Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.14.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China calls for local targets to curb coal use, cut pollution (via Bloomberg)

Carbon pricing set to cover 80 percent of Canada’s economy (via RTCC)

White House methane plan takes aim at oil and gas industry (via Houston Chronicle)

Goddard College becomes fourth Vermont school to divest from fossil fuels (via Huffington Post)

Harvard invests tens of millions in fossil fuels despite divestment campaign (via The Guardian)

Top 10 carbon market predictions for 2015 (via TriplePundit)


Deutsche Bank predicts solar grid parity in 80% of global market by 2017 (via CleanTechnica)

Mexico to build 2.3GW wind capacity by 2019 (via Recharge)

Green bond market hits record $36.6 billion in 2014 (via BusinessGreen)

Utilities push back as solar industry booms in Japan (via Forbes)

Google’s clean energy capacity passes 2.5GW with latest solar investment (via BusinessGreen)

Report: Solar is cheaper than the grid in 42 of 50 largest U.S. cities (via Greentech Media)

U.S. homes fitted with PV attract higher prices, says report (via PV Tech)

As North Carolina solar industry booms the region takes notes (via Environmental Leader)

Ohio renewable energy policies spurred growth, now driving away business, says report (via

NREL enzyme could help offset fossil fuel dependence (via Energy Manager Today)


India’s faulty grid presents a transmission opportunity (via Navigant Research)

Moody’s and Navigant offer conflicting views on economics of solar-plus storage (via PV Tech)


Developing cities hold big key to climate action (via Climate Central)

Melting glaciers imperil Kathmandu, perched high above rising seas (via Bloomberg)

Moisture shortfall, heat threaten Southwestern forests (via Climate Central)

Climate change is laying waste to water supplies, warns Farm Bureau (via Grist)


Record oil imports take China closest ever to passing U.S. (via Bloomberg)

Commodity traders exploit crude crash to make oil storage king (via Bloomberg)

Poll: Majority of voters oppose more oil exports (via The Hill)

EIA forecasts temporary peak in U.S. oil output in May (via Reuters)

Some on Wall Street see oil plunging to $40 and below (via Houston Chronicle)

Keystone-oil export ban sought by Senator backing pipeline bill (via Bloomberg)

Tool shows how taxpayer money could be spent instead of subsidizing Big Oil (via EcoWatch)


China to cut subsidies for non-electric vehicles (via Bloomberg)

United Kingdom emergency services in front line of government EV rollout (via BusinessGreen)

Honda announces all-electric and PHEV model while debuting FCV concept (via Inside EVs)

Musk: Tesla can make a few million cars a year by 2025 (via GigaOm)

Nissan CEO: Chevy Bolt “not a surprise”  - Nissan has competing, long-range EV in development (via Inside EVs)


Annual revenue from fuel cell systems is expected to reach nearly $57.8 billion by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Reverse net metering? California penalizes certain types of energy efficiency (via Forbes)


Worries about consumers cutting utility ties are overblown, say Moody’s analysts (via Greentech Media)

Top 50 green American schools, as Stanford faculty calls for fossil fuel divestment (via CleanTechnica)


The 25 billion-dollar weather disasters of 2014 (via WeatherUnderground)


Senate to vote on whether climate change is happening (via The Hill)

Two ways Obama can win on Keystone even if Republicans triumph (via Slate)

Ted Cruz oil export amendment difficult vote for some GOP senators (via National Journal)

The greenest governor in America tells Grist about his big climate plan (via Grist)

Massachusetts’s governor appoints controversial new energy team (via Boston Globe)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.13.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


2015 begins with CO2 above 400ppm mark (via Climate Central)

South Korea launches world’s second-largest carbon trading market (via Climate Progress)

Social cost of carbon six times higher than thought (via RTCC)


Attorney says Nebraska landowners can still challenge Keystone XL (via Topeka Capital-Journal)

Ten Democratic senators vote with Republicans for Keystone XL pipeline (via The Guardian)

Keystone XL pipeline opposition: Review of major claims, relevant facts, most probable impacts (via Energy Collective)


Distributed energy storage system revenue expected to exceed $16.5 billion by 2024 (via Navigant Research)

Mexico sees $14 billion in wind energy investment by 2018 (via Reuters)

SunEdison to build 5GW of subsidy-free renewables in India (via PV Tech)

1.5 million solar arrays in Germany (via Renewables International)

Bird charity in legal fight against 2GW of Scottish offshore wind (via Recharge)

Insights from the solar industry in rural Peru (via Renewable Energy World)

A solar system is installed in America every 2.5 minutes (via Greentech Media)

U.S. “could hit” 27% renewables penetration in 2030, says IRENA (via Recharge)

NREL enzyme enables biomass conversion 14x faster than current alternatives (via Green Car Congress)

New Mexico maxes out Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit (via GreenBiz)

Michigan could expand renewable energy to 25% for $2.60 per household (via Midwest Energy News)


Oil drops below $45 (via The Hill)

Iran’s president says countries behind oil price drop will suffer (via Reuters)

United Arab Emirates sees oil drop hurting shale drillers, not OPEC (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)

Shale drillers can brag about their holdings, as investors ask, “How’s your debt?” (via Bloomberg)

Falling oil prices to hit Texas budget, says comptroller (via Reuters)


AAA: Gas below $2 per gallon in 18 states (via The Hill)

Uber offers cities an olive branch: Valuable trip data (via Washington Post)

CPUC says California utilities can own charging infrastructure (via Energy Collective)


The U.S. climate of 2014: Remarkable hot, cold, wet, and dry extremes (via Weather Underground)

The U.S. and India keep pushing toward a climate deal (via Grist)


China water stress may worsen even with transfer projects (via Bloomberg)

America sucks at recycling, so we’re burning trash again (via Grist)


On Senate’s to-do list: Keystone, climate change, crude exports (via Houston Chronicle)

It’s open season for Keystone amendments, but big issues may stay dormant (via National Journal)

For green billionaire, a wealth of hurdles in California Senate race (via National Journal)


How low can oil prices go? Welcome to the oil market’s old normal (via Washington Post)

Let the Sun set on the solar industry subsidy (via The Hill)

Ejecting the power line foxes from the electric customer henhouse (via CleanTechnica)

Could Obama strike a Keystone XL deal with Congress? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Key role for solar in IRENA U.S. renewables transition plan (via PV Tech)

Business and nations headline WRI’s stories to watch in 2015 (via GreenBiz)

The three best ways to optimize a commercial solar PV system (via Greentech Media)

IRENA unveils Resource – “Google” for renewable energy information (via CleanTechnica)

Why Google’s future growth is in energy (via Motley Fool)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.2.15

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Tropical forests may inhale a third of fossil fuel emissions (via Climate Central)

EU carbon market has first volume decline after brake on supply (via Bloomberg)

Americans favor EPA regulation over carbon tax or cap-and-trade (via Forbes)


India’s Modi raises solar investment target to $100 billion by 2022 (via Reuters)

New markets help utility-scale solar surge to another record year (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Solar energy: How low oil prices change the game (via Bloomberg)

Transportation logistics trouble wind energy industry (via TriplePundit)

Strategic policy stacking can lead to solar market success (via Renewable Energy World)

States work to meet new renewable energy standards (via Houston Chronicle)

Greenwood Energy to expand DG solar business with Fortress Investment (via Solar Industry Magazine)

New York plants seeds for energy reform in 2014 that will bloom in 2015 (via Energy Collective)

Top 10 largest solar projects under construction (via Forbes)


OPEC December crude output slips as global prices tumble (via Bloomberg)

U.S. easing of oil exports challenges OPEC strategy (via Bloomberg)


Almost 10,000 EVs were sold in China in November (via Inside EVs)

EVs coast through 2014, pin hopes on 2015 (via Greentech Media)

AAA: U.S. drivers saved $14 billion on gasoline in 2014 (via Houston Chronicle)

Electric power industry expects 400% growth in annual EV sales by 2023 (via CleanTechnica)


2015 green building trends (via Environmental Leader)

DOE sets efficiency standards for light bulbs, icemakers (via The Hill)


California could supercharge the distribution grid (via Greentech Media)

A look inside ERCOT’s control room (via Houston Chronicle)


Wildfires rage across Southern Australia as temperatures rise (via Bloomberg)

FEMA overpaid $177 million on hurricane damages (via The Hill)

Plastic bag manufacturers spend $3 million to repeal California ban (via EcoWatch)


Three ways for cities to go carbon negative (via Greenbiz)

Three steps toward clean technology business success in Brazil (via Renewable Energy World)

Is there any way to slow aviation’s soaring emissions? (via RTCC)

Five top stories from India’s solar market in 2014 (via CleanTechnica)

What does $60 oil mean for biofuel industry? (via Renewable Energy World)

In Keystone pipeline case, what might Nebraska court do? (via Reuters)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.4.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


U.S. House backs one-year renewal of “extender” tax breaks (via Reuters)

New study claims energy industry is “up for grabs” (via Renew Grid)

NextEra buys Hawaii’s biggest electric utility (via Forbes)


Drought in U.S., Brazil linked to hottest year ever (via Bloomberg)

White House names 16 communities as climate “champions” (via The Hill)


Top ten PV module suppliers for 2014: Same group, different order (via Renewable Energy World)

One in five Australian households now using solar (via Renew Economy)

UK solar “competitive without subsidies” by 2020 (via RTCC)

Green Climate Fund to start funding projects in 2015 (via RTCC)

Renewable energy lowers consumer utility bills in Alberta (via Renewable Energy World)

U.S. House renews main wind tax incentive for one year (via Recharge)

Solar crosses 1% total U.S. supply threshold in 2014 (via Sustainable Business)

No health impacts from wind turbine noise, says MIT study (via Recharge)

SolarCity creating a social network through a new app (via Forbes)

Meet Generate Capital, a new way to fund energy projects (via GigaOm)


EU vote puts Canadian tar sands label back on the agenda (via Reuters)


UN carbon market fights for its future at Lima talks (via RTCC)

CO2 takes just ten years to reach planet’s peak heat (via Climate Central)

Missing its own goals, Germany renews effort to cut carbon emissions (via New York Times)

India considers emissions peak 2035-2050 (via RTCC)

Norway to assess fossil fuel assets case-by-case (via CleanTechnica)

California-Quebec carbon auction raises $407 million (via Environmental Leader)

Behind their opposition, central states study EPA rule cooperation (via EnergyWire)


Saudi Arabia can’t stop the U.S. fracking boom (via National Journal)

Congress set to renew drilling permit program (via Houston Chronicle)

Production up but methane emissions down in Permian Basin (via Houston Chronicle)

Fed says U.S. economy expanding, shale production steady (via Reuters)

Sub-$50 oil surfaces in North Dakota amid regional discounts (via Bloomberg)

Britain promises oil industry tax cuts to rein in costs (via Reuters)


China overtook the U.S. in monthly electric car sales two months ago (via Green Car Reports)

Germany ready to offer more incentives to reach one million EV goal (via Autoblog Green)

AAA: “Remarkable” drop in gas prices isn’t over (via The Hill)

As gas prices fall, auto buyers abandon greener cars (via National Journal)

Boeing completes test flight with “green diesel” (via

Ford “working very hard” on F-150 hybrid (via Autoblog Green)

Californians now buy a plug-in EV for every two hybrids (via Green Car Reports)


SCE, PGE issue first-ever energy storage requests to meet AB 2514 (via Greentech Media)

In Texas, a conflict over grid batteries (via Greentech Media)


California deluge not yet El Nino, but it is a welcome respite (via Climate Progress)


Giving climate pact legal teeth could make it toothless (via Climate Central)

Oil prices plunge – is a shale bubble bursting? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Yet again, partisan wrangling leaves Wind Tax Credit in legislative limbo (via Climate Progress)

Solar uniquely positioned to help states meet new regulations (via Renewable Energy World)

Divest now: Time for Universities to stand up to fossil fuel interests (via NRDC Switchboard)

The gas tax has been fixed at 18 cents for two decades – now would be a great time to raise it (via Washington Post)

What will happen when the ITC is reduced? (via Energy Collective)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.10.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Mexican opposition party clears first hurdle in bid for energy referendum (via Wall Street Journal)

Net U.S. energy imports as share of consumption lowest in 29 years (via U.S. EIA)

CEOs tout reserves of oil and gas but revealed to be less in federal reports (via Bloomberg)


China coal tariff sends message to cut supply (via Reuters)

China coal tariffs add to pressure on Australian producers (via Bloomberg)

Cheap natural gas and emission rules darker future of U.S. coal (via Financial Times)


Forest fragmentation’s carbon bomb: 736 million tonnes CO2 annually (via Mongabay)

Huge methane emissions “hot spot” found in U.S. (via Climate Central)


Scotland approves four offshore wind farms with 2.2GW capacity (via BusinessGreen)

Germany’s KfW issues largest-ever U.S. green bond - $1.5 billion (via Renew Economy)

Australians copy solar garden idea (via Energy Manager Today)

Yieldcos “big” for U.S. offshore wind (via Recharge)

Amid PV boom, solar thermal systems often overlooked (via Midwest Energy News)

Battle lines drawn over Colorado net metering dispute (via PV Tech)

SunEdison yieldco makes third-party acquisition (via PV Tech)


Few U.S. states preparing for climate change, says study (via Los Angeles Times)

White House pushes climate protections for natural resources (via The Hill)

DOE Secretary says climate change will affect Gulf energy facilities (via Houston Chronicle)


Venezuela, in a quiet shift, gives foreign partners more control in oil ventures (via New York Times)

Crude oil prices fall to lowest levels in years as market pressures converge (via Houston Chronicle)

Oil companies quietly prepare for a future of carbon pricing (via GreenBiz)

Green groups sue over expansion of California crude by rail (via Reuters)


Unmoved by oil export proponents, Americans still fear gasoline spike (via Reuters)

Tesla unveils all-wheel drive Model D (via San Francisco Chronicle)

310- to 373-mile EV range by 2020, says Volkswagen executive (via CleanTechnica)

GM confirms 200-mile range EV (via CleanTechnica)


Fracking setback in Poland dims hope for less Russian gas (via Bloomberg)


Efficiency gains over the last decade saved more energy than China consumed in 2011 (via Climate Progress)


PJM Interconnection offers bid to salvage demand response (via EnergyWire)

Texas power grid has first rotating outages since 2011 (via Houston Chronicle)


China pollution levels hit 20 times safe limit (via The Guardian)

U.S. weather forecaster says El Nino expected to begin in 1-2 months (via Reuters)

Atlantic hurricane season making late threat (via Bloomberg)


Brazil’s Silva not yet read to endorse Neves in runoff (via Reuters)

GOP flails about looking for climate denial alternatives (via Grist)

California’s top power regulator to exit amid criticism (via ABC News/AP)

Oil and gas industry “soul searching” over Landrieu (via Politico)


Our planet is going to blow past the “2 degrees” climate limit (via The New Republic)

The $9.7 trillion problem: Cyclones and climate change (via Climate Central)

Latin America needs good data to plan for water stress and climate change (via WRI Insights)

Why climate litigation could soon go global (via Globe and Mail)

The Keystone killer environmentalists didn’t see coming (via Bloomberg)

Google is gone, but ALEC is still winning (via National Journal)

The bell tolls for KiOR (via Energy Trends Insider)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.8.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Ocean acidification to cost global economy $1 trillion by 2100 (via BusinessGreen)

Sea level rise making floods routine for U.S. coastal cities (via Climate Central)

Canada’s federal watchdog says it will fail to meet climate goals without new policies (via Climate Progress)


Less severe weather means lower expected household heating bills this winter (via U.S. EIA)

Texas uses the most electricity, burns nearly the most fuel (via Houston Chronicle)


Solar to beat wind to wholesale grid parity in Europe (via PV Tech)

Chile top renewables market on sunny desert, windy shores (via Bloomberg)

UK confirms cuts to large-scale solar support (via PV Tech)

Study: Renewables as green as you’d expect (via Climate Central)

Solar debt financing on pace to reach highest mark since 2010 (via Bloomberg)

DOE study finds offshore wind can save U.S. billions on electricity (via NRDC Switchboard)

Drought reveals water-energy connection, cutting California hydropower in half (via Greentech Media)

Massachusetts offshore wind auction coming in 2014 (via Recharge News)

Massachusetts raises solar net metering cap for businesses, municipalities (via Renewable Energy World)

Bill to repeal Michigan renewable energy standard faces long odds (via Midwest Energy News)

Novozymes looks beyond “fantasy fuel” it helped turn into reality (via Retuers)

SolarCity to finance rooftop panels in shift from leasing (via Bloomberg)

SolarCity loan deal could propel rooftop market (via Houston Chronicle/AP)

SolarCity CEO: Half of new business by end of 2015 could be solar loans (via Greentech Media)


Judge dismisses Nebraska lawsuit against EPA (via San Francisco Chronicle/AP)


EIA sees lower OPEC output, weaker demand growth in 2015 (via Reuters)

Lower demand, higher supply drive oil prices to lowest level since 2012 (via U.S. EIA)

Shale boom tested as sub-$90 oil threatens U.S. drillers (via Bloomberg)

Keystone XL be darned: Canada finds oil route around Obama (via Bloomberg)

Crude oil export studies coming soon, says U.S. EIA (via The Hill)


Lamborghini unveils first plug-in hybrid at Paris Motor Show (via Inhabitat)

Airlines fly the skies on a sugar high (via New York Times)


Pennsylvania pursues record $4.5 million fine against gas driller (via AP)


Global energy efficiency market worth $310 billion and growing, says IEA (via BusinessGreen)

Energy efficiency remains hottest sector within clean tech (via Energy Manager Today)

ThyssenKrupp reduces manufacturing energy use 38% in 3 years (via Energy Manager Today)

Constellation, Comverge plan to merge their C&I demand response offerings (via Greentech Media)


Californians make big cuts in water usage, says report (via Los Angeles Times)

Drought a ”slow-motion disaster” for Western states (via Arizona Republic) 


Australia crushes its renewable energy industry (via Sustainable Business)

While critics debate Energiewende, Germany gains a global advantage (via The Energy Collective)

Four reasons pay-as-you-go solar financing is unlocking energy access for all (via Huffington Post)

How grid efficiency went south (via New York Times)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.7.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


EPA ozone-pollution standard left intact by Supreme Court (via Bloomberg)

Methane pollution from federal lands rising, oil boom to blame (via Houston Chronicle)


Leading Australian pension fund ditches coal holdings (via RTCC)

Complex market forces are challenging Appalachian coal mining (via Center for American Progress)

Coal miners to march on EPA against climate rule (via The Hill)


Global solar power market could hit 200GW by end of 2014 (via BusinessGreen)

U.S. solar trade case could expand to include Chinese modules with any cell origin (via PV Tech)

Chinese, Japanese solar PV to soar in Q4 2014 (via Recharge)

Solar PV catching on fast in Latin America, Caribbean (via Triple Pundit)

UK offers $482 million for renewable energy auctions (via Energy Manager Today)

China’s solar industry continues rebound (via Renewable Energy World)

Solar, wind cost may fall to level for coal by 2020s (via Bloomberg)

First-ever global life cycle assessment of renewable energy future (via

Solar companies fall on U.S. stock market on heavy volume (via Reuters)

Despite political setback, high hopes for Ohio clean energy (via Midwest Energy News)

Researchers develop technique to turn winery waste into biofuel (via Breaking Energy)

DuPont, P&G partner to use cellulosic ethanol in Tide laundry detergent, replacing corn ethanol (via Green Car Congress)


EU moves closer to 2030 deal on climate, energy (via Bloomberg)

Japan nuclear restart to hit oil usage hardest (via Reuters)

Regulatory complexities, natural gas economics driving power markets (via Energy Manager Today)

California drought leads to less hydropower, increased natural gas generation (via U.S. EIA)


EU abandons “dirty” label for tar sands oil (via Reuters)

DOE Secretary skeptical U.S. will export oil anytime soon (via The Hill)


EV sales charge up 50% in 2014 (via BusinessGreen)

Fast charging your EV might not be as bad for batteries as predicted (via Autoblog Green)

Tesla to join luxury race into automated driving (via Bloomberg)


The ocean’s surface layer has been warming much faster than previously thought (via Climate Progress)

10 countries have pledged $2.3 billion to fight climate change – the U.S. isn’t one of them (via Mother Jones)


A push to make “fracking” sound better (via Wall Street Journal)

Cuomo administration edited and delayed key fracking study (via Capital New York)


Battery storage costs could plunge below $100/kWh (via Renew Economy)


Anti-ALEC activists pressure eBay to drop conservative group (via National Journal)


Are Russian energy sanctions working? (via National Journal)

Why are institutional investors still hesitating on solar? (via Greentech Media)

Carbon capture’s energy penalty problem (via Reuters)

Can sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere really work? (via MIT Technology Review)

Why solar power is taking off at airports across the U.S. (via Climate Progress)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 9.17.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China coal restrictions may have little impact on imports (via Reuters)

Coal sector eyes salvation in green bond market (via RTCC)

Coal industry market value contracting again after brief rebound (via SNL Energy)

Peabody Energy to be removed from S&P 500 index (via Post-Dispatch)

U.S. Corps of Engineers halts Oregon coal terminal review pending permit outcome (via The Oregonian)


China wind sector braces for feed-in tariff cuts (via Recharge News)

Funding released to accelerate 740MW of new renewables in Chile (via PV Tech)

UK solar farm issues Europe’s first certified climate bonds (via BusinessGreen)

PV industry loses $500 million a year through supply chain (via PV Tech)

Chile to get net metering for PV plants under 100kW (via PV Tech)

USDA Secretary expects 2014 biofuel use targets to rise (via Reuters)

When the power’s out, solar panels may not keep the lights on (via NPR)

Some see garbage, others see opportunity: Installing solar on landfills (via RMI Outlet)

Preliminary OK for large California concentrated solar project sparks debate over impact to birds (via Greenwire)

Burlington, Vermont’s electricity now 100% renewable (via The Week)


Natural disasters displaced more people than war in 2013, finds study (via The Guardian)

Rising sea levels a “sleeping giant” that could cost $226 billion, says report (via The Guardian)

Antarctic Peninsula glacier recession “unprecedented” (via BBC)

Climate change may add billions to wildfire costs, study says (via Los Angeles Times)

Mapping the future of sea-level rise on the Potomac, the Chesapeake, and the Atlantic (via Washington Post)

Drought-hit California faces future trouble as warming reduces water (via RTCC)


Study links increased drilling with earthquakes (via Wall Street Journal)

Study: Bad fracking techniques let methane flow into drinking water (via Washington Post)

Leaky wells spur call for stricter rules on gas drilling (via Bloomberg)

Fracking ban enrages Coloradans sitting on energy riches (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Natural gas company seeks federal approval for Massachusetts pipeline (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


Businesses double down on carbon pricing while Capitol Hill idles (via GreenBiz)

EPA delays key power plant rule of signature climate change plan (via The Guardian)

White House partners with industry to tackle refrigerant greenhouse gas (via Reuters)

EPA extends climate rule comment period (via The Hill)

Broad carbon tax outlines get positive legislative response (via The Oregonian)


Oil prices rise on prospect of OPEC output cut (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)

Deeper Saudi oil cuts seen after biggest drop since 2012 (via Bloomberg)

Can the U.S. cut off Islamic State’s oil sales? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Feds reveal details on Shell’s Arctic ambitions (via Houston Chronicle)

TransCanada sees itself in oil train business regardless of Keystone XL (via Reuters)


EVs are cleaner, but still not a magic bullet (via New York Times)

GM learning from current Chevy Volt owners as it works on next-gen model (via Autoblog Green)

Report suggests Tesla Model 3 to cost $50,000 or more (via Green Car Reports)

Tesla “ecosystem” changing the face of Silicon Valley (via Green Car Reports)


PG&E tops in U.S. smart meter deployments (via Energy Manager Today)

50 million U.S. smart meters and counting (via Greentech Media)

Demand response capacity expected to increase more than six-fold by 2023 (via Navigant Research)


Unilever aims to end deforestation (via Sustainable Business)

Drought-stricken California gets landmark groundwater legislation (via Sacramento Bee)


Obama welcomes report saying fighting climate change can be low cost (via The Guardian)

Bobby Jindal: White House are “science deniers” (via Politico)

Markey to seek halt on federal coal leases (via The Hill)


Fighting climate change makes economic sense; cities should take the lead (via Huffington Post)

Measuring up: How to assess the upcoming UN climate summit (via Climate Progress)

By the numbers: The new climate economy (via WRI Insights)

Mexico has reformed its energy sector, now what? (via Forbes)

Bobby Jindal’s soft climate-change skepticism (via National Journal)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.28.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


World’s existing power plants will emit 300 billion tons of CO2 in their lifetimes (via Climate Progress)

Chile set to pass Latin America’s second carbon tax (via RTCC)

Divesting from fossil fuels would cost $5 trillion (via CleanTechnica)

Study: Open trash burning significantly worsening global air pollution; unaccounted for in emission inventories (via Green Car Congress)


Why abundant coal may have “cursed” the Appalachian economy (via Washington Post)

America’s coal heartland is in economic free fall – but only the most desperate are fleeing (via Washington Post)


IEA sees $1.6 trillion in clean energy investments through 2020 (via Bloomberg)

Scalable solar a good match for South America, says DuPont (via PV Tech)

Cost of solar panels in Australia to rise by half if renewables target chopped (via Sydney Morning Herald)

Renewable energy report recommends cutting Australia’s target (via Bloomberg)

GE to add 1.5GW Brazil wind by 2016 (via Recharge)

Chile, US navies working on drop-in alternative fuels (via Green Car Congress)

EIA report: U.S. PV generation more than doubles over last year’s output (via PV Tech)

How a new group is helping West Virginia nonprofits get solar for just $1 (via Climate Progress)


State Dept. denies seeking alternative to climate treaty, but has been doing so since 2009 (via Huffington Post)

What global warming might mean for extreme snowfalls (via Climate Central)

How climate change could ruin your Hawaii vacation (via Christian Science Monitor)


Russia denies plans to block natural gas transit to Europe (via Reuters)

Plenty of reserves left in Marcellus Shale, says report (via Houston Chronicle)


Japan advances electricity market reform (via Recharge)


You’re welcome, world: U.S. fracking surge picks up slack for global disruption (via National Journal)

Dearth of oil finds threatens long-term supplies, price (via Reuters)

Rail deliveries of U.S. oil continue increasing in 2014 (via U.S. EIA)

Fracking foes force some oil drillers to tread lightly (via Bloomberg)

North Dakota universities crumble as oil cash pours in (via Bloomberg)


China’s electric and hybrid vehicle production up 280% (via CleanTechnica)

Main path to better fuel efficiency: Lighter vehicles, say automakers (via Green Car Reports)

California first to give extra funds to low-income EV buyers (via Autoblog Green)


Grid perfection, not defection: A new microgrid landscape in the making (via Greentech Media)

What Americans really want from their smart homes (via Greentech Media)

Grid infrastructure upgrades mean Texas no longer wastes wind power (via Renewable Energy World)

Illinois grapples with question of who owns energy data from smart meters (via Midwest Energy News)


Spending on energy efficient buildings in Europe to total $800 billion through 2023 (via Navigant Research)

What’s moving capital back into energy efficiency? (via Clean Energy Finance Forum)


Big wins elusive for EPA in Clean Water Act showdowns (via Greenwire)

Reminder: The terrible drought in California is still really, really terrible (via Washington Post)


The head-on politics of going around Congress on climate change (via National Journal)

An inside look at how ALEC ‘s plans to undo environmental legislation (via Toronto Star)

In audio recording, McConnell envisions using budget to undo Obama initiatives (via New York Times)

Climate change a central issue in tight Florida governor’s race (via InsideClimate News)

Vulnerable Dem slams Obama over UN climate change effort (via The Hill)

One Democrat’s gamble on climate change (via Politico)


These revolutionary technologies promised to help save us from climate change – so what happened? (via Washington Post)

A climate for change: A solution conservatives could accept (via Washington Post)

Why Republicans won’t back a carbon tax (via Grist)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.12.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


In the ocean, clues to climate change (via New York Times)

UN: Climate adaptation investment will ensure Africa’s growth (via BusinessGreen)

Report: Great Barrier Reef’s greatest threat is climate change (via The Guardian)

“Remarkable” warming reported in Central California coastal waters (via Los Angeles Times)


Mexico opens gas and oil sectors to foreign, private firms (via ABC News/AP)


Mexico and Central America – emerging clean energy powerhouses (via Bloomberg)

Japan challenges China to be world’s biggest solar market in 2014 (via Renew Economy)

Brazil readies big push on solar energy but companies are wary (via Reuters)

Mexico 2014 renewable investment may exceed $2.4 billion (via Bloomberg)

IRS guidance relaxed renewable energy tax credit (via The Hill)

Feds designate three North Carolina offshore wind areas (via The Hill)

Stacked solar cells could make solar power cheaper than natural gas (via Treehugger)


IEA says world oil market will supplied despite conflicts (via Reuters)

ExxonMobil and Russia began drilling for oil in the Arctic on Saturday (via Climate Progress)

IEA: Weakest oil demand growth since 2012 allays supply risks (via Bloomberg)

North Dakota considers requiring treatment of Bakken crude oil (via Wall Street Journal)


Annual sales of EVs in North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific will reach 1.8 million by 2023 (via Navigant Research)

Study: Airline ticket prices need to increase for climate policies to work (via Climate Progress)

EV makers and utilities unite to realize V2G potential (via Navigant Research)

Tesla Model S shows flaws over time, says Consumer Reports (via Bloomberg)

Income cap coming for California EV rebate, is Tesla most vulnerable? (via Green Car Reports)

Tesla gets legal approval to sell EVs in Pennsylvania (via Autoblog Green)


Australia warns of poor outlook for Great Barrier Reef (via Reuters)

Study: Extreme summer heat, rain on rise as weather gets trapped (via Reuters)

Research project aims to lessen the surprise of extreme wildfires (via Los Angeles Times)

Gulf oyster harvest has nose-dived since BP oil spill (via Huffington Post/AP)

California’s governor reaches $7.2 billion drought bond deal (via Bloomberg)

Tall, ancient, and under pressure (via New York Times)

San Francisco poised to require water rationing in drought (via San Francisco Chronicle)


Government survey: UK opposition to fracking on the rise (via BusinessGreen)

Report: Too few drinking water safeguards near fracking wells (via Columbus Dispatch)

Ohio’s Utica region now included in EIA’s monthly drilling productivity report (via U.S. EIA)

Big natural gas trove for frackers at Pittsburgh International Airport (via New York Times)


Russia ships coal to America despite sanctions (via Forbes)

Beijing cuts coal use 7% in H1 2014 in anti-smog push (via Reuters)


Study examines “brown carbon” while over a dozen western fires burn (via Climate Progress)

Algae companies ask EPA to endorse carbon capture efforts (via Environmental Leader)

Is fight of California cap-and-trade gas prices aimed at scuttling climate law? (via ClimateWire)


Keystone XL could mean more carbon emissions than estimated, says study (via Los Angeles Times)

Nebraska court ruling on Keystone XL pipeline not expected until 2015 (via Reuters)

Environmental groups press Kerry on climate impact of Keystone (via The Hill)


For microgrids, it’s not all about size (via Navigant Research)

New England effort to expand gas pipelines, transmission hits a snag (via EnergyWire)

California takes first step toward creating a distributed, intelligent grid of the future (via Greentech Media)


Los Angeles’ city-owned electric utility raises its energy efficiency ambitions (via NRDC Switchboard)


Rick Perry and other Republicans are loving an Obama-backed green car company (via National Journal)

When did Republicans start hating the environment? (via Mother Jones)


Can we reach a global warming deal? (via National Journal)

Three ways oil matters for the crisis in Iraq (via Vox)

The 198 people who can transform America’s electric grid (via GreenBiz)

Could California become a leader in smart water management? (via Smart Grid Library)

Climate contrarians overrepresented in media coverage, says new survey (via InsideClimate News)