Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.10.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


India has €2 billion market potential for high-voltage transmission lines (via Hindu Business Line)

NRG Energy looks into solar-based microgrids in Australia (via Renew Economy)

Ontario ramps up smart grid investment as coal is phased out (via Triple Pundit)

Texas calls for 317MW of compressed air energy storage (via Greentech Media)


OPEC to lose market share to shale in 2014 as rivals pump more (via Reuters)

Criminal investigation begun into deadly Canada train crash (via New York Times)

Quebec oil train explosion visible from space (via Climate Central)

North Dakota shale oil relies on rail for transport (via Grand Forks Herald)

Alaska pushing new plan for ANWR oil research (via Houston Chronicle)


India’s first wind auction stalled by court case (via Bloomberg)

China won’t introduce duties on EU polysilicon imports (via Bloomberg)

Tidal energy could power half of Scotland (via RTCC)

Wind energy in Brazil: the country of the future? (via Renewable Energy World)

Records set to be smashed as Germany’s solar output soars (via RTCC)

US passes 10GW installed solar PV capacity milestone (via CleanTechnica)

Benefits of renewables in US better seen in eastern states (via EarthTechling)


Air pollution causing higher risk of lung cancer and heart failure in Europe (via The Guardian)

Program begins large-scale CO2 injection in Michigan field test (via Green Car Congress)


EIA estimates annual US coal burn, supply to drop; exports to increase (via Platts)

Recent coal export trends: Q1 2013 (via Sightline Daily)

FirstEnergy shuttering two western Pennsylvania coal plants (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Study says small birds may be able to cope with climate change (via Los Angeles Times)

Water worries: climate change in the desert Southwest (via USA Today)

In the US heartland, a young conservative climate campaign launches (via ClimateWire)

Toronto deluged with its all-time record 1-day rainfall (via Weather Underground)


EPA’s abandoned Wyoming fracking study one retreat of many (via High Country News)

Depleted offshore Gulf of Mexico natural gas well suffers blowout, leak (via Reuters)

Philadelphia may be marketed as natural gas hub (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)

Amish debate fracking and temptation (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


Greener fuels at heart of EU’s €3.8 billion biotech package (via BusinessGreen)

US Department of Defense alternative drive vehicle spending will top $900 million by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

Study finds pairing an EV with green electricity program increases buyer interest by 23% (via Green Car Congress)


Canada tar sands expansion conditionally approved despite “significant” effects on wildlife (via Globe and Mail)


Europe must tackle air pollution, warn UN scientists (via Climate Central)

Australia admits Barrier Reef environmental conditions are “poor” (via

Attitudes on GMO crops are modifying (via New York Times)

States falling short on Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Japan nuclear regulator alarmed at Fukushima contamination reports (via Reuters)


Report shows remarkable “climate disconnect” in House GOP voting record (via Climate Progress)

Vitter drops filibuster threat on EPA nominee McCarthy (via Washington Post)

Wealthy donors in his corner as Obama comes out swinging on climate (via InsideClimate News)

Senate Dems huddle with Obama adviser on climate plan (via The Hill)

Top US offshore drilling regulator stepping down (via Houston Chronicle)


Can Germany afford its “energy bender” shift to green power? (via BBC News)

UK’s green industrial revolution at risk from government “dithering” (via BusinessGreen)

You can’t deny global warming after seeing this graph (via Washington Post)

California energy efficiency a national role model (via EarthTechling)

Connecticut moves (mostly) ahead on clean energy (via CLF Scoop)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.21.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


South Korea may launch world’s most ambitious cap and trade market (via CleanTechnica)

Carbon capture faces scale dilemma (via Reuters)

UK unwraps energy-intensive industry carbon price compensation package (via BusinessGreen)


World’s largest cities say time to adapt to climate change (via RTCC)

Glacier melt causes a third of all sea-level rise (via ABC Science)

Climate change pushes farmers in India to tipping point (via The Guardian)

Scientists agree on climate change, so why doesn’t everyone else? (via Washington Post)

Weatherproofing cities to face future Sandys (via Council on Foreign Relation)


Solar has barely scratched the surface of a $2 trillion market (via Renew Economy)

2012 a record-breaking year for global wind power (via DW)

Solar industry groups urge US, EU, China to avert trade war (via Washington Post)

US and EU set to negotiate settlements in Chinese solar panel cases (via New York Times)

EU tariffs on Chinese solar imports “a grave mistake” says German minister (via BusinessGreen)

US military on track to reach 3GW of solar by 2025 (via Greentech Media)

95% of US energy executives predict more renewables investment (via Solar Industry Magazine)

Ethanol production stagnates as biofuel mandates grow (via Houston Chronicle)

The advantages of developing solar on brownfields (via Greentech Media)

US ethanol production capacity little changed in past year (via US EIA)

Can state harvesting guidelines keep biomass sustainable? (via Midwest Energy News)

Minnesota is a governor’s signature away from 450MW of solar (via Greentech Media)

North Carolina creates legal framework to develop wind farms (via Recharge)


Energy efficiency could cut wireless data power demand 90% by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)

LEED remains top choice for government buildings (via Sustainable Business)

Senate energy efficiency bill could be “poison pill” for LEED standards (via Greentech Media)


EU to investigate environmental impact of shale gas fracking (via Reuters)

What exporting US natural gas means for the climate (via WRI Insights)

Natural gas climbs to three-week high on LNG approval, hot weather (via Bloomberg)

The fight for North Dakota’s fracking water market (via Reuters)

California’s proposed fracking moratoriums might not apply to other drilling in Monterey Shale (via EnergyWire)

161 water wells impacted by Pennsylvania gas drilling from 2008-2012 (via Facts of the Day)


More US consumers now support smart grid (via Renew Grid)

ARRA update: almost two-thirds of US smart grid funds spent (via Renew Grid)

Underwater batteries make an energy storage splash (via GigaOm)

The military microgrid as smart grid asset (via Greentech Media)

Energy storage, meet energy markets (via Greentech Media)

Texas power grid poised to be put to test again (via Texas Tribune)

Revenue at Bloom Energy falls in Q1 (via Greentech Media)

New grid switches cut 80,000 outages for ComEd (via Greentech Media)

As Texas towns say no, signs of rising resistance to smart meters (via Texas Tribune)


Oman to use solar power to get oil from old wells (via New York Times)

With US awash in oil, national interest argument for Keystone weakens (via InsideClimate News)

A black mound of Canadian oil waste is rising over Detroit (via New York Times)

Alaska’s governor launches bid to measure oil in Arctic refuge (via Los Angeles Times)

Exxon: no plans yet to reopen ruptured Arkansas pipeline, and no answers why (via InsideClimate News)


Plugged in: US electric car sales hit 100,000 (via EarthTechling)

Tesla to pay off US DOE loan Wednesday (via Bloomberg)

United Airlines restarts 787 Dreamliner flights (via USA Today)

Tesla’s fight with American car dealers (via CNN Money)


In the US West, Big Coal makes its stand (via Navigant Research)


Ocean warming means new paradigm for world’s fisheries (via Climate Progress)

A plague of deforestation sweeps across Southeast Asia (via Yale e360)

Asia-Pacific leaders warn of water conflict threat (via

Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon pacing 88% higher than 2012 (via Mongabay)

USGS: drop in US aquifer levels has accelerated (via Reuters)

Wells dry, fertile US plains turn to dust (via New York Times)


Moniz era begins at Energy Department (via The Hill)

Fossil fuel divestment campaign escalates at Swarthmore (via Huffington Post)

Illinois renewable energy law fix faces opposition from utilities (via Midwest Energy News)


What’s at stake with natural-gas exports? (via National Journal)

Wind and the myth of negative pricing (via Greentech Media)

“If people aren’t pissed off, it ain’t working”: a chat with Tom Steyer (via Grist)

Climate warnings, growing louder (via New York Times)

Fixing the economy may be the best way to pass a climate bill (via Washington Post)

Arizona clean energy = more jobs (via CleanTechnica)

Utilities for dummies: how they work and why that needs to change (via Grist)

Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.20.13

A daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.


China expects energy talks breakthrough in official visit to Russia (via Bloomberg)

Fossil fuel generation increases 21% in Japan in 2012 (via Greentech Media)

US manufacturing sector energy use and intensity down since 2002 (via Green Car Congress)


China postpones launch of national carbon market to post-2015 (via RTCC)

Green groups press EPA for climate rule opposed by industry (via Bloomberg)

RGGI nets $106 million for clean energy, may hit $2 billion by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)

Los Angeles halts using electricity from coal plants (via Bloomberg)


Chinese installed wind capacity reached 75GW in 2012 (via CleanTechnica)

China’s Suntech declares bankruptcy (via Reuters)

Japanese bank signs on to support first US offshore wind farm (via AOL Energy)

With turbines on the watery horizon, hopes for a more streamlined permitting process (via ClimateWire)

Xcel hits Upper Midwest wind power record (via Star-Tribune)

Cape Wind expects construction start off Cape Cod by year-end (via Reuters)

Solar power installations top 1GW in New Jersey (via Reuters)

New Jersey solar market prices rise (via AOL Energy)

Arizona wins back its renewable energy standard (via Greentech Media)

Effort to repeal Kansas renewable energy standard fails in state legislature (via Wichita Eagle)

Feed-in tariff breakthrough in Iowa? (via Renewable Energy World)

Connecticut’s new plan for renewables turns to hydropower, away from biomass (via Hartford Courant)


UK approves first new nuclear plant in decades (via BusinessGreen)

NRC votes for upgrades to some nuclear reactor vents (via New York Times)

Michigan nuclear plant’s fate depends on Indiana regulators (via Midwest Energy News)


US reports huge potential for “fire in the ice” as Japan hurries to production (via EnergyWire)

Natural gas exports concern chemical executive (via Houston Chronicle)

Shale gas boom alone won’t propel US industry (via Wall Street Journal)


Pressure builds in EU for tighter fuel emission rules (via BusinessGreen)

No silver bullet for reaching fuel and emissions goals, says study (via New York Times)

Washington State proposes $124 fine for parking gas car in EV spot (via Plugin Cars)


Policy changes could free $1 trillion in energy savings (via Houston Chronicle)

The EE Eight: energy-efficient campuses in the NCAA basketball tournament (via Alliance to Save Energy)


From heat wave to snowstorms March weather goes to extremes (via Climate Central)

Warmer springs mean less snow cover, disruptions for plants and animals, and more allergies (via Union of Concerned Scientists)

Drought plunges Texas and US cattle herd to lowest level since 1952 (via Facts of the Day)


US oil production is booming, but here’s the catch (via Washington Post)

Administration won’t trade ANWR drilling for clean energy fund (via Washington Post)


Energy Security Trust faces partisan roadblock in Congress (via Politico)

Poll: President Obama’s voters don’t want Keystone approval (via Politico)

Billionaire targets Democrat on Keystone XL in Massachusetts Senate race (via The Hill)


Two reasons climate change is not like other environmental problems (via Grist)

It’s time to consider the long-term costs of fracking (via Houston Chronicle)

A short history of greenwashing the tar sands, part one (via Desmog Canada)