Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.23.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Biggest Arctic gas project seeks route around U.S. sanctions (via Bloomberg)

Natural gas falls to two-year low with no cold in sight (via Reuters)

Groups urge administration to steer clear of gas exports bill (via The Hill)

New York and Maryland had the same information about fracking, and they made very different decisions (via Washington Post)


Germany’s electricity mix: Solar capacity reigns, but coal generation sustains (via Greentech Media)


Canadian pension funds divert investment to solar (via PV Tech)

UK and US yieldcos on Christmas acquisition spree (via PV Tech)

Wind and solar = 77% of new U.S. electricity generating capacity in November (via CleanTechnica)

Clean energy policy wins and losses of 2014 (via Greentech Media)

2014 renewable energy recap: Stepping backward, crawling forward (via IEEE Spectrum)

Apple, IKEA, Walmart: 12 leaders in on-site renewables (via GreenBiz)

Cloudy future for wind farms in Ohio (via Columbus Dispatch)

As the weather turns frightful, keep placed in service deadlines delightful (via Renewable Energy World)

Did OPIC just finish a watershed beyond-the-grid solar deal? (via Energy Collective)

Austin’s balancing act: Solar policy and affordability (via Clean Energy Finance Forum)


Pacific coral shows global warming’s tie to wind (via Bloomberg)

Wheat yields to fall more than expected in warmer world (via Reuters)

Atmospheric rivers to soak California as climate warms (via LiveScience)

New York’s fracking ban divides experts on climate impacts (via Climate Central)

Miami’s climate catch-22: Building waterfront condos to pay for protection against rising seas (via Washington Post)

Wyoming Republican fights ban on controversial climate-science standards (via National Journal)


World’s top 500 firms’ emissions rise, despite call for cuts (via Reuters)


Saudi Arabia vows not to cut output to prop up oil markets (via Reuters)

Shell collaborating with regulators over Arctic drilling (via Houston Chronicle)

Oil crash wipes $11.7 billion from buyout firms’ holdings (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)


AAA: Falling gas prices break record (via The Hill)

Congress lets $8,000 hydrogen vehicle tax credit expire (via Autoblog)

To challenge Tesla, Volkswagen will buy solid-state battery startup (via Inside EVs)

Living the EV-PV dream: How I paired my solar system with an electric car (via Greentech Media)


Germany power demand plummets, renewables rise, fossil power at a 35-year low (via Renewables International)

Solar energy and storage helps Caribbean expats live the food life (via Renewable Energy World)

Can distributed generation replace $1 billion in substation upgrades? New York will soon find out (via Greentech Media)


What was the biggest energy success story of 2014? (via National Journal)

Could flooding finally wake Americans up to the climate crisis? (via Grist)

The year ahead: 2015 trends in clean tech (via Energy Collective)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.21.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China to let foreign investors trade in Shenzen carbon market (via Bloomberg)

Architects from 124 countries make “zero-carbon cities” pledge (via RTCC)

EPA report shows progress reducing urban air toxics across U.S.; 50% reduction from mobile sources since 1990 (via Green Car Congress)

Reducing NYC’s carbon emissions one building at a time (via GreenBiz)


Coal gas boom in China holds climate change risks (via Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Canada’s largest port approves $15 million coal transfer project (via Reuters)

Oregon coal terminal decision highlights exports’ emissions (via Climate Central)

North Carolina lawmakers pass coal ash restrictions (via New York Times)


Africa to add more renewables in 2014 than in past 14 years (via Bloomberg)

South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya lead renewables spurt in Africa (via Bloomberg)

Solar power poses lower risk to birds than cats or cars (via Bloomberg)

Renewable energy could hit 36% of global energy, but there’s a biomass catch (via The Energy Collective)

Solar PV helps eliminate kerosene lamps in Africa (via Navigant Research)

“World’s biggest” tidal array gets go ahead in Scotland (via BusinessGreen)

Japan to support PV on landfill sites (via Recharge)

Renewable energy accounts for 100% of all new U.S. power in July (via Renew Grid)

As small hydropower swells, so does caution over its impacts (via GreenBiz)

Are reverse auctions key to reforming solar energy subsidies? (via The Energy Collective)

How one wonky court decision could unlock our renewable energy future (via CleanTechnica)

ABB unveils cable innovation to increase offshore wind efficiency (via Reuters)

Vestas heads for 1st dividend in decade after turnaround (via Bloomberg)


Tepco concedes failure of Fukushima ice wall (via CleanTechnica)


Antarctica and Greenland losing ice at fastest rate ever recorded (via Yale e360)

Study says answer to global warming slowdown lies in depths of Atlantic Ocean (via The Guardian)

Food and drink companies respond to consumer pressure on climate change (via The Guardian)


China’s natural gas production falls short in China (via New York Times)

Study to explore economic potential of Mexican shale (via Houston Chronicle)

Energy industry looks to develop better methane monitors (via Houston Chronicle)

At least 10 percent of fracking fluid is toxic, says LBNL analysis (via Climate Progress)


Smart grid technology revenue will be $70.2 billion by 2023 (via Energy Manager Today)

A comeback for community energy storage (via Navigant Research)

Where is distributed energy storage being deployed in the U.S.? (via Greentech Media)


Russia said to be near oil tax plan that may cost state $6.6 billion (via Bloomberg)

Western Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling lease sale results in $110 million in bids on 400,000 acres (via Green Car Congress)


Epic drought in U.S. West is literally moving mountains (via Climate Central)

63 trillion gallons of groundwater lost in Western U.S. drought (via Los Angeles Times)

California has given out rights to five times more water than it actually has (via Climate Progress)

Drought weighing you down? It’s lifting America up. (via Mother Jones)


Tar sands bitumen set to eclipse pipelines like Keystone XL (via DeSmog Blog)

Canada’s $24 million Keystone XL ad campaign falls flat (via The Hill)


Apple produces 134 out of 135 entries in EPEAT’s new green tablet registry (via Treehugger)


Could shale revive China’s flagging oil fields? (via Reuters)

Brace yourself for Solargeddon, Australia (via The Energy Collective)

Why EVs will make solar viable without subsidies (via Renew Economy)

Here’s why Solar City will move into Mexico (via Greentech Media)

Toyota could be wrong about the high cost of hydrogen (via CleanTechnica)

If you can’t take the heat, get off the island (via Bloomberg)


McConnell promises spending standoff over Obama green agenda (via National Journal)

Meet the scientists who sat Rick Scott down and explained climate change to him (via Salon)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.9.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


UN issued roadmap on how to avoid climate catastrophe (via The Guardian)

U.S., China ink coal, clean energy deals but climate differences remain (via Reuters)

Arctic warming upsetting birds’ breeding calendar, warns study (via The Guardian)

You may be denying climate change, but the U.S. military isn’t (via Business Insider)


Sen. Manchin intends to block anti-coal policy at Export-Import Bank (via Huffington Post)

Tribes oppose Columbia River coal export terminal (via Seattle Times)


International trade talks aim to end tariffs on $1 trillion in solar panels, wind turbines (via The Hill)

Deal set to rescue Australian Renewable Energy Agency (via The Guardian)

EU reaches deal with Germany on green energy law (via Reuters)

India targets 485GW renewable capacity by 2050 (via Climate Connect)

EU offshore wind targets look iffy as France, Germany fall behind (via ClimateWire)

European Commission and industry investing $5 billion in biomass (via Bloomberg)

Saudi solar robot cleans desert PV panels – water free (via Renew Economy)

Aviation offers a way forward in biofuels research (via

Hey haters, RGGI cap-and-trade powered 800MW new renewables in 2013 (via CleanTechnica)

Can Sungevity win solar customers with rooftop imagery and data? (via Greentech Media)

Enphase, Mosiac join forces in bid to push solar loans and supplant the lease (via Greentech Media)

Nevada solar net metering will save the grid $36 million, says state report (via Renewable Energy World)

Apple building third massive solar farm in North Carolina (via GigaOm)

Two solar giants aim to own it all (via EnergyWire)


Ukraine’s gas dispute could mean cold winter for Europe (via Reuters)

Surge of industrial projects could lift U.S. gas demand 19-31% by 2020 (via Houston Chronicle)

Incoming EU President Junker says he opposes fracking (via RTCC)

Ohio study finds more costs than benefits in shale gas drilling (via Midwest Energy News)

Texas sheriff wants criminal charges filed in fracking pollution case (via InsideClimate News)

In rare effort, Ohio scientist to test water before fracking starts (via InsideClimate News)


New report outlines “pathways” to cut CO2 emissions (via Climate Central)

Singapore outlines plans to fine foreign air polluters (via RTCC)

NJ governor again pursues withdrawal from regional climate initiative (via Philadelphia Inquirer)

U.S. Conference of Mayors scraps cap-and-trade support (via Governing)


Chevron admits oil shale production will use huge amounts of western water (via Climate Progress)


Li-ion batteries to dominate EV market until 2020 (via Environmental Leader)

In new twist, Renewable Fuels Standard could boost electric vehicles (via Greenwire)

Bay Area governments make big EV purchase (via

Another Tesla crash, another Wall Street knee-jerk overreaction (via San Jose Mercury-News)


How three states are moving forward with microgrids (via GreenBiz)

73% of small businesses want fixed-price electricity supply contracts (via Energy Manager Today)

Texas studying if wind generators should pay for transmission line use (via Houston Chronicle)

At big solar show, batteries take center stage (via GigaOm)


Environmental free-trade deal could help tar-sands producers (via Grist)

Keystone route legal, Nebraska tells state’s high court (via Bloomberg)


How green is the 2014 World Cup? (via GreenBiz)

Japan’s prime minister confirms whale hunt will resume in 2015 (via Huffington Post)

Climate-linked drought cutting forests’ carbon-storing ability (via Mongabay)

Obama seeks $615 million to fight wildfires (via The Hill)


House GOP launches assault on EPA climate rules (via The Hill)

Kentucky senator on global warming: “There are no coal mines on Mars” (via National Journal)


How opposite energy policies turned the Fukushima disaster into a loss for Japan and a win for Germany (via RMI Outlet)

Climate skeptics are losing their grip (via Financial Times)

If it’s a war on coal, coal is winning (via Bloomberg)

The EPA is swimming in murky water (via Washington Post)

The end of sustainability (via Ensia)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.25.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Shale boom sends US crude oil supply to highest level since 1930 (via Bloomberg)

US regulators to propose enhanced oil tank car standards (via Reuters)

US pipeline and oil-by-rail regulator making 9% staff cut, confounding experts (via InsideClimate News)


FTC officials back Tesla’s direct-to-consumer car sales model (via Reuters)

Consumer Reports finds plug-in retail experience underwhelming (via Autoblog Green)

Is Tesla planning another electric vehicle factory in California? (via Los Angeles Times)

Improving the performance of hybrid powertrains (via Navigant Research)


UK onshore wind power will lose subsidies, say conservatives (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Central Asian hydroelectric water wars heat up (via Huffington Post)

Solar PV set to surge 50% in Africa and Middle East in 2014 (via Recharge)

GE renewable investments exceed $10 billion (via BusinessWire)

US solar energy capacity grew an astounding 418% from 2010-2014 (via CleanTechnica)

EPA releases list of top 100 US organizations using renewable energy (via Solar Industry)

Financing lessons residential solar can teach the commercial and industrial sector (via Renewable Energy World)

Google and Apple announce new renewable energy investments (via RTCC)

New York State pledges $1 billion for solar through 2023 (via Bloomberg)

SunPower lands another strong quarter, launches new solar holding company (via Greentech Media)

Fisherman’s Energy to file legal appeal for New Jersey offshore wind rejection (via Recharge)


GE said to be in talks to buy France’s Alstom (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Why electric utilities have an image problem (via Navigant Research)

Battle between fossil fuels & solar intensifies (via Sustainable Business)

50,000 Pennsylvania electric customers switch suppliers on price swings (via Philadelphia Inquirer)


Corals may withstand higher temperatures, says study (via RTCC)

Top 12 ways the world can eliminate agriculture’s climate footprint (via

UK supermarket: 95% of fresh produce already at risk from climate change (via The Guardian)

Study links polar vortex, California drought to climate change (via The Hill)

84,000 lives threatened by sea level rise in New England (via Climate Progress)

Lower Manhattan 20x more likely to flood than in 1844 (via ClimateWire)


Putin, Merkel call for gas talks over Ukraine (via Reuters)

Trade implication of US energy policy and LNG exports (via Center for American Progress)

Baker Hughes to reveal all hydraulic fracturing chemicals (via Houston Chronicle)


USGBC launches real-time green building tool (via Environmental Leader)

Following pipeline delay, KXL politics may derail energy efficiency bill (via Greenwire)

Think you’re better at saving energy? Three charts suggest a reality check. (via Outlier)


US support for Keystone hits 61% in new poll (via The Hill)

How Obama shocked Harper as Keystone Frustrator-in-Chief (via Bloomberg)

How Canada’s incoherence on climate is killing Keystone (via Rescuing the Frog)


Britain installs first grid-scale battery (via Reuters)

Smart grid companies raise $101 million to kick off 2014 (via Renew Grid)

“LEED-like” standard launched for electric grids (via Energy Manager Today)


China takes on pollution with biggest environmental law changes in 25 years (via Bloomberg)

Brazil’s coffee crop prayers for rain met with deluge threat (via Bloomberg)

Drought area expands in Plains and California (via Farm Futures)

For first time in 15 years, drought hits 100% of California (via Los Angeles Times)

Plastic bottle recycling increases 53% in 12 years (via Environmental Leader)


The new abolitionism (via The Nation)

Maddow: Will US energy companies disrupt Obama’s Russia policy? (via Washington Post)

The real story behind falling renewable energy investments (via World Resources Institute)

Solar power is booming but will never replace coal – here’s why (via Forbes)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.22.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China’s coal boom is waning with ambitious reductions targets (via Triple Pundit)

Ontario closes last coal-fired power plant (via Solar Industry)

Federal judge strikes part of Minnesota energy law preventing coal power (via MPR News)


China spreading the use of insurance to cope with climate change damage (via ClimateWire)

Climate-linked drought adding to Syria’s misery (via RTCC)

Hot West, cold East may be new normal as world warms (via Climate Central)

Since first Earth Day, US temperatures marching upward (via Climate Central)


China Premier Li reiterates plans to boost clean energy (via Bloomberg)

Australia’s renewables review kicks off with battle over numbers (via Renew Economy)

Top ten trends in Brazil biofuels for 2014 (via Renewable Energy World)

US to dodge solar shortage in 2014 despite looming PV tariffs (via Solar Industry)

Next step for solar industry: Leases for solar plus storage (via Renew Economy)

Study: Fuels from corn waste not better than gasoline (via AP)

US Army to build military’s largest solar array in Arizona (via The Hill)

Dropping cost of “grid defection” means you could soon ditch your utility (via Fast Company)

RMI’s plan to help Fortune 500 companies up their renewables game (via GreenBiz)

Surpassing milestone of 100,000 solar roofs, PG&E calls for “sustainable” solar policy (via Greentech Media)

Western Texas college joins Texas Tech University on wind energy degree (via PR Web)


Keystone backers keep their faith in embattled pipeline plan (via Reuters)

Horses, teepees arrive on Mall for Keystone XL protest (via Politico)

Keystone XL pipeline fate now in hands of Nebraska court (via Bloomberg)


China’s new environmental protection law submitted to parliament (via Reuters)

Brazil strips protected status from 5.2 million hectares of land (via Mongabay)

Consumer electronics industry sets recycling record (via Environmental Leader)

Apple offering free recycling on all used products (via ABC News/AP)

Interior Department launches landscape mitigation strategy (via Triple Pundit)

Wildfires in West increasing burn area at rate of one Denver per year (via Climate Progress)

Fields and farm jobs dry up with California’s worsening drought (via NPR)

Texas city first to reuse water from sewers as drought continues (via Bloomberg)


Alaska lawmakers back natural gas export plans (via New York Times)

Ohio utilities replacing thousands of miles of gas pipeline (via Midwest Energy News)


Divestment campaigns struggle against stock market, profits (via Houston Chronicle)


Russia ships its first Arctic oil – is a boom coming? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Four years later, a sharp divide on Gulf oil spill (via National Journal)

US railroads show untapped value of delay in building oil pipeline (via Reuters)


Musk says Tesla will make cars in China within four years (via Bloomberg)

Hybrids significantly more fuel-efficient in India and China than US (via CleanTechnica)

US exporting a “tidal wave” of gasoline, other fuels (via Houston Chronicle)

Nissan Leaf likely to offer larger battery for longer range (via Green Car Reports)

Tesla Gigafactory seeks North American raw materials to cut pollution (via Green Car Reports)

A detailed look at the dreams and failure of Better Place (via Autoblog Green)


Renewable energy gains in 2013 but coal and gas still dominate (via Greentech Media)

Power players muster forces for electricity market reforms (via EnergyWire)

Obama Administration spared developers millions in fees for Georgia nuclear project (via Greenwire)


Not a single Republican has mentioned Earth Day in Congress since 2010 (via National Journal)


Two degrees: How the world failed on climate change (via Vox)

The clean energy transition is unstoppable, so why fight it? (via Smart Planet)

Where is the real innovation in wind energy? (via CleanTechnica)

World’s top serial bird killers put infamous windmills to shame (via Bloomberg)

Right wing trains its hysterical eye on renewable energy (via Mother Jones)

How conserving water, energy isn’t always about a green lifestyle (via Daily News)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.3.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China may build biggest smog lab to control pollution (via Bloomberg)

Norwegian government reviews fossil fuel divestment plan (via BusinessGreen)

EPA set to reveal tough new sulfur emissions rule (via New York Times)


Hundreds arrested at White House Keystone XL protest (via Politico)

Native Americans vow a last stand to block Keystone XL oil pipeline (via Washington Post)

Boxer joins Grivalja in push for Keystone XL contractor review probe (via The Hill)


US biodiesel production sets annual and monthly records (via Facts of the Day)

Analysis finds some research studies may overstate energy crop yields by as much as 100 percent (via Green Car Congress)

Battle over renewable energy ahead in Kansas legislative session (via Lawrence Journal-World)

PUC pushes limits on Pennsylvania solar net metering actions (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Cape Wind finds cash, eyes 2016 for offshore wind operation (via EarthTechling)

Maine governor seeks to get rid of wind energy goals (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


Flood damage cost to rise fivefold across Europe by 2050 (via The Guardian)

Russia outlines plans to meet 2020 climate goals (via RTCC)

Apple CEO advises climate change deniers to get out of company stock (via CNET)

More companies face climate-related risks to supply chains (via GreenBiz)


Joint-operating dispute reignites between Midwest grid operators (via EnergyWire)

Southwest Power Pool launches new market, is poised to double in size (via EnergyWire)

Energy storage: California’s new green tech battleground (via Forbes)


IEA chief: Only a decade left in US shale boom (via Christian Science Monitor)

US natural gas prices rise a second day on winter storm, Ukraine escalation (via Bloomberg)

LA city council takes step toward fracking ban (via Los Angeles Times)


EPA takes step toward restricting Pebble Mine project on Alaska’s Bristol Bay (via Washington Post)

California governor signs $687 million drought relief legislation (via Reuters)

California rain brings mudslides but no drought relief (via Time)

North Carolina regulators cite Duke Energy in coal ash spill (via Reuters)


Top 10 regions for EV growth in US – Atlanta crushing it! (via CleanTechnica)

Almost $1 billion in claims filed against bankrupt Fisker (via Autoblog Green)


Mexico energy overhaul could renew interest in green power (via Houston Chronicle)

In search of new sales, defense contractors embrace energy market (via Washington Post)


DOE steams ahead with third appliance standard in Obama’s “year of action” (via Greenwire)


Edison Electric Institute really does not want you to go solar (via Greentech Media)

Batteries combined with rooftop solar may speed grid’s “death spiral” (via EnergyWire)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.18.14

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Coal generation to rise above 40% market share for first time since 2011 (via Facts of the Day)

Coal burns bright as utilities switch from gas (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Bloomberg)

Switch to gas from coal may threaten water supply (via Climate Central)

Regulators, Duke assure North Carolina lawmakers coal ash spill poses no immediate health threat (via News-Observer)


EU leaders said to delay decision on 2030 carbon target (via Bloomberg)


As fracking booms, growing concerns about wastewater (via Yale e360)

Pro-fracking landowners sue New York State over drilling decision delay (via New York Daily News)

Ohio officials made plan to promote fracking while regulating it (via Columbus Dispatch)


How the UK can unlock community benefits of renewable energy (via Triple Pundit)


US crude oil ban confusion intensifies, except in Alaska (via Houston Chronicle)

Texas heading for major water shortage with limited oil field recycling (via Houston Chronicle)


Obama set to order new fuel standards for U.S. trucks (via Reuters)

Apple’s merger chief met in secret with Tesla CEO Elon Musk (via Autoblog Green)

China’s EV subsidies have been extended, but is that enough? (via CleanTechnica)


How safe and reliable is America’s electric grid? (via National Journal)


China announces $330 billion water cleanup effort in latest environmental crackdown (via BusinessGreen)

New Mexico in its worst drought since 1880s (via Albuquerque Journal)

Texas drought returns, little relief in sight (via Houston Chronicle)


Environmentalists debate substance of Keystone XL fight (via Houston Chronicle)


Climate activist plans $100 million election year push (via National Journal)

Could Tom Steyer’s anti-Keystone campaign help Mary Landrieu? She thinks so. (via National Journal)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.29.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Global grid storage market to jump to $10.4 billion by 2017 (via Renew Grid)

Smart grid may plug leaky, wasteful energy systems (via Forbes)

Microgrid merger highlights new business models (via Navigant Research)

PJM secures record amount of new generation, demand response (via Renew Grid)


UN says world could cut emissions by 20B tons by 2020 (via Bloomberg)

UK and Germany see CO2 emissions from energy rise in 2012 (via BusinessGreen)

Fossil fuel divestment movement reaches 200 colleges (via Toledo Blade/AP)

Oil industry: federal renewable fuel mandate causes more emissions (via Houston Chronicle)


World Bank: business as usual will fail to give sustainable energy for all (via BusinessGreen)

EU tariffs on China solar panels loom as talks fail (via Greentech Media)

Most EU states “oppose PV tariffs” (via Recharge)

China’s threatened solar duties on EU products would hurt its own producers (via Reuters)

1.1GW of wind power to be added in Africa amid new investment (via Inhabitat)

Argentina, Indonesia hit with EU tariff on biodiesel imports (via Bloomberg)

Solar industry anxious over defective panels (via New York Times)

Solar cheaper than wind? (via Sustainable Business)

Wind forecasting and data analytics revenue will surpass $300 million by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

Cold climate wind energy showing huge potential (via

Minnesota plants seeds for community solar gardens (via Midwest Energy News)

Wyoming makes power play to export wind energy (via Wall Street Journal)

Kansas City installing solar on municipal buildings, saving $40k/year (via Treehugger)


Coal is making a comeback in 2013 (via Washington Post)


Germany sticking to 1 million EVs by 2020 target despite slow sales (via Autoblog Green)

Better Place lost $459M on $6.9M in sales last year; cumulative losses of $812M (via Green Car Congress)

Tesla pushes electric-car viability with rapid charging (via Bloomberg)

Musk sticking to plan for “affordable” Tesla model (via Autoblog)

Tesla crosses the $100 per share mark (via GigaOm)


Interior Department faces pressure to slow down fracking rule (via The Hill)

Natural gas may have found its price sweet spot (via Politico)

Illinois counties can do little but brace for fracking’s impact (via Chicago Tribune)

A New Mexico county’s fracking ban is all about the water (via Los Angeles Times)


97% global warming consensus meets resistance from science denial (via The Guardian)

Bill would shift NOAA resources from climate research (via Climate Central)

CBS News ties extreme weather to manmade climate change (via Climate Progress)

Bill McKibben wins Sophie Prize for fight against global warming (via Washington Post/AP)


Former EPA Administrator Jackson heading to Apple (via The Hill)

The obscure county-level election that could change the planet (via National Journal)


Can Pakistan survive climate change? (via ClimateWire)

5 clean tech milestones worth celebrating (via Greentech Media)

Keystone XL approval is a throw of the dice in much bigger gamble (via Huffington Post)

EV industry better off without Better Place (via Navigant Research)

Climate change adaptation: so simple, a caveman could do it (via Grist)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.22.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


2010 Iceland eruption yields bad news for geoengineering schemes (via Mongabay)

Ancient extinction has ominous CO2 lessons for today: study (via Climate Central)

New blog series will answer questions on climate finance (via WRI Insights)


China imposes tough new auto fuel standards as renewables boom speeds up (via BusinessGreen)

EU puts airline carbon tax on hold for a year (via

It’s official: traffic pollution can cause asthma in children (via Los Angeles Times)


UK’s green investment bank provides first offshore wind backing (via BusinessGreen)

Integrating variable renewables as Germany expands its grid (via Renewable Energy World)

Solar glut survives Suntech as customers seek alternative (via Bloomberg)


Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.8.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


Global carbon market value drops 35 percent (via Environmental Leader)

Carbon price suffers “dramatic and enduring” slump (via BusinessGreen)

RGGI calls for 45% cut in amount of carbon emissions allowed (via New York Times)

Utilities prepare for federal carbon rules on power plants (via ClimateWire)

Americans want carbon regulations but not taxes (via United Press International)


Green Europe’s dirty secret: it’s consuming more coal (via Washington Post)


Could climate change be Al-Qaida’s best friend in Africa? (via Slate)

EPA to issue climate change plan on Friday (via The Hill)

Senior Dem: Obama vows to tackle climate – eventually (via The Hill)


India rebuffs US solar complaint at WTO (via Wall Street Journal)

Wind power markets grow where the Iron Curtain fell (via Greentech Media)

Deadly China pollution breathes new life into solar debt (via Bloomberg)

Intel and Wal-Mart lead EPA’s green power partnership list (via CleanTechnica)

Wind industry moves to standardize site assessments (via BusinessGreen)

Biomass breathing new life into coal plants (via Forbes)

Broad coalition working against ethanol, says it’s “worse than tar sands” (via Autoblog Green)

Despite tarnished reputation, small wind advocates still see opportunity (via Midwest Energy News)

California sets a new solar power record (via Greentech Media)

Apple eyes another patent patent for solar-powered iPhone (via CNET)


Chu bets big on batteries, predicts new energy business models (via SNL Energy)

7 major energy trends to watch in 2013, via DOE’s David Sandalow (via GigaOm)

EIA begins posting daily energy prices online (via US EIA)


Extracting Europe’s shale gas will be slow and difficult (via The Economist)

North Dakota bill cuts tax exemption for natural gas flaring (via Dickinson Press)


Energy efficiency may cut $169 billion in business costs (via Bloomberg)

$150 million in US tax credits available for energy efficiency projects (via Energy Manager Today)

Which is better for efficiency: retrofits or behavior change? (via Greentech Media)

87% of Seattle’s large buildings report energy usage (via Energy Manager Today)


First Nations question Northern Gateway experts on oil spill impacts (via Globe and Mail)

Pressure on Kerry ahead of meeting with Canada counterpart (via The Guardian)

TransCanada CEO urges permit for Keystone XL (via Washington Post)


Hybrids, EVs don’t see big sales boost from higher gas prices (via Reuters)

Ford expects 900 US dealers for its plug-ins by Spring 2013 (via New York Times)

Lawmakers pitch plan to tweak Renewable Fuel Standard (via Houston Chronicle)

AeroVironment bundles home charger, installation, warranty with EV purchase (via Green Car Congress)


UK to start construction of 93 new flood defense projects in 2013 (via BusinessGreen)

Two Great Lakes hit record low levels: climate crisis or natural cycle? (via Christian Science Monitor)

Westerners agree protected public lands create jobs, oppose state/private ownership (via Climate Progress)

In California, reading the snow to tell future for water supply (via New York Times)


How will smart grid transformer technologies stabilize the aging US grid? (via Greentech Media)

US electricity system: over-engineered and vulnerable (via Grist)


Exelon cuts nuclear upgrade spending amid low gas prices (via Reuters)


Can Obama pair Keystone XL and climate action? (via Politico)

Murkowski mulls “hold” on Interior nominee over road’s rejection (via The Hill)

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