 picks (via Greentech Media)

Will the 2,250-foot solar-wind tunnel ever be more than a pipe dream? (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.10.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Four new ozone-destroying chemicals found in atmosphere (via The Guardian)

Swiss seek precision as nations shape carbon markets (via Bloomberg)

RGGI carbon prices jump in first event with fewer permits (via Bloomberg)

New study shows how fossil fuel pollution damages the heart (via Climate Progress)


America’s largest grid system could reach 30% renewable energy by 2026 (via CleanTechnica)

Distributed defectors: When customers leave the grid (via GreenBiz)


Europe a dark spot for global solar PV market (via Recharge)

China lagging on 2020 hydro goals as premier urges new dam building (via Reuters)

Renewables in MENA to double next year, says Desertec (via Renewable Energy World)

750MW of FiT-approved solar PV projects in pipeline for Kenya (via CleanTechnica)

Google reaps tax breaks in $1.4 billion clean energy bet (via Bloomberg)

US DOE studies what motivates solar adoption to sustain growth (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Plan offered to move Oklahoma to all-renewable energy by 2050 (via The Oklahoman)

Illinois cut pollution equivalent of a million cars through renewable energy buys (via Huffington Post/AP)

Maryland bills would allow wind, solar projects on preserved farmland (via Baltimore Sun)

In Central Texas, drought threatens hydropower (via Texas Tribune)


While US waits on Keystone XL decision, Canada approves a different tar sands pipeline (via Climate Progress)

Anti-Keystone comments outnumber supporting one 2 to 1 (via Washington Post)


Potential clash anticipated between US, EU at UN climate meeting (via Bloomberg BNA)

GAO: Climate change poses serious risk to US energy systems (via DeSmogBlog)

US government creates incentives to rebuild flood-hit coastal homes, over and over (via InsideClimate News)

Democrat Senators plan all-night climate change “talkathon” (via USA Today)


Major gaps in plan to slow down oil trains (via National Journal)


US public transit use reaches highest level since 1956 (via New York Times)

US car-sharing programs have taken 500,000 cars off roads (via Yale e360)

Gas prices may jump from California emissions law (via ABC News/AP)

Report: Tesla turned down California sites for Gigafactory (via San Francisco Chronicle)


First energy-efficiency bonds sold to investors (via Reuters)

NREL tool measures building energy performance (via Environmental Leader)


Bitter cold knocks invasive insects down but not out (via AccuWeather)

Housing developments near drying forests a deadly combination in US West (via Washington Post)


Don’t send America’s natural gas to Ukraine (via Politico)

Did concentrated solar power miss its chance? (via Christian Science Monitor)

The green movement has a Millennial problem (via Washington Post)

The Northeast’s cap-and-trade system is back on track to cut emissions (via Climate Progress)

Solar and crowdfunding getting cozier every day (via GigaOm)

How solar breaks traditional planning on the distribution grid (via Greentech Media)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.28.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Social cost of carbon emissions rising but still underestimated, warn experts (via Thompson Reuters)

Group offers plan to meet new EPA power plant emission rules (via Reuters)

Global carbon market could reach $87 billion in 2014 (via RTCC) 


Senate duo debuts “new and improved” energy efficiency bill (via National Journal)


Wind power on verge of taking off in Japan (via Japan Times)

Wind energy cut electricity prices by 40% in Australian heatwaves (via Renew Economy)

NREL maps solar policy for 48 states (via Energy Manager Today)

After a hiatus, DOE’s clean energy loan program will be back in action (via Greentech Media)

Solar industry employs a surprisingly high percentage of US veterans (via Climate Progress)

Massachusetts has 409MW of wind power coming its way (via Renew Grid)

Utility scale solar energy: North Carolina’s emergent success (via Energy Collective)

Wisconsin state legislators propose 30% by 2030 renewable energy target (via Journal-Sentinel)


Global warming slowdown likely to be brief, say US & UK science bodies (via Reuters)

UN report sees $1.45 trillion in global warming costs (via Economic Times/AFP)

US falling behind as other countries pass climate laws, survey shows (via Climate Progress)

Decline of Bronze Age “megacities” linked to climate change (via Science Daily)

NASA’s new climate satellite hopes to save lives – and maybe the planet (via National Journal)

Mexico, China led on climate action in 2013 (via The Hill)

California companies call climate change “economic opportunity” (via Environmental Leader)


US rules would allow “seismic air guns” in search for offshore oil, gas (via Washington Post)

Dusty federal rules complicate water management in parched West (via Greenwire)

New Mexico facing “extremely destructive” wildfire season (via Climate Central)


Global smart meter market to top $22 billion by 2020 (via Renew Grid)

Smart grids, energy storage key to $1.5 trillion smart city market (via Renew Grid)

ComEd’s Chicago 4 million smart meter installations to be completed by 2017 (via Chicago Tribune)


India’s diesel subsidy spurs pollution worse than Beijing (via Bloomberg)

California report explains who buys plug-in cars and why (via Green Car Reports)

Gasoline substitute made from plant waste developed by UC-Davis (via Green Car Reports)


Bright prospects? China’s rooftop solar goal looks too ambitious (via Reuters)

Denying climate science in multiple dimensions (via Science Blogs)

Is the solution to climate change in Vancouver? (via Climate Progress)

Just another solar deal, or the future of mid-size project financing? (via CleanTechnica)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.3.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Global carbon markets’ value dropped 38% in 2013 (via The Guardian)

EPA publishes final carbon capture regulations for coal plants (via The Hill)


California’s grid takes two big steps to add more renewables and EVs (via CleanTechnica)

In Pacific Northwest, engineers map a power grid in flux (via ClimateWire)

Researchers find ways to minimize power grid disruptions from wind power (via


New 1,000MW solar project in China marks “significant shift” for global market (via Climate Progress)

US solar manufacturer says Chinese companies evading import tariffs (via Forbes)

UK wind farms generated record electricity in December (via Bloomberg)

US biodiesel production hits record high (via Environmental Leader)

A US solar company makes a rare move: Setting up factory in China (via Forbes)


Warning issued about oil shipped from North Dakota, Montana (via ABC News/AP)

Shares of Bakken oil producers plunge after US warning (via Reuters)

North Dakota’s explosive Bakken oil: The story behind a troubling crude (via Globe and Mail)

Barnett Shale drilling permits fall to lowest level in a decade (via Houston Chronicle)


Few transportation fuels surpass the energy densities of gasoline and diesel (via US EIA)

As battery cost falls, fast charging becomes key electric car issue (via Green Car Reports)

Legal setbacks slow California high-speed rail (via Stateline)


Australia endures hottest year on record (via Agence France-Presse/Google)

Climate change damage to poor countries goes far beyond money (via Scientific American/ClimateWire)

One problem with geoengineering: Once you start, you can’t really stop (via Bloomberg)

Five basic Antarctic facts for climate change skeptics (via The Guardian)

Kerry quietly makes priority of climate pact (via New York Times)


All Oklahoma fracking operations now must disclose chemicals used (via Tulsa World)

Colorado ballot measure could let towns ban fracking (via Climate Progress)


Plastic in oceans making own ecosystem, could pose threat to humans (via Los Angeles Times)

Will Congress go another year without designating new wilderness? (via Huffington Post Green)


Energy efficiency markets face financing, big data challenges in 2014 (via Energy Manager Today)

The aggressive acceleration of deep-energy retrofits (via GreenBiz)

Nest value could reach $2 billion on latest financing round (via SmartPlanet)


Climate to be 2014 political battlefield (via The Hill)

448 new wind turbines in Iowa could swing the 2016 presidential election (via Business Insider)


Dear Donald Trump: Winter does not disprove global warming (via Mother Jones)

Oil and gas price forecast for 2014 (via SmartPlanet)

California’s pioneering spirit endures under cap and trade (via EDF/California Dream)

Favorable consumer attitudes toward clean energy have rebounded significantly in the last year (via Navigant Research)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.10.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Chinese coal use to hit 4.8 billion metric tons annually by 2020 (via The Diplomat)

Australia approves dredging near Great Barrier Reef for coal port (via Reuters)

US pressured to block proposed coal plant in Pakistan (via ClimateWire)

Updated study highlights eroding economics of US coal fleet (via Union of Concerned Scientists)


The Montreal Protocol, a little treaty that could (via New York Times)

China outlines climate change adaptation plans (via RTCC)

Local leaders planning for climate effects (via AP)

Four cities show leadership in adapting to local climate impacts (via WRI Insights)


China switches solar PV focus from utility-scale to rooftop market (via Renew Economy)

EU uncertainty threatens biofuel output target (via Bloomberg)

EU study finds renewables most popular energy option among citizens (via Renewables International)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.26.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EPA says US spewing 50% more methane into air than estimated (via AP)

Feds reveal data behind “social cost of carbon” (via The Hill)

On campuses, a fossil-fuel divestment movement (via Washington Post)

Activists to push DC fossil fuel investment ban (via Seattle Post-Intelligencer/AP)

MIT study finds air pollution causes 200,000 premature deaths per year in US (via Facts of the Day)


China expands carbon emissions trading scheme (via

California carbon auction raises $297 million (via Environmental Leader)

California carbon market caps off successful first year (via Environmental Leader)


Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua top Latin America clean energy investment index (via RTCC)

Small wind turbine market to top $3 billion by 2020 (via BusinessGreen)

The US has 43 nuclear power plants’ worth of solar in the pipeline (via Quartz)

Wind picks up as coal declines in the Midwest (via Greentech Media)

Ecotech finds more than 1 million clean energy job postings (via Energy Manager Today)

Capital markets, regulatory certainty needed to scale up US advanced biofuel production (via Breaking Energy)

Ohio energy policy revamp bill getting a rewrite to include compromises (via Cleveland Plain-Dealer)


Climate change refugee bid denied by New Zealand court (via The Guardian)

White House climate “resilience” group gets going (via The Hill)


Five ways buildings have reached a “GREEN” tipping point (via RMI Outlet)

Greenbuild 2013: Three signs green building is on the rise (via GreenBiz)

Top 10 innovations from Greenbuild 2013 (via Inhabitat)


Warsaw outcome a hint of what’s to come (via C2ES)

China can turn its challenges into clear opportunities for greener growth (via South China Morning Post)

Future of energy storage is behind the meter (via Greentech Media)

Five myths about the carbon asset bubble (via Energy Collective)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.10.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


By 2047, coldest years may be warmer than hottest in past, say scientists (via New York Times)

Melting permafrost is creating “drunken forests” around Arctic (via Climate Progress)

Saudi efforts to weaken IPCC report in Stockholm exposed (via RTCC)

Can cities solve climate change? (via Scientific American)

Mining, fossil fuel firms talk about embracing climate change adaptation (via SNL Energy)

Florida considers creating alternative to federal flood insurance (via Miami Herald)


90% of America’s nuclear regulators will be furloughed today (via Gizmodo)

Energy industry beginning to feel federal shutdown’s bite (via Anchorage Daily News)


World’s largest wealth fund may become green energy investor (via Renew Economy)

Q3 portfolio review: A bottom for clean energy developers? (via Renewable Energy World)

GE boosts wind turbine output up to 5% with industrial Internet technology (via CleanTechnica)

EPA drafts scaled-back renewable fuels goal (via National Journal)

Pennsylvania discourages renewable energy as climate solution (via Philadelphia Business Journal)

New York’s SUNY Cortland College using 100% renewable energy (via EarthTechling)

Will Oregon test project bring offshore wind to the West Coast? (via ClimateWire)


Carbon markets cut emissions 17x cheaper than subsidies (via CleanTechnica)

Study finds setbacks in carbon capture projects worldwide (via New York Times)

EU already close to meeting 2020 emissions goal (via Reuters)

Early repeal of carbon price system could cost Australia $2 billion (via Australian Financial Review)

Shell exec says oil companies might become carbon capture ones (via MIT Technology Review)

Fossil fuel divestment campaign growing, says study (via Grist)


Europe votes to tighten rules on drilling method (via New York Times)


UK, Denmark advance grid link-study (via Recharge)

Canada unveils energy storage research program (via Renew Grid)

Less than 1% of residential electricity customers will adopt dynamic pricing by 2020 unless utilities act aggressively (via Navigant Research)

AB327 signed into law with net metering warning from Gov. Brown (via Greentech Media)


Citibank: Utilities are dinosaurs waiting to die (via GreenBiz)


Study: Efficiency leads to “amazingly good energy news” (via Midwest Energy News)

San Francisco publishes open data on energy use in city buildings (via Sustainable Industries)


Alberta’s current carbon strategy no match for Keystone’s emissions (via InsideClimate News)

Influence in America: TransCanada’s Keystone XL lobbying activities (via DeSmog Blog)


New vehicle fuel economy continues to increase (via US EIA)


Chicago’s investment in cleaner, greener water (via Huffington Post)


Germany’s Greens turn frosty toward any alliance with Merkel (via Reuters)


Are there any major world financial institutions that don’t want to act on climate? (via Climate Progress)

Could weather forecasting be the secret to energy management? (via Greentech Media)

Are biofuels contributing to the dead zone? (via Treehugger)

Battle over Binz: An anomaly, or first shot in a drawn-out war? (via E&E Daily)

How to divest from fossil fuels, no matter the size of your piggy bank (via Grist)